Minah And Namgoong Min Are A just right looking Couple In New Posters For Upcoming Drama

Minah And Namgoong Min Are A just right looking Couple In New Posters For Upcoming Drama

Minah And Namgoong Min Are A gorgeous Couple In New Posters For Upcoming Dramaehk38 Would possibly 9, 2016 0 Minah And Namgoong Min Are A Stunning Couple In New Posters For Upcoming Drama SBS weekend drama Pretty Gong Shim (previously referred to as Beasts Beauty) has released two reliable posters forward of the drama premiere on May just 14.

In the primary poster, Minah and Namgoong Min are a lovable couple in matching crimson and white outfits. The poster reads, Regardless of what any person says, lovely and lovely Gong Shim. The remainder of the major cast, Search engine optimization Hyo Rim and On Joo Wan, sign up for Minah and Namgoong Min in the 2d one poster.

Both posters put across the romantic comedys light-hearted and cheery mood, which is a bigexchange from the villain/psychopath roles Namgoong Min has played in old dramas Take into accout and The lady Who Sees Smells. Attractive Gong Shim marks Namgoong Min’s first time since his debut gambling a lead role in a drama airing on a first-rate broadcasting station.

Beautiful Gong Shim will air its first episode on Can also 14 at 10 p.m., KST.

Are you having a lookahead to this drama?

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'My Sassy Lady - Drama' audition to solid Joo Won's 'girl' has begun

'My Sassy Lady - Drama' audition to solid Joo Won's 'girl' has begun

At midday on Would possibly 9th, the audition to discover Joo Won's 'girl' has begun.

'My Sassy Girl - Drama' is being highly expected since Joo Won was onceshowed to headline the drama, since he proved his marketability thank you to his solid acting functionality and his unique characteristics each and every time he seemed in dramas.

'My Sassy Girl - Drama' is keeping an audition in finding a leading actress for the primary time in Korea. 'My Sassy Girl - Drama' is a formative yearslength drama and might be produced on 100% pre-filming system. Here is a era drama edition of the hit common movie, "My Sassy Girl".

The variety criteria come with 45% by way of judges, 10% by cast, 45% by netizens. The vote from netizens will be accumulated from Naver by 30%, from V Are living from 10% and from the Chinese Le.com by 5%.

Any lady between 20 to 30 years is qualified to apply. There's noprohibit to the process of the applicants. The programscan also be registered at the reputablewebsite of the audition from Couldnine to Can also 20th. Additional info besideswill most probably bediscoveredat the official Instagra, @mysassygirl_drama.


Park Shin Hye Delights Enthusiasts With An Update On Her Drama “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Delights Enthusiasts With An Update On Her Drama “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Delights Enthusiasts amongst An Update On Her Drama DoctorsJiwonYu Might 9, 2016 0 Park Shin Hye Delights Fans With An Update On Her Drama Doctors On Could 9, actress Park Shin Hye posted footage of herself on Instagram, telling fans that the filming of the drama Doctors has begun!

In one of the crucial photos, she is protecting the script for Doctors and dressed ina faculty uniform with a other hairstyle. In the captions, she wrote with hashtags, #Yesterday #FirstDayOfFilming #IAmYooHyeJung #DoneWithIntroductions

In the alternative photo, she is observedtaking a look at her phone. In the captions, she wrote #WhatDoYouThink #IAmFilmingToday?

This has made numerous her fans and fans watch for Doctors even more, which can be airing its first episode in June. It deals with the realistic courting between doctors and patients.

Are you looking forward to this drama as well?

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Joo Won’s Feminine Lead For “My Sassy Girl” Drama To Be Made up our minds  Thru Open Auditions And Netizen Votes

Joo Won’s Feminine Lead For “My Sassy Girl” Drama To Be Made up our minds Thru Open Auditions And Netizen Votes

Joo Wons Feminine Lead For My Sassy Woman Drama To Be Made up our mindsVia Open Auditions And Netizen Voteshajima Might 9, 2016 0 Joo Wons Female Lead For My Sassy Girl Drama To Be Determined Through Open Auditions And Netizen Votes The search for the female lead of the drama edition of My Sassy Girl could be a large-scale casting project.

The My Sassy Girl drama, is garnering passionthroughout the casting of Joo Won, who boasts a differenttaste and strong acting skills in each and every one of his projects. The drama is goingadditional and will begin the primary large-scale national audition to discover the actress to play the feminine protagonist.

The drama is one primarily based off of the early life romance movie of the similar name which receivedrepute across Asia, adding China, Korea, and Taiwan, for the hilarious relationship between the fussy male protagonist Kyun Woo and the sassy female protagonist.

