Kdrama "My Secret Hotel" Episode 7 Recap and Screenshot

"My Secret Hotel" Episode 7 Recap by ockoala

It’s Hae Young’s wedding day (AGAIN) and his arrival at the Secret Hotel is met by Sang Hyo who happens to pass him in the corridor. They walk past each other and Hae Young is the first to turn around and thank Sang Hyo for her hard work. She sincerely congratulates him on getting married. Later Sang Hyo sits out in the courtyard and her earlier calm demeanor is all gone as she scoffs about congratulating Hae Young on getting married.

Sung Gyum is getting dressed as pauses as he’s putting on his tie. He has the bellboy take his luggage downstairs first before calling Sang Hyo. He asks to meet her down in the courtyard but she’s makes an excuse that she’s super busy. She even pretends to be calling out instructions to her team as they set up the wedding. Sung Gyum is standing right there in the courtyard and can see she’s totally lying to him.

Sang Hyo freaks out when she spots Sung Gyum standing a few feet away from her. He wonders what to do about her slacking off at work, and grouses his hurt feelings that she’s making excuses not to see him when they are already dating. Sung Gyum then stop teasing and tells Sang Hyo that he’s off on a business trip for a few days and whether it would be enough time for her to forget Gu Hae Young by the time he comes back? Sang Hyo can’t answer initially and Sung Gyum offers her more time. Sang Hyo shakes her head and is determined to forget her past at today’s wedding.

Sung Gyum hands Sang Hyo a new tie he bought since she wouldn’t buy him one and wants her to put it on him. As Sang Hyo puts the tie on Sung Gyum they get really close and Sung Gyum suddenly asks if they should get married. He reminds Sang Hyo that she asked him to marry her first, and as soon as possible at that. Sang Hyo pulls the tie tightly and orders him to forget that drunken proposal. Sung Gyum instead wants to make public their relationship to the hotel employees once he gets back from this trip. He asks if Sang Hyo is okay with that? She smiles and nods her head. Sung Gyum advises Sang Hyo to avoid Eun Joo in the mean time.

Sang Hyo finishes putting the tie on Sung Gyum and the camera pulls back to reveal that Eun Joo is standing there huffing as she watches this intimate tableau. She can’t believe Sung Gyum really plans to date Sang Hyo but is determined not to give up since it’s not over until the couple walks down the aisle.

Hae Young is not making an effort to wash up and get ready for the wedding which makes Shi Chan try to hurry him along. Soo Ah calls Hae Young’s cell and Shi Chan picks up to assure Soo Ah that Hae Young is busy getting ready. Hae Young takes the phone reluctantly and Soo Ah asks if Hae Young is ready to get married? She looks over and we see that her driver secret boyfriend is sitting beside her in the car and she’s really addressing her conversation to him.

Soo Ah tearfully tells oppa that she really loves him and will continue to love him even after the wedding. Soo Ah takes her driver’s hand as he looks at her very sadly. Soo Ah says again that she will really love only him after the wedding. She asks if oppa feels the same way and her driver mouths “I do.” Hae Young ends the call and Soo Ah looks over at her driver and asks him to drive her to the wedding now.

Shi Chan drags Hae Young to the bathroom to force him to get ready and chides him for being all glum on his wedding day. Hae Young still dawdles and Shi Chan orders him to do right by Soo Ah and prepare for the wedding. Soo Ah and her driver are unhappily driving to the wedding and both of them continue to be exceedingly morose as well.

Hae Young takes forever to shave as he keeps zoning out while Shi Chan rushes him from the room. Soo Ah is crying and her driver reminds her not to mess up her make up. Hae Young finally puts on his tux and is all ready which is when Soo Ah finally can’t stand it anymore and starts howling. Her driver also makes up his mind and asks Soo Ah to run away with him.

Sang Hyo reminds Guard Cha to be extra vigilant for the wedding in keeping order. He assures her there is no need to worry about the recent wedding thief anymore. Sang Hyo assumes he’s referring to the dead Manager Hwang who was found with Hae Young’s wallet beside him. Sang Hyo doesn’t think that means Manager Hwang was definitely the thief so asks Guard Cha to still keep an eye out. Young Mi whisks Sang Hyo away to greet the arriving groom parents.

We see Gi Chul hiding behind a beam eavesdropping on the earlier conversation and he looks shifty. He repeats to himself “Gu Hae Young’s wallet, found beside Manager Hwang’s body?” He appears frightened and looks over at Guard Cha before rushing off.

Sang Hyo greets both sets of parents and Hae Young’s parents are very nice whereas Soo Ah’s mom has an attitude and is dismissive towards Sang Hyo. Turns out the two moms were classmates in their younger days. Sang Hyo tries to play nice and says Soo Ah’s mom is just like Soo Ah….so very pretty. LOL.

Sang Hyo explains to Hae Young’s parents about the order of the upcoming ceremony and then offers them some beverages. Hae Young’s dad asks for water and Sang Hyo grabs some while thinking that Hae Young looks so much like Hae Young’s dad. Hae Young’s mom notices Sang Hyo’s name on her name tag and wonders why such an unusual name seems familiar. Sang Hyo tries to quickly leave and dodges a bullet when Hae Young’s mom thinks her name sounds like that of a famous actress. Hae Young’s mom asks her to bring Hae Young to see the parents before the ceremony.

Hae Young still sports a poker face while waiting for the wedding to start and nothing Shi Chan does can get him to cheer up. Hae Young wonders if it’s fate that he’s supposed to marry Soo Ah? If so then why did he have to meet “her”? Hae Young’s phone rings from Soo Ah calling to apologize before informing him that she’s not coming and she can’t marry him. Sang Hyo arrives just in time to hear this call.

Soo Ah thinks it’s wrong to marry him when she’s in love with another man. She hangs up the phone and turns to her driver boyfriend to announce that she feels alive again. She takes off her veil and lets the wind carry it away before the two drive off together.

Hae Young tells a shocked Shi Chan and Sang Hyo that the bride has run away. Sang Hyo orders Hae Young to bring the bride back! For this wedding she even got on her knees and this wedding also impacts the survival of the hotel. Hae Young angrily asks why Sang Hyo only thinks about the wedding when he’s the one dealing with the shocker that was just dropped on him.

Soo Ah’s mom rushes in and confirms that her daughter also called Hae Young to inform him that she’s pulled a runaway bride routine. Soo Ah’s mom is so upset and wonders how she’ll face Hae Young’s mom. Sang Hyo heads down to the ballroom and sees that preparations are almost done. Hae Young has come up with a Plan B and roped Soo Ah’s mom and Shi Chan into it. Shi Chan asks if Hae Young is sure about this and he declares that this is fate.

Sang Hyo brings the hotel team together inside the ballroom to inform them of this shocker. Hae Young also tells his parents the bad news but asks for their trust in him. He promises they won’t be disappointed with how he’s going to handle this matter.

Sang Hyo laments how the wedding preparation is so perfect this time. Eun Joo wonders where the bride is and why she’s not in the waiting room? Sang Hyo drops the shocker that the bride has run away and the wedding is off now!

Guests of the bride’s side of the family all get texts from Soo Ah’s mom not to come to the wedding or to leave immediately.

The hotel employees are all in an uproar with the wedding being cancelled leaving all the food untouched and the reporters waiting outside. Hae Young arrives in the ballroom and announces to everyone that the wedding isn’t being called off. Sang Hyo asks if the bride is back and hears that Soo Ah is still gone. Hae Young says he has Sang Hyo, right? She is his bride and she can just pretend this is like their wedding 7 years ago. Everyone gathered in the ballroom gasps to learn that Hae Young and Sang Hyo were once married.

Hae Young is perfectly serious about his suggestion especially since the wedding preparation was all done according to what Sang Hyo likes. In that case she can have a wedding ceremony that she loves. Sang Hyo wonders if Hae Young has gone crazy but he hasn’t and thinks of this as the proper wedding they didn’t have 7 years ago.

Eun Joo interrupts to write the story behind this wedding – Hae Young and Sang Hyo were married 7 years ago and broke up, but they met again and fell in love again. That’s the story she will tell the reporters outside. Sang Hyo wants to be honest and tell the reporters that the wedding has been called off. Eun Joo brings up how Sang Hyo is the future of the hotel and she’s going to let the hotel be destroyed over this? All the employees here will be out of a job after this and it’s not something Sang Hyo can fix simply by quitting her job.

Hae Young asks Sang Hyo to go through with it but she thinks its absurd. Eun Joo doesn’t find it absurd at all and raises her hand in voting yes, which leads to all the employees also voting yes for the wedding to go through with Sang Hyo and Hae Young. Before Sang Hyo can decide she’s called outside to deal with Soo Ah’s mom causing a commotion in kicking all her guests out of the hotel.

