K-Pop Throwback: Examining The mystical Qualities Of Haihm's 2014 Unmarried 'Bird No Singing' VIDEO

K-Pop Throwback: Examining The mystical Qualities Of Haihm's 2014 Unmarried 'Bird No Singing' VIDEO

still from Haihms Bird No Singing music video still from Haihms Bird No Singing music video Electronic producer Haihm at work. British writer Arthur C. Clarke once claimed that "any sufficiently complexgeneration is indistinguishable from magic."

I'd argue that musical technology, from the earliest drums to the maximumrecent doodads, has at all times been imbued with that magical quality.

In her riveting unmarried from 2014, "Bird No Singing," Korean electronic producer Haihm uses the most present examples of "magic" in her music.

Haihm is yet any othera section of the wave of impressive feminine synth artists popping out of Korea, adding Shirosky and Kirara. As a classically trained pianist, the Seoul-based Haihm does not shy clear of complexity and has the chops to back it up.

Originally released at the 2014 EP "Point 9," the track "Bird No Singing" demonstrates that whilst Haihm is a wonderfully capable singer, she prefers to shy faraway from words and pay attention onnatural music in thisprolongededition of that track. Although her vocals do make some fleeting, albeit chopped-up appearances.

"Bird No Singing" opens with fleet snippets of vocal sound, not anything beyond a syllable. This has a form of now-you-see-it-now-you-don't effect.

As I discussed previously, magic.

The methodology of popping sounds out and in of the mixture at whim is going back to the heady days of early dub reggae, when manufacturers would permit horns or other delayed-out tools to be audible and then grab them away. This created an effect that used to bemost unlikelyto replicate in are living performance, yetin the process the magic of the recording studio, the rest would soon be possible.

As "Bird No Singing" continues, that nod to the early days of dub blending jujitsu remains a constant, while other parts come into play.

Strictly speaking, the solein point of factbasic musical part that makes itself heard all over all seven mins of "Bird No Singing" are 3 dulcet chords on what sounds like a Fender Rhodes. Beyond that, it is all technological manipulation.

Percussion plays a bigsection in the piece, but in an excessively untraditional way. Back in the days of strictly acoustic performances on recordings, the collection ofexact drums to be had to the performers may smartly be limited to what a single drummer would be capable to playing, in even the most ostentatious cases, finite by way of nature. By the usage of what may be any variety ofpc programs, Haihm is ready to manipulate the pitch of her drums to just about any pitch.

Suddenly, she has an impossibly massivestove of "drums" to play with. Magic? You be the judge.

The low-pitched bass frequencies do notappearto attemptto mimic any specific instrument, and the sweeps of sound that swoop thru the combine borrow from the outdated couple of decades of analog or virtual synthesizers. Time and area are rendered meaningless in this context.

Over the patient expanse of "Bird No Singing," Haihm is able to slowly build into a deserved saturation point. By the time the song has reached its climax, the drum programming doesn't resemble anything a "real drummer" might or would be capable of play; it is the musical sound of machines going berserk.

Describing it's going to brandthe finish result audio wildly out of control, but of course, moderatelythe other is true.

Haihm is able to exploit frenzy to signifythe sort of catharsis we seek from music, while working from a position of overall control.

The sense of chaos is a trick, or, as others might insist, an illusion.

Watch the music video for Haihm's 2014 single "Bird No Singing"RIGHT HERE

Jeff Tobias is a composer, musician and authorthese days living in Brooklyn, New York. As of late, he has been reading arcane systems of tuning and operating on his jump shot.

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BIGBANG"s video teaser for "JAPAN DOME TOUR 2014 ~ 2015 ‘X"" DVD

On February 25th, BIGBANG uploaded a video teaser for their upcoming DVD of their BIGBANGs JAPAN DOME TOUR 2014 ~ 2015 X.

The DVD will be available in four various versions. One bundle will have three DVDs, two live CDs, a special box, and a photo book. The other bundle will include two blu-ray disks, two live CDs, a special box, and a photo book. But fans can still purchase the two disk DVD set or the two blu-ray disk set without the live CD, special box, and photo book.

