"AIA Real Life Now Festival 2014" reveals teaser video feat. Lady Gaga and YG Family

AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014 uploaded a video teaser.

AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014will be featuringLady Gaga,YG Family(BIGBANG, 2NE1, PSY, EPIK HIGH, LEE HI, WINNER, TEAM B, AKMU),Galaxy Express, Rock "N" Roll Radio, Crayon Pop, Cazzette, and Twenty One Pilots.

It will be held at Jamsil Sports Complex Main Stadium on August 15th and 16th.

Watch below:

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QUIZ: Those Real-Life Couples Discovered Love at the Set of Which Drama

QUIZ: Those Real-Life Couples Discovered Love at the Set of Which Drama

QUIZ: Those Real-Life Couples Discovered dearestat the fix of Which Drama?blacksesame88 March 11, 2016 0 LINE it!QUIZ: These Real-Life Couples Found Love on the Set of Which Drama? Ever wish the OTP of your favourite drama would date in real life as a result of their amazing onscreen chemistry? Every now and then that chemistry develops off-screen and thats when we see couples cross from reel to real! There are so much of couples who found love on the drama set and a few even in the endwere given married—one noted example is married couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young. Take this quiz to determine what dramas these real-life couples found love on set!

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Check out real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin in 'Giordano' bts video

Check out real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin in 'Giordano' bts video

Check out real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin in

Real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin continue to be below scrutiny from lovers who can"t have ample in their adorable chemistry!

"Giordano" unveiled a behind-the-scenes video for their newest shoot, appearing their herbal charms and giving a trace as to how they are going to have fallen for each and every other. They give off an excessively comfortable, laid-back vibe like pals in addition a warm feeling like a long-time couple - the usage of all of that to their benefit to sing their own praises the brand"s warm-for-autumn outfits.



Weekly Recap: Big Bang

Weekly Recap: Big Bang"s takeover and dilemmas, "call me the most watched video baby", and real-life "Pinocchio"

From sexual harassment reports to rumors of a possible real-life drama couple, there was just too much to keep track of in the past seven days. If you need to catch up on the news of the K-pop world, just keep reading!

The Wonder Girls are back!

We now know that the Wonder Girls will be coming back as an idol band, and we"ve managed to learn even more about their August comeback! J.Y. Park is said to be composing the title track himself, giving his most senior girl group even more support as they get ready for their first comeback in over two years. Are you excited to see what the girls have to show us?

Big Bang"s global takeover

Big Bang is dominating the charts in not only South Korea but also all over the world! If you want to know the countries who have the most love for Big Bang, their latest single reached #1 on iTunes in Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Congratulations to Big Bang for dominating global charts!

Plagiarism claims?

Despite their dominating success, not all was well for Big Bang. With the release of Big Bang"s "Sober," netizens pointed out that the song sounded similar to The Wanted"s "Glad You Came." While some thought that the songs were way too similar for it to be coincidental, others pointed out that it"s impossible to find songs that sound similar to each other in this day and age. What do you think?

The music video dilemma

While 2PM"s comeback was scheduled for June 1st, a cancellation in the filming of their music video may cause inevitable delays in their return. According to JYP Entertainment, director Han Sa Min of DEXTERLAB abruptly stopped filming, as he stated, "I cannot film the MV because of personal relationships to an artist that is releasing music near the same time."

Netizens soon began to speculate that this "artist" that director Han was talking about was Big Bang. Despite YG Entertainment"s statement that Big Bang"s MV was filmed by Digipedi, Han Sa Min"s online portfolio continues to list Big Bang"s "Loser" and "Sober." He has also listed "Crooked," "Blue," "Bad Boy," and "Eyes, Nose, Lips" among others.

Luhan wants you to come ski

It seems Luhan has been busy over in China! It was previously reported that Luhan would be working with Chinese artist David Tao for the theme song for the Winter 2022 Olympics in China. Now, the MV teaser is out, featuring the song "Please Come to the Great Wall to Ski." Although brief, the teaser shows Luhan singing along happily and getting chummy with top Chinese artist David Tao!

