Nicky Park unveils first teaser video for ‘Fly High’

Nicky Park unveils first teaser video for ‘Fly High’

Rookie singer Nicky Park unveiled his first teaser video for his solo debut song “Fly High.”

The 39-second video features the singer dressed in white concealing his face behind a white mask to wearing a white crown over his head standing in the midst of a forest, illustrating a mysterious, fantasy-like aura.

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The overall concept seems to have a deeper meaning pertaining to numerous societal pressures and trying to live up to people’s higher expectations as the artist expresses his sorrows and struggles in hiding underneath the facade.  However, he breaks through from it all upon wearing the crown depicting himself as king; taking on full control of his life.

“Fly High” sends out a significant message of hope in striving to be set free instead of being held back by exterior factors like fear and dismay.  But instead, allow one to embrace his unique talents and gifts. 

The song consists of a bright tune accompanied by animated guitar strings to illustrate a cheerful mind as well as an upbeat melody representing a rebellious soul ready to take on any risk that comes his/her way.  Some key points also include soothing and harmonious vocals.

Stay tuned for the second teaser on June 14 as well as the full MV/song on June 16!

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