The DVD can be purchased starting on March 25th in Japan and on the YGEX official shop .

Watch below:

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BIGBANG excites fans with the trailer of

BIGBANG excites fans with the trailer of "Fanclub Event 2014 ~Fantastic Babys~DVD"

On January 30th, BIGBANG teased their anticipating Japanese fans.

A trailer for their FANCLUB EVENT 2014 ~FANTASTIC BABYS~ DVD was released increasing the interest and excitement of their fans.

The DVD will include live performances of the Japanese versions of "Fantastic Baby," "Haru Haru," "Bad Boy," "Hands Up" and others. It will be released on February 18th in Japan.

Watch below:

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Han Ye Seul Reveals Her Boyfriend Teddys Reaction to Her Confession At 2014 SBS Drama Awards

Han Ye Seul Reveals Her Boyfriend Teddys Reaction to Her Confession At 2014 SBS Drama Awards

Actress Han Ye Seul sat down for an interview with Newsen in Gangnam-gu. The star revealed her boyfriend, Teddy's reaction to her confession while making her acceptance speech at the "2014 SBS Drama Awards."

After receiving the Excellence Award in a Drama Special from the SBS Drama Awards in 2014, Han Ye Seul said, “To my boyfriend, Teddy, whom I love so much, I want to say that I love him so much. We loved so much this year, and let′s love more next year.” Then she even made the kissing sound through the microphone, receiving a loud applause. Han Ye Seul and Teddy went public with their relationship in 2013.

Han Ye Seul’s acceptance speech stirred issues for days afterwards with many expressing their envy. Not only men but women also commented, “She is lovely.”

When asked about the day’s acceptance speech, Han Ye Seul said with laughter, “He was so happy. I received a lot of love from my boyfriend and interest from many people, and the response was positive too. It was a perfect win-win situation. The drama was successful, I won the award, and I received love and interest for the acceptance speech. I wonder if that means many good things will happen to me in 2015."

[Interview] Han Ye Seul Shares Boyfriend Teddy’s Reaction to Her Acceptance Speech

About Teddy’s reaction, Han Ye Seul said, “He was exhilarated. He told me that he didn’t even expect it.”

When the interview said, “No one probably expected it,” Han Ye Seul laughed as she said, “Isn’t it so funny?”

About the time Teddy promoted as 1TYM, Han Ye Sul said, “I was a student then. He was promoting when I was attending school in America, so I sang 1TYM’s songs at noraebang. Instead of being a fan, I liked their music. I didn’t know much (about Teddy) back then but I knew his music.”

She added, “He is charming. Not stepping forward to get attention is a part of his charms. I also thought it’s cool how he silently does what he likes, without putting his name in the front as he promotes.”

Regarding Birth of A Beauty, which recently ended, Han Ye Seul said, “I’m satisfied with it as my comeback project. Many people have told me that I made a successful comeback, and that’s what is most meaningful to me. I enjoyed filming comfortably without feeling pressured, although it has been a while since I worked on a project. While filming it, I rarely struggled or felt stressed.”

Photo credit: Newsen


BTS reveal an amazing choreography video for

BTS reveal an amazing choreography video for "2014 MBC Gayo Daejaejeon" opening

BTS reveal an amazing choreography video for

BTShave revealed a special gift for their fans!

The boys had a dance intro to their "2014 MBC Gayo Daejaejeon" stage, but many fans were disappointed at the camerawork that missed a lot of the moves. The boys really went full-scale for the stage, so Big Hit Entertainmentreleased a 6-minute video that linked up three different camera versions of the dance.

Check out the awesome choreography above!