Eun Joo tells Guard Cha to delay the wedding half an hour and to remove all signs that the bride’s name is Jung Soo Ah. The bride has been changed to Nam Sang Hyo. Hae Young asks if Eun Joo thinks Sang Hyo will show up to get married and Eun Joo isn’t sure either but she would be thrilled if Sang Hyo agrees.

Sung Gyum pulls up to a hotel and a group of hotel managers rush out to greet him. He’s surprised they know he’s Director Jo which ruins his plan to secretly observe the this hotel’s management.


As Sung Gyum heads up to his room, a pretty girl spots him and rushes into his arms calling him “Gong Min oppa” (a cameo by Hong Jin Young, Namgong Min’s We Got Married wife). Sung Gyum pries her off him and the manager explains to her that he’s Director Jo Sung Gyum. The girl apologizes for mistaking him for her husband and worries that he’s been meeting girls often and she’s here to catch him cheating on her. LOL. Poor Sung Gyum quickly makes his getaway from this crazy lady.

Sang Hyo is pacing in the courtyard wondering about Hae Young’s suggestion for yet another wedding farce. She thinks Gyung Hee is there to convince her to go ahead with the wedding but Gyung Hee brings up how people have regrets about love when death comes calling. If she had feelings still and had a chance now, she would go ahead and do it. Sang Hyo doesn’t want to let her remaining feelings cause her to make another mistake.

Guard Cha and his team are checking invitations of all the arriving guests, letting on the groom’s side guests enter while redirecting the bride’s side guests away. Inside the ballroom, the older gentleman who had a heart attack is back and he wonders why the something feels off. Eun Joo is assuring another employee that this idea will work since no one from the groom’s side of the family remembers the name of the bride anyways. The older gentleman suddenly thinks the bride’s name is not Nam Sang Hyo, wasn’t it Jung Soo Ah last time. He points to the wedding cake with Soo Ah’s name still on it and Eun Joo quickly grabs the name frosting off and eats it. Ahahaha.

Shi Chan gets on the microphone to thank the guests for attending the wedding of Gu Hae Young and Nam Sang Hyo. That gets Jung Eun to stand up and scream at Shi Chan about why the bride has changed to Nam Sang Hyo from Jung Soo Ah. All the guests start whispering about this bride change so Eun Joo takes the microphone and smoothly asks if all the guests believe in fate or miracles? Eun Joo wants to share the love story between Hae Young and Sang Hyo, a story that will make everyone believe in fate and miracles.

Guard Cha informs a shocked GM Lee that Manager Nam is now the bride in the wedding and he’s furious that no one told him until now. He is about to storm out of his office to put a stop to it when he finds Sang Hyo standing at his door. He assures her that no one can force her to go through with this wedding.

Eun Joo is getting so into her storytelling as she shares how Sang Hyo was preparing Hae Young’s wedding and the two of them tried to restrain their feelings for each other. But they still loved each other and Soo Ah saw their true love so she stepped aside and prepared this wedding for Sang Hyo and Hae Young with her blessing. That is why Soo Ah’s mom is here as well to attend the wedding. The guests are all placated and excited about the wedding to start and even a frustrated Jung Eun is told to sit the heck down!

Eun Joo announces the entrance of the groom as Hae Young walks down the aisle. Shi Chan announces the entrance of the bride and all the guests stare in anticipation towards the door. The music starts and keeps on going but the door doesn’t open and no bride is entering. Shi Chan announces again the entrance of the very nervous bride and Hae Young keeps his eyes trained on the door as if praying for Sang Hyo to arrive.

Finally the door to the ballroom opens to reveal Sang Hyo wearing a wedding dress with GM Lee walking her down the aisle. The look of relief on Hae Young’s face is sooooo palpable. GM Lee confirms one last time that Sang Hyo is good with going through with the wedding and she nods back before they head down the aisle towards Hae Young.

Sang Hyo’s smile is totally brilliant and Hae Young’s eyes light back to see her walking towards him again. Young Mi snarks at why Gyung Hee is crying when it’s Sang Hyo getting married? Gyung Hee remembers that the wedding suite needs to be prepared and sends Young Mi to do the final set up. Young Mi angrily storms off muttering about how it’s going to end soon the way she has to be ordered about. Guard Cha notes her departure up to the wedding suite.

Young Mi changes out all the names in the suite from Soo Ah to Sang Hyo before plopping down on the rose petal strewn bed and wondering when it’s her turn to live the high life? She takes out a necklace and talks to herself about the plan to blackmail Soo Ah falling apart with her running off with her secret boyfriend. But at least Manager Hwang left her a life saving route before he died. Someone appears to be spying on Young Mi who takes out her phone and calls someone. She stares at the necklace and asks the caller if her suggestion has been decided? Timing is of the essence since the other side is interested as well. She suddenly hears the suite door open and close loudly.

Hae Young and Sang Hyo exchange their vows again and everything is going swimmingly until Hae Young looks down and notices that Sang Hyo has her fingers crossed. Sang Hyo gives Hae Young a defiant “what?” look right back.

Young Mi is arguing with an unknown person in the suite and holding the necklace, declaring that she got it fair and square. if the person doesn’t want to deal then there are others who want to pay for it. Young Mi goes to the bathroom to prep it for the wedding night as well and scoffs at the person she left in the hotel room. She hears the suite door opening and closing.

The newlyweds have finished their vows and the guests are chanting for them to kiss. Hae Young steps closer and Sang Hyo warns him not to think about it. He pulls her close and strokes her veil before leaning in to kiss her.


Young Mi finishes setting up the bathroom when she’s struck from behind on the head with a heavy object by an unknown assailant. She stumbles forward into the bathroom and touches her head to find her hand covered in blood. A frightened Young Mi steps up on the sunken bathtub rim before tripping and falling dead inside the bathroom as her head strikes the edge of the tub.

Sang Hyo and Hae Young tenderly kiss and she thinks herself that this is just for show. Rose petals fall on them as the guests cheer but a very disgruntled Jung Eun storms out.

The newlyweds are gathered for group pictures and Hae Young has to remind Sang Hyo to smile. She snipes back that she’s not happy and then flashes a smile for the cameras. The hotel employees wonder where Young Mi is and we see her laying totally dead in the suite tub.

Detective Kim is eating with the Vice GM at the precinct when his partner Detective Lee sits down with the update that the person Manager Hwang called on the night he died was Sung Gyum’s mom. WHAT? Detective Kim remembers what Hae Young said, that Manager Hwang was threatening the person on the other end of the call with going to talk with the son.

Hae Young and Sang Hyo have changed into traditional Korean wedding outfits and are paying their respects by bowing to Hae Young’s parents. The parents ask Sang Hyo to take care of their Hae Young. The rest of the relatives tells Sang Hyo to have babies and lots of them, to take care of Hae Young, and not to fight for inheritance with the siblings.

Hae Young and Sang Hyo retire to the wedding suite together and both are exhausted after a long day. Sang Hyo wonders what kind of family Hae Young has and why everyone has such strong opinions? Hae Young reluctantly tells Sang Hyo that his family owns one of the biggest development companies in Korea. He quickly adds that his dad owns it and the succession is going to his brothers. Sang Hyo can’t believe there is so much about Hae Young that she never knew.

Eun Joo calls Sang Hyo for her to stay put in the wedding suite since the reporters are spending the night at the hotel and have totally bought into the wedding. Sang Hyo yells at Hae Young for getting her into this farcical mess. Hae Young is about to ask Sang Hyo to start over again when Sung Gyum calls asking if the wedding is over and she’s sent Hae Young away in her life.

Hae Young is annoyed she’s on the phone with Sung Gyum and purposes declares loudly that he’s going to wash up. Sang Hyo quickly lies that she’s alone. Sung Gyum describes how the stars are dotting the sky and so bright it looks like he can reach out and pluck them. Sang Hyo wants to see such stars and Sung Gyum offers to take her on a trip next time to the same place. Hae Young is about to open the door to the bathroom but hears Sang Hyo’s conversation and storms back, missing out on finding the dead Young Mi in the bathtub.

Before Sang Hyo can answer Sung Gyum’s offer to take a trip together, Hae Young grabs the phone from her hand and tosses it on the bed. Sang Hyo calls Hae Young rude for hanging up her call but he points out that they got married and she’s flirting with another man on the phone. Sang Hyo says the wedding is not real anyways and why does he keep dragging her into his impetuous mess. She storms to bed and pulls the cover over herself to ignore Hae Young.

After Sang Hyo falls asleep, Hae Young stares at her from the sofa grinning like a fool. He quickly pretends to fall asleep while Sang Hyo gets up and stares at him sleeping on the sofa. She wonders if she was too mean to him today? She walks off and Hae Young grins after hearing what she said.

Sang Hyo opens the door to the bathroom and sees the dead Young Mi in the bathtub and screams!

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Korean Drama Its Okay, Its Love Episode 16 (Final) Recap

Korean Drama Its Okay, Its Love Episode 16 (Final) Recap

Now it's time to say goodbye to all the characters who have gone along with us during the past two months. We had so many tears and laughs and realized the message of the show has tout at us all series long: hope.

