SBS Drama 'My Love From The Star' Copyright Sold To 15 Countries

SBS Drama 'My Love From The Star' Copyright Sold To 15 Countries

SBS Drama 'My Love From The Star' Copyright Sold To 15 Countries SBS popular drama, "My Love From The Star" has sold its copyright to over 15 countries around Asia.

HB Entertainment revealed that the drama has sold copyright to over 15 countries including Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mongol, Cambodia and more.

Even before the first episode of the drama, it was sold to a Chinese media and gained much attention.

Unlike other dramas, the price per episode was much higher than other dramas.

The entertainment also stated that because it will take longer for the drama to be aired on TV in China, they will first be airing it online.

There has also been news that this drama will also be made into a movie as well and be released in China in the near future.


Lee Kwang Soo is in talk to star in SBS' new drama 'It's Ok, It's Love'

Lee Kwang Soo is in talk to star in SBS' new drama 'It's Ok, It's Love'

Lee Kwang Soo is in talk to star in SBS' new drama 'It's Ok, It's Love'

On March 7th, King Kong Entertainment said,"Lee Kwang Soo received the offer to star in "It's Ok, It's Love", but it hasn't been confirmed yet. He is currently positively considering it".

According to an official from SBS, Kwang Soo will play the role of Park Su Kwang, and he is not a normal person but a guy who suffers from Tourette syndrome which cause the person to have sudden, repitive and non rhythmic movements.

"It's Ok, It's Love" is written by Noh Hee Kyung and directed by Kim Kyu Tae, the same production team of "That Winter The Wind Blows". Aside from Gong Hyo Jin, EXO's D.O and Sung Dong Il are recently cast, it will be interesting to see Kwang Soo acting along with them.

The drama is scheduled to be broadcast in July.


EXOs D.O confirmed to star in upcoming SBS drama Its Okay Its Love

EXOs D.O confirmed to star in upcoming SBS drama Its Okay Its Love

EXO‘s D.O has been cast for the upcoming SBS drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love“!

This drama is written by famous writer Noh Hee Kyung and will be directed by PD Kim Kyu Tae. These two had previously collaborated in the hit drama ”Wind Blows in Winter“, starring Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo.

“It’s Okay It’s Love” centers around people who live with mental disabilities without their own acknowledgment.

In the upcoming drama, D.O will portray Han Kang Woo, an innocent high school boy who lives with the desire of becoming a best selling author.

This drama is set to premiere in July .


Han Ji Min rejects offer to star in new SBS drama Endless Love

Han Ji Min rejects offer to star in new SBS drama Endless Love

Actress Han Ji Min has recently decided to reject an offer to star in a new SBS drama.

On February 26, a representative from her agency BH Entertainment told My Daily, “We received a casting offer and reviewed it, but we decided it”d be difficult for her to appear in “Endless Love” due to a scheduling conflict.

“Endless Love” describes the life of the main characters in 1980s. This drama is set to premiere in June of 2014.

Meanwhile, Han Ji Min is busy with her filming for “King’s Wrath” which will be aired in May.


You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star Episode 11 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star Episode 11 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E11 Recap by softy

Starts from JK pointing the tranquilizer saying I have to take care of you first so that it will be easy to get rid of SY. He shoots and MJ disappears. MJ shows up behind him and says I told you- you cant kill me. listen to me well. stop here and dont do anything. He disappears and JK yells how dare you order me. come out? MJ appears and hits JK on the head. JK passes out.

the lackey gets ready to come out of hiding and attack SY but she pretends to answer her phone from her brother saying I am at MJ’s – I’m about to come out. she leaves in a hurry and goes to her brother and tells him how someone is at her next door neighbors house

She saw the lackey in the reflection and pretended to call her brother

YJ gets her a drink and she says I survived cuz I am an actor. the door bell rings and her brother asks who are you. she recognizes the voice as the same guy from the hospital so she doesnt let YJ open the door. YJ calls it in and learns the guy wasnt from security. when they look the lackey is gone

MJ is in the car and SY calls him and tells him I was at your house and someone was at your home. he transports

the door bell rings and SY asks who are you. MJ says it’s me. she opens the door and he asks if she is ok. she asks what happened cuz I called you. he faints in her arms.

YJ and SY carry MJ to her bed. she says he doesn’t have a fever but he is cold. YJ wonders if they are so close that she knows MJ’s home code and lend each other their beds. he wonders if they are dating. She looks closely at MJ and wonders why his eyelashes are so long. YJ comes in and asks why be so surprised – why did you do wrong. do you like this guy. she denies it so he asks are you having a one sided love. she takes his temp and wonders how a human can be 28 degrees

Saemi’s mom is crying and waiting on Yoo’s condition. the mom says if something goes wrong with my son I will die. Saemi says how could you say such things.

Park finds out that at the accident site the expensive pen was found. Park says if I catch the culrpit – I wont leave you alone

JK parks the car and his face has a red mark

at the dinner table HK asks his parents about JK’s ex wife. the dad says she went to england. HK says there was no news from her afterwards. JK shows up and the mom wonders what happened to JK’s face. HK asks about JK’s ex wife so the dad says why keep talking about her when she isnt family anymore. stop it.