SB End-Of-Year Review: Best Album of 2014

SB End-Of-Year Review: Best Album of 2014

20141012_seoulbeats_EpikHigh SB End-Of-Year Review: Best Album of 2014 Written by Camiele On January 6, 2015 2014 can best be defined as the year in which the K-pop industry all but imploded. There didnt seem to be a whole lot of positives to take away. From domestic abuse to adultery and blackmail; idols leaving their companies to idols passing away, it was a tough year to get through, quite honestly. However, amid all the madness that seemed to cloud K-pop in 2014, the one bright light was the one thing were all truly here for: the music. There was some truly incredible work coming from South Korea. It was nigh on impossible for our panel to narrow down the options to just three full-length and three mini-albums. However, theres one thing we were pretty much unanimous about: the veterans killed the music scene this year, and theyve got the sales and chart presence to prove it.

Best Album Camiele Sidrah Andy 1 Epik HighShoebox Epik HighShoebox Epik HighShoebox 2 4Men1998 Akdong MusicianPlay NellNewtons Apple 3 JYJJust Us CrushCrush On You JYJJust Us and Fly to the SkyContinuum Best Mini-Album Camiele Sidrah Andy 1 Eddy KimThe Manual WINNER2014 S/S Eddy KimThe Manual 2 Space CowboyExtremely Mad ClownFierce Royal PiratesDrawing the Line and Love Toxic 3 MBLAQBroken AileeMagazine Boys RepublicReal Talk

Camiele: First topic for discussion: Epik High wrecked every bias list! What do you guys think it was about Shoebox that pretty much shut everybody else down this year?

Andy: Im not sure if it was due to withdrawal or what, but Shoebox seemed to just speak to people. There were many different sounds, tackling various topics, and the featurings were chosen well. Even from the title tracks, you saw that Epik High wasnt just going to stick to one concept, which I liked. Variety is the spice of life. From the beginning, something about the album hits you, and every song is so solid and unique that its impossible to pick a favorite one. Epik Highs ability to write poetic lyrics definitely helps—they are lyrical geniuses, if you ask me. Combine that with kickass music skills, and its a win all around.

I think, from some comments I saw, that people saw the album as Epik High returning to their roots. I dont necessarily buy that, since Epik High has done many different styles throughout their 11 years in Korea. How can people celebrate depressing lyrics but dismiss the happier tracks of 99? People go through different phases of life, good and bad.

Camiele: I think its equal parts missing Epik High in general and just wanting something new, exciting, original. Theres been just a bunch of generic music coming out of Korea for the last few years. A veteran group like Epik High, one respected especially in the hip hop community worldwide, coming back and creating music thats both lyrically powerful and musically complex, and having that album actually recognized during both weekly and year-end awards shows is a testament to that.

Sidrah: Epik High is just the bomb. Shoebox has indeed been a welcomed change to the scene this year, and I agree that its popularity proves that music fans were just waiting for something that shows creativity and individuality, rather than just the same old generics of K-pop.

Andy: We only picked four K-pop groups combined. We mostly picked soloists or others. Why is that? Did K-pop groups let us down this year, or is just everyone else releasing more impactful music?

Camiele: You could very easily make the argument that a vast majority of the groups have hit a plateau or just havent been all that interesting. I mean, its all the same shade of candy pop or dubstep or faux-gangsta. Now, Im personally not a fan of Super Junior, Girls Generation, or 2NE1, so their albums werent on my radar. But I heard mixed reviews (erring more on the side of good) for these groups. They have one thing in common: theyre all veterans. Newer groups have become more miss than hit lately. Considering how many crop up, thats not surprising. But solo artists tend to dig a bit deeper. Its just them. They cant depend on other members. It also helps to have creative support from your label, hence why my choices for best mini arent from the Big Three.

Andy: I do agree that the groups have been more of a miss. Many are just younger versions of other groups, who arent that great to begin with. K-pop needs a bit of a shake-up, which the veterans provided.

Sidrah: From the younger groups, I think only a select few have really stood out this year. Personally, Ive been feeling very inclined towards the YG rookies, hence why I put WINNER on my list. Normally I wouldnt pay much attention to the new kids; however, Im quite partial to artists who are readily involved in the composition and production of their music. Therefore, Ive been relatively impressed by them in the sense that the music they make is actually made by them, unlike the majority of other groups. I think that self-composition factor just hits you on more of a personal level and is probably why Im beginning to find other rookie groups to be a bit lackluster.

