Director of My Love From The Star Jang Hang Joon doesn't think much of Kim Soo Hyun for his drama character

Director of My Love From The Star Jang Hang Joon doesn't think much of Kim Soo Hyun for his drama character


On the latest episode of "Brave Writers", Director Jang Hang Joon talked about his first appointment with Kim Soo Hyun after having denied the actor as a rookie.The director said that when Kim Soo Hyun was a rookie, his manager asked the director to keep Kim Soo Hyun in mind for any movie or drama characters. “I didn’t know him at the time, so I didn’t think much of him. A couple of years later, while appearing in ‘My Love From the Stars’ as a film director, I met Kim Soo Hyun again, who had become huge star.”

The director said he shook the actor’s hand, saying that it had been a long time, and was surprised when the actor seemed to remember him, saying, “It’s been five years, director.”

Host Jeon Hyun Moo commented that Kim Soo Hyun must be someone who regards relationships with high esteem, at which a variety writer said, “That Kim Soo Hyun said ‘It’s been five years, director’ essentially means ‘I remember what happened back then.’ People never forget the time when they were first starting out.” The writer joked, “Kim Soo Hyun will probably never star in any of your future works.”


Kim Woo Bin to star in a Web Drama called Love Cell

Kim Woo Bin to star in a Web Drama called Love Cell

kim woo bin

The production team of the upcoming fantasy romantic comedy drama "Love Cell" released a poster, featuring actors Kim Woo Bin, Jang Hyuk, Kim Yoo Jung, and Nam Ji Hyun of the girl group 4 Minute. The fantasy romantic comedy web drama "Love Cell" tells a story of a kitten called Nebi, played by actress Kim Yoo Jung, who has a "love DNA cell." The kitten tries to help the timid boy Ma Dae Choong, played by actor Park Sun Ho, achieve his one sided romance for the top star Suh Rin, played by actress Nam Ji Hyun.

The roles of actor Kim Woo Bin and actor Jang Hyuk, who is to play the rival of actor Kim Woo Bin, are unclear. Actor Kim Woo Bin was shown in the poster pointing a gun at the camera in the middle of the poster. In related news, the drama "Love Cell" is based on the popular web cartoon of the same name that was published on the Korean portal site Naver from 2010 through 2012. "Love Cell" will premiere on November 3, 2014, and fans will be able to access the drama via the portal site Naver.


Ending A Seven-Year Drama Break With A Love Triangle

Ending A Seven-Year Drama Break With A Love Triangle

What better way to end a seven-year break from drama roles than in a love triangle with Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk?

That"s what actress Lee Ha Na decided to do when she took a role in "High School King of Savvy." The actress who was once called a "romantic comedy queen" became popular about 10 years ago when she appeared in the SBS drama "Alone in Love." The series won praise for its portrayal of love, marriage and divorce. The two main characters fell in love, married, and despite wanting to divorce kept returning to each other. Lee Ha Na played the quirky Yoo Ji Ho, a character that spent her time reunite her sister and ex-brother-in-law.

She followed that role with more comedies, "Merry Mary" in 2007" and "Triple" in 2009, but then she decided to avoid small screen productions, starring instead in two films "The Fair Love" and "R2B: Return To Base."

At the press conference for the drama, the actress said that she avoided drama roles because she could not bridge the gap between the characters viewers expected her to play and her real personality.

"This was really stressful," she said.

But something about "High School King of Savvy" was so appealing that she reconsidered her drama career.

"I have been offered several roles during my break, but none of them grabbed my attention," she said. "While I was searching for suitable role, I came across "High School King," and I decided to join this drama because I thought I would regret it if I missed this opportunity."

In the drama she plays Soo Young, a temporary office worker who gets involved in a romance with the character played singer-actor Seo In Guk, who was last seen in "The Master"s Sun." His character is only pretending to be a company executive. She thinks that they are the same age but he"s really a high school student and ice hockey player.

The other member of the love triangle is the executive Jin Woo, played by model-turned actor Lee Soo Hyuk.

Lee is happy to be back on a drama set.

"The break was a lonely time and I could overcome it by composing music," she said. During her drama break Lee focused on playing the guitar and singing, appearing on television several times. In 2008 she hosted the KBS TV"s live music show, "Lee Ha Na"s Peppermint."

The first episode of "High School King of Savvy" aired this week. According to tvN the comedy aced the ratings with 1.5 percent of the audience.


Sung Joon confirmed to star in upcoming KBS drama 'Finding True Love'

Sung Joon confirmed to star in upcoming KBS drama 'Finding True Love'

Actor Sung Joon has been confirmed to star in the upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama "Finding True Love" alongside Jung Yoo Mi and Shinhwa"s Eric!

