"Divorce Attorney is Dating" releases posters and first teaser video of Yeon Woo Jin, Jo Yeo Jung, and more

Get ready for SBS"s new drama "Divorce Attorney is Dating", starring Yeon Woo Jin of "Marriage, Not Dating",Jo Yeo Jung of "Working Girl",Shim Hyung Tak of "Let"s Eat", and Wang Ji Won of "I Need Romance 3"!

Character posters and the first teaser video were recently released for the drama, following the bickering nature as well as ups and downs of working as a divorce attorney. Yeon Woo Jin plays So Jung Woo, who might seem like a loser at first but turns out to be a man of conviction, while Jo Yeo Jung plays Go Chuk Hee, a person considered unworthy of good manners from other people.

Shim Hyung Tak plays Bong Min Kyu, who became an attorney due to filial duty towards his father, and Wang Ji Won plays Cho Soo Ah, who seems perfect in every way except for when it comes to love.

It looks like there will be a lot of laughs in this drama, so check out the teaser below and then the premiere on April 18!

#이혼변호사는연애중 [첫 번째 티저 공개] 처키보다 독한 고척희(#조여정)와 정우마리아 소정우(#연우진)의 달콤 살벌 "전세 역전 로맨스"! 4월 18일 토요일 밤 10시 첫 방송♥https://t.co/B5M3Fop8Lp

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Girl's Day's Yura And INFINITE's Sunggyu To Star In Upcoming Mini Web Drama 'Love Detective Sherlock K'

Girl's Day's Yura And INFINITE's Sunggyu To Star In Upcoming Mini Web Drama 'Love Detective Sherlock K'

(Photo : Twitter ) Girl"s Day"s Yura and INFINITE"s Sunggyu will star in upcoming web drama "Love Detective Sherlock K." Girl"s Day"s Yura and INFINITE"s Sunggyu will be part of the main cast for KBS"s upcoming mini web drama "Love Detective Sherlock K."

Yura and Sunggyu were confirmed to star in the web drama when a broadcast official revealed the news on Monday, February 9.

"Girls Days Yura and INFINITEs Sunggyu have been cast in the web drama "Love Detective Sherlock K,"" the official announced. "They will be working with the lead actress Han Chae Young."

Actress Han Chae Young will portray the title character, Sherlock K. The character will be dressing up as a man in order to hide her true identity.

Sunggyu will be playing a rich guy, while Yura take on the role of a very popular young woman who is known to many people wherever she goes.

"Love Detective Sherlock K" will have a total of eight episodes. While there is no scheduled date set on when the drama will first broadcast, the end of February is when the production film crew is looking.

While the web drama has a few weeks until broadcast, the two idols are staying busy.

Yura is appearing alongside actor Hong Jong Hyun on the popular reality series "We Got Married." Meanwhile Sunggyu is gearing up for INFINITE"s comeback.


Yeon Woo Jin Considers Landing Lead Role In SBS Drama

Yeon Woo Jin Considers Landing Lead Role In SBS Drama "The Divorce Lawyer is Dating"

Actor Yeon Woo Jin is considering landing the male lead in the SBS’s drama “The Divorce Lawyer is Dating.”

On January 7, Yeon Woo Jin′s agency rep told Newsen, "It′s true that he received an offer as the main lead to SBS′ new weekend drama, The Divorce Lawyer is Dating (translated). He′s not confirmed yet, but we′re in the stage of postively discussing it."

Yeon Woo Jin Considering Lead Role in New SBS Weekend Drama

To follow the currently airing Here Comes Family, The Divorce Lawyer is Dating is a drama, whose script won the highest honors at the first screenwriting contest presented by the SBS Culture Foundation.

The drama takes place in a law firm as a man and a woman, who separated as enemies, get back together after the tables have been turned.

Currently, Jo Yeo Jeong is being considered as the female lead, although her agency rep stated, "We′re received an offer, but it′s not confirmed. We′re positively considering it."

Yeon Woo Jin has taken a break following his tvN drama, Marriage Over Love, looking into his next project. If he takes the role in The Divorce Lawyer is Dating, it will be Yeon Woo Jin′s first lead role in a main broadcast drama.