Camiele: I, too, appreciate that theyre encouraged to write their own music. However, because theyre more or less a rookie group (been around for a year), I think theyve still got a little ways to go before their music really impresses me. A couple songs on their mini were impressive, but then the rest all sounded pretty much the same. Thats why I couldnt really put them on the list.

MBLAQ released two minis this year: Broken and Winter. I favored Broken more because, as would seem to be the theme for Winter, the latter was just way too ballad heavy for me. Though the piano accompaniment of each track was beautiful, I loved the depth of Broken. Nevertheless, Broken was a beautiful mini-album, and since it was the last before Lee Joon declared he was going to concentrate more on his acting and Thunder decided to try his hand as a full-time producer, I think it holds some significance as far as fans of the group are concerned.

Andy: Broken was definitely more my speed than Winter—though it was beautiful. I only hope that MBLAQ is still releasing music, because my poor fangirl heart couldnt take them splitting.

Clearly, we havent been entirely impressed with K-pop groups this year, but have loved the veterans and a few rookies. The mini category also seemed to give us issues, which I think speaks to the fact that there were some good ones out there that may not have necessarily been marketed as noisily as others. This is probably emphasized by the lack of Taeyang on the list. He had one of the biggest releases this year and is absent. Are we making a mistake leaving him off?

Camiele: I dont think were making a mistake, as such. After all, its what albums impressed us personally. Its not based on how big the release was or not. And while I did love Rise overall, I felt there were only a few songs on that album that left a deep impression on me, while more of the tracks than I wouldve expected sounded alike. When I choose an album I count as Top 3, its got to be an album that in its entirety captures me and keeps me that way every time I listen to it. As you said, big release mostly has to do with how well an album is marketed. Big doesnt mean good, and good certainly doesnt mean best.

Andy: Agreed. I still dont like Ringa Linga and think its just Taeyang singing GD.

Sidrah: I wasnt a fan of Ringa Linga. I prefer Taeyangs more Soul/RB stuff; I just find they suit his voice much better. Though Rise is a solid album and definitely one of the better releases of the year, I didnt find it to be all that memorable. I think maybe its because I absolutely adore both his Solar and Hot albums, so I cant help but compare a lot of his new stuff with the old. Plus, when it comes to marketing, you hit the nail on the head there, Camiele. SNSD had a pretty big release with Mr. Mr., and I dont know many people who would consider it as one of their better releases. It all just comes down to a matter of preference really.

This year the non-K-pop groups and the soloists seem to be doing amazingly well. Its nice to see that our top choices are pretty diverse when it comes to musical genres and also arent so dominated by the big idol groups such as Super Junior, etc. It just illustrates how the others have really managed to shine this year.

Im interested to know, what motivated you both to pick Eddy Kims mini-album? Ill be honest, I have never really paid much attention to him.

Camiele: The Manual was just a simple, beautiful album. The lead single struck a heavy chord with me when I first heard it, and the album overall was just an honest-to-goodness clean album. Especially for a debut, theres so much depth and power, but without all the fuss of overproduction. It reminded me a lot of Javier Colons debut album: a voice and simple music. Just truly lovely.

Andy: Eddy Kim has this soothing, raw vocal, and his debut mini seemed to be just him, his thoughts, and his guitar. Im a bit of a sucker for that type of music—which is why I also considered Roy Kim. Its simple and beautiful. It stood out for me, and it has this charming quality that makes it seem more like an intimate conversation about life and love and less like an album.

That wraps up our discussion of our favorite albums. What are some of your favorite albums from 2014? Which albums do you think we shouldve considered, or given another listen to?

(Images via C-JES Entertainment, Mystic89, YG Entertainment)


Year in Review: allkpop

Year in Review: allkpop"s top 10 stories of 2014

Happy 2015 allkpop readers! The year of 2014 has finally come to an end and many K-Pop fans around the world are letting out a huge sigh of relief! 2014 was not a good year for K-Pop. From scandals to tragedies, 2014 came like a slap in the face for fans as idols broke off from their groups, were involved in grave scandals, and even experienced horrifying accidents.