SY makes eggs and YJ comments about how burnt it is. she wonders why MJ is sleeping so much

she goes to wake him

he is having a dream of when he was back in Joseon passed out. the doctors back then take MJ’s pulse. he remarks how the pulse is too fast and strange -not normal.

back in joseon MJ thanks the doctor. the doctor wonders how MJ was able to recover so quickly and remarks about MJ’s bizarre condition. so MJ points to the sky and says I am from that star. I am not from here.

SY tells him to wake up. MJ opens his eyes and looks at her. he asks where is this place. she says it’s my room and you slept over ten hrs. did something happen? are you sick somewhere? you dont have some fatal condition right. he says no and gets up. she says to eat but he says I am going home. she asks why. and explains how she wants to pay him back for his kindness. she alsosays what if that person is still there. MJ says i will take care of it and leaves. YJ asks her again – are you sure it’s not one sided love. SY goes out to the hall and Saemi is there with MJ. Saemi is here to see MJ and he invites her in. SY tells her that MJ is not well so keep it short.

SY is listening at her door as YJ asks what are you doing.

Saemi says sorry for showing up. MJ asks how her brother’s condition is. she says he got surgery but hasnt waken up and they have to take another MRI. I heard my brother was going to meet you. MJ says yes we had an appointment. she asks why meet. he says i had something to give your brother. she asks did someone else know about that appointment. MJ remembers what Jk said that he is letting MJ and SY live cuz he is letting them. MJ says aloud and how he will take responsibility. she says how it wont be easy to capture the culprit cuz there is no CCTV footage and only a pen found on the site

SY is muttering and wondering why Saemi and MJ are talking about. MJ hears and smiles.

when he walks her out SY pretends like she came out too. she asks where MJ is going. SY says me too. he asks dressed like that. she says i will put on a coat so dont go anywhere.

when SY dresses and goes out MJ is gone.

SY goes to the market and finds MJ. she wants to buy groceries together so they can save cuz all she needs to do is feed YJ, but MJ only wants to buy what he eats. she tries to get him to buy stuff but he doesnt like potatoes. she tells him to dip it in sugar and not salt. she asks what part of the chicken he likes. she says we like opposite stuff so we will never fight over food for the rest of our lives. MJ says we wont eat together for the rest of our lives. she wants to go home together but he leaves alone

HK is at the office and hears JK didnt come to work. HK learns that his boss knew about HK’s family and says how uncomfortable it must have been for him. the boss denies it

HK goes to see JK but he isnt in. HK goes through his brother’s desk.

SY says he took care of me well in the past. bought me ramen and medicine for my foot. he told me to only hide when I did something wrong in front of reporters so I liked him.but now he is cold. does he like me or not. the comic book guys and Bok weigh in and say how it’s not easy for a woman to confess first so MJ feels pressure. the guys says no cuz you are chun SY. Bok says if you like for real the sane thing to do is act like HK and like for a long time. Bok encourages her to go after him since she is SY

SY stands outside MJ’s door and he asks what she is doing. she asks where are you going. he says fishing. she asks where to – is it far? can I go along. I liked fishing since I was young. MJ says no. SY says I have something to say.

in the car SY says I was #1 for the woman men want to date. i used to be one and will be again. I confessed and you ignored me. how could you do that. he says want to get out of the car. she says ok then I will talk about it later

at the ice fishing site SY plays in the snow and says how great it is cuz no one is around. she feels so good cuz she was at home all the time. MJ ignores her and keeps preparing to fish

MJ makes a hole in the lake and SY comes over. she brags how well she skates. he stops her and asks did you come all this way cuz you wanted to hear my answer. SY: no cuz I wanted to be with you. but I do want to hear your answer too. MJ: then I have to give you an answer. I thought I already did. since you dont understand I will be blunt. I dont like you. since you are like this I dont like you even more. she asks why did you help me then. he says cuz I felt sorry for you. and cuz you are a celebrity I thought it was surreal. she asks so what do you want me to do. MJ: I wish I couldnt see you in front of my eyes. she cries and says but why do I feel like you are lying. she looks down and cries. she turns around and walks away

SY is walking at night on the road and HK pulls up. she asks how he came here. he says get in

MJ is sitting alone at his camp.

in the car SY is crying and says sorry. HK: it’s ok. she says so this is what it feels like to confess and get rejected. HK says it’s cuz it’s your first time but after 12 yrs it’s bearable. she says i am so humilated so I dont know how I will face him. he says after you feel better you will feel upset. you will know what it feels like to kick in your sleep. he goes on and gives her more advice. dont listen to sad songs.

flashback to young HK singing sad song at a singing room alone

SY says what a bad girl she should have accepted you. she says how if she had acceptedhim they would have dated and then moved on. she asks how he knew where she was. did he call you? HK: yes. SY says he didnt want to send me away alone. HK says he was just being nice. it didnt mean anything

Jang goes over to meet MJ. MJ says you came. i didnt call you to come here. Jang says I just came to fish. MJ says it’s nice that you came. Jang says how his wife nags more as she ages. MJ asks what does it feel like to grow old together. i want to grow old together.