Tao"s in the studio

Tao also found himself getting attention as photos of him in a recording studio made their rounds on the Internet. He uploaded the photos onto his studio"s Weibo account with the caption, "A hard-working man is really attractive. I"m giving my greetings to everyone who I have missed for so long." Complete with headphones and recording equipment, Tao appears to be recording some new material in the released photos, giving his fans many reasons to get excited!

"Call Me "the most watched video" Baby"

EXO-Ls rejoice! EXO"s "Call Me Baby" is the most watched K-pop video of the first half of 2015! Despite the video"s release in March, the Korean and Chinese versions of the music video boast more than 52,485,000 views today. Congratulations to both EXO and EXO-Ls!

SM Entertainment under scrutiny

SM Entertainment seems to be finding itself in a few problems. While artists from big agencies like JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment will be attending MBC"s "Infinity Challenge Music Festival," no singers from SM Entertainment will be making an appearance. To address this absence, an SM rep stated that "the musicians under SM Entertainment have no plans to appear on "Infinity Challenge Music Festival" this time. There is no special reason for it." 

That wasn"t the end of the scrutiny of SM Entertainment for this week, however. Previously, actor and former member of TRAX, Noh Min Woo, had claimed that he had been a victim of one of SM Entertainment"s slave contracts, resulting in his being blacklisted from promotions after his departure from the agency. Now, the Fair Trade Commission has stepped in to investigate the validity of these claims.

Fake sex tapes prompt legal actions

As rumors of a sex tape featuring actress and boxer Lee Si Young started to spread on SNS, her agency quickly moved to counter these rumors. Stating, "We confirmed the contents of this rumor, and it is absolutely false. It"s such a shocking rumor that we will be taking aggressive action against it," her agency quickly moved towards legal actions. However, some individuals have apparently falsely labeled videos around the Internet as "Lee Si Young video" to entice viewers. Because such videos could tarnish Lee Si Young"s reputation, her agency is throwing all leniency aside and aggressively pursuing a lawsuit against such individuals.

Sexual harassment claims

The K-pop world was shaken by an actress"s claims of an instance of sexual harassment. The female actress of the case claimed that a male actor went overboard and undid the buttons on her top without her consent during filming of their movie. While the scene involved a scene of a husband drunkenly assaulting his wife, the act of unbuttoning her top was not in the script, nor was she consulted prior to filming. Due to the lack of consent regarding the unplanned act, she went on to file a police report. However, the male actor told the police, "If she thought it was problematic, she should have consulted me about this at the time of filming... I considered it a part of acting, and I had absolutely no intention of sexually harassing her."

As the news of the claim began to abound on the internet, fingers were pointed at actor Kim Bo Sung for being the accused assaulter. However, he denied the rumors were of him, stating, "The relevant misreport is not true. I"ve never been investigated by the police nor have I ever been accused." While he did work in the same movie as the two actors, he continued to clarify that he is not the actor in question.

Is "Pinocchio" real life?

When dating rumors of Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye spread throughout the Internet, the responses were overwhelmingly excited at the prospect of the two dating. Formerly appearing as the main couple lead on the drama "Pinocchio," the possibility of the two as an actual couple was proposed by media outlet Dispatch, which claimed that the two were a couple and had been dating for almost four months. To follow up on their claims, they released photos of their secret dates and nighttime car rides which strongly hinted that the two were more than friends.

While excitement grew, "Pinocchio" fans were left disappointed as their respective agencies released statements stating that the two were merely good friends. Sorry everyone, but looks like the "Darling Couple" is just a thing of dramas!

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INFINITE"s Sungjong has trouble adjusting to soldier life in upcoming episode on "Real Men"


In the released teasers for upcoming episode of "Real Men", new recruit INFINITE"s maknae Sungjong looks like he"ll be the next "baby soldier" because he looks so young and innocent next to the other celebrity soldiers!

Sungjong and Don Spike are the new soldiers to join in this week"s episode, and everyone seems curious as to how they"ll adjust from civilian to soldier!

It"s the first army experience for both of them, so it definitely won"t be a walk in the park. Sungjong was said to have trouble adjusting to "army speech", which is another level of formal speech that isn"t really used outside of the army.

The episode will air on June 28 at 6:15pm KST! Meanwhile, you can see the released teasers above and below and pray that army life won"t be too hard for the new recruits!

