Kim Ha-neul and Lee Sang-yoon in upcoming KBS drama

Kim Ha-neul and Lee Sang-yoon in upcoming KBS drama "Road to the Airport"

Actors Kim Ha-neul and Lee Sang-yoon are starring in the recent KBS 2TV drama "Road to the Airport".

The roles of Kim Ha-neul, Lee Sang-yoon, Sin Seong-rok, Choi Yeo-jin and Jang Hee-jin were published on July 19th.

Kim Ha-neul takes at the role of Choi Soo-ah. She's the assistant manager stewardess of 12 years who married a pilot named Jin-seok and has a daughter in the 5th grade. She calls herself a wife and mom of 85 issuesyet her existence takes a turn when she meets Search engine optimization Do-woo (Lee Sang-yoon).

Lee Sang-yoon plays Seo Do-woo. He's a part-time architecture instructor. He is enjoyable and neatly mannered who has a pretty wife and daughter, but he falls into confusion after a stunning occurance. Choi Soo-ah slowly starts to soak into his life.

Kim Ha-neul and Lee Sang-yoon are highly reviewed actors. Their special skills to bring out sentiments which will have to make "Road to the Airport" more meaningful.

Sin Seong-rok seems as Choi Soo-ah's husband Park Jin-seok. He is from the Air Force and is a pilot at the moment. He falls in love with Soo-ah straight away and expresses his love for her. On the alternative hand, he is authoritative and has a sturdy ego.

Choi Yeo-jin is Song Mi-jin, Choi Soo-ah's friend and co-worker. She's chic-looking but she is a certifiedin terms of doing her work. She is a key persona who knows the entireadvanced secrets in the drama.

Jang Hee-jin is Seo Do-woo's wife Kim Hye-won. She is a professional curator who is ready to do anything. However, she practicallycaptivated with Do-woo and her paintings and she also has a secret.

"Road to the Airport" is written by skill of Lee Sook-yeon and directed by Kim Cheol-gyoo.

"Road to the Airport" is scheduled to air in September after "Uncontrollably Fond".

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Kim Ha Neul And Lee Sang Yoon Showed To Lead New Drama

Kim Ha Neul And Lee Sang Yoon Showed To Lead New Drama

Kim Ha Neul And Lee Sang Yoon Showed To Lead New Dramanotclaira Might 26, 2016 0 Kim Ha Neul And Lee Sang Yoon Confirmed To Lead New Drama Kim Ha Neul and Lee Sang Yoon are teaming up for a new drama! The 2 of them had been confirmed as the leads for the impending KBS assignment “Going to the Airport” (literal translation).

The drama is related to be focused around human relationships and asks the question, “Is it imaginable to have a dignified courting in the arena of married men and women?”

Kim Ha Neul might begambling the role of Choi Soo Ah, who has worked as a flight attendant for 12 years. In that point she were given married to a colleague and is recentlythe mummy of a ten-year-old daughter. However, her existenceadjustments when at the age of 36 she meets Search engine marketing make Woo.

Lee Sang Yoon plays Seo Do Woo, a contented and good-looking lecturer at an architecture school, whose satisfiedcircle of relatives life with his wife and kid are thrown into chaos by ability ofa stunning incident. Choi Soo Ah comes into his life all through this turmoil.

This is Kim Ha Neul’s first drama in 4 years, because the SBS project “


Kang Ha Neul in Talks to Play Idol Superstar in New MBC Drama

Kang Ha Neul in Talks to Play Idol Superstar in New MBC Drama

Kang Ha Neul in Talks to Play Idol Celebrity in New MBC Dramaan0ya April 14, 2016 0 LINE it!Kang Ha Neul in Talks to Play Idol Star in New MBC Drama Actor Kang Ha Neul has been presented the lead role in MBCs upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Gaia (literal translation).

According to his firm SEM Company, they are still taking a look over the offer and not anything has been showed yet. If he finally ends up taking at the role, this will likely mark Kang Ha Neuls first time to star in a drama airing on one of the major broadcasting stations.