Photo Credit: Newsen


[Video] Moments of f(x)'s Krystal and Infinite's L in

[Video] Moments of f(x)'s Krystal and Infinite's L in "My Lovely Girl"

Is  there anyone here who wants Sena (f(x)’s Krystal) and Shi Woo (Infinite Power’s L) to be a couple? Every time seeing this couple on the TV, it always drives me to crazy. Here are some lovely moments of Sena and Shi Woo in the “My Lovely Girl”. What are you waiting for, let’s see it now.






“Real Men- Female Soldiers” Episode Reveals Height and Weight of Kim So Yeon, G.NA, Girl’s Day Hyeri and More

“Real Men- Female Soldiers” Episode Reveals Height and Weight of Kim So Yeon, G.NA, Girl’s Day Hyeri and More

On a special episode of “Real Men,” the weight and height of participating female members were released.

On the August 24 episode of “Real Men: Female Soldiers Edition,” Girls Day’s Hyeri, actresses Hong Eun Hee, Kim So Yeon, and Ra Mi Ran, speed skater Park Seung Hee, singer G.NA, and comedian Maeng Seung Ji entered the Nonsan Army Training Center. They received a physical examination as part of their admittance process.

In the post-examination interview with the production team, Hyeri, who weighed in at four kilograms more than her previously stated weight, joked, “I’m lighter than that. It’s the mic. It’s really heavyIf I take it off, I’ll be one or two kilograms lighter.” Kim So Yeon joined in with a laugh, saying, “I should have worn shorter pants and lighter clothing.

The height (cm) and weight (kg) of the participating members as measured on the show in comparison to their public profiles released by their management agency is shown below. Fourty-five kilograms is 99.2 pounds and 167 centimeters is 5.48 feet (around 5 feet 6 inches).

Name Real Men (weight) Public Profile (weight) Real Men (height) Public Profile (height) Hong Eun Hee 49.65 45 165.7 167 Kim So Yeon 51.50 45 164.9 167 Maeng Seung Ji 49.35 47 164.6 167 Girls Days Hyeri 51.75 47 166 167 Ra Mi Ran 61.90 53 160.4 162 G.NA 50 not available 166.4 168 Park Seung Hee 59.85 57 167 167 Watch the clip from the show below.

Editor crystalcoves brief commentary:

It is interesting to note how hot this topic was in the Korean entertainment news when the episode aired. The producers of the show knew it would be and made sure to advertise that this information would be revealed before they aired the episode. There is a lot of pressure for females in Korea to be skinny, with the pressure even higher for those that appear on TV. The measurements shown on Real Men were all higher for weight and lower for height than what their public profiles, available on Naver, state.

While the show didnt air all the post-examination interviews, it showed through the interviews of Hyeri and Kim So Yeon and through the expressions on the casts faces that none of them welcomed such revelation. In fact, they were embarrassed and Kim So Yeon and Hyeri made excuses for weighing more than what people expected them to. Even at those measurements displayed in the show, Hyeri and Kim So Yeon are underweight.

This episode of of Real Men helps to underscore how high the pressure is to be thin in Korea. As for height, women also feel the pressure to not be too tall and not to be too short, basically that imaginary perfect ideal. The walls of the box seem to be just closing in around women in Korea, tighter and immovable.



BESTie"s Haeryung to steal INFINITE"s L"s heart in drama "My Lovely Girl"


BESTie"s Haeryung will be joining the already star-studded line up for upcoming SBS drama, "My Lovely Girl"!

She is currently acting in KBS 2TV"s "High School: Love On", but will be taking on yet another project! In "My Lovely Girl," she will be playing Ra Eum, a sexy icon that steals the hearts of idols as a top singer renowned for her alluring beauty and outstanding vocal talents.

Within the drama, she is the object of INFINITE"s L"s affection, who plays Si Woo, a top idol member under the agency AnA. However, she disregards all his attempts at courting her.

Krystal"s character Se Na happens to witness Ra Eum"s rejection of Si Woo, and she and Si Woo (L) start to develop a bond.

Regarding her role and casting, Haeryung said, "Ra Eum"s image is so strong that it probably won"t be easy for me to capture, but I will show the charms of this devilish character in a sexy and provocative way."

