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G-Dragon Urges Yang Hyung Suk to Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

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BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon playfully prods his agency CEO, YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyung Suk, to take his turn at the ice bucket challenge. On August 25, the idol posted a composite picture on this Instagram account.

The composite picture is drawn in cartoon style, but with the characters’ real faces shown. It features Yang Hyung Suk in a small play pool receive a douse of a bucket of water from G-Dragon and fellow BIGBANG member TOP. G-Dragon wrote the message, “Hyung, hurry up and do it.”

G-Dragon has done his part in the ice bucket challenge, and also already previously donated a generous amount to the cause to celebrate his birthday.

After doing his own challenge, the artist named some very influential people in K-Pop to take it on

High4 to release “Bang Bang Bang” MV featuring BESTie”s Haeryung on August 27th

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High4 will make their comeback with new mini album "HI-HIGH".

The music video for their title track "Bang Bang Bang" will be released on August 27th. In particular, BESTie"s Haeryung will make her appearance in the MV, following IU and Lim Kim in their previous releases.

"Bang Bang Bang" is an urban retro funky song which is co-composed by PJ and Lee Jong Hun, written by Choi Kab Won along with High4" members Alex, Youngjun. Other members are also said to take part in the production process of this mini album.

"HI-HIGH" mini album will be released online on August 27th and offline on September 2nd.

Foreign promoters reveal they”re unsure whether to continue with Kim Hyun Joong”s events after his scandal

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Even though Kim Hyun Joong has maintained his innocence, foreign event promoters are still being cautious about carrying on any further events.

Currently the singer is on his world tour, and his label revealed that because they"ve already signed the contracts and they have promises to keep to international fans, they cannot cancel the concert. They added that once the situation is solved, he will take time to reflect on his actions.

However, his world tour isn"t his only overseas event. He had Chinese promotions for his drama "Generation of Youth". The promoters were adjusting their schedules for the promotion, but currently they"ve halted promotions and are looking at the situation. A promoter said, "We"re concerned about whether to continue onward with the event

Song Hye Kyo Visits ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ Filming Scene

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Actress Song Hye Kyo visited the filming scene of the romantic comedy SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love," cheering for her friend actor Jo In Sung. Actress Song Hye Kyo"s agency tweeted in the afternoon of August 16, 2014, a picture of the actress with actor Jo In Sung and other crew members of the SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love." Actress Song Hye Kyo posed with a peace sign surrounded by the drama staff members and actor Jo In Sung. Actor Jo In Sung and actress Song Hye Kyo filmed the popular SBS drama "That Winter The Wind Blows" last winter. In related news, the SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love" tells a story of "romantic mental clinic" between a mysterious detective novelist who is at times romantic, played by Jo In Sung, and a psychiatrist, played by Gong Hyo Jin. Actors Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Sung Dong Il, Lee Kwang Soo, and Do Kyung Soo of EXO are going to star in the drama

Arts unite Asia into one

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The "Asian Arts Space Network (AASN)" project, which got underway on August 21 in the emerging culture hub of Gwangju in Korea, acts as a place that makes "exchanges of culture and arts" between Asian countries happen. Administered by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), the international event brings together a total of 43 major arts spaces from 30 Asian countries encompassing those from the northeast and southeast through to central and west.

The "Asian Arts Space Network" project, underway at the Gwangju Museum of Art in Gwangju, exhibits works created by prominent Asian artists, including the creation "Mon Boulet" by Cambodian artist Svay Sareth. (photo courtesy of the Gwangju Museum of Art)

Throughout the program, the spaces where a selected group of Asian artists created their own artworks are brought to life and a variety of projects are offered to examine the way culture & art organizations across the continent are being operated

Park Kyung Lim Transforms Into A Long-Haired Goddess For the First Time, Reminisces “Nonstop” Days With Jo In Sung

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In a recent photo shoot for the poster of her upcoming talk concert, the announcer and DJ Park Kyung Lim made a surprising transformation for the first time in her career.