No one can argue that this show takes itself seriously all the time, but just think of all the salsa or sauce they could have made with all those tomatoes. And for our final ratings check-in, It’s Okay, it’s Love ended its run with 12.9%.



It's Okay, That's Love Episode 16 Review by Dramabeans:

His feet washed and in new shoes, Kang-woo asks if he shouldn’t come back anymore. At that, Jae-yeol passes on Hae-soo’s gratitude towards Kang-woo, since he could’ve ended up dead much sooner if Kang-woo hadn’t appeared to him three years ago, buried under his massive guilt.

“She says I was actually comforting myself when I comforted you,” Jae-yeol explains. He’s come to realize just how much the abuse he endured from his stepfather and brother scared him, despite putting up a strong front. He realizes how much he hated the powerless and helpless little boy who couldn’t stop his mother from being beaten, and how afraid he was when he ran away, barefoot.

Jae-yeol lowers his head, the tears imminent, and Kang-woo consolingly says that’s all in the past now. Jae-yeol agrees, adding that despite his past, he grew up to be a rather decent adult.


Both of them try their damnedest to keep a smile on their faces, though the tears continue to stream down Jae-yeol’s face. Kang-woo asks Jae-yeol not to acknowledge him in the future, “but if… once in a while, you do miss me, then just look in a mirror. Because you’re me.”

Now it’s really time for goodbyes, and Jae-yeol pulls Kang-woo into a tight embrace while trying to keep his tears at bay. Kang-woo: “Goodbye, Han Kang-woo.” Jae-yeol: “Goodbye, Jang Jae-yeol.”

Slowly, Jae-yeol lets go of Kang-woo as the camera pans down, and when it pans up again, Jae-yeol is left staring at his own sad reflection. Truly alone now, he breaks down in silent sobs, and Hae-soo enters his room to be a literal pillar to cry on. (‘Cause disciplinary board action be damned for love, y’all.)


Sunbae Jo is delighted to hear about Jae-yeol’s breakthrough, and when Soo-kwang beats himself up for experiencing the first episode he’s had in weeks, So-nyeo yells at him for hitting what’s hers (meaning, him).

Sunbae Jo scolds him, saying that he should be proud of himself, only to get pinched and be met with So-nyeo’s icy stare. He does, however, interrupt the couple’s potential Lady and the Tramp moment though by cutting their shared noodle with his chopsticks.

Things seem to get better for Jae-yeol at the hospital, sneaking light hand-holding with Hae-soo and playing peacekeeper about TV rights with his fellow patients. Doctor Lee considers adjusting Jae-yeol’s medication, and it seems Hae-soo’s out of trouble with the disciplinary board now, thanks to Doctor Lee.


It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 16 Screenshots

When Hae-soo ignores yet another call from Mom, Doctor Lee encourages her to stop avoiding her mother. Not that Hae-soo has much of a choice since Mom comes marching in to collect her daughter moments later. Jae-yeol sees Hae-soo leaving, and so do her friends Yoon-chul and Hye-jin, who are here to see Jae-yeol today.

The expecting couple offers Jae-yeol some encouraging words—sure, there are times when Hye-jin worries how difficult it’d be for her husband if she relapsed. But instead of running away—which would be the easier option—Yoon-chul tells her to love him all the more. So Jae-yeol shouldn’t just worry about Hae-soo, and he has as much right to be happy as anyone.

Jae-yeol calls Hae-soo’s mother (I guess he gets to keep his phone?) and entreats her for a chance to meet Hae-soo, where he’ll convince her to leave overseas. Mom listens before hanging up without a word, and before Hae-soo can explain herself, she sends her daughter back to the hospital.

After sharing about the recent surge of his book sales and an invitation to appear as a guest on his former radio show, Jae-yeol tells Hae-soo to go on that worldwide trip she once told him about. When she asks if that’s why he called her here, Jae-yeol frankly replies yes.

She asks if they’re breaking up again, but Jae-yeol argues that this is being filial to her mother. He’ll keep up his treatment once he’s discharged again, and teaches her more about love: “Love doesn’t mean giving up something for the other person, but it means to achieve something.”

He doesn’t want her to give up on her dreams because of him, and she should feel free to travel as originally planned. She asks if he’s being real, and Jae-yeol tells her to do her best to forget him in the next year. If she can’t by then, they’ll talk about it then.


He won’t pick up her calls and will decline her visits to him from here on out. If she persists by using her authority as a doctor, he’ll move to a different hospital. I wish that option was on the table a lot sooner, but what’s done is done.

“Is it that easy for you to send me away?” Hae-soo asks, tears in her eyes. “It’s hard,” Jae-yeol admits, but this is the only way he can save face with her family. She breaks into a tiny smile and asks what happens if she meets someone, and he laughs that he’ll wish her happiness then.

He won’t back down—just like how Hae-soo helped him with dealing with Kang-woo, he’s sending her away so that she comes back from this trip a stronger and wiser person. Then Jae-yeol draws his hand away, and repeats that no, he won’t be giving in.


He follows up with a kiss and sends her off. She asks if he knows what an awful guy he is, and he returns a tiny smile. Fighting tears, Hae-soo leaves.

Mom is taken aback to be told that Hae-soo will take a leave of absence from work and head out soon afterwards. Hae-soo assures her mother that she and Jae-yeol have really called it quits this time, and that she won’t contact Jae-yeol either because she loves her mother that much.

Mom accepts that answer, but then Hae-soo takes her mother’s hands and asks her to trust her one more time. “Trust that I’m a good doctor who can treat her patients. And whatever misfortune comes my way, that I’m someone who can turn that moment into happiness again.”

Mom starts to ask if she’s hinting about starting over with Jae-yeol in the future, but Hae-soo cuts her off with her farewell, saying that she’ll call often. A tear rolls down Mom’s cheek after Hae-soo leaves.

Hae-soo returns home, where Soo-kwang promises that he won’t let the candle for Jae-yeol go out in her absence. It’s also Soo-kwang’s idea to enlist PD Choi’s help to take her to the airport, and Sunbae Jo gives his short (but snappy) farewell sitting down.

Doctor Lee checks in with Jae-yeol before he leaves for the radio show, asking if he knows that Hae-soo’s leaving today. He does, and is later mobbed by fans at the broadcasting building. He’s momentarily startled when a high schooler asks for his autograph, but breathes again when it’s Not Kang-woo.

He has to tune out their whispers about whether he was pretending to be mentally ill to sell more books, but holds his own during the radio show. It’s nice to see Jae-yeol laughing again, and so does the host, who gives Jae-yeol the floor to speak a few words:

Jae-yeol: “Hello, this is Jang Jae-yeol. I’m sure many of you already know, but I’m suffering from a mental illness. The doctors say my condition is rather common with one out of every hundred suffering from it, and that it’s not terminal, but one where complete recovery is possible. I plan to do my best, believing in those words… because what I can do for those I love is to never give up hope no matter what may come.”

Hae-soo is tuning in on the plane while Mama Ok-ja and Jae-bum listen in at home. Jae-yeol says he’d like to address his usual sign-off to himself; he’d realized that he always asked how his listeners felt and bade them a good night, but never said those things to himself.

So he asks tonight’s listeners to do the same—to ask themselves, “Are you really okay?” and bid themselves goodnight. Staring at his reflection, Jae-yeol signs off, “Good night, Jang Jae-yeol.”

Our characters do the same separately, as Soo-kwang speaks to himself (and smothers himself with kisses), Sunbae Jo speaks to his reflections, and Hae-soo tells herself to sleep well.

An unspecified amount of time passes when we see Jae-yeol again; he’s still at the hospital, but has taken up writing again, and ignores an incoming call. From Hae-soo, perhaps? In any case, Doctor Lee believes Jae-yeol has improved enough to consider discharging him soon. She and Sunbae Jo give each other a high five on their work.

Soo-kwang and Sunbae Jo smile over Hae-soo’s travel photos, and wonder why she chose to go to Mongolia than enjoy herself in Europe. Jae-yeol suggests that it was probably because of cost, and firmly refuses seeing Hae-soo’s photos. Sunbae Jo asks if he and Hae-soo really don’t keep in touch, and Jae-yeol rises from his seat.

Soo-kwang asks if Jae-yeol will need to keep up with treatment even after he’s discharged. Sunbae Jo confirms it, since Jae-yeol will need continuous follow-up treatment. 

We skip ahead again to a year after Hae-soo’s departure. Over at Mama Ok-ja’s place, Jae-yeol gives his hyung (who now has a full head of black hair) a hard time about a female prison guard showing interest in him.

Tae-yong adds that Jae-bum even had a small crush on Doctor Lee, and Jae-bum gets upset when Mama Ok-ja gives him a shirt to change into that isn’t Doctor Lee’s favorite color.