SY is in bed feeling miserable

Jang says how MJ doesnt look well. let’s go now. MJ says yes it’s cold. Jang wonders why MJ is so cold cuz you didnt used to be – it makes me uneasy. MJ says in the past someone who brought me back to life said that

the joseon doctor asks can you go back to where you live. MJ says if I wait a road will be open. there is no way now so I will anticipate it. doctor says for the past three months while treating you I experiences a lot and was surprised a lot and it made me (someone close minded) more open minded. but there is one thing that worries me. he points out how MJ can die just like anyone else due to his injuries. a day will come when everything catches up (all those times MJ wasn’t sick) before that time comes, i hope you can go back home.

MJ says i think what he said is happening. Jang asks if that means MJ cant stay here even if MJ wants to. MJ says how he could die. the ice cracks.

SY sits up in bed. she goes and drinks. YJ asks what is this. she asks can you drink? you cant yet huh? he tells her not to drink too much

she wakes up with a hangover. YJ goes to school and says how he is going to study hard after seeing what she did yesterday. she asks what did I do?

that night she sang alone – a sad song.

she checks her phone record and realizes how many times she called MJ.. she was drunk and asks why aren’t you answering? I will keep calling till you answer.

SY is stunned she did that. she checks what she tweeted. she called MJ a bad guy. cant you change your mind. is it cuz I broke your vase. she said some more crazy things

she is brushing her teeth and remembers how she knocked on his door crying. how she held up her shoes and says the shoes you stole. you liked it. what do I do with these. it has our memories. MJ backs up.

SY hits her head against the door

HK asks if JK went to work. the mom says yes. HK pretends he is coming down with a cold and is staying home.

He goes through JK’s drawers and finds two passports. one is the ex wife

in the parking garage HK thanked MJ. for not letting SY go alone. MJ asks is that why you waited all this time to say that. HK thanks him for saving her 12 yrs ago. she seems to like you a lot. do you really not like SY or is there another reason. MJ says the girl you like likes me and that’s what you are curious about. if you like her ignore me and protect her in your way. and your brother too. HK asks how do you know my brother. MJ says protect SY from your brother. HK says what does that mean. MJ says I cant tell you more than that

SY’s mom says how HK mentioned it once before. about making an agency just for SY. JK says yes. I want to take care of her myself. if you have time can we have dinner together. I will come and pick you up. she says of course

Park is given a report and founds out the 3 people dont have any connections

MJ watches the footage of his library when SY was in there wondering if MJ went on a date somewhere. MJ can see the lackey.

JK texts him a photo of SY’s mom and the message – since you are protecting SY so well I found another way. what are you going to do – you decide. MJ is angry

after filming Saemi tells Bum she is going to drive herself when Bum asks if she is going to the hospital

Saemi remembers what HK said. how he cant be happy the way they are. and doesnt want to make her be like him. I wont see you even as a friend.

SY wakes up when her doorbell rings. it’s Saemi. SY dresses up to open the door. Saemi asks to come in

SY says its; awkward – I didnt know it could be awkward with you. Saemi says I was always like that with you. SY says how she put her hair up and changed cuz of her. I will give you advice as a friend. live your own life. Saemi says my life is already complicated cuz of you. remember how you said you wanted to meet that person from 12 yrs ago who saved you? SY: yes was that wrong?

MJ waits holding the USB in his hand and gets the flashback of a body on the ground and the USB taken from the hand. MJ is about to cross the street when a car runs him down. MJ cant stop the car from hitting him and gets hit and thrown and lands on the ground

Saemi says when you meet him again you said you would recognize him. cuz you were waiting for him you held onto HK’s ankles. so why werent you able to recognize him when he is next to you. SY: next to my side? who? what are you saying?

blood pools around MJ’s head. the lackey walks over and takes the USB from MJ’s hand. MJ is helpless and watches him do that



source: KSH dc

at the lake SY says so what do you want me to do. MJ: i wish I didnt see you in front of my eyes. SY: but why does it feel like you are lying?

she walks away and MJ watches her. he closes his eyes and makes time stop. her footstep stops. he goes over to her and faces her. he takes her hand and kisses her.

*That kiss shouldn’t count cuz she didn’t know about it – it shouldn’t count cuz he broke her heart- it shouldn’t count for so many other reasons but why do I feel like it was the most meaningful one yet? Maybe it’s cuz he kissed her with all his heart – for these few seconds – he got to take back the lie he just told her and made up for it with this kiss.

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You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star Episode 10 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star Episode 10 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars ep10 Recap by Softy

starts from SY looking at the shard of glass and remembering the accident

HK asks who are you? are you the one who rescued SY 12 yrs ago? are you that person. MJ acts like he doesnt know what HK is saying. HK says i saw the photo at the accident site. MJ points out people look similar and if it’s 12 yrs ago it was too long ago. HK says i still remember it and that person was you. MJ says believe what you want – it doesnt matter with me. HK says a man who is strange that I dont know the identity of I cant leave next to my woman. dont get involved with SY in any way. MJ walks away

SY texts HK saying I cant go down cuz I need to check something with MJ

MJ goes in and says what. she says you think I am a fool huh? you said you didnt come to my accident but what is this. it looks like it’s from my headlight and has blood on it. she cites what happened and this is the proof. she says explain it. he says i didnt see you as a fool but you are one. he points out how she broke his vase and she hurt her foot. she tries to say it’s not the same piece of glass but he refutes it and goes up.

