QUIZ: Fit the K-Drama With Its Noted Quote

QUIZ: Fit the K-Drama With Its Noted Quote

QUIZ: Fit the K-Drama With Its Noted Quotelee1086 November 30, 2015 0 LINE it!QUIZ: Match the K-Drama With Its Famous QuoteSoompi You would possibly imagine youre an expert, yet how neatly do you truly know K-dramas? From vintagedisplays to more fashionable ones, it kind of feels like each K-drama supplies US with sayings that soon turn into famous. Check your wisdomby way of taking one of our maximumtough quizzes yet (no hints included). Read each one quote, then match it with the correct kind K-drama. Click beneathto begin the quiz, then let us know your effects below!

lee1086 is a Soompi writer who couldnt have passed this quiz if she hadnt made it herself. She lives for music, gambling the piano, and Eunsihae. Excluding her overboard love of Suju, she may bekeen on 3rd Wave Music, BIGBANG, EXO, SHINEE, BTS, and more. When she is not watching the newest K-Drama or obsessing over the perfection of Lee Donghae, she is busy at church or putting out with her circle of relatives and friends.

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