But before we put 2014 entirely behind us, let"s take a final moment to reflect on the past year. Let"s see which issues were the most concerning among our allkpop community, and from there, see where 2015 takes us.

Here are allkpop"s top ten stories of 2014, ranked according to view counts!

10.Girls" Generation"s Tiffany and 2PM"s Nichkhun go public with their relationship of four months

1 million views 4,000 comments 54,000 shares First up, we have the news of Girls" Generation Tiffany and 2PM Nichkhun going public with their relationship! 2014 was a year of dating scandals and fangirl/boy heartbreak, yet the "Khunfany"couple was one of the few that was actually received by pretty well by their fandoms.

Maybe it"s the"2PM Generation"bond, or maybe it"s just that the princess of eye smiles and the baby-faced "Thai prince" seem to be perfect for each other--either way, "Khunfany" earned the fan stamp of approval, possibly making them the envy of other celebrity couples who don"t have it as easy.

9.Ladies" Code"s RiSe passes away

1.01 million views 2,100 comments 75,000 shares When Ladies" Code"s EunB passed away during the girl group"s horrific car accident, there were some who hoped that at least RiSe, who was in critical condition at the hospital for a time, would survive. Many were deeply saddened to hear the news that after her struggle, RiSe unfortunately passed away.

8.EXO"s Kris seeking to nullify contract with SM Entertainment

1.09 million views 5,700 comments 59,000 shares While some EXO-Ls were utterly shocked by Kris"s decision to leave SM Entertainment and EXO, others stated that they saw it coming. Whether you"re on Kris"s side or not, his departure was still an event that shook the EXO-L fandom, leaving many to wonder if either Kris or the rest of the EXO boys could endure the blow.

7.Ladies" Code member EunB revealed to have passed away in a car accident

1.1 million views 2,300 comments 28,000 shares Ladies" Code"s tragic car accident and EunB"s death had the community at a standstill as idols, fans, and even spectators outside the K-Pop sphere read in horror about the event. EunB"s death still lingers in our minds and the accident continues to affect the girl group itself.

The accident has also opened the industry"s eyes to the dangers of prioritizing idols" schedules over their safety and has led to some changes, such as police investigating companies who use siren lights to speed through traffic.

6.Which EXO member is your soulmate?

1.24 million views 1,700 comments 60,000 shares Pop Quizzes have always been one of our most popular features. As our "Which EXO member is your soulmate?" has been our most successful Pop Quiz yet, it looks like EXO once again has proven that they are one of the most popular boy groups on allkpop, if not in the K-Pop community in general.

5.SM Entertainment releases official statement regarding Jessica and Girls" Generation

1.26 million views 4,400 comments 60,000 shares When Jessica first updated her Weibo saying that she was being kicked out of Girls" Generation, everyone couldn"t believe it. She was either hacked or pulling some kind of joke, right?

Once SM Entertainment confirmed that Jessica would be leaving, it was game over for many SONEs--some chose to side with Jessica, others sided with Girls" Generation, and the rest simply felt torn between the two.

4.[Tournament] Battle of the Best Actor and Actress!

1.52 million views 4,300 comments 67,000 shares Another popular feature during the year of 2014 was our Tournaments. Coming in as fourth most viewed article of 2014 is our "Battle of the Best Actor and Actress"! The allkpop community voted and ultimately declared everyone"s favorite chaebol Lee Min Ho as the winner.

3.EXO"s Baekhyun and Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon reported to be dating + SM confirms it"s true

1.75 million views 5,200 comments 139,000 shares Amidst all the dating scandals of 2014, the one that caught the most attention was the relationship between EXO"s Baekhyun and Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon. Two members from two highly popular groups turned out to be a mind-blowing combination.

However, unlike the "Khunfany" couple previously mentioned, this particularly couple, which came to be known as "Baekyeon," was heavily criticized by fans and non-fans alike for the way they handled their relationship. Their allegedly cryptic Instagram activities were especially scrutinized.