She goes over and says that he didnt say that he got stabbed with a shard of glass after coming out of the police station. she takes off the band aid but it’s almost healed. she says it’s all better now. he says are you done confirming. let go of my hand. she says there is more than one thing that is strange about you. he says how his life has become a mess cuz she came in and asks her to leave. she says i was going to leave. he says hurry. she asks arent you curious where I am going. he pretends to read and ignores her

she goes down and sees the chicken and beer and smiles

She goes out and HK was pacing. he asks what did you say – what did you need to confirm. she says nothing much. he takes her hand and says let’s go

SY goes and stays with Bok. SY asks do you have someone you like cuz you made origmai. Bok asks if she likes someone. then she admits she likes someone who seems not to be of this world. I fell for him at first sight. I saw him one more time after seeing him the first time

Bok is talking about MJ. she says how her heart has been caught. he lives in my memory. I thought I would meet him by accident one day. as she walks MJ rides by on his bike. she asks dont you know me. she tries to give him the origami but he says i dont want to buy it and rides off cuz he mistook her for a salesman

HK overlooks a new lock on her door and more CCTV footage

her mom wants to know who went through SYs home and if she reported to the police. HK goes in and invites them all out to eat but SY doesnt like that HK called her mom. YJ offers to stay put so HK likes that. SY makes her mom leave though. her mom tells SY not to take a call from Kang

JK’s lackey reports how fast a person would have to run down the stairs in that short time and it cant be done by human. JK says but I saw him show up within a second

jang worries that JK will have guessed. MJ wants to avert JK’s attention to himself and not SY. Jang says just to tell SY but MJ doesnt want to let her know the secret about JK cuz it could endanger her. Jang says what about SY after you leave. he is worried that MJ could die here and not go back. didnt you think about that

park and Yoo are questioning Han’s sister and finally tells her that Han was pregnant. she worries if they are going to tell people. Park says that isnt important. Yoo says how Han stopped taking meds and it means she wanted to have the baby and didnt want to die

in the car Park goes over the report – that Han wanted to get married and stuff.

MJ is at the phone booth and sees JK riding by. a kid saw MJ disappear and points that out to his mom

JK tells the lackey to put someone on MJ

MJ watches that from a distance

HK is on the phone telling SY to sleep well and that if he catches that crazy guy he is dead. JK comes in and hears that. JK asks about MJ cuz he seemed close to SY. did you discover anything strange about him. HK says no. he just lives next door to SY. why are you so interested in SY these days. JK says cuz you like her. you told me to help her if I could. rest.

MJ looks at the USB. he has that vision again of the USB being taken away from a bloody hand

he watches the video of the woman saying please take me out . if you know who he is you might die. there is footage of Han and JK in the car. she wonders why he doesnt contact her directly and always through someone else. JK pretends it was to keep her privacy cuz she is a celebrity. but she says how she wants people to know they are dating cuz no one knows about their relationship

SY texts – what are you doing. she wonders if he is sleeping and texts are you sleeping. MJ gets the text and she sees that he read it. she wonders why he isnt replying after reading. she gets up and tells herself I am ok. she counts and there is a call. the call is from the landlord cuz her rent wasnt paid

she goes in to get a loan at the bank but is rejected. she takes off her sunglasses and says it’s me. would it be hard for a star to get a loan. he explains why he cant give her the loan. she finds out her mom used the services too much so she cant get any loan at all

SY drives home and wonders if she should sell her car. she quickly apologizes to the car

she looks at her bags and wonders if she should sell the ones that are the same color. she talks to the bag and offers to buy it back later and to take good care and dotn get scratches

SY meets with a top stylist and tries to get him to buy her bags. he talks about the rumors about her trying to gather enough for rent. he offers to give her some money but not show up again. she goes out offended and says you think I cant sell this somewhere else

she tries selling them online by posting pics of her with the items.

MJ is lecturing about someone who was ignored when he gets a text. he says sorry and continues his lecture but gets another text.

MJ asks who are you and why do you keep calling. SY had used his number to sell her stuff

her mom lectures cuz SY offered to pay back the CF contract and now another one came. SY says i didnt make a contract for this one. her mom wants to go with her to talk to Ahn but SY says I have someone to go with

SY goes to the balcony and asks MJ for a favor. he yells at her for using his number to sell bags. she says i have to go tm to my agency so come with me. if I go alone I think I will be caught that I am not the SY from the past. I dont have confidence. if I go and argue in this state I will be caught. if I dont have money that’s ok cuz I can earn it again but if I get caught when I am rock bottom I cant recover so please help me since you are smart.

