NUESTs Ren Confirmed For Upcoming Drama With Park Hae Jin And Nana
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NUESTs Ren Confirmed For Upcoming Drama With Park Hae Jin And Nana

After news that he was considering an offer, it has been officially confirmed that NUESTs Ren will star in the upcoming drama Four Sons (literal title) alongside Park Hae Jin, After Schools Nana, Kwak Si Yang, and Kyung Soo Jin. This will be Rens second drama after Jeon Woo Chi in 2012.

Ren will play the role of Yeo Hoon, the lovable younger brother of Nanas role, Yeo Rin. As the youngest member of the family, Yeo Hoon is the vitamin of the family, who happens to have many secrets. Since they were young, Yeo Rin stood up for her younger brother, while Yeo Hoon always stood by his sisters side even when she got into trouble.

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A source from the production staff said, We casted Ren because he seemed like the best fit for the character Yeo Hoon, who has a pure, dependable image and looks out for his sister Yeo Rin, then added, We are looking forward to Ren, who has already proven himself as a talented singer, to showcase his abilities as an actor as well.

Four Sons will be written by writer Kim Jae Young, who has worked on films Wonderful Radio, Wonderful Nightmare, and Cheese in the Trap, and directed by Oh Jin Suk of Goddess of Marriage, Yong Pal, and My Sassy Girl. The drama will be 100% pre-produced and start filming in November. It is scheduled to finish filming in the beginning of 2018 and air the first half of 2018.