2.[Tournament] Best Idol Rapper in K-Pop

1.78 million views 13,000 comments 130,000 shares Coming in second place as most viewed article of 2014 is another Tournament feature--"Best Idol Rapper in K-Pop"! Although there were many talented rappers to choose from, in the end there could only be one winner. Thanks to the efforts of QUEEN"S and Hyomin fans everywhere, Hyomin was crowned queen of idol rappers.

1.[Tournament] Battle of the Best Boy and Girl Groups! (Battle of the sexes)

2.42 million views 18,000 comments 125,000 shares Finally, the article that was the most viewed in 2014 is yet another Tournament feature--"Battle of the Best Boy and Girl Groups!" The winners were none other than Super Junior, proving their consistent power and popularity in the K-Pop community even after all these years. Congratulations to the boy group for all their accomplishments and for many more to come!

These were the top ten allkpop stories of 2014! Let us know in the comments below what you thought of 2014 and what you wish for 2015!


"2014 KBS Drama Awards" Lee Joon-ki feeling responsibility as an actor to promote Korean dramas

Lee Joon-ki won the Excellence Award for Actor in mid-length dramas.

2014 KBS Drama Awards took place in KBS Hall at 8:30 PM on December 31st , hosted by Kim Sang-kyeong, Park Min-yeong and Seo In-guk.

Lee Joon-ki received the Excellence Award for Actor for his role in KBS2 "The Joseon Shooter" in mid-length dramas.

He said "Since Korean dramas are getting more popular worldwide, I as an actor feel the responsibility to make a dedication. I will work hard and play a role model to promote Korean dramas. I"ll show you better performance".

KBS has been strong with "Jeong Do-jeon", "Inspiring Generation", "Golden Cross", "The Joseon Shooter", "Very Good Times" and "This Is Family" in mid-length and full length dramas and with "Women By Nature" and "Cuckoo Nest" in daily dramas in 2014.


Jun Ji Hyun takes Daesang and more at

Jun Ji Hyun takes Daesang and more at "2014 SBS Drama Awards"

Jun Ji Hyun takes Daesang and more at

Broadcast networkSBShas aired its year-end award ceremony, the "2014 SBS Drama Awards"! The "SBS Drama Awards" honors the best performances by actors on its network.

This year, Jun Ji Hyun was given the top honor of the Daesang. Check out the list of winners below!

Excellence Actor in a daily/weekend drama: Song Chang Yi (Woman Who Married Three Times)

Excellence Actress in a daily/weekend drama: Choi Jung Yoon (Cheongdamdong Scandal)

Excellence Actor in a mini-series: Sung Dong Il (It"s Okay, That"s Love)

Excellence Actress in a mini-series: So Yi Hyun (Three Days)

Excellence Actor in a drama special: Shin Sung Rok (You Who Came From the Stars)

Excellence Actress in a drama special: Han Ye Seul (Birth of a Beauty)

Top Excellence Actor in a drama special: Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came from the Stars)

Top Excellence Actress in a drama special: Park Shin Hye (Pinocchio)

Top Excellence Actor in a daily/weekend drama: Lee Jae Hoon (Secret Door)

Top Excellence Actress in a daily/weekend drama:Hwang Jung Eum (Endless Love)

Top Excellence Actor in a mini-series: Yoochun (Three Days)

Top Excellence Actress in a mini-series: Gong Hyo Jin (It"s Okay, That"s Love)

Special Actor in a mini-series: Lee Kwang Soo (It"s Okay, That"s Love)

Special Actress in a mini-series: Jin Kyung (It"s Okay, That"s Love)

Special Actor in a drama special: Kim Chang Wan (You Who Came From the Stars)

Special Actress in a drama special: Go Doo Shim (One Warm Word)

Special Actor in a daily/weekend drama:Jung Woong In (Endless Love)

Special Actress in a daily/weekend drama: Kim Hye Sun (Chungdamdong Scandal)