SY dresses up and walks in with MJ

Ahn says i already conferred with my lawyer and you have to take responsibilyt for this. she says I never said I would do this movie or do this project either. Ahn tries to say all that is included in the contract but MJ lists all the legal stuff. she cuts in cuz she misunderstood a word. MJ continues to list all the legal stuff about how she isnt responsible for that stuff. if her contract is broken like this then she could get paid back. do you want to do that. Ahn’s lawyer shakes his head. she repeats exactly what MJ told her in the past so MJ is pleased

they walk out and run into Sae Bum and her coordi. Sae asks for some coffee and SY tries to say we are busy but MJ agrees

SY, MJ. and Sae are sitting and Sae apologizes. how she couldnt turn down the drama. SY tells her not to put on a show. why are you shaking your tail now. MJ tells her to stop. coordi comes over and spills drinks. she wipes Sae but doesnt wipe SY. Sae wipes MJ’s hand. SY says to go now and MJ puts his coat over SY. Bum wonders when the professor and SY got so close

in the car SY says MJ’s ideal is Sae cuz he doesnt like people touching him but he let Sae wipe his hand and seemed to enjoy it. she thanks him for what he did with Ahn. MJ tells her to come to her senses. that she is at the end and could disappear so …she cuts in you can be next to me. he says why trust me. dont do that cuz I cant keep staying next to you. she asks is it cuz I am poor cuz I cant pay you. I am SY. I wont not pay you. I just wont pay you a lot. I wont make you work a lot. couldnt you just be by my side sometimes.

they go home and she asks you dont have a fever? should we eat together. Mj says no and leaves

YJ says mom brought us kimchi so she says you go over next door and give him some cuz he has been good to me. YJ says you go but she hits him and says you go. he gets up and reluctantly leaves. she says go and tell him it was from me

YJ gives it to MJ saying my sister said to give it to me.

she asks did you tell him what I said. YJ says yes. she asks why didnt you bring back the case. go and get it. YJ says you go and get it. she runs to her room

she tries on outfits and says maybe it’s too much.

she is dressed nicely and asks for the kimchi case. he says to wait but she goes in. she tells him not to change his code cuz she forgets hers but didnt forget his. she tells him about the kimchi and hands her the case and says go now. she says ok I will be going. did anyone call about the bags. he says no cuz you wouldnt reduce the price. he tells her to change the site. she leaves

she goes home and tells herself to come to her senses. why am I like this over that person. she keeps muttering that he takes good care of his body. came out of harvard and is a professor and it was his first kiss. am I missing that person now? no I am not. (she is in denial)

Park and Yoo are going over the records and says there is no trace of a guy so how could she have a baby. Sae knocks and comes in. park recognizes her. she says oppa and hands him food

Yoo walks her out and says drop by home cuz mom is worried. Yoo asks about Han and who is around her. Sae says you are still investigating. Yoo asks did she have a guy. Sae remembers SY saying how Han was going to get married- the second son of the group. Yo asks if Han had a man so Sae says I dont know well

HK goes to JK’s room and picks up JK’s phone. HK hears a woman pleading get me out of here. JK takes the phone away. HK says how someone asked to be taken out. JK says it’s someone crazy – yuo dont need to know. dont concern yourself.

MJ calls Yoo and says I want to meet cuz I have something to give you. they decide on a place to meet. the lackey overhears the call. SY texts to meet MJ

on the balcony they meet and SY says what did you do to me? MJ: what do you mean – do what? SY: you did something to me. you did. if you didn’t do anything then I wouldn’t be like this. MJ: talk so I understand. I was clearly trying to seduce you in 15 seconds but did I fall for you. MJ: what? SY: what do you think of me. no no dont answer. you will die if you answer. it’s cuz I am embarrassed so I will turn my back and talk-you just listen. I’m not someone who does this. I admit you made me grateful all this time. but I am not someone who cant tell the difference between gratefulness and that (other) feeling. if I just pick on gratefulness I am way more grateful to HK. but why do I – over what you said and your kiss – am I crazy? what do you think of me as a woman. no don’t answer if you answer you are dead. DMJ - did you leave. you can answer this. did you leave? she turns around and he is still there just looking at her. they keep staring at each other

she goes in and falls on her bed saying what to do.

comic book guys are talking about SY so she shows up and says are you sure I did that.

she is eating noodles in front of Bok. Bok gives her instructions and says act like you will cry at any time and dont wear accessories and it would be good if you didnt wear makeup well. where are you going to do the press conference. SY gets a call about her shoes that she is trying to sell and yells into the phone those shoes aren’t a fake – SY got them in Milan

in the parking garage, when Yoo gets out of his car he is hit over the head and knocked out. MJ’s pen is left next to him.

MJ is waiting in the cafe and sees the ambulance drive by. he hears what is going on at the parking garage and arrives to see Yoo being taken away by ambulance. then he sees JK in his car smiling at MJ

MJ follows JK and they both drive along as JK grins

SY comes in and says YJ should eat food but he is done eating the instant and doesnt want her to prepare him anything. he asks where she was all day. she asks if anyone was looking for her. like for example the next door guy

she mutters if a woman was that brave to confess you should reply. she suddenly says aloud she left her hair tie at his place. she goes to his home dressed nicely again and wonders if he didnt come home yet. maybe he is in his library. she walks over there

JK drove to the cliff and MJ followed him there. they get out of their cars and JK keeps grinning

SY calls out to MJ asking are you here. he isnt. where is he. did he go on a date

MJ asks is it you that did that to prosecutor Yoo. JK says i told you – you and SY living was cuz I let you. i hate people who aren’t grateful. MJ holds out the USB and says if I give you this then will it end. JK says yes. he takes out a gun. he asks do you know what this is. if you get shot once you will fall without any pain. i dont do this normally but you messed with me. so I am doing this myself. if you die it will look like Han killed herself.

SY is walking around the library and the lackey is hiding behind the chair.

MJ remembers Jang’s warning- are you going to lose everything you protected.

