[HanCinema’s Drama Review] “Lookout” Episodes 5 and 6

[HanCinema’s Drama Review] “Lookout” Episodes 5 and 6

The band of freedom fighters of “Lookout” starts their work together with Soo-ji, Kyeong-soo, and Bo-mi under the orders of the mysterious leader, who turns out to be none other than smarmy Do-han. With his willingness to seek revenge without limit and Soo-ji’s thirst to catch Yoon Si-wan and his crooked father, we have quite the pair of episodes on our hands.

There are several layers of villainy that makes “Lookout” an interesting story. Yoon Siwan seems to be a cold-blooded teen who vies for the approval of his father and who most definitely killed Yoo-na. His character is only interesting in that his father, Chief Yoon, takes great pains to protect him and that makes our heroes work hard. His mother seems to have an inkling of who her son really is, but his father seems to self-absorbed to have the same insight. Currently, a year after the death of Soo-ji’s daughter, our heroes are Soo-jin’s new band of corruption fights made up of Bo-mi and Kyeong-soo, two hackers who constantly bicker. Bo-mi has a sour outlook on life while Kyeong-soo has the ego of a teenager. Soo-ji joins them, as at odds with Bo-mi as Kyeong-soo is, but still, the trio get on well. They do private detective work while waiting for orders from Leader, a man who has never shown himself, but who has helped Bo-mi and Kyeong-soo and earned their loyalties. The audience knows that it is Do-han, a master manipulator who plays at being a ladder climber, but who really is a puppeteer of the greedy, kind, and weak. I find him a fascinating character and a challenge for Kim Young-kwang as an actor, but he isn’t likable.

Soo-ji is haunted by the death of her daughter and plagued by her thirst for revenge. As she worked with Bo-mi and Kyeong-soo, she wisely uses the tactics of all the criminals she has caught to catch a few of her own as a private detective. Her cop instincts haven’t left her though and she still wants to preserve life no matter how skeptical Bo-mi is of Soo-ji’s likelihood of success. Bo-mi has a lot to learn about people, but obviously has some issues if she remains cooped up with the nastiest attitude of the bunch. I’m hoping she comes around. Until then, Kim Seul-gi-I is doing a great job with the character.

As for Prosecutor Eun-joong, he was demoted, but still seeks justice. It’s only a matter of time before he joins fugitive Soo-ji again, especially as she’s been caught by traffic cams and the world knows that she is hiding in Seoul. I can’t wait for her and Do-han to come face-to-face, both saddled with a desire revenge and both willing to do almost anything.

Written by: Lisa Espinosa AKA Rainefrom ‘Raine’s Dichotomy’

“Lookout” is directed by Son Hyeong-seok, written Kim Soo-eun, and features Lee Si-young, Kim Young-kwang, Kim Tae-hoon, Kim Seul-gi-I, Key, and Choi Moo-sung.

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