Soo-kwang updates Hae-soo (and us) with how everyone is doing lately: Jae-yeol attends group therapy, is writing again, takes his medication once a week, and hasn’t seen Kang-woo in over six months now. Jae-bum attends group therapy to (led by his crush, Doctor Lee), and so do Soo-kwang’s father and Mama Ok-ja. 

He writes that Yoon-chul and Hye-jin gave birth to a baby boy (the baby in the picture, however, wears pink), and Soo-kwang, Doctor Lee, Sunbae Jo, and PD Choi all enjoy spending time together at the house with their significant others. He asks if it bothers her that he made slight mention of Jae-yeol, but encourages her to come back to see how Jae-yeol’s doing herself if she’s that curious.

We see Hae-soo back in Okinawa, narrating a message to Jae-yeol. She writes how she spent an entire day by the shore where they spent the night together, along with the other places they visited. She’s heading back to Korea tomorrow, holding onto the minuscule hope that he hasn’t forgotten about her.

Her grand return back home is met with practically no fanfare, since her old housemates are busy bickering over a puzzle. Sunbae Jo is in a glum mood because his wife recently returned to the States, and Hae-soo gripes over seeing the house looking like a pigsty. 

She helps herself to a glass of water, which gets promptly plucked out of her hand by Jae-yeol… ’cause he lives here again? Wait, does he actually live here again? She’s happy to see him, but he’s still his candid self, and tells her that she’s gotten prettier since they’ve seen each other last.

Hae-soo looks just as confused as I am right now, so she barges into Jae-yeol’s room. He’s hardly surprised, and she asks what he was getting at with his earlier comment. She can’t understand his matter-of-fact tone right now if he hasn’t forgotten about her, and Jae-yeol frankly admits that because he thought of her every day, it feels like he just saw her yesterday.


“I really missed you, Hae-soo,” Jae-yeol tells her, words which trigger happy tears from her. When he asks if he can kiss her, she breaks into a wide smile, and then swoops in for a kiss.

Sunbae Jo and Soo-kwang burst inside just then, and ha, it turns out that puzzle they were working on reads, “Our loving Hae-soo, Jae-yeol has been waiting for you.” They hilariously plop themselves on the bed to watch the ongoing makeout session, only to be shooed out.

We fast forward another year from that moment (so make that three-ish time skips now), and now Jae-yeol’s bathroom bears a painting of a camel leisurely walking in the desert. Hae-soo’s eyes widen at her positive pregnancy test before she joins Jae-yeol back in bed.

She’s in an annoyed mood, which prompts Jae-yeol to shift gears to automatic punishment mode. He groggily asks what’s wrong today, and she hands him the pregnancy test, reminding him of how he persuaded her into having unprotected sex some weeks ago.

Jae-yeol takes the test and walks out, and Hae-soo calls out, “Yeobo!” Omo, are you two married now? The wedding photos in their bedroom confirm it, and I have to admit—the family picture is pretty adorable.

Jae-yeol announces the happy news that he’ll be a father to Sunbae Jo and Soo-kwang, who responds enthusiastically. Hae-soo, on the other hand, isn’t that thrilled, and breaks up their happy party by spraying them with the water hose.

Hae-soo’s parents are over the moon about the pregnancy, and Jae-yeol returns home in time to hear Sunbae Jo’s disapproval over Doctor Lee’s choice of boyfriend. It quickly turns into a shouting match, and Hae-soo has to pull her “I’m pregnant!” card to calm everyone down.

After pointing out each other’s flaws and agreeing to hash things out tomorrow, the party breaks up in a huff. Jae-yeol is told to sleep in Soo-kwang’s room tonight, since Hae-soo is upset that she has to extend her fellowship due to her pregnancy. She changes her mind less than a minute later.

And when Sunbae Jo had suggested they hash things out, he apparently meant physically, because we’re transported to a white room where the entire crew (sans PD Choi and Mi-young, who are together now) throw tomatoes at each other. At one point, Jae-yeol and Hae-soo are targeted, and they scream that Hae-soo’s expecting.

As per usual, Hae-soo and Jae-yeol light a candle that night and lift up a prayer. On Jae-yeol’s radio show, he speaks of an enclosed candle that never goes out: “There’s only one reason why that candle always remains lit. It’s for the sake of those lonely people who live outside that cavern.”

“To those who feel lonely and think that you’re alone, know that someone is always praying for you,” Jae-yeol continues. “Remember that there was never a moment you were alone.” 

Jae-yeol and Hae-soo go out for ice cream and a walk afterwards. They get recognized by a group of fangirls, led by an enthusiastic girl who asks for his autograph (cameo by KARA’s Goo Hara). She’s left peeved when he declines, since he’s on a date with his wife right now.

Hae-soo tells him that he’ll lose his fans that way, but all Jae-yeol needs is Hae-soo by his side. They tell each other that they’re exactly each other’s types, and he asks what if they had another kid after their first is born.

She isn’t particularly keen to that idea, but smiles anyway. Jae-yeol plants a kiss on top of her head. “How about three?” Hae-soo tosses back happily. Jae-yeol: “Deal!”

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Kdrama My Secret Hotel Episode 6 Recap Screenshot

Kdrama My Secret Hotel Episode 6 Recap Screenshot

Kdrama My Secret Hotel: Episode 6 Recap Screenshot by Dramabeans

Three minutes — the time it takes ramyun to cook — is long enough to fall in love, Sung-gyum tells Sang-hyo. He asks her to date officially, and gives her thee minutes to reply. Right then, Sang-hyo’s phone vibrates and we see that it’s Hae-young, but she doesn’t answer.

With one minute to go, she starts to confess something to Sung-gyum but is cut off when a car speeds by, and Sung-gyum quickly pulls her in to avoid it. The car is Hae-young’s: He witnesses the accidental hug and curses himself for his drive-by.

Meanwhile, three minutes are up: “I’ll assume I got my answer.” But then Sung-gyum relents and instead gives her three days.


In her apartment, Sang-hyo says to herself, “Never mind three minutes… I fell in love in three seconds.” She reminisces how she and Hae-young first met, when she was a server and spilled food all over him. A googly-eyed Hae-young can’t take his eyes off her and asks her out immediately. “Give me a little of your time… I want to talk to you. Just an hour — no, just thirty minutes.” It’s nervous and awkward until she says yes. Aww.

Hae-young is now sitting outside her apartment, thinking about her, while up above, Sang-hyo nurses a coffee on her balcony, thinking of him. He wonders if she’s really forgotten everything.


Elsewhere, police have tracked down and arrested the three poker thugs. The ringleader tries to run but is cut down very quickly by Detective Kim (did he just run into your fist?), who conducts the world’s most hilarious arrest: “You have the right to remain silent, but it’s better if you don’t.” And he tops it all off with a wink. HAHA.

At the station, the gamblers admit to the detectives that they were at the hotel, until Team Leader Cha threw them out. They deny killing Hwang even though he “deserved to be killed.” Detective Kim orders them locked up for now.


Another detective brings Kim some new evidence: Unusual CCTV footage shows that the video for July 23rd is identical to August 23rd (the day of the incident), proving someone has tampered with them.

The next morning, everyone at the hotel is congratulating Sang-hyo for securing Hae-young and Soo-ah’s wedding. The strain of smiling wears on her.

In his office, Hae-young is brooding on Sang-hyo being with Sung-gyum while his co-workers discuss his… performance issues. When he catches them, they all laugh it off as innocent talk about building strong structures…so they stand tall and straight — oh no, please, stop, the subtext is killing me.


Jung-eun strides in like Catwoman in a slinky skirt with a thigh-high split. She spreads herself out on Hae-young’s desk, all legs and scary pout and wants to know if Hae-young feels anything. He just tells her to get out.

Disappointed Jung-eun promises to really leave him alone now, but in exchange (and her eyes travel south)… he should see a doctor. The whole encounter confirms his colleagues’ fears about his manhood. Poor Hae-young, he’s so confused.

Sang-hyo is visiting with GM Lee. He’s also pleased at her success, but comments that she doesn’t look so happy. As she’s about to leave, she asks GM Lee if he ever had a woman he loved. “I was wondering if the memory of love fades with one’s own effort,” she explains, and laughs at herself a little.


Sang-hyo catches up to Eun-joo waiting for an elevator. When it arrives — with Sung-gyum inside — Eun-joo dives in and tries to shut the door on Sang-hyo. These two, ha. Sang-hyo foils her but stops short when she sees the other occupant. Sung-gyum is undisturbed by the sudden meeting and pulls her on.

Awkward quiet ensues. Sung-gyum asks her if she’s thought about whether she’ll date him. Eun-joo starts at that, and Sang-hyo frantically pushes buttons to escape. She runs out with the excuse that she forgot something, and Eun-joo follows. Sun-gyum just looks pleased.