The drama follows the occasions that take position after a aircraftwearing a top male idol and a standardlady crashes on a abandoned island. Kang Ha Neul is in talks to painting the male lead character, a well-liked and good-looking idol with a prickly personality.

The production will be a joint effort between Korean and Chinese firms.

Gaia is expected to take over the time slot these days occupied by way of Monster and premiere in September.

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IU to lead a new drama in all probability with Baekhyun, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul, and more

IU to lead a new drama in all probability with Baekhyun, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul, and more

Is singer IU going to be in a new drama?

A rep from her firm disclosed to more than one media shops on December 28, "It is right that IU won an be offering to act in 'The Moon's Lover.' She is reviewing it, yet she isn't yet confirmed."

SEE ALSO: Drama Review 'Reply 1988' - Episode 14

She has been introduced the role of the feminine lead, who receives the affection of no longer one but nine princes! This could be the Korean edition of China's 'Scarlet Heart,' which aired via Hunan TV back in 2011 and follows the tale of fashionablewoman Janghyo who is going back in time to the Qing Dynasty. Sounds just a little like 'Splash Splash LOVE,' no?

As there'll be 9 princes, the stars up to choice take on a role are recently Lee Jun Ki, Kang Ha Neul, Hong Jong Hyun, Baekhyun, and Nam Joo Hyuk. Fortunate girl! Kim Sung Kyun is showed to appear. The drama will air in September next year!


Film Review: “Twenty” Starring Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and 2PM’s Junho

Film Review: “Twenty” Starring Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and 2PM’s Junho

The film Twenty is very much like twenty year old boys: its kicking fun and a little dirty, with plenty of laughter along the way.

Writer-director Lee Byeong Huns sophomore feature boasts a star-studded trio of male PYTs from both the K-drama and K-pop world: actors Kim Woo Bin (The Technicians, Heirs) and Kang Ha Neul (Misaeng, Missing Noir M), and crooner Junho from 2PM (Cold Eyes). Lees previous film was Cheer Up, Mr. Lee, and he also has a string of co-writing credits (Love Forecast, Tazza: The Hidden Card) to his name.

The bromantic pack plays well into the story of friends on the cusp of adulthoodhowever, these are three very distinct young men, each of whom is facing the world in a very different wayand that was the surprise gem of the film.

Its the voice-over of Kyung Jae (Kang Ha Neul) that lets us in on their paths post-high school. He takes the traditional route upon graduation: attending college, on track to a degree and then some respectable job. Although no huge departure from his past roles, Kang Ha Neul plods likably along as the eager academic, getting drunk with his classmates and drooling pathetically over pretty upperclassman Jin Ju (Min Hyo Rin), who swiftly steers him into the Friend Zone. Kyung Jae is the careful type: he holds his unrequited love safely, and comfortably, from afar. Living life in your twenties is not without humiliation, of course; an unfortunate video of his inebriation surfaces online, his sister (Lee Yoo Bi) catches him masturbating, and his nervousness as a new driver does him no favors in making him appear remotely cool in front of anyone. But just when weve determined hell always play it safe, he makes the move that puts a friendship at risk.

Chi Ho (Kim Woo Bin) is the kid who hasnt the slightest idea of what he wants to do with his life (an agonizing place to which many adults have traversed). He funnels his efforts into the one passion he does recognize: he just wants to get laid. He has an enviable confidence and receives many a deserving slap (and punch) from his testosterone-fueled antics. But it is their shameless Lothario bestie that Kyung Jae and Dong Woo (Junho) adorably cheer on (they hide in a closet as they observe Chi Ho flex his smooth operator techniques), as he enthusiastically leads the way in sexual experiences.

With little else to focus his energy upon, Chi Ho glibly resolves to find a sugar mama, he declares to his girlfriend (Jung So Min). He spends his days chasing women and his nights clubbingto chase more women. He plays manager to a rookie actress (Jung Joo Yeon) by happenstance, but it is this latest pursuit which leads him to a piece of reality and a step closer to self-discovery.

