[Photos + Video] Hilarious behind-the-scenes video for Ma Dong-seok’s “The Bros”

[Photos + Video] Hilarious behind-the-scenes video for Ma Dong-seok’s “The Bros”

You know how watching other people smile and laugh makes you want to smile and laugh? That is how this newest behind-the-scenes trailer for “The Bros” makes me feel. The rapport between not only the main actors (Ma Dong-seok, Lee Dong-hwi, and Lee Honey) is excellent, but they rope the rest of the cast and crew into the hilarity.

-Yours, Lisa, who loves a good laugh

Directed by Chang You-jeong

With Ma Dong-seok, Lee Dong-hwi, Lee Honey, Jo Woo-jin, Song Young-chang, Lee Ji-ha,…

Seok-bong is a lecturer on upcoming Korean history and he dreams of being Indiana Jones. His life goal is to find a national treasure and do to that he doesn’t mind falling into debt to purchase the appropriate equipment. His brother, Joo-bong is the team manager of an architectural company who dreams of migrating to Germany, the land of fairness. He has a reputation for his work abilities but he’s a weakling. These two brothers haven’t seen each other in years but they return home to Andong at the news that their father passed away.

On their way down, they accidentally hit Aurora, an employee from the cultural center. This secretive looking girl doesn’t remember anything after the accident.

The brothers use their father’s funeral as an excuse to execute their own plans, but they face the truth about their family.

Release date in Korea : 2017/11/02