Sang-hyo hides while Eun-joo runs around yelling for her. She overhears a female employee in distress — it’s Slimy Manager’s office. He harasses and threatens the woman, playing on her fears about losing her job if she doesn’t go along. Sang-hyo’s voice cuts in, telling him to drop his hand. She lets the employee escape and warns Slimy Manager — who is, in fact, vice general manager of the hotel — that she’ll finish him at the ethics committee meeting if he doesn’t apologize to the employee. He mocks her because he’s a slimy twat.

Eun-joo’s found her again, so it’s time to run. She flies into Detective Kim and asks him to watch her back; she’s about to bolt when she turns back and seals her request with a wink. HAHAHAHA. Poor smitten Detective Kim tries to block Eun-joo from following, but she elbows past anyway.


Team Leader Cha takes Detective Kim to the security office where he explains that each day’s film is moved to an archive every night. Kim says this means someone had to have switched the recording. Only four people have access to that archive, Cha says: GM Lee, Jo Sung-gyum, Slimy (Vice General) Manager, and himself. Cha confirms that he himself would have moved that day’s video, too.

A guard (the same one from Episode 2) chimes in to tell Detective Kim that on the wedding day, he saw Slimy Manager emerging from the archive room while everyone else was at the wedding hall. While Detective Kim chews on that, a look passes between the guard and Cha.

Based on the new evidence, Detective Kim escorts Slimy Manager to the station, while Kyung-hee and Sang-hyo look on.


Eun-joo finally has Sang-hyo cornered. She wants to know if she’s really going to date Sung-gyum. Sang-hyo hasn’t decided yet and Eun-joo insists she should tell him no right away, because she likes him. Sang-hyo makes to leave without satisfying her, when she catches sight of Hae-young, who’s overheard everything. He lets out the quietest sigh.

Soo-ah is trying on her new new wedding dress, with Young-mi and Kyung-hee attending; she can’t wear last time’s dress because it would be bad luck. Young-mi wonders at how rich she must be to throw away a dress she wore only once. Soo-ah throws back, “Do I look like I can’t afford that?”


When they are alone, Young-mi shows Soo-ah pictures on her phone of her “friend” who resembles Soo-ah. Soo-ah takes one look and is sure that it’s herself — she suddenly realizes when and where they’re from, and her face says it isn’t good. Young-mi confirms it was last month in Hong Kong, and passes her a sheaf of the original photos. In the background of each selca of Young-mi is a canoodling couple, one-half of which is unmistakably Soo-ah.

Thoroughly rattled, Soo-ah asks how much Young-mi wants. Ah, blackmail. “For each photo, the price of your wedding dress.” When Soo-ah objects, she retorts, “You look like you can afford it — or can’t you?”

Sang-hyo runs into Hae-young and urges him to meet Soo-ah, who’s waiting for him. But he’s fixated on the question of whether she will date Sung-gyum, and she says there’s no reason for her not to. If that’s the case, Hae-young argues, why didn’t she say so to Eun-joo? Even before he finishes asking whether she might have any feelings towards him (Hae-young), she cuts him off with a denial. Switching to formal address, she requests for him to come finish the wedding preps.

In the car park, Soo-ah gets upset with Chauffeur Kim (whose name is Ki-ho) and cries that it’s all his fault. By now, it’s clear there’s something between them — he must be the other person in Young-mi’s photos.


Hae-young and Sang-hyo are surprised to find Soo-ah gone when they arrive at the fitting suite. Young-mi passes on the message that something urgent came up (blackmail…) and the groom should take care of the rest.

In their office, Gi-chul is gossiping about Slimy Manager’s arrest in connection with Hwang’s murder and Young-mi looks shifty at the mention of his name. Gi-chul is uncomfortable with the detectives coming round and blusters when Young-mi asks if he did something wrong. Young-mi delivers a speech about how people ought to live their lives right, which makes Kyung-hee smile weirdly at her. I have a feeling she knows more than she lets on.


Detective Kim is still putting pressure on Slimy Manager (by playing copycat to his whining, ha) about the swapped tapes. Slimy extracts a promise that the hotel won’t hear about it before admitting he switched them to hide the elevator harassment incident that Sang-hyo witnessed. He insists he had nothing to do with Hwang’s incident, but Detective Kim keeps him locked up to check his alibi first.

Team Leader Cha reports to GM Lee about Slimy Manager’s arrest and what happened to the CCTV footage from that day. GM Lee receives something on his phone which makes him sigh that he thought getting rid of Hwang would be the end of it, but he’s still haunted by the dead man. He tells Cha that there’s something they need to take care of.


Sang-hyo tries to get Hae-young to choose a theme for his wedding, but he is listless and tells her to choose whatever she likes. She moves on to flowers, and he’s just as uninterested. Just then, she notices Kyung-hee looking unwell and sends her home.

Out of their sight, Kyung-hee wavers on her feet. GM Lee and Cha pass by to see her clutching the wall, and Lee asks if she’s ill, but she says she’s fine. Cha pauses an extra moment, but leaves without comment.

Alone in the office, Hae-young repeats that Sang-hyo should just choose whatever she likes, because he doesn’t care. She says he should tell her what type of wedding he wants so he won’t regret it later.


“Then how about this?” He starts, “Instead of an extravagant dress, the bride wears a clean and down-to-earth one-piece dress. In her hands, rather than a ready-made bouquet, she holds some flowers that she likes.” A small church, he adds, without any guests or fanfare — just two hearts. Sang-hyo immediately recognizes the description of their own wedding, and tears up.

She reminds him that that didn’t work out, so this time, he should do it properly. She gets up for coffee, but her hands are shaking so badly that she doesn’t see Hae-young coming up behind her and spills hot coffee all over him.

He tells her it’s okay, and past and present intercut as he says the same words as the first time they met. “Give me some of your time. Just one hour. No — just thirty minutes.” He has to tell her something before the day is out. He holds onto her and tells her he’ll be waiting for her in the car park. Overwhelmed, she runs out.

Sang-hyo cries alone in a corridor and in his car, Hae-young waits.


In his apartment, Sung-gyum keeps typing and deleting a text to Sang-hyo when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Sang-hyo, who tearfully tells him the truth of her short marriage seven years ago: “I fell in love with him the moment I met him… I loved him to death and hated him to death. I tried so hard it nearly killed me. So that it wouldn’t kill me, I erased it from my memory.”

Sung-gyum asks if she’s telling him because she felt pressured about dating him. She replies that he should know — and would he date her, even though she’s divorced? He tells her that he also had a first love, so he doesn’t have a problem with her past.

“Even if that past is right in front of me?” She finally confesses that her ex-husband is Hae-young, whose wedding she is planning. Now Sung-gyum adds up the meaning of all of those times he saw her upset. He asks her angrily how she could hide something like that, and takes back what he said about waiting for her answer: “From this moment on, we… are dating.” And he kisses her.

Hae-young is still waiting in his car and perks up adorably when he sees Sang-hyo… but right behind her is Sung-gyum and she gets into his car. Sad Hae-young. She notices him too late, and looks away.

Sung-gyum drops her home. He thanks her for telling him, and also for dating him. He asks her to smile tomorrow: “Then I’d feel like I helped.”

Hae-young calls Shi-chan to drink with him, and asks him to stay with him for the night, which causes Shi-chan to spit-take. Not like that, dummy. If he’s left alone, Hae-young is afraid he’ll go to “that woman.” It’s a night of surprises for Shi-chan, who’s flabbergasted that Hae-young saw her (he doesn’t know it’s Sang-hyo), especially right before his wedding. So what happened? Hae-young admits he was rejected: “There was something I had to tell her, but she didn’t want to hear it.”

He asks Shi-chan if he should really go ahead with this marriage. Shi-chan reminds him that he told him to think it through at the start; he reveals to us that the real reason for Hae-young’s marriage was because his father refused to have heart surgery if he didn’t do it. In the face of that, Hae-young couldn’t refuse, and he didn’t care who it was: “I figured all women were the same unless it was her.”

Sensible Shi-chan points out he still got rejected, and Soo-ah is by no means a poor substitute: She’s pretty, from a good family, and crazy about him.

Or not: In her car, Soo-ah is arguing with Chauffeur Ki-ho, to stay out later — so this must be a secret date. Soo-ah says that they won’t be able to be together like this after she’s married: She’ll forget Ki-ho then, and be a faithful, loving wife to Hae-young. She tearfully begs him to stay together, since there’s not much time left. Moved, Ki-ho kisses her.


Hae-young moons around outside Sang-hyo’s apartment, regretting not staying with Shi-chan. As her lights go out, he wishes her goodnight.

In the morning, Hae-young watches her leave, telling himself it’s the last time he gets to see her like this. Were you there all night?!

Wedding time already, and it’s Hae-young’s turn to walk the aisle. With a last look at Sang-hyo and a wistful smile, he goes, followed quickly by Soo-ah. Hae-young looks up at where the broken skylight used to be, and wishes for another body to fall.


