Does It Really Matter If A K-Drama Actress Gained Weight Or Had Plastic Surgery [Poll]

Does It Really Matter If A K-Drama Actress Gained Weight Or Had Plastic Surgery [Poll]

IU has struggled with an eating disorder, while Kang So Ra and Park Shin Hye have weight fluctuations.

(Photo : ) On April 13, the Korean outlet Dispatch published a report which explored weight loss and its impact on the appearance of several top Korean entertainment. The article bore the title, The best plastic surgery is dieting, beautiful stars [who are] at war with their weight. Top female stars such as Park Shin Hye, Kang So Ra, and A Pinks Eunji were examined through before and after shots. The article sparked an on-going debate with netizens, many of whom came to the defense of the actresses.

Articles such as this one are not uncommon in entertainment reporting but they most often feature women as opposed to their male counterparts. All of the actresses and K-pop idols depicted have clearly dealt with fluctuations in their weight but it is unknown if any of the artists had plastic surgery procedures While this article sparked the initial debate about appearance, it was not the only item which focused on the body composition of top female stars.

On April 13, Newsen reported about Kim Myung Young, a personal trainer who appeared on The Body Show. In the article incorporated rear shots of IU and Goo Hara, along with comments from the trainer. While it was meant to illustrate the progress both stars made while training, many netizens negatively perceived the article and the comments from the personal trainer.

One of the trending comments for The Body Show article which was translated by Netizen Buzz criticized the personal trainer, while praising the stars. The forum user said, He knows that they"re at the age where body image is important and all of the comments that made fun of them but he"s putting them down himself. And IU never once showed off about her body. She"s a singer and she sings well, that"s all that should matter.

IU has previously revealed her struggles with an eating disorder. In July 2014, she discussed her battle with bulimia on the show, Healing Camp. I would eat until I threw up, she said. I had to receive treatment for it.

In addition to her music, IU is best known for her role as Kim Pil Sook in the 2011 drama Dream High. Pil Sook struggled with weight loss, before drastically dieting. After she sheds a significant amount of weight, she catches the interest of Jason (2PMs Wooyoung) and successfully lands a recording contract.

Both articles focus on weight loss and physical training but the report by Dispatch also analyzes plastic surgery. Korea has gained notoriety for its flourishing plastic surgery industry, with more citizens going under the knife than almost any other country in the world. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, one in five women in South Korea will have a plastic surgery procedure. By comparison, in the United States the figure is one in twenty. In 2013, American media which attributed the plastic surgery boom in South Korea to growing consumer demand and K-pop. K-Drama also plays a role in the plastic surgery boom, as stars are praised for their evolving appearance.


[Video] Jessi Regrets Getting Plastic Surgery

[Video] Jessi Regrets Getting Plastic Surgery

--> Getting honest about her looks, Jessi shared that she regrets getting plastic surgery.

Jessi appeared on KBS′ Happy Together on April 2, when the topic of plastic surgery was brought up.

[Video] Jessi Regrets Getting Plastic Surgery

Old photos of Jessi were brought up on the screen, as everyone on the set started saying she was adorable and pretty in the past.

Jessi then burst out, "I regret it too!" making everyone laugh.

She explained that she got her eyes and nose done three years ago. She shared that she was upset because people think she got plastic surgery recently.

[Video] Jessi Regrets Getting Plastic Surgery

When asked why she got plastic surgery, Jessi answered, "I didn′t do it because I wanted to do. There was my agency and I wasn′t really photogenic."

As MC Yoo Jae Suk said the girl in the picture is really pretty, Jessi got fired up, saying, "I want to take it all out too!"

The biggest thing she regretted was getting her eyes done because her ′eye-smile′ disappeared. "My company CEO said that I would less fierce if I got my eyes done...but after I got it done, I got even more fierce-looking. He couldn′t say anything after that."

Photo Credit: KBS


K-Drama actors do plastic surgery for a better look

K-Drama actors do plastic surgery for a better look

K-Drama Actors Are More Open About Plastic Surgery

K-drama actors are more open about enhancing their looks than they ever were in the past. On a recent broadcast of “Radio Star,” Nam Goong Min, who currently stars in “Wild Chives and Soybean Soup” and “We Got Married” admitted to having a Botox injection.

And while Botox treatments to smooth out wrinkles are not exactly plastic surgery, it did lead to a discussion of the surgery that singer Hong Jin Young, his “We Got Married” virtual wife had. Nam Goong Min said he had a Botox injection when he had to appear on a television show.

“It wasn”t plastic surgery but it did change my looks a bit,” he said.

She suggested he get them on a regular basis.

Hong Jin Young has openly admitted to having work done, including getting a nose job and having double eyelid surgery.

