[HanCinema’s Drama Preview] “Lookout”

[HanCinema’s Drama Preview] “Lookout”

Revenge stemming from the sense of injustice is not a new concept in Korean drama, but where there is usually one hero fighting for their personal cause, “Lookout” inserts a cast of characters working together for the justice they have all been denied. The cast off characters offers variety and the potential for a gripping story.

“Lookout” tells the story of people whose lives have been touched by crime and the lack of justice. Detective Jo Soo-ji (Lee Si-young), who tragically loses her daughter leads the team of vigilantes as they attempt to make justice in a world where corruption and dirty interests dictate who matters in the eyes of the law.

Ensemble Storytelling

As excited as I am about the focus on an ensemble cast and the potential such a story holds, I know Dramaland cannot handle multiple leads. There is always the urge to let someone shine and place others around them. Will “Lookout” really be a group piece and can the writer make each character compelling or will this be another single-hero revenge melodrama?

This is always a worry, because it is an unknown element. The writer has won with their script for a reason, but being a rookie means that they will also have less pull in the industry. It all comes down to whether one can trust the production and channel to help creators work with quality in mind. I sincerely hope the drama is given this support.

The fact that the series is presented more as an action-thriller than a typical revenge melodrama is encouraging. PD Son Hyeong-seok has also worked in “Two Weeks”, a drama which is definitely an example to follow for such works. If “Lookout” can offer the same fast-pace and suspense revolving around a story with a strong emotional core, it will be a solid piece.

As already mentioned, a story about finding justice in an unjust world is a very simple, but also inherently gripping one. This is not to say that such stories cannot fail to evoke viewers’ emotions, but they do have the easier task of trying to achieve that through universal and emotionally charged themes. Assuming that the action does not take over, “Lookout” could be very captivating.

The corruption of power and the indifference of carriers which citizens should be able to rely on is a Korean drama staple. It also generates injustices and emotions most can sympathize or even empathize with. With a refreshing cast, a strong premise and promising creators, “Lookout” looks like a work with a good chance at doing something great.

“Lookout” begins its run on May 22nd and will air every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00, on MBC. It is directed by Son Hyeong-seok, written by Kim Soo-eun and features Lee Si-young, Kim Young-kwang, Kim Tae-hoon, Kim Seul-gi-I and Key.

Written by: Orion from ‘Orion’s Ramblings