Lee Sang Yoon Cast as Leading Actor of Choi Ji Woo’s New Drama

Lee Sang Yoon Cast as Leading Actor of Choi Ji Woo’s New Drama

Actor Lee Sang Yoon and Choi Ji Woo will be reuniting in an upcoming drama.

The two actors have been confirmed for tvNs new drama 20 Years Old Again. Lee Sang Yoon will portray Cha Hyun Suk, a theater professor and successful producer. In the drama, he will run into Choi Ji Woos character Ha No Ra, his first love from high school, who also ends up as a freshman student in his university class. Choi Ji Woos character Ha No Ra will be a 38 year-old mother who goes back to school to fulfill her dreams, after having to give it up in her 20s for her family.

Lee Sang Yoon has previously worked with Choi Ji Woo in his debut drama, Air City. 20 Years Old Again is expected to go into productions in July, and it will premiere in August.

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Yoon Kye Sang seeks thrill atop buildings for new drama

Yoon Kye Sang seeks thrill atop buildings for new drama "Last"

Yoon Kye Sang seeks thrill atop buildings for new drama

Stills of Yoon Kye Sang hanging precariously to the ledges of buildings for action scenes in new JTBC drama "Last" have surfaced, raising anticipation for its upcoming broadcast!

Yoon Kye Sang"s body is suspended dangerously in air as he hangs on for dear life, his hands clamped tightly to buildings"s ledges. The only thing lending the actor support in these thrilling action scenes is a single wire, as he climbs the walls and makes his grand escape through the window of a four-story building. Despite these hazardous nature of these action sequences, Yoon Kye Sang didn"t lose his focus and was perfectly absorbed for his role.

What"s more impressive is that though the actor had a stunt double, he still performed the actions sequences himself. Further, the actor treated the rehearsals just as seriously as if the cameras were actually rolling, showcasing his deep dedication to every part of the filming process.

Catch Yoon Kye Sang become a real life spiderman when "Last" airs this July 24!

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[Video] "Last" Teaser video of Yoon Kye-sang VS Lee Beom-soo

"Last" is an action noire drama about men in the underground world fighting for power at 10 billion won.

Producer Jo Nam-gook and writer Han Ji-hoon collaborated on this one.

A footage was revealed on the 3rd and Jang Tae-ho (Yoon Kye-sang) can be seen fighting his enemies. Gwak Heung-sam (Lee Beom-soo) is the leader of the people in the underground world.

The two men"s short appearance in the footage was enough to make everyone hold their breaths. The two of them are expected to lead the movie to success.

Those who have seen the footage say, "I can"t wait!", "I haven"t watched a good action movie in a while", "The preview is this good", "I"ll spend summer with "Last" and more.

The new JTBC miniseries will be broadcasted on the 24th of July.



[Spoiler] Added episodes 11 and 12 captures for the Korean drama

[Spoiler] Added episodes 11 and 12 captures for the Korean drama "Ex-Girlfriends" Club"

Added episodes 11 and 12 captures for the Korean drama "Ex-Girlfriends" Club" (2015)Directed by Kwon Seok-jangWritten by Lee Jin-maeNetwork : tvNWith Song Ji-hyo, Byeon Yo-han, Lee Yoon-ji, Jang Ji-eun, Hwa Young, Jo Jung-chi,...12 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:30Synopsis"Ex-Girlfriends" Club" talks about contrasting mindsets of men and women when they get into a new relationship. A man becomes curious about his current girlfriend"s ex-boyfriends and a woman wonders about her ex-boyfriend"s current girlfriend.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/05/08



Yoon Kye Sang to play a conniving homeless person opposite Lee Bum Soo in drama

Yoon Kye Sang to play a conniving homeless person opposite Lee Bum Soo in drama "Last"

Yoon Kye Sang to play a conniving homeless person opposite Lee Bum Soo in drama

The drama rendition of successful webtoon "Last" is now well underway as Yoon Kye Sang has been cast as the male lead!

His agency Saram Entertainment revealed on June 15 that he will be in the new JTBC drama directed by Cho Nam Kook, which will air every Fridays and Saturdays. He will be playing the lead Tae Ho, who loses everything after he makes a fatal mistake in the Korean stock market that renders him homeless.

However, even homeless, he gets to put his smarts to use as he realizes there is an underground order of powerful homeless people in Seoul and tries to climb the ladder to the top. You will get to see some action from Yoon Kye Sang in this intense drama!