The MBC show “Section TV Entertainment Relay” caught up with the usually short-haired broadcast personality who has transformed into a long-haired goddess in a photo shoot.

Park Kyung Lim was seen wearing a flowy white dress that matches her wavy, brown hair. She exuded the air of a goddess as she showed her chic and pure side.

The broadcast personality who isn’t used to doing the goddess concept in photoshoots revealed the secret to her transformation. “The photographers told me not to hold my chin up so I definitely didn’t lift my chin up,” she said with a laugh

EXO”s Kai & Baekhyun, KARA”s Gyuri, Crayon Pop, Wonder Girls” Sun & Lim, and more take on “Ice Bucket Challenge”

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The "Ice Bucket Challenge" is continuing to take over South Korea as top name celebrities such as EXO"s Kai and BaekhyunKARA"s Gyuri, Bumkey, Crayon Pop, Wonder Girls" Sun and Lim, C-CLOWN"s Siwoo, RaNia"s Xia and Di, F.T. Island"s HongkiINFINITE"s Woohyun, Jung Hyung Don, Baek Ji Young, and Park Jung Ah join in the cause for ALS.

Kai & Baekhyun: EXO-L

Bumkey: Crayon Pop, soccer player Lee Bum Young, and his label CEO Rhymer
Crayon Pop: Kim Kyung Ho, Ylvis, Sony Music CEO Jung Kyung Ho
Sun: Haha, Byul, J.Y. Park
Siwoo: RaNia"s Xia, Big Star"s Sunghak, Wonder Boyz" Yoonjoon
Lim: Nicole, EXO"s Chen, her cousin Susan

Hongki: Did not tag anyone
Woohyun: Yoo Sang Moo, Yoo Se Yoon, Jang Dong Min

Jung Hyung Don: Lee Kyu Hyuk, SHINee"s Minho, B2ST"s Doojoon
Baek Ji Young: 2PM"s Taecyeon, Son Dam Bi, Yoo Ah In

Park Jung Ah: Seo Ji Hye, poet Shin Yong Mok, pianist Kim Ga On

Other celebrities such as Big Bang"s T

Model-Actor Hong Jong Hyun Asked to Choose Between Girl’s Day’s Yura and After School’s Nana

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The August 23 broadcast of MBC’s variety program “We Got Married” showed the second part of Hong Suk Chun’s meeting with the Hong Jong Hyun-Yura couple, during which he gave the two of them a lesson on becoming closer as a couple.

In the midst of this “lesson,” Hong Suk Chun brought up After School/Orange Caramel’s Nana, as Hong Jong Hyun and Nana worked together as MCs on the cable television program “Style Log,” saying, “It seems you get along well with Nana. I felt ‘something’ [between you two],” as he jokingly referred to Girl’s Day’s song titled “Something.”

Hong Suk Chun continued to probe deeper by asking Hong Jong Hyun, “Who do you have a better connection with, between Nana and Yura?” Instead of answering right away, Hong Jong Hyun took some time to think seriously about the unexpected question

Red Velvet’s Seulgi clarifies her link with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

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Red Velvet’s Seulgi opens about previous reports of being linked to Super Junior’s Kyuhyun after a video message for her from a radio show circulated online.

On the August 22nd broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Sora’s Music Plaza,” Seulgi was asked by a question from a listener asking when was the last time she was in contact with Kyuhyun. Seulgi immediately replied that she does not contact her senior, explaining that she has last seen him during the SM Entertainment’s concert where she greeted him with Super Junior.

Prior to her debut, Seulgi was mentioned in various online articles after receiving attention from Kyuhyun’s video message through MBC’s “Radio Star. On the said show, Kyuhyun was asked to choose pretty members from girl groups which led to him to mention Seulgi after Sulli and Krystal’s suggestions

K-Indie music duo Peppertones releases stream of MVs for epic summer comeback

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Starting off the month of August with a bang, Korean Indie duo Peppertones has since then released a stream of different music videos for fans of acoustic genres to enjoy!

The most recent are “Fast,” “Lunchbox,” and “POWERAMP!!” in which Peppertones’ diverse colors are highlighted with every song.

