[HanCinema’s Drama Review] “Circle” Episode 9

[HanCinema’s Drama Review] “Circle” Episode 9

Episode nine of “Circle” answers a lot of questions about the chip technology’s origins and it raises a few very dark ones about its current condition and Woo-jin’s existence in 2037. In 2017, Beom-gyoon has been found only to be lost again as his memories are wiped by the bug and Dong-geon takes over Yong-woo’s research on behalf of someone who has been running it in the shadows all along.

Joys do not last long in the world of “Circle” and the twins’ reunion is a short-lived joy. We have known that Beom-gyoon (An Woo-yeon) lost his memories back in 2017, but his recognition of his captor gave me hope that the brothers would have time to bond before the bug wiped everything clean. It is sad to see the two constantly miss each other, but it makes for good drama. The technology which keeps them apart is truly horrible.

Han Yong-soo (Song Young-kyu) faces a worthy fate as its first victim and its functions are now clearer. I am still piecing some things together, but it seems like Byeol’s (Gong Seung-yeon) method did not require a bug, chip or other carrier for the code. The reason why the research does not work for others is because it lacks her non-invasive ways. The star she created seems to act as a security system and a scanner which can detect, copy and possibly alter the biology its light can see.

Which brings me to the talk of cloning in this episode and a very grim possibility. If Woo-jin’s (Yeo Jin-goo) physical presence is what runs Byeol’s technology, then his body would be enough to run the system. Woo-jin could very well be a dead, as Yong-woo says, or a comatose human battery running the company’s supercomputer as Human B. Perhaps that is why Dong-geon (Han Sang-jin) wants the cloning bill to pass so badly. New battery, new possibilities.

Of course Byeol/Jeong-yeon is the better option and that is why Dong-geon wants her. She truly is a very tragic character. She created something to give a boy back his precious memories, yet this system has been twisted. Everyone sees her as a tool for their personal quests. She has lost a father and in this episode we realize that Woo-jin does not hold her emotional well-being as a priority either.

As much as I love this packed episode, it is worrisome that new characters enter the scene near the drama’s end. “Circle” has not been doing well in the ratings and sequels are still rare in Korean drama. I hope that we will not be left hanging. While mysteries such as Byeol’s origins can stay unknown, a lot of them need wrapping up. Please end as well as you have progressed, “Circle”.

“Circle” is directed by Min Jin-gi, written by Kim Jin-hee-III, Park Eun-mi-I, Ryoo Moon-sang and Yoo Hye-mi and features Yeo Jin-goo, Kim Kang-woo, Gong Seung-yeon and Lee Gi-kwang.

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