His parents, having seen enough of him warming the couch and waltzing in from partying all night, threaten to cut him off financially, lest he join the family business and become a chef. He appeases them by professing that hell finally figure out what he wants to do.

And that is the one problem that Dong Woo (Junho) does not have: he actively pursues his dream of becoming a manhwa artist. Ah, the dilemma of knowing your ambition, but being well aware of the obstacles that come attached. With three younger brothers and a single mother via an incarcerated father, Dong Woo works part-time jobs to support his family while taking art classes he cant afford and fending off unwanted advances by Kyung Jaes younger sister So Hee (Lee Yoo Bi). He is torn between his selfish dream (I suppose they are always so), and seeing his family struggle to get by.

It is Dong Woo who faces the harshest realities of adulthood. But its the fact that hes the only twenty year old not spending his time romancing that makes it stand out: hes too consumed with making ends meet and keeping his dream alive to hit on girls. And it is Dong Woo, perhaps, who hears the cruelest words uttered in the film: that he should relegate his passion to a hobby and get a regular job. Its a verbally icy, hard shove from dream to reality, from youthful independence to adult responsibilities.

Stylistically, the story offsets the colorful ups and downs of post-adolescence against the fresh-faced, a shade-too-bright haze of boyhood. Scenes move quickly from comedic moments and embarrassing attempts gone wrong accompanied by the playful, energetic banter between the young men. It is in the few moments of solitude where we prominently feel the characters begin to grow up a little, while facing their individual battles. The film begins, rather sweetly, in the dreamy nostalgia of the boys high school classroomthey first befriend each other upon the discovery that theyre all in love with the same girl.

Female characters are somewhat two-dimensional; we dont see them as much more than love interests for our protagonists. Its the relationship between Dong Woo (Junho) and his mother (Oh Hyun Kyung) that is far more interesting and complex, but were given frames too brief to satisfy our curiosity.

As our three musketeers muster their emergence from the weight of the worlds crushing disappointments, their transformation from boys to men culminate in a somewhat anomalous, but ridiculous fight scene which plays on generously (it clocks in at nearly five and a half minutes). I couldnt help but appreciate its allegorical nature: adulthood, as all things in life, comes at you head-on, whether youre ready for it or not. Its inevitable, impossible to come out of unscathed, and still, you cant help but put up a fight against the realities that force you to see the world in a different way.

That bridge between adolescence to adulthood is no joke, hopefully youve got a trusty set of buddies to help you collectively make it across.

Twenty will be released in U.S. theaters on April 17. In the meantime, check out the trailer below:



[VIDEO] Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and Junho show their silly sides for next week’s “Running Man”

[VIDEO] Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and Junho show their silly sides for next week’s “Running Man”

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterA few weeks ago, the three main stars of upcoming Korean movie Twenty were still in the talks of joining the show, but filming has already been completed and they will be the special guests for SBS variety show Running Man next week!

Twenty, starring Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and 2PMs Junho, is scheduled for a release in theaters on March 25th, with much anticipation towards the chemistry of the trio.

Filming for this broadcast reportedly took place on March 17th, with a preview video of next weeks episode revealed yesterday, March 22nd. The three actors played the games like little kids and showed their rare silly sides with slapstick comedy on the show.

The episodes theme was revealed to be, Protect the 20-year-old Big Nose (Ji Suk Jin). In the video teaser, the three men showed their skills at arcade games, while not being able to escape from Running Mans trademark water-related games. The singing abilities of idol-turned-actor Kim Woo Bin are also expected to be revealed through the episode. The members were also faced with another mysterious guest, seemingly the professional UFC player, Kim Dong Hyun.

Episode 240 of Running Man starring Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and Junho will air next Sunday on March 29th at 6:10PM KST.

Check out the previews here:

Photo: TV Report

Source: TV Report

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Kang Ha Neul: From Hearththrob to Psychopath for New OCN Drama

Kang Ha Neul: From Hearththrob to Psychopath for New OCN Drama "Missing Noir M"

Misaeng Actors Reunite in “Missing Noir M”; Kang Ha Neul Plays Psychopath

The cast of "Misaeng" reunite for new OCN  thriller drama “Missing Noir M.”