The officiator asks for their vows, and after the longest few moments, he gives his. They are really married. I am nearly crying here.

Facing the guests, Hae-young only sees Sang-hyo. “This is how it ends,” he thinks.

Someone is calling Hae-young — WHAT?! OH MY GOD WHAT.

It was a dream. It was all a dream. Shi-chan wakes him up at his desk and feeds him coffee. Shi-chan reproaches him for spending the night at the office when it’s his wedding day today. Hae-young says, “It’s the day my nightmare becomes reality.”

Shi-chan doesn’t have time for his self-pity, and packs him off to get ready at the hotel, as per Soo-ah’s orders. It might well be the gallows, with Hae-young’s expression.

The wedding hall is in the last steps of its preparation. Kyung-hee checks up on Sang-hyo, worried that she looks nervous. She sweetly sends her off to take a break, since there’s still plenty of time.

Shi-chan and Hae-young arrive at the hotel, but Shi-chan forgot the ring in the car. Hae-young: “Why didn’t you just lose it?” Shi-chan tells him to go on ahead but warns him not to sneak out. (That’s a great idea! DO IT!)

Of course, this is exactly when Sang-hyo is also coming out. They walk towards each other — and then past. But Hae-young stops her, and acknowledges how hard she’s worked. She congratulates him on his wedding.

In their heads, they each say goodbye to the other, and carry on walking away in opposite directions.

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Kdrama Fated To Love You Episode 20 Recap Screenshot

Kdrama Fated To Love You Episode 20 Recap Screenshot

Kdrama Fated To Love You Episode 20 Recap by Dramabeans


Just as Manager Tak is about to send everyone home now that they’re missing their bride and groom, Gun and Mi-young come through the door hand in hand. Grandma Wang is beside herself with joy.

Mi-young notices Mom is missing, but still begins her walk down the aisle… At least until Mom yells frantically from the doorway, “I’m here!!” She all but falls into Gun’s arms as she worries she’s too late, but everyone’s all smiles and laughter. She’s just in time.

Gun and Mi-young begin their official walk down the aisle this time, which is like night and day compared to when Gun looked like he was walking to his grave the first time around.

Yong notices one of the candles is unlit during the ceremony, and uses his magical fire powers to light it. Haha. I still don’t get this bit, but I’m glad they’re committing to it through the end.

Then it’s the exchange of vows. They promise to take each other as husband and wife, and say aloud (and together) their promise to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives, till death do they part.

But then there’s the addendum they both say: “No, even if death separates us, we swear to be together forever.” Now man and wife, they kiss to seal the deal. (*sniff*)

On their way to their honeymoon spot on Jeju Island, Gun complains about how short their trip has to be because of Mi-young’s work schedule. She preempts his question on whether work is more important to her than he is, which causes him to stop the car as he extols his impressive lineage, all, Pfft, like I was going to ask anyway! (He was totally going to ask.)

Mi-young takes things into her own hands by literally taking the wheel, leaving Gun panicked in the passenger seat as he asks her if she even has a license. She says she does, but that she’s never driven a car before. HAH.


It’s her way of getting out of Gun’s proposal that she’d have to kiss him at every stop light, but it backfires adorably when Gun realizes that he can kiss her at will now that he’s not the one driving. Cue cuteness overload.

Manager Tak and Yong, dressed like spies, undertake a mission they call “Revival Macau,” which entails them preparing the honeymoon suite (Room 2009) so that Gun and Mi-young can get down to business. Grandma Wang’s orders, of course—she wants a grandchild stat.

We flash back to Grandma Wang telling Gun that she wants a grandchild to hold in ten months, only for Gun to tell her that he planned on enjoying newlywed life with his snail for at least six months. Since that didn’t sit well with her, Manager Tak and Yong are there to make sure things go according to her plan.


Our newlywed couple arrives at Room 2006, and it’s funny how both of them make sure that last number is stuck on and totally unflippable. Little do they know that the two spies are watching from the peephole in Room 2009 across the hall.

After Mi-young puts the kibosh on sexy times before the sun sets, the two of them slow dance under the stars. Mi-young tells him that her father used to dance with her when she was young, calling her “Princess Mi-young” even though she admits that she never felt like much of a princess, and more like a maid.


Gun takes offense to that as he says that his Mi-young is no maid, but a pretty and kind princess who found the key to this prince’s heart. She laughs at the cheesiness of calling him “Prince Lee Gun,” while Manager Tak and Yong literally watch on with snacks in hand.

But they’ve still got something else planned: They’re going to drug the two of them again to really recreate that night in Macau. I’m… not quite sure how to respond to that.

To make matters worse, Gun reiterates to Mi-young that this is their first real night together, considering that neither of them remember that night in Macau.


So to be sure they remember tonight, they make a pact to keep themselves clearheaded, unaware that Manager Tak and Yong have already bribed the bartender to drug their drinks. But when Gun is rejected for a love shot, he brings up how she had no problem doing it with Daniel…

…Which opens another can of worms, since Mi-young had no idea Gun was following her around back then and isn’t all that pleased about it. They both down their (drugged) drinks as a challenge before ordering another round, and Gun makes another misstep when he tells her she shouldn’t drink so much. Mi-young isn’t the snail she used to be, and isn’t a fan of being told what to do.

She leaves in a huff, but Gun isn’t too worried—she’s only got one place to go, and it’s the same as him. He does notice a familiar taste in the drink a little too late, since we find Mi-young stumbling back to her room as she grumbles about having a lover’s quarrel with Gun.


Gun is next to all but crawl his way down the hall, laughing hysterically at the generic paintings on the hotel walls for whatever reason. He can’t escape that feeling of deja vu as he stubbornly tries to enter what should be Room 2006, but which has now been labeled Room 2009 by the Spy Duo.

Mi-young is already in bed when Gun crawls into it, and they find each other with their eyes closed before Gun pulls the blanket over their heads…

Grandma Wang asks the multiple portraits of the Lee Clan ancestors to bless Gun and Mi-young so that they return as three, instead of two. Mama Yong also joins in the prayers, even adding her hope that they’ll have twins.


Dressed in traditional wedding hanbok in a cartoonishly familiar world, Gun and Mi-young act out their wild night together much like they did in Episode 2, replete with zany innuendo. Wouldn’t be the same without it.

They wake up with a scream the next morning, neither of them having any recollection of what happened the night before. Gun cries as he remembers this exact situation in Macau, especially since he’s been looking forward to sleeping with her for years now… and he can’t remember it.

He can’t even remember if they slept slept together, though all signs point to yes. They try to piece together the events of last night, and while both of them remember feeling strangely drunk, Gun belatedly remembers seeing Manager Tak and Yong outside his room. He was just too drugged to recognize them then.


Gun finds them across the hall in Room 2009, and makes the two of them kneel with their hands over their heads like schoolchildren. But Manager Tak and Yong spill the beans to Mi-young that it’s all because of what Gun told Grandma Wang about not wanting a child right away.

Still, Gun can’t get over how the Spy Duo ruined the first night of his honeymoon—but I love how he ends up being the one to hold Mi-young back when she launches at the pair for insinuating that sacrificing one night isn’t such a huge deal when they’ll have countless more in the future.


Daniel confronts Se-ra’s mother with the picture of him and his sister as children, and she doesn’t deny that the little girl is indeed Se-ra. While the weight of this revelation settles in, Se-ra arrives in time for her mother to pull her aside and tell her the truth: She’s adopted.

Se-ra’s mother, freshly lobotomized, shares a tender moment with her adopted daughter as they both agree that they’re still mother and daughter even if they’re not related by blood.

After Gun gets to brag about his wife’s success as an artist, the two lie on the hotel rooftop and stare at the stars. They reminisce about when their fate actually began, and while Mi-young thinks it was when he called her his lady luck at the casino, he thinks it started when they first met, chasing after his ring.


“The thing called fate,” Gun muses, “I thought it would be special, but I don’t think it is. Right now, the person in front of me… Everything will be fine as long as I’m with her. Not being able to imagine being with anyone else but her… I think that’s what fate is.”

“I’m okay even if we aren’t fated to love each other,” Mi-young replies. “Because I’d still love you like we were.” Gun takes her hand as he tells her that her future with him won’t be without difficulties, but Mi-young isn’t afraid, and doesn’t want him to be either: “Let’s do our best to love each other and be happy together every moment of every day for the rest of our lives.”

So Gun makes a vow to her as they look up at the night sky: “Until the day all those stars disappear, I’ll love you like you’re my fate every day.” Mi-young: “Until the day all those stars disappear, I’ll love you like you’re my fate every day.”


And at what feels like long last, the two get to have a night together they’ll actually remember, complete with candlelight and all their unspoken words of undying love passing between them as they kiss, undress, and make love.

One month later.

Grandma Wang and Gun wait in the doctor’s office with bated breath until Mi-young comes out bearing news… she’s having twins! Grandma Wang is over the moon with happiness as she praises her grandson’s virility, which, hah.