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K-Drama Actors Cope With Real-Life Mental Health Issues And Still Deliver A Great Performance

K-Drama Actors Cope With Real-Life Mental Health Issues And Still Deliver A Great Performance

Lee Joon

Lately, a few k-dramas have focused on male leads with mental health issues. Schizophrenia was the condition affecting Jo in Sung"s character in "It"s Okay, That"s Love." Dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder, affected Ji Sung"s character in "Kill Me, Heal Me."

But some k-drama actors have to deal with real-life mental health issues. And they manage to deliver a great performance despite these issues.

Former MBLAQ member Lee Joon, who currently stars in "Heard It Through The Grapevine," suffers from insomnia, caused by stress and bipolar disorder. The actor and singer admitted that he sometimes sleeps only 40 minutes in a 24-hour period.

When criticized for falling asleep during a program and not being admitted to Seoul University because he could not study, he told the Korean media outlet Newsen about the disorder.

"I had no time to rest during that period. I knew that I had to study, but I couldn"t. I have severe bipolar disorder and people only saw what was broadcast on TV. They don"t see the effort behind the screen, such as late night rehearsals. No matter how hard I tried, my body just couldn"t keep up with me."

Yet he continues to work hard to reach his acting goals.

Park Hae Jin and Lee Byung Hun have both struggled with depression. In the case of Park Hae Jin, the news that he struggled with depression hurt his career. Park was treated for anxiety and depression, which wound up exempting him from his two-year mandatory military duty. This led to some netizens accusing him of draft dodging. According to Korean military law, any man who has been treated for six months or hospitalized for more than a month at the psychiatry department of a hospital may be excused from serving. Park was cleared and although this temporarily hurt his career, it has recovered.

When Lee Byung Hun appeared on a 2013 episode of "Healing Camp" he said that he suffered from depression and panic attacks after his father died and left him in debt.

"At the time, my drama "Beautiful Days" was really popular, and I was able to pay off the debt, I was supposed to be happy, but right then, I fell into depression," he said. "I felt like I was trapped in a small room. It was really difficult to even open my eyes. As soon as I opened my eyes, I wondered why I woke up. The happiest time was when I was asleep. I later found out it was depression."

Although the depression has lifted, he says he still occasionally suffers from panic attacks when he is in crowded places with unfamiliar people.

Cha Tae Hyun, who will soon appear in "Producers," also admitted to suffering from panic attacks.

"I began to suffer from the disorder when a top actor was cast for a role in a rival TV drama after the show I appeared in continued to do poorly in ratings," said Cha. The attacks can be severe. Cha once fainted during a flight and another time had to call an ambulance only a half hour before a concert.

Given the problems these actors cope with, it"s even more impressive that they manage to deliver a top-notch performance.


2014 is tvN Drama's Year To Shine, Highlighting 'Incomplete Life' Drama

2014 is tvN Drama's Year To Shine, Highlighting 'Incomplete Life' Drama

Let's list the outstanding dramas of cable channel tvN in 2014!

"Rude Miss Young-Ae Season 13" has gone by and it"s been with tvN for 8 years in a row now. There has been a wide genre of dramas on tvN so far.

The first tvN drama of 2014 was "Emergency Couple" starring Song Ji-hyo, Choi Jin-hyeok, Choi Yeo-jin and Clara. It wasn"t all about romance but it went by with the set-up that a divorced couple reunited in the intense atmosphere of a hospital.

Instead of continuing with another romantic comedy, tvN went onto "Gabdong - The Serial Killer" which is based on the Hwaseong murders starring Yoon Sang-hyeon, Kim Min-jeong, Seong Dong-il, Lee Joon, Jeong In-gi, Kang Nam-gil, Jang Gwang and others. Lee Joon grew with this drama as he played Ryu Tae-oh, the psychopath.

Then came along dramas like "A Witch"s Love", "The King of High School Manners", "Marriage Over Love" and more. "A Witch"s Love" is about the romance between a single 40-year-old Ban Ji-yeon (Uhm Jung-hwa) and a younger man in his 20s, Yoon Dong-ha (Park Seo-joon).