Park Hae Joon and Son Jong Hak appear together in episodes 3 and 4 of the series. Park Hae Joon is playing a father whose child has been kidnapped, while Son Jong Hak’s character is a representative of the company where Park Hae Jun’s character works.

park hae joon son jong hak

On top of that, the first two episodes of the show feature Kang Ha Neul, one of Misaeng’s stars. He is playing a psychopath who clearly has some anger issues.

Check out the video to see Kang Ha Neul filming his first scene for the show. In a fit of frustration, his character smashes everything around him. The actor then jokingly apologizes to the director for destroying the set in his first scene. The director tells him not to worry about it because they all had fun watching him.

He then takes a “psychopath selfie” using a selfie stick. His dazzling smile might make him appear innocent, but he’s actually holding a hammer in his hand while he takes the shot!

“Missing Noir M” will air on March 28 on OCN.



Park Shin Hye Courted to Reunite with Kang Ha Neul in New Drama

Park Shin Hye Courted to Reunite with Kang Ha Neul in New Drama "Happy Facebook"

Park Shin Hye Courted to Reunite with Kang Ha Neul in New Drama Happy Facebook

The former cast of "Heirs," actress Park Shin Hye and actor Kang Ha Neul may reunite for director Park Hyun Jin's new movie, "Happy Facebook."

A representative of Kang Ha Neul’s agency confirmed the news and stated to TV Report, “We will soon make our decision.”

Park Shin Hye is also looking over the offer to star in the new movie. “We are currently discussing the casting offer for ‘Happy Facebook.’ The casting has not been confirmed yet, and we are considering various other projects as well,” her agency explained to TV Report.

If the stars decide to join the project, it would mark their reunion after co-starring in the popular SBS drama “The Heirs” in 2013.

“Happy Facebook” is a romance film produced in an ombibus format, and the production will be led by Park Hyun Jin, who is known for directing “Lovers of Six Years” and “Remarkable Woman.”

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Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and 2PM Junho Reveals More Trailer For

Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and 2PM Junho Reveals More Trailer For "Twenty"

Upcoming film Twenty, starring Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and 2PM′s Junho, unveiled its main trailer and confirmed a premiere date.

Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and 2PM Junho Reveals More Trailer For Twenty′

The main trailer, which dropped on February 23, brought out much laughter as it focused on the story of three 20-year-old students, still stuck between being boys and men.

Twenty confirmed the premiere date for March 25 as anticipation rises on seeing the three actors let go of their charismatic images to exchange it for hilarious ones.



[Video] "Twenty" Kim Woo-bin, Kang Ha-neul and Junho, proudly messed up

Movie "Twenty" starring actors, Kim Woo-bin, Kang Ha-neul and 2PM member Junho released preview video clips of the characters. Their comical presences in the preview pleasantly entertain us.

On February 4th, "Twenty" released their preview videos of the characters through

First of all, Kim Woo-bin in the preview clip, "Art of Negotiation", whines asking for allowance money thrashing his body and flailing his arms on the ground.

While Kim Woo-bin has been showing his cool sides only through the drama, "The Heirs", and the move, "The Con Artists", he presents the messed up character this time, which is drawing much attention from his fans.

Next preview clip shows Junho in "Shared sorrow is Half a Sorrow". Junho asks Kim Woo-bin and Kang Ha-neul who look distressed, "It"s my family that"s gone bankrupt. Why are you guys being so sad?" Kim Woo-bin replies, "I was just trying it out" and burst into laughter, of which scene makes viewers burst into laughter as well.

In the last preview titled "Feel Free to Imagine", Kang Ha-neul hits himself standing in front of Min Hyo-rin"s house saying, "You"re crazy, What are you thinking".

At the scene where the three actors are standing next to each other, the narration says, "We were always together in the most shameful moments", which raises the expectations on the three friends" struggling yet comical adventure.

Netizens said, "It should be totally fun", "First time to see them this way", "Completely messed up. I"m anticipating" and so on.

The move "Twenty" will be released in the first half of this year.