But it’s not long before Gun jokingly blames his grandmother for taking away their chance to live as plain ol’ newlyweds, even though he can’t stay that upset. Plus, Grandma Wang isn’t the least bit sorry.

Se-ra finds a post-it note inviting her out for ice cream from her oppa. It’s their first time meeting since they found out they’re brother and sister, since both of them needed time to process their feelings.

But from now on, Daniel wants them to live as siblings, which Se-ra agrees to. In a throwback to their first meeting on the plane, Daniel draws a portrait of his sister—only now he doesn’t have to guess what she looks like.


When Se-ra asks why he’s drawing his sister alone, Daniel’s eyes brim with tears as he mentions the day he lost her while buying ice cream. He tells it like a story that isn’t about her, which is maybe the only way he can get through it, but all that matters is that Se-ra understands.

They both have tears in their eyes as Daniel laments that he wasn’t fast enough back then and has been sorry for it ever since, to which Se-ra replies that he can make it up now by buying his sister that long-awaited ice cream.

Daniel holds out his hand to her, “I’ll never go off by myself again. I’ll always hold on tightly to our Mi-young’s hand.” Se-ra smiles through her tears as she takes his hand and calls him “Oppa.”

Three years later. Doctor Moon and Gun take a look at his crystal clear brain scans, with the good doctor surmising that if he’s had no more symptoms at his age, he can expect to live the rest of his life free of his family’s genetic disease.

However, Gun knows that Doctor Moon is courting Mi-young’s mother, and gives him some tips… like calling her “Lettuce Wrap Lady,” Gun’s favorite nickname for her. And it totally works, earning Doctor Moon a date with an extra-coquettish Mom.

Since we’re wrapping up everyone’s stories neatly, we find out that Manager Tak does have a passion outside of serving Gun—and that passion is dance. (In a fun throwback, his instructor turns out to be one of the many clones of Gun and Mi-young’s prenatal class teacher.)


He totally fangirls when he learns he’ll be taking lessons from a legendary dancer named Charles, only to recognize the pink-clad legend after he salsa’s up to him as none other than Lawyer Hong. Like Manager Tak, he needed a hobby, and it’s not long before the two stop using petty human words in favor of dance, the universal language.

While waiting for Se-ra to get out of her teaching job, Daniel watches with amusement as one of her young male students professes his undying love for her. Then he scares the kid off by saying that he’s the one who loves Se-ra most in this world, only for her to reply that Daniel is also the man she loves the most in this world.

Afterward, Se-ra uses Daniel’s given name to scold him for saying his sister is the person he loves most when he could be dating. Daniel tosses back that she doesn’t have much room to talk when she’s pretty, but also just as single.

Mama Yong reluctantly attends a meeting with Ji-yeon and her father, intent on showing her disapproval once and for all. But when Ji-yeon’s father is revealed to be a chaebol, and she a chaebol heiress, Mama Yong sure does change her tune fast.


When Yong asks why Ji-yeon kept her lineage a secret from him, she admits that she didn’t want him to love her because of her money. But now that Mama Yong smells money, she’s all for a quick marriage.

Gun and Mi-young have a picnic with their twins, a boy and a girl, now toddlers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gun was born to be a father, but he manages to surprise even Mi-young when he offers to read the kids his favorite story…


…And he pulls out a hand-drawn, hand-written book called “Princess Snail.” It’s the story of a princess who wore round glasses like their mother, and who was bad at studying. Haha.

The story goes on to say that the princess had an illness making her incapable of refusing a stranger’s request, as well as being incapable of abandoning anyone. In fact, as he tells them, she didn’t even know she was a princess, and thought she was a maid.

Then Gun tells of the rude prince from a neighboring land who called the princess “Snail,” and, living up to her namesake, the princess crept into his life and heart. The prince fell in love with the princess, and suffered an illness where he couldn’t live without her.


As we get taken through a flashback reel, Gun alludes to his real illness by saying that others were worried for the prince, but that he wasn’t afraid because the princess was by his side. “As long as the princess is next to him, the prince will never get sick again.”

He flips to the last page of the book, with a drawing of him and Mi-young, their two children, and lots of adorable snails as he finishes the tale: “The princess and the prince had twins and are living happily ever after.” And forever more, just in case the “ever after” wasn’t enough.

When Gun asks Mi-young if she ever regretted marrying him, she treats it like the ridiculous question it is—why would she?


“Thank you for being by my side from today, and at this very moment.” Gun says.

“Thank you for always being with me that time, not sometime, but this moment,” Mi-young replies.

“I love you, Princess Snail.”

“I love you, Prince Lee Gun.”

Watch Fated To Love You Episode 20 recap Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, Fated To Love You Episode 20 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews Fated To Love You Episode 20 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama


Baby Recap And Screenshot for Best Love Episode 16 (Final Episode)

Baby Recap And Screenshot for Best Love Episode 16 (Final Episode)

Baby Recap And Screenshot for Best Love Episode 16 (Final Episode)

Even though the penultimate episode of Best Love was somewhat of a letdown for some folks, myself included, nevertheless I was undeniably excited to watch the final episode. I did feel like I took a trip to a strange land much like Paul did (the comic Pil Joo uses as a reference to his situation in the drama). While the characters and the situations of BL were surreal and extraordinary, I connected with much of it, and felt rewarded in the experience. In the end, watching this particular dramatically constructed “greatest love” unfold was entertaining and memorable. To celebrate a great ending to a lovely story, my treat for all the BL-fans – a baby recap of the final episode to tide you over until the recap proper.

Episode 16 Baby Recap:

Jin’s public and dramatic declaration of love is received differently by everyone watching. Ae Jung finally lets go of her hesitation and worry and accepts Jin’s love without reservation. Pil Joo is sad but accepts this is the end of any possibility with Ae Jung. Agent Moon is concerned but begins to handle all the media and public scrutiny for Jin.

Jin meets up with Ae Jung, wearing another giant red bow, and proposes to her using the clover engagement ring he’s been keeping hidden from her. Ae Jung hugs him and says not only is she not running away, she’s never letting him go. Immediately Ae Jung is being reviled by netizens and Jin’s endorsements fall away and popularity tumbles. Ae Jung’s family and friends congratulate her, and remind her that it’s going to be a hard road ahead.

Pil Joo prepares to leave for China and Se Ri tries to use a China CF project to continue stalking him, but he’s still not reciprocating. Ae Jung’s popularity has gone up since people are fascinated by her more. Jin has Ae Jung sign a marriage certificate which he registers. Public is stunned they already got married so quickly. Jin’s Cannes movie role went to another actor, and he’s no longer the face of Vitamin Water.

Jae Seok mentions that there is a video out there between Jin and Ae Jung, which Manager Jang overhears. He leaks the news and makes it sound like it’s a sex tape. The public starts manufacturing parodies of what the contents of the video are. Ae Jung gets into a car accident and has minor injuries. Jin finally gets fed up with the vitriol posted online about Ae Jung and wants to sue the netizens. Agent Moon asks Jin to drop the lawsuit since the people responsible are just housewives and kids and all feel apologetic for their poor behavior.

The video is leaked and it turns out to be a final farewell from Jin. He narrates the video as if he’s dead so this video is being played. He reveals he loves Ae Jung, who has been unfairly reviled and misunderstood. Ae Jung made him a better person, so he asks his fans to love her and take care of her now that he’s gone. The public reception to this video is positive.

Baby Recap And Screenshot for Best Love Episode 16 (Final Episode)

Ae Jung gets married with Mina, Jenny, and Se Ri as her bridesmaids. She bids a final farewell to Pil Joo as he leaves for China, not to get away, but because he wants to go study there. He thanks her for the trip to the strange land, and one day his feelings will completely go away. Fans send congratulations on Jin and Ae Jung’s wedding.

Time jump! We see Jin buying diapers and formula. Ae Jung leaves for work early and kisses Jin and their baby daughter before she heads out. Jae Seok is promoted at work. Jenny wants Ae Hwan and Jae Seok to keep fighting over her, but they are more rivals at work now. People keep wanting to introduce daughters to Pil Joo. Se Ri runs into him on a hiking trail. She still likes him, and he smiles back at her in the end when she suggests they go eat ramyun.

Ding Dong is trying to teach the baby but is told a ten month baby can’t learn anything yet. Jin and Ae Jung tease each other about yet another news report about them, so they need to do another public outing like a picnic to squash whatever new rumors are out there. Ae Jung suggests that celebrity couples with lots of children get good publicity. Jin replies they should get started on that right away. Jin and Ae Jung hug and say “recharge” to each other. They turn to look at the camera (us) and waves.

2011, ockoala.



