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Lee Min Ho Global Tour In Seoul2014

Recap of Lee Min Ho’s Global Tour in Tokyo, Japan
Recap Of Lee Min Ho’S Global Tour In Tokyo, Japan

Recap of Lee Min Ho’s Global Tour in Tokyo, Japan

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Actor Lee Min Ho started his global tour "RE:MINHO" in Beijing, China, and finished it off for two days of performances in Tokyo, Japan, titled "RE:MINHO in JAPAN." On October 12 through 13, 2014, actor Lee Min Ho performed with a live band sang all songs from his new second album "Song for you." He sang the soundtrack of the drama "The Heirs," called "Painful Love," and sang "My Everything," a song from the first of his music album. Later on, he sang with a live band sang all songs from his new second album "Song for you." In addition, he shared pictures from his soon to be released movie, "Kang Nam 1970."

After touring Beijing, China, and Tokyo, Japan, as part of his global tour "RE:MINHO," actor Lee Min Ho is going to also visit cities in Korea, and Guangzhou and Shanghai, China. In related news, actor Lee Min Ho and his fans from his charity platform website "Promiz Knock" delivered clean water to people in Africa on September 29, 2014. Actor Lee Min Ho is finishing up his filming of his debut film, "Kang Nam 1970," an action noir movie based in the Kang Nam city in the 1970s. Lee Min Ho plays the main protagonist with a tragic life story, and plans to show off his action skills. The movie "Kang Nam 1970" will premiere in November.

[Video] Lee Min Ho to hold Global Tour 2014 in Beijing

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“K- Drama Prince” Lee Min Ho’s 2014 tour began on the 4th October in Beijing. It was no surprise that there was a ton of fans showing up at the International Airport on October to welcome the famous actor. Here is the latest video from his press conference on October 3. In the video, Lee Min Ho revealed his tour future plans, as well as shared some thoughts at the start of his tour.

Lee Min Ho says he will be singing 5 new songs in Beijing but also apologizes that he will not be singing any songs in Chinese. Due to time constraints, he has not been able to prepare for singing Chinese songs. He promises he will sing Chinese songs next year.

He adds that when he was preparing for the tour, he thought about whether it would be better to include "Can't Help But Fall For You," the song he sang with Harlem Yu at the Chinese Spring Festival Gala. (Watch him sing HERE.)

Lee Min Ho's global tour Releases First Teaser Video and Posters

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Lee Min Ho's upcoming global tour has launched the first move by releasing his official teaser video and posters . In the poster, we  no longer see the lovely and playful expression, now with new image, Lee Min Ho expresses a pensive mood and  carefree soul. The poster helps viewers feel the joyful and harmonious relationship between human and nature. Let's watch the first official teaser video from the RE: MINHO 2014 Global Tour

2NE1 Releases Official Trailer for Global Tour 2012!

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In the video, short clips of 2NE1 at concerts is shown, along with the fans that filled up the stadium cheering for their star 2NE1. Though the video is short, it seemed to include all the excitement that the fans must have as the days of the tour is drawing nearer. The trailer starts off by showing just the bodies of 2NE1 members in a black tight outfit, and the letters '2NE1' are shown one by one. As it is 2NE1's very first global tour, the fans seem to be more excited than ever.

2NE1 will be going to 7 different countries and 10 different cities, including Asia, the Americas, and Europe. The tour will continue throughout August until end of September.

2NE1 releases official trailer for 2012 global tour, "New Evolution"

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On August 6th, 2NE1 released the official trailer to their first ever global tour, "New Evolution."

The short 38-second trailer reveals hints of the stages Blackjacks worldwide will experience in the upcoming concerts, as they were recorded from their opening concerts in Seoul nearly two weeks ago.

Blackjacks will be able to experience one of the most exciting and raw energy-filling K-Pop concerts yet, which will visit 10 cities in 7 different countries throughout Asia, Europe, and America.

SISTAR and Hyuna pass global with newest “Family Guy” episode

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Using K-Pop to get by way of Quagmire, Peter, Joe, and Cleveland covers Hyunas hit track Bubble Pop with their own lyrics as to why he mustgo back to the U.S. To the skilled eyes of K-Pop fans, dances and ideas from several hit K-Pop songs equivalent to Crayon Pops Bar Bar Bar, PSYs Gangnam Style, and more! Are you ready to spot the references?

The episode captures the real moments any K-drama and/or K-pop loversgo through amongstthe seriouswant to lookout manthe following drama episode or even commenting on how beautiful Korean male celebrities can be.

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'Doligo Doligo' with GI (Global Icon) in their dance prepare video!

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The ladies are perfectly in sync yet what"s even more impressive is that they"re highest in their choreography in spite of dressed in platform heels. Some women may understand how much tougher it's far to walk, less dance, in platform heels! But the participants don"t even appear to be they"re wearing any form of heels because they glance so comfy and natural.

POLL Yay or Nay: Lee Sung Kyung's get dressed at the 10th Seoul global Drama Awards

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On September 10, YG Entertainment actress Lee Sung Kyung was once spotted at the 10th Seoul International Drama Awards with a very... original dress.  Here, she showed off a fascinating type style.  She wore a two phase outfit with a long red skirt tied to the head with an easy thick Gucci belt. The pinnacle is a see-through, long-sleeved blouse that unearths a nude-toned bustier underneath

The dress changed into moderately bawdy and had many netizens speaking and... gawking. One netizen pointed out that her breasts are in fact above the pads.

[Exclusive] BTS Concert in Hong Kong: global excursion “Episode II The Red Bullet”

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With thousands of seats full of “Armies”, their fans, participants ofBTS (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) presented their muchanticipated performances, exhibiting great showmanship all over theentire show, and also showering lovers with fan-service. All of BTS participants spokein English all over the concert, permitting a right away communique between thestars and their fans. They also attempted to attract with reference to their lovers by way of attemptingto discuss in few Cantonese phrases, which did pump the crowd up. 

The arena used to be full of excitement as BTS split into two teams toperform ballad and hiphop, in which they showcased very other charms totheir audience. BTS also played “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, where the loser (Suga)was asked to demonstrate aegyo (cuteness). The participants played and teasedeach other on stage, which used to be a scene that could bring smiles on any individual whowould be watching, appearing how heavily bonded they are as a group.

This finale marks the 25th concert BTS has everperformed, and against the finish they stated that they look ahead to writing morehistories with their lovers in Hong Kong.

2NE1"s impact is global as "i am the best" is used in dope viral dance video

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The costumes the women are dressed in all over the a phase of 2NE1"s song ( beginning at 1:30 in video above) turns out to be distinctly "Asian" yet now no longer "Korean" adding buns decorated with chopsticks, a Hanfu- encouraged crop height, and easy black skirt and sandals. The makeup also derives some inspiration from the conventional japanese taste of cosmetics.

using the song obviously de now no longeres 2NE1"s world fame; if one recalls, the song used to be extensively utilized ago year for Microsoft"s Surface Pro 3 advertisement.