SNSD’s Promotional Video for SBS KPop Super Concert

SNSD’s Promotional Video for SBS KPop Super Concert

SNSD has a new promotional out for SBS KPop Super Concert in America coming up in November!  Ill let the video do the talking, but you get to hear Tiffany and her sexy English!

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Watch: Unnies Free up  Complete “Shut Up” Track Video

Watch: Unnies Free up Complete “Shut Up” Track Video

Watch: Unnies UnencumberCompleteClose Up Tune Videosoojji July 8, 2016 0 Watch: Unnies Release Full Shut Up Music Video On July 8, KBS uploaded Unnies music video Shut Up onto their YouTube channel. The song is sung by way of the Sisters Slam Dunk cast, who have ready and debuted as a ladyteam called Unnies.

In the music video the forgedindividuals are out to punish and sabotage men who lie and make excuses. The womensing their own praises their choreography in horny outfits and prime heels. Their comedic acting abilitiesbest it off to make an upbeat and amusing music video.

Fellow celebrities such as, Yoo Hee Yeol, manufacturer Park Jin Young, comic Kim Joon Ho, rapper Sleepy, and GOT7s Jackson make an appearance in the video.

The neighborhood made their legit debut on KBS2s Music Bank on July 1.

Watch their music video below!

Check out the maximum recent episode of Sisters Slam Dunk below!

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Watch The Spine-Tingling Video Teaser For giant Bang's 10th Anniversary Concert

Watch The Spine-Tingling Video Teaser For giant Bang's 10th Anniversary Concert

Big Bang 10th Anniversary Concert(Photo : YG Entertainment)With just more than a month left earlier thanGiant hit hosts its 10th anniversary concert at the Seoul International Cup Stadium on August 20, some other teaser video has been released intended to pump up fan excitement.

On July 7, Large Bang leader G-Dragon posted the newest teaser video on Instagram. It showed photos of outdated concerts in addition a run-through of all of the songs the boy crew has released since their debut on August 19, 2006.

Fans squealed at the sight of the latest promotional subject material for the BIGBANG10 The Concert 0.TO.10, which might be the ultimateprimary one before Big Bang contributorsstart their musical hiatus to enlist in the military.


A video posted through G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on Jul 6, 2016 at 11:07pm PDT

Non-Korean citizens were especially frustrated that they can't attend the special concert on account of the in a foreign countrytrip required.

"I cried so muchobserving this trailer," "OMG I am gonna cry! I wish I may just go!" "I reside in Australia and probs would now not havecash to travel, unhappy feels when ur an international fan," acknowledged fans according to G-Dragon's teaser post.

Along with the concert, Big Bang also have other activities covered up to celebrate their 10th anniversary akin toa film and an exhibition. The website online toopresentations two other unannounced activities which must existprinted as the date of the anniversary celebrations nears.

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BTS’s J-Hope Is As Fluid As Water In Dance Prepare Video For Concert

BTS’s J-Hope Is As Fluid As Water In Dance Prepare Video For Concert

BTSs J-Hope Is As Fluid As Water In Dance Train Video For Concertehk38 June 4, 2016 0 BTSs J-Hope Is As Fluid As Water In Dance Practice Video For Concert BTS stocksa different dance practice video of member J-Hope as a section of their 3rd anniversary celebrations entitled BTS FESTA 2016.

The approximately one-minute video, J-Hope is as fluid as water as he practices for their 2015 BTS Reside Trilogy: Episode 1 BTS Starts concert from remaining year.

J-Hope reminds audience of his boulevard dance roots as he breaks it to the down to the beat.

This years BTS FESTA 2016 has been jam-packed with sweets for ARMYs, adding a song liberatethrough Rap Monster featuring Jungkook, an excited edition of a dance practice video for Baepsae, and sets of BTS circle of relatives photos.

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BTS Heightens Anticipation for 2016 BTS Are living Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa on degree : epilogue Concert With Teaser Video

BTS Heightens Anticipation for 2016 BTS Are living Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa on degree : epilogue Concert With Teaser Video

BTS Heightens Anticipation for “2016 BTS Are living Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa on level : epilogue” Concert With Teaser Videocrystalcove April 25, 2016 0 LINE it!BTS Heightens Anticipation for “2016 BTS LIVE Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa on stage : epilogue” Concert With Teaser Video BTS releases the teaser video for their upcoming “2016 BTS LIVE Hwayangyeonhwa On Stage : Epilogue” concert.

In the video, the contributors walk toward a grand hall, and as they step at the red carpet, photographers and enthusiasts are in a frenzy to capture them. Watch it for yourself below!

BTS is returning with the 3rd and ultimatea phase of their “youth” series during the special album titled “Young Forever.” The primary two were “The Most lovely Moment in Existence (Hwayangyeonhwa) Part. 1″ and “The MaximumStunning Moment in Life Part. 2.”