Kdrama "I Missing You" Final Episode 21 Live recap Screenshot

(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 21 cast :

Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Soo Yeon

- Kim So Hyun as Lee Soo Yeon (young)

Park Yoochun as Han Jung Woo

- Yeo Jin Goo as Han Jung Woo (young)

Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Hyung Joon

Jang Mi In Ae as Kim Eun Joo

- Yoo Yeon Mi as Kim Eun Joo (young)

Do Ji Won as Hwang Mi Ran

Jun Kwang Ryul as Nam Eun Joo’s father

Han Jin Hee as Han Tae Joon

Song Ok Sook as Kim Myung Hee

Cha Hwa Yun as Kang Hyun Joo

Kim Sun Kyung as Jung Hye Mi

"I Missing You" Episode 21 live stream

(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 21 Recap by njkim updating...

Let's start!!! ( It is just a few scenes that already aired)

Han tea joon, gang sang deuk, Hwang miran, michel kim.....

Please help JW to catch HTJ by himself.

JW: i am so envious that I'm your son....


SY is in somewhere and JW is searching for her place.

She can hear some Harry's footstep.

In the past,

SY: JW....

but at that time, JW just ran away from her...even she was in danger.


JW: i imagine this over 100 times return here to save you..

HJ takes a gun with releasing eyes..

SY's mother cleans the package and someone calls her.

Policeman catches HTJ. Hestill behaves superciliously

HTJ: What? call the police chief!!! you policemen also miss Harry who his leg is broken !!!!

At that time, SY's mother heard about this and cries out.

SY: You're JW's father? what? JW is my son. i've raised him even now ! Are you laughing in front of me? Do you know who am I?

The place where Harry and SY are in reminds her the crime scene.

HJ: See this, He is the person who throwed away you in the past! Lee soo yeon, you kicked me off because of this person?

JW: SY..Look at me.. i feel guilty even now..until now..i don't forgive myself. Hey, HJ. You also hurts her because of your greedy so stop this !!!!

HJ: Seat down !! ( He takes a gun to her)

HJ: Please SY...Look at me...i feel so lonely.....i don't like i'm in the prison..without you..I can't even breath....come here Joy...

JW: Harry put down the gun...i am also afraid of you... then how could she stay with you?

HJ: Shut up! i'm talking to Joy.

(He fire the gun)

JW: Why didn't you shoot the gun to me? Because are you a cousin?

HJ: All the thing is becasue of HTJ. Hey joy...when we were in Paris...even you didn't love me...i was happy...at that time..

I want to return ...

SY: HJ...If it is not the love that you want...but i loved you because we are family... i lied a lot to you...pretend to forget everything.....Harry...please don't do that.

JW cuts their conversation.

HJ: There is no heaven where i'm in alone...i will go there with SY. JW...Actually i envy you.

JW: You see only the side that you want..like running my leg..

then how about my father? even you shoot the gun, our love doesn't end... rather more deeply..

At that time, she blocked JW...when he shoot the gun, JW was gunned instead of SY.

HJ: SY...Is this love that you mentioned? I can also be shot the gun for you... i can !!! but you even didn't give me the chance. please look at me....

But SY only focus on JW. HJ also was gunned by policemen.

They are both in emergency room.

NEWS says....HTJ will be sentenced by heavy punishment ..

JW wakes up... after 10 days..

SY: Why did you wake up so late...i have been worried....

JW: i'm sorry...

After 10 months.

Joo detective blames on the time...i'm just alone....i don't have any girl friend....huh...just grow older...

JW is working as the policeman

The criminal: Are you gunned?

JW: Sure i was gunned. Because my loved people lived in this world, i have to convict your crime!

In the house, there are SY, SY's mother, JW's sister, SY's sister and JW's mother...they look so happy.

JW present the ID card to her.

JW visits his father in the prison.

JW: You heard my new..yes i was gunned...i'm worried so much to get here...but we still have many chances...

next time.. call me...

HTJ: ....Crazy boy..

JW: i will wait...father..( He just talks by himself)

HJ....lost his learning ability..he was sentanced to life...

SY and JW visit him..

SY: hello..my name is lee soo yeon.

SY: From now.. make the good experience...

First snow is falling..

(Do you remember the last ep? they promised to get married at the first snow in returning winter.)

In the church,

SY: Thanks for staying with you..always...

JW: There are just 13 steps left to come here. When the raining, wear the umbellera together..when the snow falling, get together like this.... Like this...let's live embracing our hurts...

Wedding by themselves.

They post their wedding picture so everyone knows their wedding. hehehe because they post it on the facebook.

Joo detective : Oh my stomach... oh oh oh

JW: We just got wedding before melting the snow. And we will get married legally bringing parents, mother.

In the past, the scene that SY hands out the umbellera to JW.

JW: Thank you i will bring it back to you tomorrow.

SY: You will come here tomorrow?

JW: Yes.

SY guesses whether he comes here or not.

JW comes with kid uncle, HJ.

HJ: You're liar! you said that your girl friend is so pretty!

JW is embrassed...

Actually this is his imagination.

JW: How would be if we met like this....

SY: What will you do when the first snow is falling...

JW: I will meet you you're my only friend..

Regardless of the way our met, we will meet...some time or other..


Finish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is final ep ㅜㅜ


(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 21 Video Preview


(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 21 Screenshot:

Watch "I Missing You" Episode 21 Recap, online new korean drama in korean Series, "I Missing You" Episode 21 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "I Missing You" Episode 21 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama


Henry Confesses His Love To Yewon During The Final Episode Of 'We Got Married'

Henry Confesses His Love To Yewon During The Final Episode Of 'We Got Married'

(Photo : Facebook ) Super Junior M"s Henry serenaded his onscreen wife Yewon during the couple"s final episode of MBC"s We Got Married.

On Saturday, June 13, the final episode for Henry and Yewon aired and featured special guests Hollywood actress Chloe Moretz and singer Eric Nam. During the show, the four stars went to a karaoke room (noraebang) and had a great time. 15"s Park Jimin and U-KISS"s Kevin also joined in on the fun making for a celebrity-filled good time for all.

Laughter aside, the mood eventually turned a little more serious as Henry serenaded his wife Yewon in the karaoke room. Henry chose to sing "So Nice" by indie-acoustic duo 10cm. "Yewon ah, I love you," added Henry.

Yewon was truly touched as she did not expect Henry to sing to her. Yewon loved his sincerity and also could not hide her emotion. "I felt like I was being proposed to" is what Yewon said.

While Henry and Yewon"s virtual relationship was only three months long, the two shared great memories and fun moments together.



[HanCinema"s Drama Review] "Hogu"s Love" Episode 16 Final

It should come as little surprise that for the final episode "Hogu"s Love" goes for the obnoxious sitcom antics that have characterized the bulk of the drama"s run rather than the emotional heart that"s been far more lacking lately. The first segment of the episode is devoted to the immensely creepy plan by Hogu and friends to get him back together with Do-hee.Seriously? It"s supposed to be reassuring that theydeliberately trickDo-hee into thinking she"s a homewrecker?

The kiss on the road is supposed to be a bookend. And yetall it did was remind me that Do-hee has been nothing but trouble from the minute Hogu decided to go after her. She"s been hostile, uncommunicative and a major intrusion in Hogu"s life. And what has he ever gotten in return? Do-hee crying every once in awhile, revealing her emotional vulnerability, and that"s supposed to make up for how miserable it"s been for them to be together? And let"s forget the baby in that analysis- goodness knows writer Yoon Nan-joong never treated that plot point seriously.

Nor, for that matter, is the rape given any similar serious emotional weight. That issue is practically "solved" in a throwaway segment at the end, which rather insultingly acts asif pointing out the inconsistencies in Do-hee"s story is a function of rape culture, rather than just the natural result of anarrative that"s been horribly contrived for dubious moral purposes. And have we ever even gotten anything that could reasonably be called an ethical catharsis?

No. We justhave Kang-cheol figure out that he"s not really gay after all. Well that"s just great. Everyone gets their nice fluffy happy ending in spite of doing absolutely nothing to indicate they"ve even slightly grown up as a result of these experiences. At the beginning of "Hogu"s Love" the implication was clearly that we were going to explore the flaws in nice guy white knight fantasies. Incredibly, the overall dramatic thrust has ended up validating those simplistic ideas in multiple plotlines.

"Hogu"s Love" isn"t just bad. It"s so bad, on the total narrative level, that I haven"t even been bothering to nitpick. National swim teams take their marching orders from government commissions, not ad agencies. Incidentally,national sports commissions have zero tolerance for even the appearance of sexual impropriety. And pregnancy is a big physical deal- no one in a serious one-dimensional sport like swimming can expect to have one (let alone two) kids during their peak years and expect to still be competitive. I only mention these facts now for the sake of completion. So many critical errors in "Hogu"s Love", sofew wordsto attack them.

Review by William Schwartz

"Hogu"s Love" is directed by Pyo Min-soo, written by Yoon Nan-joong and features Park Soon-cheon, UEE, Choi Woo-sik, Seulong, Lee Soo-kyeong-I, Jeong Won-joong and many more.

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