Special Actor on TV:Lee Duk Hwa (Wonderful Day in October)

Special Actress on TV:Oh Hyun Kyung (Mother"s Choice)

Daesang: Jun Ji Hyun (You Who Came From the Stars)

Ten Star Award:

Park Shin Hye (Pinocchio)

Lee Jong Suk (Pinocchio / Doctor Stranger)

Yoochun (Three Days)

Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came From the Stars)

Jun Ji Hyun (You Who Came From the Stars)

Lee Jae Hoon (Secret Door)

Joo Sang Wook (Birth of a Beauty)

Han Ye Seul (Birth of a Beauty)

Jo In Sung (It"s Okay, That"s Love)

Hwang Jung Eum (Endless Love)

New Star Award: Ahn Jae Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Yoo Bi, Park Seo Joon, Seo Ha Jun, Han Groo, Sunhwa, Kim Young Kwang, Kang Ha Neul, Nam Bo Ra

Netizen Award: Kim Soo Hyun

Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Ja Ok

PD Award: Jun Ji Hyun

SBS Special Award: Lee Jong Suk


Yoo Dong Geun takes Daesang and more from the

Yoo Dong Geun takes Daesang and more from the "2014 KBS Drama Awards"!

Yoo Dong Geun takes Daesang and more from the

Broadcast networkKBS has aired its year-end award ceremony, the "2014 KBS Drama Awards"! The "KBS Drama Awards" honors the best performances by actors on its network.

This year, Yoo Dong Geun was given the top honor of the Daesang. Check out the list of winners below!

Best Child Actor: Kwak Dong Yeon (Inspiring Generation)

Best Child Actress: Ahn Seo Hyun (Abiding Love Dandelion), Hong Hwa Ri (Wonderful Days)

Special Short Drama Award: Kim So Hyun (Different Cries), Jo Dal Hwan (Repulsive Love)

Best Supporting Actress: Lee Chae Yeong (Two Mothers), Han Eun Jung (Golden Cross)

Best Supporting Actor: Shin Sung Rok (The King"s Face)

Netizen Award: Jung Yoo Mi (Discovery of Love), Shinhwa"s Eric (Discovery of Love)

Popular Actor: Joo Won (Cantabile Tomorrow), Ji Chang Wook (Healer)

Popular Actress: Lee Da Hee (Big Man), A Pink"s Eunji (Trot Lovers)

Best New Actor: ZE:A"s Hyungsik (What"s Up With My Family?), Seo In Guk (The King"s Face)

Best New Actress: Kim Seul Gi, Nam Ji Hyun

Best Couples:

Kim Sang KyungKim Hyun Joo (What"s Up With My Family?)

Lee Jun KiNam Sang Mi (Joseon Gunman)

EricJung Yoo Mi (Discovery of Love)

HyungsikNam Ji Hyun (What"s Up With My Family?)

Ji Chang WookPark Min Young (Healer)

Excellence Actor in a daily drama: Choi Jae Sung (Abiding Love Dandelion)

Excellence Actress in a daily drama: Choi Yoon Young (My Dear Cat), Shin So Yul (Love and Secret)

Excellence Actor in a mini-series: Eric (Discovery of Love)

Excellence Actress in a mini-series: Jung Yoo Mi (Discovery of Love)

Excellence Actor in a medium-length drama: Lee Jun Ki (Joseon Gunman)

Excellence Actress in a medium-length drama: Nam Sang Mi (Joseon Gunman), Park Min Young (Healer)

Excellence Actor in a full-length drama: Park Yeong Gyu (Jeong Do Jeon), Kim Sang Kyung (What"s Up With My Family?)

Excellence Actress in a full-length drama:Kim Ji Ho (Wonderful Days)

Top Excellence Actor: Cho Jae Hyun

Top Excellence Actress: Kim Hyun Joo

Daesang: Yoo Dong Geun

Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Ja Ok

PD Award: Cho Jae Hyun

Best Screenwriter: Kang Eun Kyung (What"s Up With This Family?), Jung Hyun Min (Jeong Do Jeon)