Upcoming Korean drama 'My Love, Dummy'

Upcoming Korean drama 'My Love, Dummy'

Added the impending Korean drama "My Love, Dummy""s page to HanCinema database"My Love, Dummy" (2015)Directed through Kim Won-yong-IWritten through Lee Seon-hee-INetwork : KBSWith Song Jae-hee, Choi Yoon-yeong-I, Kwak Si-yang, Eom Hyeon-kyeong, Kang Shin-il, Yoon So-jeong,...Mon~Fri 19:50SynopsisA tale about locating lovevia parents, children, couples and others.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015/08/31


'Beauty Inside' Lee Soo's video,<b> here's </b>why you can't<b>forestall </b>falling in love with Han Hyo-joo

'Beauty Inside' Lee Soo's video, here's why you can'tforestall falling in love with Han Hyo-joo

Han Hyo-joo revealed, "I think Lee Soo"s personality is a degree up than Woo-jin"s character", when she shared her mind about the demanding situations in acting her role, Lee Soo.

Also, about her acting with the 21 actors of Woo-jin , "Although I felt ittough in the beginning, I later began feeling that Kim Woo-jin, who becomes a other personeach day, used to be one same user and I have become to feel that everybody used to be lovely". As her comments proved that she perfectly immersed herself into Lee Soo"s character, anticipation point has been raised up for the movie.

Han Hyo-joo, who has paired up with the maximum actors in a film in the history of romance movies because of the original storyline, willconvey her heart-warming romance to film fans with her role in "Beauty Inside" on August 20th.


[Video] giant Bang Reclaims tune Charts with Lets now not Fall in Love and Zutter

[Video] giant Bang Reclaims tune Charts with Lets now not Fall in Love and Zutter

--> giant Bang is back with two new songs, and to nobody′s marvel, they′re dominating the track charts.

The depression mid- pace track Let′s now not Fall in Love and GD&top′s comeback track Zutter were released as a section of huge Bang′s fourth unmarried unmarried album E in the MADE SERIES at nighttime on August five.

Zutter and Let′s now not Fall in Love are lately ranked no 1 and two spots on MelOn, whilst Let′s now not Fall in Love is ranked no 1 and Zutter number two on Genie, Mnet, bugs, Olleh, Naver Music, Monkey3 and Soribada.

[Video] giant Bang Reclaims Music Charts with ′Let′s now not Fall in Love′ and ′Zutter′

E has also crowned the iTunes charts in 16 countries, adding Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and Malaysia and is ranked in the head five in Canada and the U.S.

The track videos for the songs were released at the similar day, and they′ve already surpassed 1,000,000 perspectives every one and every on YouTube.

check out the track videos beneath!


[Video] Apink Sings About Young Love in Petal MV

[Video] Apink Sings About Young Love in Petal MV

--> Apink has released a new track video, which we′re certain will have the memories of your formative years overwhelm speeding back.

The track video for Petal changed into once released on August four, portraying the sensation of young love as the ladies sing the lyrics paying homage to the formative years game ′He loves me...he loves me now no longer′ in a gorgeous flower lawn.

[Video] Apink Sings About Young Love in ′Petal′ MV

Apink lately returned with 2nd complete-period album red reminiscence, topping track charts with lead unmarried be mindful.

The ladies may be preserving their 2nd exclusive concert in Seoul at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium from August 22 to 23.


Lee Jin Wook helps to keep Ha Ji Won laughing in Making Video for “The Time We Were no longer in Love”

Lee Jin Wook helps to keep Ha Ji Won laughing in Making Video for “The Time We Were no longer in Love”

Lee Jin Wook stays Ha Ji Won guffawing in Making Video for “The Time We Were no longer in Love” It’s so lovable, we had to percentage.

In the in the back of the scenes video released via SBS lately for its weekend drama, “The Time We Were no longer in Love,” Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won are adorably lovable as they prepare and movie a kiss-punch series.

Source: YouTube/DramaSBS Source: YouTube/DramaSBS

In the scene, Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) kisses Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won), who punches him back for the wonder kiss. Choi Won is harm and Lee Jin Wook give the scene a comedian flair that just stays Ha Ji Won laughing and laughing. to begin with, she used to be just going to slap him yet all over prepare session, they are check outing punching, and Lee Jin Wook does a hilarious activity with his head snapping back.

When the couple stay practicing other things they are able to do to painting the bickering courting between Choi Won and Oh Ha Na, the director comments, “They’re riding me loopy!”

Ha Ji Won is widely known for her from time to time uncontrollable laughter and it’s truly funny to peer Lee Jin Wook stay cracking her up with his acting, in addition their own partnership in the back of the scenes. Watch the clip under!




EXO "Love Me right" train video

EXO have released the prepare video for "Love Me appropriate" as a gift for achieving 20 million perspectives in their track video.

Watch the lads showcasing their sharp and flawless choreography and formation in this tradition video enthusiasts had been looking forward to.



EXO drop

EXO drop "Love Me right" dance prepare video as special gift to lovers

EXO drop

Aw, what a different treat for fanatics!

To thank EXO-L"s for the 20 million perspectives on their MV now, EXO dropped their dance prepare video for "Love Me correct." After a candy message and adorable waving at the camera, the men take it to the prepare room, remodeling from "aw" to "hayy" as they get clotheed in informal garments and dance with their signature synchronized moves.

check it out above!

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EXO Drops Dance practice Video for Love Me 

EXO Drops Dance practice Video for Love Me correct

EXO Drops Dance prepare Video for “Love Me appropriate” < robust>EXO has done up promotions with their newest repackaged album name song “< robust>Love Me appropriate,” and now they are back to specific their thankful center to the fanatics’ non-stop strengthen with the disclose of the crowd’s dance practice video!

past due on July 25, the legitimate < robust>YouTube channel of < robust>SMTOWN uploaded a clip of EXO appearing off their prime- power choreography in their practice room.

In the video, the individuals also take a little time to thank < robust>EXO-L’s for appearing a large number of love and strengthen for them regardless of the quick promotion cycle this time around, and also promise to go back with an even larger symbol with their next album.

take a look at the overall dance practice in the video under!< robust>

exo - love me right Support the artist by way of purchasing < robust>Love Me appropriate from YesAsia comparable