The first is “Fast” – an acoustic black and white MV that conjoins with both a soulful voice as well as upbeat instrumentals reminiscent of summer, makes it a great listen for anyone wanting to listen to a comfortable and soft song. Each member – the keyboard pianist, drummer, and guitarists – appear fully engaged in their song, as they genuinely enjoy playing to the track.

Following their soothing black and white acoustic music video for “Fast,” they quickly released their second video, this time for “Lunchbox” featuring delicious Kimbab, a cute kitten, and the colorful settings of an amusement park

Shin Se Kyung Talks About Her Character in “Tazza 2” for Marie Claire Magazine

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Actress Shin Se Kyung recently worked with the fashion magazine Marie Claire for its September issue.

Shin Se Kyung’s agency, Namoo Actors, revealed photos from the shoot. Just from Shin Se Kyung’s natural make-up and gaze, readers are immediately drawn in, and a special atmosphere that only Shin Se Kyung can make is created.

According to her agency, during the photo shoot, she was complimented on every cut. Starting from an innocent look to cute, sexy, and lively, whenever she was asked to do a certain expression, she was able to express them perfectly, earning praise from the staff.

After the photo shoot, an interview was held and she talked about the upcoming film, “Tazza 2.” Shin Se Kyung said, “Heo Mi Na is a character that I totally fell for

Hong Jong Hyun and Yura get close and cuddly on “We Got Married”

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Girl"s Day"s Yura and Hong Jong Hyun got closer on the August 23rd episode of "We Got Married".

The two were encouraged to try out some skinship by Hong Suk Chun, which neither seemed to mind at all. Hong Suk Chun instructed the couple to hug and pet each other, saying, "This is how you can hear a man"s heart beat."

Yura said during her solo interview, "Oppa"s not the type of person to do something because someone else told him to to do. The skinship was good," while Hong Jong Hyun expressed, "It was more embarrassing because we hugged after someone else requested it."

Do you think they got a little closer?

Fashion designers dogged by copycats

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Korean fashion designers are battling against knockoffs. A leopard-print shirt worn by actress Kong Hyo-jin, left, is a product by pushBUTTON priced at 540,000 won (530 U.S. Dollar). A counterfeit costing between 30,000 won and 33,000 won launched at online and offline shopping malls just a few days after the pushBUTTON design was first seen. Provided by GT Entertainment, screen capture

In the world of fashion, knockoffs often prove how popular a fashion designer is, and Park Seung-gun, the man behind the brand pushBUTTON"s zany products, is not immune to counterfeiters. Whenever the designer launches a new collection, he comes across rip-offs in Dongdaemun District - home to a cluster of fashion retailers - and on online shopping malls. One copycat item that particularly annoyed Park was a version of his women"s animal-print shirt

Shin Se Kyung gushes about her character in “Tazza 2″ for “Marie Claire”

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Shin Se Kyung hinted that she will show a side of her never seen before in the movie "Tazza 2"!

In an interview with "Marie Claire", Shin Se Kyung gushed about her character from the upcoming film, sharing, "Heo Mi Na is a character that I fell head over heels for. She is an active and confident woman who has loyalty, isn"t a show-off, and always expresses her feelings honestly. If you just look at her personality, she has no flaws."

She added, "Heo Mi Na is a character that has a lot of sides to her that I"ve never shown before. Not only Heo Mi Na, but "Tazza 2" has a distinct color and is filled with strong characters. The strong point of this movie is that all of its characters are charming."

"Tazza 2" (Tazza: The High Rollers 2") is set to premiere on September 3! Also check out more of Shin Se Kyung"s pictorial and interview in "Marie Claire"s September issue!

Kim Hyun Joong”s agency releases official statement concerning assault charge by girlfriend

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Kim Hyun Joong"s agency KeyEast Entertainment has released an official statement concerning the accusations of assault made against the actor and singer.

On August 23, KeyEast Entertainment presented Kim Hyun Joong"s side of what occurred, casting doubt on the alleged "repeated attacks" suffered by his girlfriend as well as other reported facts.