The auditions for the drama version of My Sassy Girl is notable for its fresh attempt at selecting the female lead through open auditions and it is going to deviate from the existing casting systems so asin finding talented folks with acting ability, potential, and talent. The assessment criteria will be foundedforty five%at theissues given by the assessment committee, 10 percent on aspects from actors, and 45% on points from netizens. The percentage of netizen votes will be accumulated as 30 percent from Naver for Korea, 10 percent from V Are living for the global votes, and five percentage from Le.com for China.

The key point of the audition is that the public can take part in the casting procedure for the female lead as neatly as vote for the candidates.

Any female applicant between ages 20-30 can follow for the My Sassy Girl drama auditions and americans of all occupations, from an ordinary student to aspirant actress to boot as new or experienced actresses, can join in in the auditions. Packages volition be taken from Might alsonine to Can even xx on the All Forged My Sassy Girl homepage and the a success applicants for the file screening are expected to be announced on Would possibly 24.

Those who pass the document screening will have the danger to take the 2nd one audition screening, that mayclosingfor 2 days. Large-scale, national balloting will take position through Naver for the 10 who pass the moment screening.

An associate of the My Sassy Girl drama commented, The female protagonist for My Sassy Girl is a very powerfulparticular person who will have tospecific the strong point and personality explicit to the drama. Thats why we predict making the drama and the look for the girl, with participation from individuals in Korea, China, and Japan, to be an excessivelya laughand engaging event. The affiliate added, Joo Won is expected to actively support the auditions so we ask for your interest and participation.

Meanwhile, My Sassy Girl is an absolutely pre-produced drama which is expected to air simultaneously in Korea, Japan, and China in early 2017.

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tvN Denies Present Production Of Next Reply Drama Series

tvN Denies Present Production Of Next Reply Drama Series

tvN Denies Present Production Of Next “Reply” Drama Seriessoojji Might 8, 2016 0 tvN Denies Latest Production Of Next “Reply” Drama Series On Could 9, tvN representatives denied claims that the following “Reply” series is latelyat the beginning stages of production. “Talks of a new series production is untrue. We aren't at the level of discussions.”

It was onceup to now reported by way of a news media outlet that director Shin Won Ho of “Reply 1988” told workforce about a plan to create a new series by 2017. However, tvN has pop outto disclaimthose claims and mentioned that the chance of a better series is up in the air.

The 3rd season of the “Reply” drama series, “Reply 1988,” turned into widely enjoyed by audience and gainedchecklist viewership ratings of over 20%. Every episode told reports about family, pulling the nostalgic middle strings of viewers. Because of the luck and approval for the series, the choice of a new season is a hot topic, raising interest for when the series will come out and what year the hot series will focal point on.

What year do you wantto peer represented for the next series of “Reply”?

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Yoo In Na Gifts IU With A Food Truck At the Set Of Her New Drama

Yoo In Na Gifts IU With A Food Truck At the Set Of Her New Drama

Yoo In Na Gifts IU With A Food Truck At the set up Of Her New Dramaboxclub Might 8, 2016 0 Yoo In Na Gifts IU With A Food Truck On The Set Of Her New Drama Not anything says friendship like a food truck sent on your drama set!

On Could 8, singer IU up to date her Instagram with a photo captioned, “A food truck sent by ability of In Na. Mother In Na. Mom, I’ll be a excellent daughter. Beneficiant In Na.”

In the photo, IU smiles widely as she makes a center with her palms in front of the food truck sent by Yoo In Na. The banner on best of the food truck says, “Eat this and paintingsdifficult and be certain to succeed!!!”

IU is recently filming for a new SBS drama called “Scarlet Heart” (formerly called “Moon Lovers”) which is determined to premiere in October of this year.  The drama is an adaption of the titular Chinese internet novel and can be broadcast in either China and Korea simultaneously.

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9 Drama Mothers That Shall we  No longer Love More

9 Drama Mothers That Shall we No longer Love More

9 Drama Mothers That Shall weNow not honey Moreamycwang93 Might 7, 2016 0 9 Drama Moms That We Couldn't Love More They say it takes any individualrobust to carry someone strong. On Moms Day, we especially are reminded of the willpowerand toughpaintings information technology takes to elevate children. This isan inventory of moms that we appreciate in the drama world! This list will without a doubt brandyou needto move give your mother a hug or 10 afterwards.

1. Lee Il Hwa from the answer seriesreplyseriesmom

Whether she is the mom of 3children who powereach and every other nuts, the boarding space mom, or the unreal mom for her long run son-in-law and gangster of a daughter, Lee Il Hwa is in point of factan incredible mom who puts her middle and soul into raising her kids (Reply 1994, Reply 1997, Reply 1988). She can go from worried in deficient health to seething rage in a question of minutes, yet nosotroscomprehend itis solelythe enthusiasm and love for her family. She is spunky and an excellent pair with dad Sung Dong Il.