The drama will start airing on September 17!


Infinite’s L considering a position for SBS’s new drama, “My Lovely Girl”

Infinite’s L considering a position for SBS’s new drama, “My Lovely Girl”

Infinites L is currently considering joining the cast of SBSs upcoming drama, My Lovely Girl starring Rain.

On the 30th of July, Woollim Entertainment revealed that L had indeed received an offer for a part in My Lovely Girl, and that they are viewing it with a positive mind.

If L were to star in My Lovely Girl, he would be playing the part of an idol named Siwoo from a group named Infinite Power, and will have an interesting character throughout the series.

"My Lovely Girl" will be a romantic comedy about those who dream to become stars in the K-pop industry, and will start airing on the 17th of September after "Its Alright, Its Love".

Will you be tuning in?

Source: My Daily



INFINITE"s L reported to be starring in upcoming SBS drama "My Lovely Girl"


INFINITE"s L is reported to be starring in the upcoming SBSdrama "My Lovely Girl" (tentative title)!

According to a network insider on July 30, L"s casting for the role of a prickly "flower boy" singer has been confirmed. He"ll be starring alongside Rain, who"ll be playing the leading role of an agency head, and fans are eagerly awaiting both artists" return to television.

L has previously starred in SBS" "Master"s Sun" and MBC"s "Cunning Single Lady" series. "My Lovely Girl" is expected to premiere on September 17.

Stay tuned for more info on L and the drama!


INFINITEs L Confirms Casting in Rains Comeback Drama My Lovely Girl

INFINITEs L Confirms Casting in Rains Comeback Drama My Lovely Girl

INFINITE member L will be appearing on SBS’ upcoming drama “My Lovely Girl,” which is scheduled to air its first episode in September.

According to a broadcast official on July 30, L recently confirmed his casting in this new drama, seeking to establish his position as an “acting idol.”

The INFINITE member will take on the role of a ‘flower boy’ singer in this drama’s storyline. It appears that many different singers will make appearances on “My Lovely Girl,” however, L is expected to play a pivotal role with a large part.

Previously, L has played So Ji Sub’s younger counterpart in SBS’ “Master’s Sun,” as well as the role of an erratic secretary in MBC’s “Cunning Single Lady,” leaving an impression on viewers.

Singer and actor Rain is also making his return to the small screen through this drama as the male lead character—an entertainment agency president named Hyun Wook.

You can look forward to “My Lovely Girl,” which will begin airing on September 17, after the completion of “It’s Okay, It’s Love.”


Yeon Woo Jin, Han Groo, Jinwoon, and Sunhwa confirmed for new tvN weekend drama 'Marriage, Not Dating'

Yeon Woo Jin, Han Groo, Jinwoon, and Sunhwa confirmed for new tvN weekend drama 'Marriage, Not Dating'

Yeon Woo Jin, Han Groo, 2AM"s Jinwoon, and SECRET"s Sunhwa have been cast in the upcoming tvN weekend drama "Marriage, Not Dating"!

SEE ALSO: 2AM belatedly revealed to have expressed their pain regarding the ferry victims at Japanese concert

A CJ E&M rep confirmed on May 21, "Han Groo, Yeon Woo Jin, Jinwoon, and Sunhwa will star in the new tvN Fri-Sat drama "Marriage, Not Dating", which will follow "Gabdongi"."

The 16-episode series is written by Joo Hwa Mi and will be directed by PD Song Hyun Wook. The drama portrays the story of successful bachelor Gong Ki Tae (Yeon Woo Jin), who gets pressure from his family to settle down. He devises a plan to introduce Joo Jang Mi (Han Groo) as his girlfriend who he thinks would never get his family"s approval for marriage. Jinwoon will play bad boy Han Yeo Reum who has got both riches and looks but doesn"t believe in love until he meets Joo Jang Mi. Sunhwa will be playing the role of Kang Se Ah, who has got everything going for her as Gong Ki Tae"s fellow medical school colleague and works as a specialist under her father"s cosmetic surgery clinic.

The drama is currently in the process of casting and will crank in this month. It"s scheduled to premiere following "Gabdongi" this June!