“Young Forever” is out Might 2, and then BTS holds their two-day “2016 BTS LIVE Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa On Stage : Epilogue” concert series on May just 7-8 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

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Reply 1988 Holds Nostalgic Drama Concert

Reply 1988 Holds Nostalgic Drama Concert

“Reply 1988” Holds Nostalgic Drama Concertnotclaira March 5, 2016 0 LINE it!“Reply 1988” Holds Nostalgic Drama Concert Despite the truth thatit's beenone hundred days since “Reply 1988” wrapped up, the other folksat the back of the liked drama gave one finalprovide to their enthusiastsby capacity ofmaintaining a drama concert. The concert happened at Kyunghee University and the drama’s stars, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ko Kyung Pyo, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Ryu Hye Young, and Lee Dong Hwi were there onstage to greet their fans. Choi Sung Won was once the MC.

All the style throughthe primarya section of the concert, the stars mentioned their reports filming the drama and picked their favourite scenes. As befitting a drama concert, the highly popular OST songs from the drama were performed. Wable and Park Bo Ram wearare living performances, with Wable making a song “Everyday With You” (sung by Girl’s Day’s Sojin in the long-established OST) and their own OST, “Violet Fragrance.” Park Bo Ram sang her own OST as well, “Hyehwa-dong” in addition “The Which means of You.”

In the 2d one part, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ko Kyung Pyo, and Lee Dong Hwi carried out a dance by old-school K-pop crew Sobangcha (Fire Truck), yetthey mightnow nothave in mind all the moves. Then the stars were given serious, speaking about what “Reply 1988” intended to them personally. Lee Dong Hwi called it “a card that comes best once a year,” whilst Ryu Hye Young referred to it as “her other self.” Ko Kyung Pyo stated information technologybecame his “memories,” Ryu Jun Yeol said it was “love,” and Hyeri described it as a “turning point.”

Noel then finished “Little Girl” (covered by Oh Hyuk in the original OST), “As Time Is going By” (sung by Kihyun), “Apartment,” and “Wonderful Confession.” In spite of everythingthe gang paired with Choi Sung Won, who had acted in musicals before, to sing their own OST, “Together.”

Byun Jin Seob also played some hit songs from the 80s, taking the target audience on a travel back in time. Probably the mostlargest hits throughout the concert were senior-junior collaborations between veteran singer Byun Jin Seob and Noel, Byun Jin Seob and Park Bo Ram, or evena unique collaboration with the actors. Finally, the actors wrapped up the functionality with their own special rendition of “To That Person.”

Park Bo Gum, Kim Sun Young, Lee Se Young, and Kim Sung Gyun also sent in video messages because they couldn’t make it to the concert.

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Park Bo Gum is the just one  no longer joining the 'Reply 1988' drama concert

Park Bo Gum is the just one no longer joining the 'Reply 1988' drama concert

The ultimate line up for 'Reply 1988' concert has been confirmed. 

On the 17th, CJ E&M has announced that Hyeri, Ryu Joon Yeol, Ryu Hye Young, Lee Dong Hwi, Cross Kyung Pyo, and Choi Sung Won can be on level for  'Reply 1998' concert. Unfortunately, Park Bo Gum will no longer existin a positionto register forbecause ofagenda issues. 

However, there'll be especialvisitors who will be joining the concert. Those guests come with the singers who sang the OST of the drama corresponding to Park Bo Ram, Noel, etc. In addition, Choi Sung Won who played No Eul will be web hosting the concert as the MC. 

The concert will be about each and every couple's story. Concert companion has said, "Each of the character's love reviews volition be laid out. Sun Woo and Bora's love in addition Jung Hwan's incomplete tale will be endured in the concert. Please, give us wonderful beloved and attention. We are operating to conveythe similarglorious storey on stage as it was once in the drama." Many enthusiasts are taking a lookahead to the concert as their love for the drama has now not died away. 

This special concert will be happening on March 3 at Kyung Hee University, and tickets can also bebought at G Market. 


Zia free up  track video for 'Tears'

Zia free up track video for 'Tears'

Zia's respectable video for "Tears" just dropped!

The emotional ballad is complemented by capability of the memories of a woman, with it in the long runfinishing with a mellow wonder at the end.

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Detroit rapper B-Free seeks promotion from the BTS drama

Detroit rapper B-Free seeks promotion from the BTS drama

Well, there could also beany individualmaking the maximum of the BTS-B-Free situation, and that's... B-Free.

No, no longerthe similar B-Free. There is a Detroit primarily based American rapper of an analogouscallwho is taken BTS' aspect over this mess. On his Twitter, he wrote the below:

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The few tweets that he has on BTS have a load more retweets and favorites than his standard tweets, now not to mention that he isthe use ofthe danger to advertise his tracks, as well.

Well, all's fair in love and web war?