Actor Lee Bum Soo has also been cast as the antagonist, the powerful boss at the head of this underground hierarchy.

The premiere will take place in July.

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[Video] Added third teaser video for the Korean drama

[Video] Added third teaser video for the Korean drama "The Great Wives"

Added third teaser video for the upcoming Korean drama "The Great Wives"

"The Great Wives" (2015)Directed by Kim Heung-dong, Kim Seong-wook-IWritten by Hwang Soon-yeongNetwork : MBCWith Ahn Jae-mo, Kang Seong-yeon, Lee Jong-won, Kim Ji-young, Hwang Dong-joo, Hwang Woo-seul-hye,...120 episodes - Mon~Fri 19:15SynopsisA drama about a murder involving friends from the same school and their risky and secretive marriage, divorce and relationships.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/06/15



[HanCinema"s Drama First Look] "Ex-Girlfriends" Club"

Love triangles, squares and other manner of romantic geometry are a staple of Korean drama. They have a set of tropes that go with them and they entertain people when done well. For a series which would under normal drama circumstances be a love pentagon, however, "Ex-Girlfriends" Club" breaks the mold in the type of dynamics found between the characters. This is an interesting enough feature to speak of and will perhaps become the show"s strength down the road.

This is not a typical situation where all the women are after one man. In fact, whatever reasons each woman has for their objections to having their romantic life turned into a movie, which is the goal of the two leads, there is not much romance to speak of between any pairing. So far, this is not a typical romantic comedy and the women are far from typical drama women. The same goes for the center of it all, Bang Myeong-soo (Byeon Yo-han).

The entertaining and mysterious nature of these characters is also what currently keeps the show interesting, as not much happens yet story-wise. All the women carry their scars from their past relationships with Myeong-soo and they all have their issues with their own lives. Some still have lingering attachment, but their reasons for it are still not clear, even if their individual expressions of that attachment are. Myeong-soo himself is an interesting case of someone so nice he is harmful to the people around him.

The cast brings the already colorful characters to life and it is a pleasure to see their individual work. Lee Yoon-ji has perhaps the most straightforward character, but she delivers it delightfully. Hwa Young is a pure joy as the seductive and free-spirited Ra Ra and Jang Ji-eun"s character is still a mystery, which makes her performance important, as she nails that subtlety and suspicious nature of her role. Byeon Yo-han delivers very well too and while Myeong-soo is interesting in his own right as a male lead, he is not the main source of entertainment.

Which brings us to the problematic things about the series. For one, its main female lead. Song Ji-hyo is doing great work as Kim Soo-jin, but Soo-jin herself is the least interesting character here. She is the typical hardworking, easily deceived and down on her luck frumpy gal, complete with the virginal treatment of being the romantic one. She is also an observer to the mayhem, which is fun, but not a great permanent spot for a romantic lead. The series has not gone much deeper with the other characters either.

The story is also progressing slowly, with cat fights taking up too much time. When the plot itself does not move fast and seems to have no end goal but the making of a film and when the characters do not quickly move past their comedic function, one has to wonder if this series has something to develop and plans to. They will need to fill at least 16 episodes and even through new characters and conflicts have joined in, none are particularly engaging yet. This is just the introduction, but things need to develop soon.

"Ex-Girlfriends" Club" has the usual tvN treatment in terms of production value. Everything looks and sounds nice, there are no huge problems with the presentation yet and its topic is an interesting one. Its great cast elevates the material given and their individual performances as well as interactions are fun. At the same time, the story and characters have great potential. The creators just need to start exploring it soon.

Written by: Orion from "Orion"s Ramblings"

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Rainbow"s Yoonhye to act in new MBC drama, "Great First Wives"


Rainbow"s Yoonhye will be acting again via MBC"s new daily drama, "Great First Wives"!

Her agency DSP Media revealed recently that the idol will be playing Han Gong Joo, the daughter of Cho Kyung Soon in the drama. She has a bouncy charm, likes to adorn herself, and has a vain love for all luxury brands. She may play something of a bimbo, but she is far from unlikeable as she works hard in order to meet her parents" expectations.

Yoonhye relayed her thoughts through her agency, "I"m both nervous and very excited to return to the small screen in about a year since JTBC"s "The Firstborn." I will work hard in order to make your night fun everyday through my bouncy, bright character."

This will start airing in June!

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