[HanCinema’s Drama Review] “Save Me” Episode 14

[HanCinema’s Drama Review] “Save Me” Episode 14

It is a time of disillusionment for our heroes and villains alike and we know how the latter deal with it. While our infernal apostles fight for power, their instincts and observational skills are sadly impeccable. So-rin and Dong-cheol are in grave danger while Sang-mi does her best to keep up the act through thick and thin. Our saviors on the outside are ready to strike, but they are alone.

From Bo-eun’s (Yoon Yoo-sun) realization that her daughter is also hiding from a husband she no longer recognizes to Jeong-hoon’s (Lee David) disappointment with his father, episode fourteen seems set on tearing down all hope for the adults of Muji. I call them adults for a reason. It is the word Dong-cheol (Woo Do-hwan) has been using. That is because “adult” in the context of “Save Me” signifies the corruption of morality.

Corruption is plentiful in this story, but while most dramas focus on its prominence in politics, business and the justice system, “Save Me” has been doing a wonderful job at portraying it as the scourge it really is. Corruption is not always for personal gain or only done by the rich and powerful. It permeates every layer of society and it can even stem from love, or at least a misguided idea of it. Jeong-hoon learns this the hard way, following after Sang-hwan and Dong-cheol before him.

Corruption is vile, but it is also predictable, negotiable and subject to reason. What is truly scary is belief and this episode makes it clearer than ever. While Jo Wan-tae (Jo Jae-yoon) has been running a business, his partners have been buying their own lies. Kang Eun-sil (Park Ji-yeong) may have been seeing the parallels between her current and past situations, but that belief makes her denial vicious and violent. Narrative value aside, it is truly enjoyable wondering which villain will blow this place up first.

Whoever does it has to get there soon, because everyone’s safety is down to the wire. Everything rests on Sang-hwan (Taecyeon) now, but we know that his mother is his weakness. I will not be surprised if he chooses his loved one over strangers, as it would only make sense, but I have a feeling that he will try to help everyone this time. Whether that will work or not is debatable.

While Sang-hwan has a plan, the people he relies on are not trustworthy. We have no idea where his father is and Detective Lee (Jang Hyuk-jin) has been looking for a way out since he took interest in this case. The heroine and heroes still have absolutely no outside help. Perhaps the only way out is an event too big to cover up and that can only involve death.

“Save Me” is directed by Kim Seong-soo, written by Jeong Sin-gyoo and Jeong I-do-I and features Taecyeon, Seo Ye-ji, Jo Sung-ha and Woo Do-hwan.

Written by: Orion from ‘Orion’s Ramblings