[Orion’s Drama News] Trolling Teasers

[Orion’s Drama News] Trolling Teasers

Between awards and the upcoming elections, we are witnessing some pretty intense in their respective venue weeks . If you appreciated my ramblings on the dramas I am looking forward to last week, then you are in the right article. Selfish Ori returns and I bring teaser woes along with the usual news.

The Curse of Lackluster Teasers

Anyone who actively follows drama news knows basic information about shows of interest. While teaser videos are not supposed to reveal too much, I do feel deflated when all they do is wield star power. Even my upcoming dramas of interest are guilty of this to a degree. “Circle” does quite well, as its two teasers have style and tease mystery. On the other hand “Lookout” has little to offer aside from a cast looking comically tense. Even “Secret Forest” does this in its new teasers. Throw us a bone here, productions.

Upcoming Drama Goodies

“Ssam, My Way” is not quite on the way as the elections have pushed the drama back to May 22nd. In the meantime, fans can check out “Individualist Miss Ji-yeong”, a two part drama about a woman who shuts everyone out and a man who clings to others. We have script reading photos from “Queen for 7 Days” and a triple dose of cuteness from “Ruler: Master of the Mask”. The first teaser is out for “My Sassy Girl – Drama” and the bickering intensifies in the latest teaser for “Suspicious Partner”.

Due to the drama preemptions I have been relaxing a bit this week. “Relaxing” as in playing a video game all the livelong day. I miss my “Tunnel – Drama” excitement and I am holding off on “Mystery Queen” for a marathon, so I guess it is time to go through “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon”.

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[Orion's Drama News] Trolling Teasers “[Orion’s Drama News] Trolling Teasers”

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Ruler: Master of the Mask

Individualist Miss Ji-yeong

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon