[HanCinema’s Drama Review] “Circle” Episode 6

[HanCinema’s Drama Review] “Circle” Episode 6

Jeong-yeon struggles with her identity as Byeol and the time has come for her to make a brave decision. Something happened in her past which was probably instigated by a key figure making a return to the story. In 2037, Joon-hyeok and Ho-soo dance around each other due to their opposing goals, a new suspicious ally for our hero surfaces and so does a worrying possibility.

Episode six confirms that a human, most probably Kim Gyoo-cheol (Kim Joong-ki-I) did something to Byeol (Gong Seung-yeon). Whether his intentions were good or not is still a mystery. I am curious if her memory loss is caused by humans, however. We do not know how Byeol’s race operates aside from limited biological information. Losing one’s memory could very well be their fail-safe for keeping their knowledge away from prying eyes.

This is what makes her so interesting and me so hungry for more of the drama. I can see this world expanding and making up multiple seasons, which is a rare thing in Korean drama. It will not happen, but the series has the material for it. Just what is Byeol and where is she from? How was she able to learn Korean and learn emotions if her race lacks them? Then again, maybe they did not always lack them. Maybe her own people inhibit them like Human B does.

The current carrot dangled by the writers is Woo-jin (Yeo Jin-goo) as the Chairman and predictably, I am not convinced. It would never be Woo-jin as we know him, because the series makes a point of him having learned his lesson about running away. Unless he were converted by Professor Han (Song Young-kyu) with a chip and groomed into a successor, but that reaches critical levels of cheese. The Chairman did have grey hair after all, unless the creators do us dirty and change that.

Ho-soo (Lee Gi-kwang) is still regretfully simplistic despite his good potential. I find his backstory lacking and while his personal choice is his right, forcing it on those which he can probably guess did not all consent to it makes him hard to feel for. The problem is that the series clearly wants us to. Perhaps his bonding with a man who chooses to live with his pain in order to keep everything that comes with it will show him a different path.

The episode re-introduces Park Dong-geon (Han Sang-jin) as an ally and of course he looks absolutely slimy. His caring mentor facade is laughable, but he clearly wants Human B for his own plans, so for now he is a necessary evil. I am also curious whether Joon-hyeok (Kim Kang-woo) saying he does not actually have his memories back means something. Should we be expecting a twist to a twist?

“Circle” is directed by Min Jin-gi, written by Kim Jin-hee-III, Park Eun-mi-I, Ryoo Moon-sang and Yoo Hye-mi and features Yeo Jin-goo, Kim Kang-woo, Gong Seung-yeon and Lee Gi-kwang.

Written by: Orion from ‘Orion’s Ramblings

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