JK says you have to die for me to get rid of SY easily. go well. JK shoots and MJ teleports. MJ is behind him. I told you – you cant kill me.


SY visits the doctor again and acts deranged. She starts by saying- please answer me doctor. she asks if relying on someone can change to something more. she cites how her heart is racing and how jealous she is about the girl – that she is nervous when she cant see him and wants to hurt the girl who shook her tail at him and I want to break the hand that wiped that man’s hand. doctor prescribes her medicine and says take it regularly

Alien vs Psycho







You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star Episode 9 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star Episode 9 Recap

Starts from MJ giving a lecture to his class about two types of dolls a baby monkey chose -the monkey chose cuz one of the dolls was softer- the talk is about skinship.

then it goes to SY asking for 15 secs. she starts the timer and poses.

MJ lectures about what happens when you look into someone’s eyes and how you get happier

when you kiss, how high the heart beat gets and blood pressure elevates

how you will get dizzy from lack of air and fall in love, but you cant be deceived

back to his home. she cant sleep and he goes to the sofa and they both feel the after effects of the kiss

she mutters: I did it. (as in she started it by testing him) that could happen.

MJ stood out on the balcony and looks cold

she goes out and sees him shivering and sweating on the sofa. she calls out to him and gets closer – she wonders if he is sick and touches his forehead to check for fever. as he tried to say “dont do that – don’t come close-go away – go”

MJ concludes his lectures: dont fall for it. you have to know the difference between falling in love and your heart beat getting faster

JK’s lackey tells JK about that guy from the accident and how he was at the parking garage. JK knows his name now and that since MJ is close to SY he might have gotten the USB

SY mutters was it cuz of the kiss that he got sick- what is this – it makes me seem like a lump of virus

she goes over and his hand falls so she wonders – is he dead? his heart is racing. can he be alive? she holds his hand and she asks are you ok. he says move away. she wants to take him to the emergency room but he says move. she asks why wont you go?

he moves to his own bed.

she calls and says he has a lot of fever. Bok says can a person live if his fever is 40 Celsius. SY asks what to do. Bok asks who is it? she tells SY to take his clothes off. and massage his whole body with a lukewarm towel. SY repeats the instructions and says do I have to go that far? Bok says I did that for my nephew and took his diaper off even. how old is that kid. she hears MJ moaning so SY says hang up for now.

she gets ready and says I have to save him. she opens his shirt and starts to wipe his chest so he asks what are you doing. she says this is good for lowering the fever. he tells her to leave. she says to feel fortunate cuz it was her dream to be Helen keller – a nurse. so he corrects her – you meant Nightingale so she says don’t go into details. the point is my dream was to be a nurse and I’m acting like a nurse now. I have to lower your temp with a massage with lukewarm a towel -if you don’t want me to do that – do you want to do it yourself. he says please get out. she asks is it cuz of what happened yesterday (meaning the kiss) cuz you feel awkward. it’s not your fault. I warned you – I am a lump of chemistry – a lump of charm (attractiveness) I understand – you are a man too – so how could you help yourself. after you did the (kiss) if you are suddenly like this -then what am I? by any chance was it your first time? MJ: would that be? SY: at your age? what have you been doing all this time? what is this. I’m the one surprised by it- since it turned out this way- it makes me sorry. anyway i have to lower your fever so even if you are cold just endure it. why are you like this suddenlyy. she goes and opens the window

HK thinks over what Sae said and texts her – are you sleeping. if you arent call me.

Sae gets the text

she goes to her brother’s room and says oppa I am curious about something. that guy caught on the CCTV -how old is he? he teaches at a college. does he have a twin? cant you find out what his relationship is with SY. Yoo says she is your friend so you ask. Sae says we arent friends anymore. Yoo says that’s strange. if you arent friends then why be curious. she asks him to just answer cuz it’s strange. he asks what is strange

MJ wakes up and his window is open. he goes over to close it. he finds SY sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag. he asks what are you doing nurse. she asks did you wake up? i was worried and thought I should be near you but it was cold cuz of the window. he says it’s ok now so leave now. she cant unzip the sleeping bag so she gets offended that he doesnt need her anymore. she asks him to unzip it but he says just stay put then and leaves her there. she talks about being backstabbed. if I helped you when you were sick shouldnt you say thank you. you shouldnt live that way. I am going to count to 3 i wont put up with more than that. she is so loud so he unzips and says be quiet. it’s giving me a headache. she asks him to take her out of there so he carries her and drops her on the sofa. she curses at him.

someone is doing something at MJ’s desk at school

other professors come in and talk about how MJ isnt coming into work today cuz he is sick

Jang goes in and asks who are you. she says father. we meet again.happy new year. Jang says you too. she says couldnt you please take me out of here

she asks if MJ called him. jang says yes. she asks why MJ didnt want to go to the hospital. jang says he doesnt need to. SY:why?

