How Kim Sejeongs Drama Family Supports Her Character In School 2017
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How Kim Sejeongs Drama Family Supports Her Character In School 2017

Behind every great drama character, there is a supportive (or sometimes just dramatic) family!

Kim Sejeongs Ra Eun Ho in School 2017 is no exception. As she faces down unfair circumstances, low grades, and relationship drama at her school, shes always sure to find unwavering support at home. Ra Eun Hos family also sets up the foundations of her character, establishing why her values are so important to her and why she works so hard to make them proud.

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Sung Ji Roo plays her father, Ra Soon Bong, a family-oriented man who does the best that he can for his daughter. He cant afford to send her to a private tutor, but without the knowledge of his family (at least until Eun Ho spots him one day by accident) he plants flowers on the road she takes to school to make her path easier in any way he can. Its clear Eun Ho inherits her can-do attitude from a great father, who knows that its important not to give up just because the circumstances arent ideal.

Kim Hee Jung plays Eun Hos mother, Kim Sa Boon. Like so many tearjerking K-drama moms (at least the ones that arent scheming to marry their rich sons off), she is willing to throw away her pride for the sake of her daughter. When Eun Ho is falsely accused and on the verge of suspension, her mother goes to the school and begs on her knees for another chance for her daughter. The moment brought Eun Ho, as well as many viewers, to tears, especially contrasted with her tough-love style of mothering that shed shown before. Although she blames herself for not being able to help her daughter with her schoolwork in a world where high-achieving parents raise high-achieving kids, her unconditional support is just as much a source of strength for Eun Ho as anything else.

Finally, Jang Se Hyun plays Eun Hos brother, Ra Tae Sik. As the older sibling, he isnt afraid to tease and complain about his little sister, but leaps to Eun Hos defence when she is falsely accused. Although always cadging money off his little sister, he gives her a 10,000 won bill when she enters an art exhibit. He pretends not to care, but shows his support in all the little ways that count.

Ra Eun Hos family make her a more relatable character, because they are completely ordinary. Her parents dont have major influence in the school and work regular jobs. They argue with Eun Ho and with each other just like any other family but never doubt that underneath they love one another.

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