The agency stated, "After confirming [with Kim Hyun Joong], we found that it"s true the two parties have known each other since 2012, but they didn"t start dating until a few months ago... In the middle of their relationship, the two had an intense exchange of words. Though it"s true that in their heightened emotional state things got physical, it"s not true that there was continual physical assaults or that she"s been battered and beaten over the past two months like what was reported

Performances from August 23rd “Show! Music Core”!

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MBC"s "Show! Music Core" is back for its weekly show featuring performances by your favorite artists with hosts Kim So Hyun, SHINee"s Minho, and Block B"s Zico.

On this episode, KARA returned with "Mamma Mia", Taemin made his solo debut with "Danger", Orange Caramel made a comeback with "My Copycat", Lip Service came back with "Too Fancy", Sunny Hill got the "Monday Blues", BTS returned with "Danger", Park Bo Ram debuted with "Beautiful", and LPG unit Chaness made a debut with "SeSeSe",

[Winner will be updated.]

Other performers of the night included Block B, SECRET, Rose Motel, Red Velvet, 100%, Boys Republic, Gil9Bong9, and X10

SISTAR Wins Triple Crown on Inkigayo + Performances from Taemin, Secret, Winner, and More

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This week on SBS’ “Inkigayo,” it was SISTAR vs Block B vs Red Velvet for first place. Block B’s “HER,” Red Velvet’s “Happiness” and SISTAR’s “Touch My Body” competed against each other for no.1, with SISTAR winning. Congrats, SISTAR! This is their third win in a row for “Touch My Body” on “Inkigayo.”

See also: Red Velvet Nominated for No.1 on SBS’ “Inkigayo” Just Two Weeks After Debut

“Inkigayo” also provided a comeback stage for Taemin (“Ace” + “Danger“) and Secret (“U R Fired” + “I’m in Love“)

Actors Yeo Jin Goo and Seol Kyung Gu Confirm Casting in New Movie “1953”

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It has been confirmed that actors Yeo Jin Goo and Seol Kyung Gu will be starring alongside one another in the upcoming film titled “1953” (working title).

On August 23, a source in the film industry revealed that both Seol Kyung Gu and Yeo Jin Goo recently finalized their casting in the movie “1953,” and are currently in the process of making final adjustments.

“1953” is a war movie that will be portraying the story of the meeting of North and South Korean soldiers during the Korean War, also known as the 6.25 War.

This will be the very first time that Yeo Jin Goo and Seol Kyung Gu are working together in the same production, causing many people’s expectations for the two actors’ synergy to be at an all time high.

Meanwhile, the cast and crew of “1953” are gearing up to start filming at the beginning of September

Girls” Generation”s Seohyun models shoes from “Steve Madden” for “InStyle Korea”

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Girls" Generation"s Seohyun displayed her maturing beauty as a fresh college graduate for "InStyle Korea"!

There"s a saying that good shoes take you to good places and Seohyun followed that motto by posing with with kill heels, slip-ons, and boots from "Steve Madden"s 2014 F/W collection. Her sophisticated dresses and antique hotel backdrop gave off the mature vibe of a woman ready to go on a vacation by herself.

Also don"t forget to check out TaeTiSeo"s new reality show OnStyle"s "THE TaeTiSeo" on the 25th at 11 PM KST!

Netizens dig up past comments by Kim Hyunjoong in light of alleged assault charges

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Comments made in an interview have resurfaced in light of the allegations Kim Hyunjoong faces for the repeated assault of his alleged girlfriend.

In December 2013, Kim Hyunjoong took part in an interview with KBS2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” for his drama then, “Inspiring Youth”. In the interview he says, “Instead of hitting people, it was easier to get hit by others.”

There was a scene where I had to flick another actor’s Adam apple," he continued. "I just couldn’t do it right because I was thinking of how much pain the other actor would be in. I just felt so sorry and so I hesitated a lot. As a result, I got a lot of bad takes and NGs.”

He added, “After getting advice from my seniors, they told me to just do it once properly