"The King of High School Manners" starred Seo In-guk who played two characters at once. He played the role of a teen head of headquarters and worked well with Lee Ha-na.

"Marriage Over Love" starring Han Groo, Yeon Woo-jin, Sunhwa and others, re-highlighted these three people. However, Han Groo"s character of Joo Jang-mi and her crush Han Yeo-reum (Jeong Jin-woon) only stimulated annoyance further into the drama.

"Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team" came along next starring Lee Soon-jae, Byeon Hee-bong, Jang Gwang, Kim Hee-cheol and Lee Cho-hee. Detectives in their 20s suddenly turn into old men and drew attention with the uniqueness but it failed to drag the attention further.

"Golden Tower" and "The Idle Mermaid" were based on farms but they both ended earlier than planned.

tvN then came out with "The Three Musketeers - Drama" in early August starring Jeong Yong-hwa as Park Dal-hyang, Lee Jin-wook as Prince So-hyeon and Jeong Hae-in as Ahn Min-seo. However, it was broadcasted only once a week and the vague concept of romance and action disappointed many. Although, there is currently talk about season 2.

tvN wasn"t too active from July to September. However, "Plus Nine Boys" about the romance of four men, "My Secret Hotel" starring Yoo In-na and Jin I-han and "Liar Game" were released to reset the mood. "Liar Game" is an original by Kaitani Sinobu and thrilled the fans with news of Lee Sang-yoon. Lee Sang-yoon, Kim So-eun and Sin Seong-rok showed potential in the drama and there is talk about another season 2 as well.

"Incomplete Life" is the highlight of the year. If 2012 and 2013 was all about "Answer Me 1994", this year it was all about "Incomplete Life". Producers Kim Won-seok and Yoon Tae-ho have been talking about this drama for several years and they have also announced that season 2 will be coming out next year.

Other daily dramas like "Family Secrets" and "Sensible Love" have been constantly gaining support from its viewers. Coming up next is "Heart to Heart", an original web-toon drama produeced by Lee Yoon-jeong and Pyo Min-soo.

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Real-Life K-Drama Noona Romances

Real-Life K-Drama Noona Romances


There are plenty of younger man-older woman noona romances in k-dramas and even more older actress-younger actor castings. But how often do such relationships happen in real life?

It might not happen as often as k-dramas suggest but it does happen. And it can have a happy ending.

Actor Lee Min Ki, who appears in the film "The Emperor," appeared on the JtBC show "With Hunt." The emcee asked him if he ever dated an older woman. The 29-year-old actor has had love lines with several older actresses on the small screen. He co-starred with Kang Ye Won in Haeundae Lovers," Kim Hae Soo in "A Day For An Affair," Chae Rim in "Dalja"s Spring" and Eugene in "I Really Really Like You."

Lee Min Ki answered that he did indeed date a woman who was six years older but that they ultimately broke up.

"As time passed by, we became sort of a couple naturally," he said.

The woman in question was only six years older and they were no longer still dating.

In a previous interview with Star News, he said he was lonely and wished he were in a relationship with a woman in her mid-30s. He also said, "Age doesn"t really matter to me."

Jung Suk Won is another actor who was comfortable dating and eventually marrying an older woman. The "Rooftop Prince" star is married to singer Baek Ji Young, who is 11 years his senior.

When Jung Suk Won appeared on the MBC program "Come To Play, he explained how reluctant she was to date him because of the age difference. When they first realized they might become more than friends she cautioned him against it, worried that a scandal could damage his career. She thought they ought to stop seeing each other.

"I have confidence," he told her. "I"m not afraid of those things and I can succeed."

His determination won her over.

Han Hye Jin, the star of "One Warm Wod," had a similar concern. When she first met her future husband soccer player Ki Sung Yeung, she could not accept the possibility of a romance because of the eight-year age difference.

"He was too much younger than me," she said on an episode of "Healing Camp." "I used to ask the people around me seeing men younger than them whether the younger men really looked attractive. I couldn′t understand it, plus he really looked like a baby back then."

Even after the actor and soccer star decided to date, they broke up once because the odds against them seemed overwhelming. But ultimately they could not stop thinking about each other. So they married and the age difference in their real life noona romance no longer seems to matter.