[HanCinema’s Drama Review] “Lookout” Episodes 9 and 10

[HanCinema’s Drama Review] “Lookout” Episodes 9 and 10

Do-han has a lot to take care of in this pair of episodes of “Lookout”. Soo-ji’s headstrong influence is powerful enough to convince even the skeptical Bo-mi that what’s right needs to be done. This pits our justice fighters directly against Chief Prosecutor Yoon who is wily enough to be a worthy opponent.

Do-han manipulated Chief Oh who is discarded by Chief Prosecutor Yoon with very little fanfare. Yoon covered up all of Oh’s wrongdoing, a show of his power. Now Do-han is taken in by Yoon who believes Do-han’s vows of loyalty. This new role has Do-han working hard to maintain his smarmy persona as well as his role as Leader. Until now, we’ve understood his motivations, but he’s been hard to like. But when we see him tearfully empathize with Soo-jin in secret, he becomes a human; a very, very fallible human. My hope is that he will reveal himself to the justice fighters and that they will all actively work together. It would be good for him to have people on which he can rely.

Those people, the justice fighters as I call them, are starting to stray from their leader’s desires. Although explicitly told not to stray from his orders, they do so anyway in order to protect another potential sexual assault victim. This is an especially important moment for Bo-mi who, until now, followed orders strictly in order to take revenge for the tragedy of her past. From what I can gather, her happy family was murdered and that was the cause of her trauma and inability to leave her apartment. Kyeong-soo’s past was also revealed in part; he had been in jail, presumably for cyber related crimes. He has yet to be focused on as something more than a cheerful hacking genius.

The events of the episode cause Soo-jin to further doubt Leader as he was indubitably the person who blew their cover. Bo-mi and Kyeong-soo aren’t quite as sure as Leader warned them of the police raid. The entire situation is tightly put together as we, the omniscient audience, see what the characters cannot. Soo-jin is the most savvy of the three and realizes that the priest she’s run into several times has a role to play as well as the fact that Leader has to be a prosecutor or someone similar. While she is dead set on revealing his identity, Kyeong-soo and Bo-mi seem less curious and more trusting in spite of everything that has happened.

Si-wan had a moment on screen after not much airtime during the moment he realizes that a classmate is police team lead Soon-ae’s daughter. This can’t be good news for Soon-ae who is currently working with the recently transferred Eun-joong to catch Soo-ji. Even Si-wan’s mother knows that he is off. It’s revealed that she saw him smirk at Soo-ji’s pain when he was being questioned about Yu-na’s death. Perhaps this mother will break the case or perhaps not. Her duties to family may continue to overwhelm her duties to justice.

Until the next exciting episode!

Written by: Lisa Espinosa AKA Rainefrom ‘Raine’s Dichotomy’

“Lookout” is directed by Son Hyeong-seok, written Kim Soo-eun, and features Lee Si-young, Kim Young-kwang, Kim Tae-hoon, Kim Seul-gi-I, Key, and Choi Moo-sung.

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