Jang asks MJ to eat some porridge but MJ says my throat hurts. Jang says when we first met 30 yrs ago you almost fainted after swallowing what that guy spit. is it cuz you had a meal with SY? that wouldnt be it cuz you ate me with me. you were ok doing that much. what happened then. was it by any chance that? MJ: what? I have to rest. Jang: why did this have to happen when you are leaving. by any chance cant you not go? if your heart gets deeper the person left behind – her heart gets deeper too

Park and Yoo go to the stalker’s home and there is photos posted everywhere. Park calls him a crazy guy. Yoo finds a photo of Han coming out of someplace and Park wonders if Han was pregnant.

they checked the clinic and come out. Park says then Han has a man. it must be that man she went with to that death experience center. maybe it’s that person dong MJ. Park comes up with a scenario -SY and Han fought at the hair salon and a man showed up. DMJ. SY and MJ liked each other cuz they live next to each other then he got involved with Han and Han got jealous. Han got pregant. Yoo says there is no proof so dont make things up

Jang asks SY to take care of MJ and give him the rest of the porridge. and be sure not to spit into his food. you cant do that. she jokes she was going to do that so he says no you cant do that for real – it will be big trouble

SHe goes in and remembers how MJ wrote – his last 3 months on earth. she shakes her head and says no way it would be that (she thought maybe MJ is dying)

JK is in the car talking to his lackey and how Han said she stopped taking her depression medicine. lackey fills JK in what Park is investigating. JK says we have someone place to drop by

SY’s mom meets with some new agency rep about SY’s contract. she finds out how much SY is going to get and is so happy. but the guy has a condition. now that SY is older he wants to change her image. he wants SY to do racy movies so her mom throws water in his face and yells at him. he talks back and accuses her of living off her daughter. just tell the truth – do you want more money? before he leaves he says SY is out of this business so you dont have anyone to live off so come to your senses

SY wakes up in bed and MJ is gone. she wonders why she is sleeping here. she sees him sleeping in his chair so she goes over and asks are you feeling better. is your hand not better. how much did you hurt it. he says it’s already healed. she says your dad was really concerned. you must be closer to your dad. i was too. MJ asks where is he. She says how long it’s been since she saw her dad. and how her dad must not like her anymore

flashback to her parents fighting 12 yrs ago. her mom wanted to raise SY and the dad to raise her brother. the mom wants to make SY become successful. so her dad says i can do that. are you crazy – why would I give you SY when she can make so much money. he sees that SY heard so she cries and says if you call my name even once I will die.

SY says back then I didnt mean what i said. i was angry cuz we had such a short time. if we were going to have such a short time then he shouldnt have loved me. I ran out then and almost got hit by a truck but someone saved me. i wonder if he was a person or a ghost. this is a fact. I wasnt the only one who saw – HK saw too. she gets a call from JK and wonders why is he calling me so often these days. MJ makes her drop her phone with his power. he hears that JK is at her home calling for her. SY says how JK told her to take care of herself. she doesnt like coming between brothers – JK and HK. MJ asks do you think all men like you. she says yes except you. but last night I was surprised. what is your ideal? he says i dont have that. she says i do – someone who will stay a long time next to me. thinking of that – HK is perfect. he gets up so she asks why. he says i have to prepare for tm’s lecture. she sits in his chair and looks up at the night view

MJ goes out and runs into JK. JK asks who are you. MJ: I want to ask. why are you coming out of SY’s home. she isnt home now. JK: she isnt home – i thought she was here. if you see her tell her I will see her again soon. he gets on the elevator but MJ holds the door open and says stop it. JK: what? he touches his ring and looks up at the CCTV. he gets close and asks you have the USB dont you. it would be good for you and SY if you hand it over. there is something you dont know. you are alive now cuz I let you live. same for SY so be grateful. he moves MJ’s hand away and lets the door close. MJ looks scared.

the door opens at the first floor and MJ is already there. JK seems surprised by that. MJ: the moment you touch SY you wont be in this world. I will make that happen. MJ leans in close and says there is something you dont know. you cant ever kill me

MJ goes back and sees SY sleeping and remembers how she wants someone who will stay next to her for a long time. then he remembers what jang said about hearts (feelings) becoming deeper.

at school MJ rides his bike over and Sae watches him. she goes out and introduces herself. I am an actor. he remembers her from her drama. she says i am SY’s friend. there is something I want to discuss about her. do you have some time.

they sit for drinks. he asks what do you want to say. she asks did you hear about me from SY. he remembers all the bad stuff SY said about Sae. she says i heard from SY that she is getting a lot of helpfrom you and she is counting on you a lot. we were friends from long ago but something happened so we grew apart. I want to reconcile. but you know her personality. MJ says it’s not easy. she says i know her situation and want to be of strength. but if she knows this she wont like it. can you just tell me how she is doing – could I call you. is it ok to contact you when I am curious. he says ok. she asks is this your first time meeting her or did you already know her. he says i met her for the first time when she moved in. Sae says thank goodness someone like you is next to SY’s side

in the van the coordi hands Sae and drink and calls her SY unni by mistake. she apologizes saying it’s a habit. Sae asks understanding about it. how it must be frustrating for them after taking care of a top star. coordi says i like working with you than when I worked with SY unni. Bum agrees and lies too

outside the car Bum lectures the coordi saying you shouldnt do that. she feels like they are choosing between parents – mom and dad. Bum says I liked my grandma more. I had to like to SY noona and didnt feel good

Sae is filming a kiss scene. HK watches it. the actor keeps laughing and cant film the scene well

the actor is on the phone saying Sae is better than SY. so HK bumps into him. Hk runs over and asks Sae if she is having a hard time. arent you cold?