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The drama"s staff confirmed on the 13th, "Sung Joon has been cast for the role of Nam Ha Jin."

Sung Joon will play the role of Nam Ha Jin, a cosmetic surgery specialist and three-year long boyfriend of Lee Rum (Jung Yoo Mi) who makes an ideal boyfriend with his visuals and personality. But a love triangle is formed when Jung Yoo Mi"s ex-boyfriend Kang Tae Ha (Eric) returns and tries to steal her heart.

The drama"s production company JS Pictures rep stated, "Sung Joon is an actor with a lot of potential and more than anything else, he resembles the character of Nam Ha Jin a lot... Eric will show a very different charm. It will be fun for viewers to feel the characters including the varying charms of the female character Lee Rum."

"Finding True Love" is set to air after "Trot Lovers" this August!


Kim Joon to star in his first drama since his discharge 'Endless Love'

Kim Joon to star in his first drama since his discharge 'Endless Love'

Kim Joon has been confirmed to return to the small screen through the upcoming SBS weekend drama "Endless Love"!

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His agency Chang Company stated on June 12, "Kim Joon has been confirmed to star in his first drama since his discharge from the military last year, "Endless Love"... He has already begun filming."

Kim Joon will play the man named Kim Tae Kyung who has it all, including riches, intelligence, and talent. Kim Tae Kyung gets into a star-crossed love with Seo In Ae (Hwang Jung Eum) as the son of the prime minister and a brother who cares for his younger sister Kim Se Kyung (Jeon So Min). He is also starring in the Japanese film remake of "Lupin III", which is set to premiere this August.

"Endless Love" is a 40-episode drama that portrays characters who live through the 1970s and "90s and their stories of dreams and love. The 40-episode drama will premiere on June 21 at 9:55 PM KST!


Drama 'My Love From The Star' China OST Concert To Be Held This Fall

Drama 'My Love From The Star' China OST Concert To Be Held This Fall

SBS popular drama, "My Love From The Star" will be holding an OST concert this fall in 10 cities around China.

On June 4, an official revealed that this China OST concert would be held this fall around September-October.

This OST concert will visit many cities including Taiwan, Hong Kong and others for a total of 10 concerts. There are no specific news on the concert locations yet.

This concert will invite around 5 singer who sang OST"s in this popular drama including Lyn, Younha and others. Others such as Sung Si Kyung, Huh Gak, Hyorin are still seeing how their Korea schedule works out before confirming.

Singers such as Lyn and Younha have not officially stepped into the Chinese industry yet, but this concert will be a stepping stone to become more known and to begin promotions in China as well.

Also, the main actors of the drama, Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun, might be hard to invite to the concert as they have not officially had a meeting to talk about this event yet.


Eric Confirmed to Star in New Drama Finding True Love

Eric Confirmed to Star in New Drama Finding True Love

Eric Confirmed to Star in New Drama “Finding True Love” It’s official; fans can expect to see Eric acting in a new drama as the Shinhwa member has been confirmed to act in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama, “Finding True Love.” The drama, set to broadcast in August, will be Eric’s first drama in three years since acting in the 2011 drama “Spy Myung Wol.”

“Finding True Love” will be written by tvN‘s “I Need Romance” script writer, further heightening anticipation for the drama. Moreover, Eric’s acting partner will be none other than actress Jung Yoo Mi who also collaborated with Eric back in 2007 through MBC‘s “Que Sera Sera.” Thus the reunion between the actors have many predicting that “Finding True Love” will perfectly portray the chemistry between the two characters.

Make sure to mark your calendars to watch Eric and Jung Yoo Mi this August on KBS 2TV’s “Finding True Love!”


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Kim Soo Hyun, My Love From The Star Chinese Video Site Breakthrough Record Of Over 2 Million Views

Kim Soo Hyun, My Love From The Star Chinese Video Site Breakthrough Record Of Over 2 Million Views

Kim Soo Hyun, ‘My Love From The Star’ Chinese Video Site Breakthrough Record Of Over 2 Million Views (Photo : KeyEast) Actor Kim Soo Hyun currently has the highest viewed video on a Chinese video site with his SBS drama "My Love from the Star."

On April 6th Kim Soo Hyun attended the press conference before his fan meeting in Beijing, China. At the press conference, he received a commemorative plaque for the record breaking number of views of the drama "My Love from the Star" in China through iQiyi, which obtained VOD rights to the drama.

Currently iQiyi is offering viewers a chance to rewatch a complete series through their PPS (Pay Per Series) service. "My Love from the Star" broke the record, surpassing over 2 million views. It"s the highest number of views on iQiyi for Korean dramas, and even all other dramas available through the service.

Not only that, Kim Soo Hyun is going strong in the Pay Per View service as well. His popularity is so great that articles are being written in honor of the actor in local Chinese news sources.

