Here Are All The Reasons Amnesty International Disapproves of K-Drama Romances

Here Are All The Reasons Amnesty International Disapproves of K-Drama Romances

Amnesty International Korea has analyzed K-Dramas many romantic relationships and come up with a list of things they believe are unacceptable.

While K-Dramas are loved by people from all over the world, there have been concerns regarding the violent romance that is often depicted in several series.

Scenes in K-Drama often include the male character forcefully grabbing a female characters wrist and pulling her along with him, unexpectedly kissing her without prior consent, or loudly shouting at her.

Amnesty International and IZE Magazine teamed up to create a movement that aims to educate people about what they feel are unacceptable violent romance scenes in some series. The movement also aims to discourage future dramas from including such scenes, as Amnesty and IZE feel they promote a skewed perception of love and relationships.

They created two hashtag movements: First, a list of unacceptable behavior exhibited by male characters in K-Dramas; second, a list of misogynistic phrases that are overly used in many drama series.

See what Amnesty International and IZE Magazine deem problematic in K-Dramas below:

#1 It doesnt make me happy at all.

1. I like you because youre different from other girls.

All people are different in their own way.

2. For someone like you, youre alright.

I never asked for your judgement.

3. I didnt see you that way, but youre a complete girl.

You dont need to see me in any way.

4. How nice would it be if you had a nice personality that was as pretty as your face?

Who are we trying to impress?

5. Why are you hiding a body like that?

My body has nothing to do with you.

6. 00 is smart so she could probably be vice class captain.

Is class captain reserved for someone else?

7. 00 is too smart so shell have a tough time getting married.

9. Youre pretty good for a girl.

How about replacing girl with person and seeing how that works out.

10. Wow, youre the first girl Ive met whos interested in politics!

More like this is the first time youve met a girl.

11. Youre like a mom, thats why I like you.

Then respect and be good to me.

12. Its because I care for you like a daughter.

Then keep your hands off me.

13. Youre daughter-in-law material.

Try and come up with a compliment that doesnt relate me to your family.

14. I couldnt control myself because youre so pretty.

Dont blame someone else for your problem.

15. You must be really popular among men since you live by yourself.

16. Someones been following you? Wow, you must feel good that youre popular~

That means Im stressed because Im being stalked

17. If I was just 10 years younger, Id be dating someone as pretty as you.

18. Its not like youre ugly or anything, but what are you lacking thats stopping you from getting married?

Youre manners are lacking.

19. Wow, maybe its because there are only women here, but its like a flower field here.

Were not flowers, were people.

20. Whats a pretty princess like you working for?

To block my ears with the money I earn so I dont have to hear your words.

21. I feel like I have to constantly protect you.

All you have to do is respect me and not cross the line.

22. Nuna, youre pretty at your age.

Dont pretend to be virtuous.

23. You look younger than your age.

Youre judging both my looks and my age.

24. Youre very mature and not like a young woman.

You dont know what to say and what not to say, even at that age.

25. Oops, I better be careful with what I say now that theres a woman around.

Be careful with what you say, always.

#2 Im not impressed anymore.

— 10 Cliche and Violent Romantic acts in Korean dramas —

1. Forcefully pulling women

3. Forcefully lifting and carrying women

4. Pushing them up against a wall

6. Throwing or wrecking items

7. Turning up at their house unexpectedly

8. Announcing relationship without consent

9. Abandoning them on the streets

10. Forcefully kissing them

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