SY asks why MJ met with Sae. MJ says she is worried about you. SY says she isnt my friend. MJ says you were friends for a long time. she seems like a nice person. SY gets mad and asks whose side are you on. MJ says tehre is a reason why people arent on your side. maybe you are lonely and it’s your fault. she says i am not lonely. he says that’s why you are here. you are lonely. that’s why you are leaning on me.. she yells for him to get out. MJ: this is my home. she says to get lost and leaves

HK asks why Sae didnt call and says how he didnt know. he made Sae give his letters to SY. each time I did that how hard it must have been for you. i am sorry. but from here on too I will be sorry too. i know better than anyone how it feels when the person I am looking at doesnt see me. what can I do for you when I have someone I love. all I can give you is turning you down. call me when you change your heart. cuz I dont want to lose Sae as a friend. he starts to walk away

she calls out his name and goes over. she brings up MJ. didnt you think you saw him before? she shows him the photo and says i took it 12 yrs ago. i see the same person – how about you? HK says does this make sense. you changed and I changed in 12 yrs. she says the man from 12 yrs showed up again in front of SY and he hasnt changed. and SY doesnt know that

HK drives and remembers how SY said how she remembers that person’s face and wanted to meet him to thank him for saving her and ask why did you save me then

SY goes over and says i told him to get lost so does he really do that? her stomach rumbles so she mutters I am hungry. the doorbell rings

MJ left to buy her chicken and beer

HK asks why she is here in MJ’s home and brings her out. she explains how she came back from the hospital and her home was a mess. so she was scared and had no place to go but here. he says she could have gone to her mom’s or his home. just not here. he begs her to stay at his country home. she tells him to wait in the car and she will take her stuff and go down. he thanks her

she packs up and mutters stuff to an invisible MJ

MJ arrives home and runs into HK. HK remembers that accident and MJ’s face. MJ: what is it?

SY sits down and writes a note. thanks for everything. I am going to HK’s country home. she decides not to let him know where she is going and crumples the note. she finds the piece of glass in the trash. it’s from her car headlights.

MJ: why are you like this I said.

SY remembers the car crash.

HK asks: who are you? MJ: what? HK: are you the person who saved SY 12 yrs ago? MJ looks up at him in surprise

Best scenes from episode 9






"Secret Love" Star Ji Sung Records OST for the Drama

"Secret Love" Star Ji Sung Records OST for the Drama

Secret Love Star Ji Sung Records OST for the DramaActor Ji Sung from KBS2s Wed-Thurs drama Secret Love has recently finished a recording session for an OST track for the drama.

A representative of Ji Sung reported, On November 9, Ji Sung recorded the OST track Wuthering Heights (also known as Heights of Windstorm)at a studio in the Cheongdam neighborhood of Seoul. Ji Sung looks cool and comfortable as he records the song in a low cut blue shirt. 

Secret Love Star Ji Sung Records OST for the Drama

The audio version was also released on the official Sony Music Korea YouTube channel. Through the audio, we can hear Ji Sungs husky and emotional voice in this dramatic ballad.

Ji Sung currently stars in the popular drama Secret Love as Min Hyuk, a second generation Chaebol businessman. Even though Min Hyuk is handsome and intelligent, he is also unkind and cold hearted. He tragically loses his loved one in a criminal hit and run accident. The drama airs at 10pm. 


Im Si Wan to Co-Star in a Drama with BoA 'Hope for Love'

Im Si Wan to Co-Star in a Drama with BoA 'Hope for Love'

im si wan, boa, hope for love, kbs

Im Si Wan to Co-Star in a Drama with BoA 'Hope for Love' Im Si Wan to Co-Star in a Drama with BoA Hope for Love ZE:A member Im Si Wan will co-star in a drama with BoA.

Im Si Wan will comeback as an actor in the KBS drama "Hope for Love". After one year of taking a break from acting, Im Si Wan is finally returning to the TV screen.

According to a representative, Im Si Wan has been casted for the drama "Hope for Love" and they will begin filming in the beginning of August.

The drama "Hope for Love" drew a significant amount of attention since it will be the first time BoA will appear as a main character. The storyline will contain a love story between two young people in their twenties. Daniel Choi will also appear in the drama as one of the main characters.

Meanwhile, Im Si Wan is facing a comeback as an actor as well as a singer. ZE:A is scheduled for their comeback on August 9 with their new mini-album Illusion.


KARA confirmed to star in five-part drama ‘Secret Love’

KARA confirmed to star in five-part drama ‘Secret Love’

KARA confirmed to star in five-part drama Secret Love

KARA has now been confirmed for Wind Blows In Winter PD Kim Kyu Taes five-part drama Secret Love!

Gyuri, Hara, Seungyeon, Jiyoung, and Nicole will star in the five-part romantic melodrama featuring one act plays led by each of the five members. The drama will touch upon the different kinds of love including one-sided love, first love, breakups, and more. Its rumored that Hara will be the one up first in the five-part series, but according to the agency, that hasnt been completely finalized yet.

A representative commented, Director Kim Kyu Tae, who is the mastermind behind top-notch productions with his impressive cinematography, and his top writers will team up with KARA to create a sweet and lovely drama. Please look forward to KARAs five-part love story in fall 2013.

The show is planned to premiere in Korea first and then broadcast later in other countries across Asia.