More actors are finding that it is best to admit to work than have it be the subject of speculation. Lee Da Hae who appears in the upcoming drama “Hotel King,” has confessed to having work done. The rumors circulated for two years before she confessed to her surgery on a celebrity talk show. The star of “Iris 2″ said she had some work done on her body because she was once obese. And her face has also seen the benefit of some plastic surgery.

“I did some remodeling on my face,” said Lee Da Hae.

Lee Si Young, who was recently cast in the upcoming drama “Golden Cross,” had work done more than a decade ago but she only admitted to it five years ago. She had work done to her face but improvements to her body were done with dance and exercise

“I have become used to this face,” she said. “After the surgery at age 23, I never had more work done.”

Kim Yoon Hye, who appeared in “Flower Boys Next Door” and had a cameo in “Who Are You?” had surgery because people told her that she was less pretty when she grew older.

“People said my face changed a lot,” said Kim Yoon Hye, also known as Woori. Changing the line of her jaw helped her feel more confident.

Actors and actresses may be more confident about revealing such procedures because of the increasingly positive attitude toward plastic surgery in Korea. In general cosmetic surgery is seen as a smart investment because it can help you find a job or meet a mate. So, it makes sense that those whose careers rely on their looks would own up to making this kind of investment.

What do you think about actors and actresses getting help with their looks?


Jewelrys Yewon confesses to having plastic surgery on the final episode of Invincible Youth 2

Jewelrys Yewon confesses to having plastic surgery on the final episode of Invincible Youth 2

Jewelry’s Yewon confesses to having plastic surgery on the final episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2′

On the final episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, which was aired on November 17th, Jewelry‘s Yewon confessed to having plastic surgery, drawing a lot of attention.

During the broadcast, while preparing a celebration to show their appreciation toward the villagers, Yewon honestly revealed, “Not long ago, my laminated tooth fell out. I couldn’t go to the dentist because the next day was ‘Invincible Youth’ filming. If I had coughed once, my tooth would’ve fallen out.”, bringing laughter on set.

Upon hearing her words, MC Boom curiously asked, “Didn’t you do something else besides laminate treatment?” to which Yewon immediately said, “No“.

However, Boom kept saying, “the doctor is watching”. In response, Yewon confessed, “A little bit in a few places…

Source+Picture: Newsen via Nate


Lee Joon-ki gets surgery during making of drama

Lee Joon-ki gets surgery during making of drama

Actor Lee Joon-ki was making the new MBC drama "Night Strolling Scholar" when he fell and broke his nose on the 10th. He underwent surgery that afternoon.

He was taken to a hospital right away and was told he needed surgery. Then he needs a week of rest so the drama making will temporarily be stopped. Much of the "Night Strolling Scholar" has been made already so there will be no major damage in the drama.

"Night Strolling Scholar" will be broadcasted after "Warm and Cozy" in July.


Lee Jun Ki undergoes surgery for a broken nose due to injury from filming his new drama

Lee Jun Ki undergoes surgery for a broken nose due to injury from filming his new drama

Lee Jun Ki undergoes surgery for a broken nose due to injury from filming his new drama

It has been unfortunately revealed that actor Lee Jun Ki has sustained injury while filming for his new drama "Scholar Who Walks the Night". He has apparently suffered a broken nose and has just received surgery.

His rep commented, "He got hurt while filming his new drama. He received surgery on his nose and is resting at the moment. He is going to try his best so that he doesn"t cause any delays [with the drama]."

Another rep added, "Because he started filming back in May, it doesn"t seem like there will be any issues for now since he has already filmed many scenes. As of right now, he needs plenty of rest, that"s all that"s been decided for now. We will watch over his condition and let you know."

We hope he gets all the rest that he needs because health should always come first!

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[Spoiler] "Punch - Drama" Kim Rae-won betrays Kim Ah-joong once again and undergoes surgery

Kim Rae-won underwent a surgery after betraying Kim Ah-joong.

On the second episode of the new SBS drama, "Punch - Drama", Park Jeong-hwan (Kim Rae-won) found out that his neurosurgeon, Jang Min-sik (Jang Hyeon-seong) was pressed a charge for falsifying results of his clinic experiments. Park Jeong-hwan (Kim Rae-won) asked his ex-wife Sin Ha-kyeong (Kim Ah-joong) for help so she arranged that the doctor could go through the investigation without being arrested.

In return, Park Jeong-hwan promised her he would find out the truth about the case of sudden unintended acceleration by the school bus driver of their daughter, Ye-rin (Kim Ji-yeong-III)"s kindergarten. But, he betrayed Sin Ha-kyeong again, in order to save Lee Tae-joon (Jo Jae-hyeon), who was put into trouble by the minister, Yoon Ji-sook (Choi Myeong-gil).