So iQiyi prepared a commemorative plaque for Kim Soo Hyun, who received the award in front of about a hundred media sources at the press conference.

Kim Soo Hyun is currently touring Asia, ever since last month. He"s traveling across 9 cities in 7 countries. He successfully completed a fan meeting in Guangzhou on the 4th, and another fan meeting in Beijing on the 6th.

In conjunction with the "Kim Soo Hyun Syndrome" that"s currently overtaking China, the broadcast for Jiangsu Satellite TV"s "Ultimate Brain" recorded the highest viewership so far this year. It seems as if his fan meetings in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing are just added heat to this already hot trend.

When Kim Soo Hyun landed in China for his 3 fan meetings, several thousand fans were waiting for him at the airport. Local fans even used their SNS to record the star"s every move as he moved from one location to another. It was a shared interest for Kim Soo Hyun"s fans all across Asia.

Kim Soo Hyun is planning to seriously consider his next project sometime in mid-May, upon completing his Asia fan meeting tour.


Popular Korean Drama

Popular Korean Drama "My Love From the Star" Actor Kim Soo Hyun To Hold Fan Meet In Singapore On April 27

Asia"s most charismatic actor and Korean heartthrob Kim Soo Hyun, will be in Singapore for his first Singapore fans meet as stopover on his Asian tour. Presented by New Empire Media, Kim will be seeing "Star Fans" on 27th April 2014 at the Singapore Expo Hall 1.

Recent Korean drama, "My Love From the Star" which co-stars the iconic actress, Jeon Ji Hyun, swept Asia with an unstoppable starry wave. Kim Soo Hyun"s popularity skyrocketed in the role as the alien "Do Min-Joon", and quickly propelled Kim to become one of the most sought-after male actors in Asia today.

Kim Soo Hyun first tried his vocals on screen in 2011 when he starred as the character "Song Sen Dong" in the drama, "Dream High". He performed the title song "Dreaming", which later went on to win a musical award in Korea. In the 2012 hit drama, "Moon Embracing The Sun", he went on to take the lead in singing its theme song, "Only You", which found its way into major pop charts, pushing his popularity to a higher point. Apart from drama productions, Kim has also taken on roles in movies such as "The Thieves" and "Secretly and Greatly".

Kim Soo Hyun"s management agency, Keyeast Entertaiment revealed, "Following the popularity and positive responses of Kim Soo Hyun"s dramas and movies in recent years, we have received many proposals to hold a fans meeting locally and abroad. As a gratitude to the love and support from his fans, Kim Soo Hyun will embark on a fans meet tour to engage with supporters across Asia, starting from Seoul in March."

To commemorate Kim"s maiden memories with his fans, Keyeast Entertainment decides to name the tour "2014 Kim Soo Hyun Asia Tour 1st Memories in Singapore". The tour will commence in Seoul and stopover Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

In an effort to deliver a perfect memory for his fans, Kim Soo Hyun has been practicing hard for this fans meet. Not only will he be showcasing his singing abilities, he has also prepared specially tailored surprises and interactive games for fans to get up-close and personal with him.

Tickets will be available via all SISTIC outlets from 25th March 2014. To book, call ticketing hotline at 6348 5555 or log onto

"2014 Kim Soo Hyun Asia Tour 1st Memories In Singapore" is proudly brought to you by New Empire Entertainment, managed by Keyeast Entertainment and supported by UnUsUaL Group of Companies.

Fan Meet Details:

2014 Kim Soo Hyun Asia Tour 1st Memories In Singapore

2014金秀贤亚洲巡演1st Memories in新加坡」

Date: 27th Apr 2014, Sunday

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 1

Ticket pricing: $238*, $188*, $138* (*excludes $3 booking fee)

Call ticketing hotline: (65) 6348 5555 or log on to to book. 


Lee Kwang Soo will star in new SBS drama Its Okay, Thats Love

Lee Kwang Soo will star in new SBS drama Its Okay, Thats Love

Lee Kwang Soo has been confirmed to be taking part in EXO“s D.O in the new SBS drama ”It”s Okay, That”s Love“!

Lee Kwang Soo will be playing the role of Park Soo Kwang who has Tourette”s syndrome.

The film is the work of writer Noh Hee Kyung and director Kim Kyu Tae, the same team that created the masterpiece that was “Wind Blows in Winter“. The drama is a romantic mental clinic drama that tells the story of people who live with mental disabilities.

“It”s Okay, That”s Love”

The drama is a romantic mental clinic drama that describes the story of people who live with mental disabilities, but do not know it themselves. He share, “I”m happy and thankful that I get to work with amazing people. I”ll prepare well so I can give people happiness and touch their hearts. I”ll do my best, so please look forward to it.