2. Jan Dis mom from Boys Over Flora

Although her smart intentions don'tat all times line up with Jan Dis, she is head solid and decided to do what is absolute best for her children. She is even willing to position herself down to make her own kid happy. She is radical and excessive but thats precisely what you want to existwhile you arecombating Goo Jun Pyos mom.

3. Jo Kang Ja from Angry Mom

The maternal devotion is powerful alongside this one. Given her already fiery nature and personality, when she sees that her daughter is struggling, this mom is fierce and able to kick anyones butt. How many moms did you know would go back to highschool but to assist their daughter?

4. Han Kyuls grandmother from Coffee Prince

Han Kyuls grandmother is the manifestation of just the proper push. Whether its atmosphere Han Kyul up on blind dates or running her own food corporation or being one of Eun Chans largest supporters and giving her approval, she is certain to be high-quality and action-oriented. All the style throughthe whole drama, she is very important to making things happen.

5. Ra Mi Ran from Reply 1988

The Making a song Cheetah of Ssangmundong, mom of the hilarious and candy Jungbong and the shy and thoughtful Junghwan, embodies strength, beauty, kindness, and love. She is strong when she must be but also displays that weaknesses arent continually bad, theyre just a a phase oflifestyles and will also be used to allow you togo forward. She may glance polished and neat, but we know that her beyond struggles and how she has faced these trials is what makes her how wonderful she actually is.

6. Yang Chun Hee from East of Eden

For the ones of you who do not know, Yang Chun Hee, mother of brothers Dong Chul and Dong Wook and whose husband used to be murdered by way of the evil and ruthless Taehwan, is one epic and righteous woman. She is diligent and puts her top effort ahead to raise two upright men to honor her past due husband and seek justice in a merciless world.

7. You Qings mom from In Time With You

When they say Mom knows best, you will have toactually never query this. From the start of the drama, You Qings mom is Li Da Rens number 1 fan and tries to plant the seeds of them two getting in combination in You Qings head. If that isnt evidence that mom knows best, I dont know what is!

8. Ha Nora from Twenty Back

Ha Noras personality reminds us that our folks are other folks too! A glimpse into her life makes us think about all the sacrifices our parents have made and what kind of we do for individuals that we dangleclose toand expensive to our hearts. We also be informed from her that life is short and that we must alwaysclutchthe instantand each opportunity we are given!

9. Chae Kyungs mom from Goonggoong

Chae Kyungs mom isn't likethe opposite moms you most often see in dramas since she is the familys breadwinner. Shes a general boss whilst balancing being the maximum productive mom and wife she can be. She is strong and you'll be able to see how many of her characteristics were passed directly to the ambitious Shin Chae Kyung as she faces palace life.

What other drama moms are you a fan of? Let us know in the comments below!amycwang93 loves singing, dancing, and reading. When she isn't imagining actingalong BTS, she spends her time education for her first part marathon!

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Upcoming Korean drama

Upcoming Korean drama "Wanted"

Added the approaching Korean drama "Wanted"'s page to HanCinema database"Wanted" (2016)Directed through Park Yong-soon

Written by Han Ji-wan-I

Network : SBSWith Kim Hyeon-joo, Jin Goo, Eom Tae-woong,...Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisThe best possible actress in the rustic follows the missions her son's kidnapper is not easy her with, on a factTelevision show.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/06


Upcoming Korean drama

Upcoming Korean drama "Here Comes Love"

Added the impending Korean drama "Here Comes Love"'s page to HanCinema database"Here Comes Love" (2016)Network : SBSWith Lee Hoon,...SynopsisA circle of relatives drama about a lady who is harmby way of love, striving for small happiness and understanding the preciousness of family.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016


Upcoming Korean Web-drama

Upcoming Korean Web-drama "Immortal Goddess"

Added the impending Korean Web-drama "Immortal Goddess"'s page to HanCinema database"Immortal Goddess" (2016)Directed by way of Kim Hong-ik, Yoon Joo-hwanWith Wang Ji-won, Jae Hee, Park Hee-jin, Lee Joo-yeon-I,...SynopsisThe delusion romance comedy Web-drama depicts experiencestaking place among 4 characters: Yoo-ri, a vampire with antibody for Got Immune Deficit Disorder, her more youthful sister 'Jo-in', a famous person Soo-jeong, who may be a vampire and trying to find Yoo-ri, and a genius movie director.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/06