He snatched a witness the minister, Yoon requested and also promised "I will make sure nobody will talk about the sudden acceleration case ever again". And the case was closed by concluding it was solely the driver"s fault.

Sin Ha-kyeong was shocked after watching the result of the investigation being announced along with the driver"s wife and daughter. Nonetheless, it was already after Park Jeong-hwan went into a surgery room after having left her a message saying, "I have to survive".


Shin Hae Chul

Shin Hae Chul"s Surgery Recording Video Does Not Exist

Police find no evidence that a video of Shin Hae Chul

In regards to Shin Hae Chul’s dealth investigation, the Songpa Police in Seoul has carried out an analysis of medical equipments which were used in Shin Hae Chul’s operation; Besides, on November 6, the policeman also revealed that they did not find any proof that footage was recorded during the surgery.

A police-officer announced that, "With an expert from a server management company, we analyzed the server that was connected to the laproscopic surgery equipment, but we were unable to find proof that footage was recorded during Shin Hae Chul"s surgery nor proof that such footage was erased afterwards."

Previouislu, the police had found eight pictures that they believed were allegedly shot during the time of the surgery, and these photos along with what the deceased"s family members heard from various individuals, had prompted the police to look into whether there was a video that was taken of the surgery.

A rep from the police commented, "There needs to be a variety of equipment installed to record a video during the surgery. From what we have investigated, the hospital does not even have such equipment installed [to record during surgery]."

A nurse who works at the hospital also told the police, "While working at this hospital for over 3 years, I have never seen anyone recording videos of surgeries."

The police have so far determined that the 8 photos they found are not from a video, but rather separate pictures that the hospital had taken to help explain the surgery process to the patient.

The police rep further added, "There is very little chance that the hospital has somehow hidden the existence of a video... It seems likely that the family members of the deceased had misheard or misunderstood the words of a hospital rep thinking that a video of the surgery existed." 

The police so far investigated into two nurses who were in charge of watching over Shin Hae Chul at Sky Hospital and will investigate into one nurse who partook in the enteroplasty surgery and one nurse who was in charge of his sickbed.  Two people from the medical team at Asan Hospital who administered emergency care were also looked into.  Director Kang of Sky Hospital will be called in on November 8 or 9.

The police said, "In relation to accidental homicide from professional negligence, we plan to put emphasis on whether the director did a proper surgery in the end and to what extent he gave proper treatment to the patient during maintenance as we continue investigating. It seems that the autopsy results will be released by the National Forensic Service in about two weeks, and after we piece together the results of the investigation, we will request a doctors union to express their thoughts on whether Sky Hospital made a mistake."


Gong Hyo Jin Might Postpone Filming New Drama Because of Surgery

Gong Hyo Jin Might Postpone Filming New Drama Because of Surgery


Actress Gong Hyo Jin got into a car accident. Her injury is not severe, but the accident could put the filming of the new SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love" on hold, as she needs to go through a surgery and must take plenty of rest afterwards. Today morning, actress Gong Hyo Jin"s car crashed into a truck on a highway. When the two vehicles were at a stop, another truck crashed into them, making it a trifold car accident. Actress Gong Hyo Jin is being treated at a hospital in Seoul. She got her left arm fractured, and has to go through a surgery for it. The people involved in the accident are currently being treated as well. In related news, the SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love" tells a story of "romantic mental clinic," of a mystery detective novelist who is at times romantic, played by Jo In Sung, and a humane psychiatrist, played by Gong Hyo Jin. The new SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love" is going to air this July when the drama "You are All Surrounded" ends. Actors Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Sung Dong Il, Lee Kwang Soo, and Do Kyung Soo of EXO are going to star in the drama.


Doctor Stranger Episode 9 Review: Kang So Ra Makes a Mistake During Surgery

Doctor Stranger Episode 9 Review: Kang So Ra Makes a Mistake During Surgery

In Doctor Stranger, episode 9, Oh Soo Hyun(played by Kang So Ra) made a mistake during surgery.

Park Hoon(played by Lee Jong Suk) and Han Jae Joon(played by Park Hae Jin) had a competition on operating a newborn twin. If Hoon did not win, him and Seung Hee would both be in danger.

During the surgery, Soo Hyun accidentally missed a tool and ripped the baby’s blood vessel. Soo Hyun shouted, “I can’t so anastomosis quickly!” Seung Hee shouted, “Dr. Park! You do it. Hurry!” However, Hoon told Soo Hyun to do it.

Eventually, the patient survived but Hoon’s team lost to Jae Joon’s.