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“Cunning Single Lady” Is a Fun Love Story of Divorced Ex-Lovers

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The new MBC drama Cunning Single Lady is a fun and modern drama about love and revenge. The drama portrays the relationship between divorced lovers when they meet again after three years of no contact. The ex-husband Jung Woo (Joo Sang-Wook) is now a top business man and multimillionaire, and the ex-wife Na Ae Ra (Lee Min-Jung) lived clueless of her ex-husband’s success for three years. The drama follows the complex relationship between the ex-lovers after their fateful reunion at the police station. The show gives us a good perspective on the serious topic of divorce while also making us laugh.

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In the first episodes, we are introduced to the main character Na Ae Ra, a divorced woman who has a dysfunctional family

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Watched Movie ‘My Sassy Girl’ Over 100 Times

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TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho expressed his admiration towards his ideal type, Jun Ji Hyun.

During March 11’s broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code 3D, U-Know Yunho said, “I saw Jun Ji Hyun in My Sassy Girl at a theatre. The character in the movie was exactly what I’ve always imagined in my head as my ideal type.”

“After I watched the movie, I couldn’t sleep and kept thinking about it,” continued the TVXQ member. “So I bought the video tape and DVD, but I tend to fall asleep as soon as I lie down. So I played the movie about 100 times, since I fell asleep as soon as it started.”

Then he added, “But I did watch it from beginning to the end at least 50 times.”

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Female duo Wings cut their ‘Hair Short’ in debut MV starring model & actor Ahn Jae Hyun

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Female duo Wings are setting out to soar into the Kpop scene with their debut song!

Wings, comprised of members Yeseul and Nayoung, is the first female duo for Sony Music Entertainment Korea and Dal&Byul Music. They have dropped their debut single "Hair Short", to show you what they"re all about, and they"ve recruited the help of model and actor Ahn Jae Hyun, who"s made a name for himself most recently through "You Who Came From the Stars".

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Check it out through the MV above!

AOA, Ailee, Tiny-G & more cheer on the Korean national soccer team ‘Red Devils’ with World Cup support songs

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Some of your favorite stars are cheering on the Korean national soccer team "Red Devils" with the release of 2014 World Cup support songs!

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An official support album "We Are the Reds" has been released filled with various energetic tracks by AOA, DickPunks, Ailee, Jung Joon Young & Soul Dive, Trans Fixion & Girl"s Day"s Minah, Tiny-G, Keepop & Yoon Hyung Bin & Seo Doo Won, Broken Valentine, and Romantic Punch.

This album provides a variety of songs that are all easy to remember and sing along to so that everyone can cheer on the Red Devils.

Check out the songs through the released videos below!




Trans Fixion & Minah


Keepop & Yoon Hyung Bin & Seo Doo Won

Broken Valentine

Comedian Son Heun Su Announces Singing Debut with “Go and Come Back” MV Teaser

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Comedian Son Heun Su joins the growing list of comedians making a musical turn with the release of his first teaser for debut single “Go and Come Back.”

Son Heun Su’s agency is Jung Shiljang Entertainment, named after CEO Jung Suk Kwon‘s title when he was comedian Park Myung Soo‘s manager. Jung Suk Kwon stated he wants comedians to be able to show their diverse talents in a variety of platforms, thus his production of Son Heun Su’s musical debut.

“Go and Come Back” is a dance song in the disco funk style that all genders and ages can enjoy. The single drops March 14.

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4Minute Has a Girly Sleepover in New Teaser Photos for “4Minute World”

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With their comeback less than a week away, girl group 4Minute released the “Wednesday” teaser photos for their upcoming fifth album, “4Minute World,” through their agency’s official Facebook page.

The photos show each member dressed in girly sleepwear and posing in front of a black and white background. Following the theme of 4Minute’s daily activities, the individual photos come with the member’s names and a time stamp.

4Minute will make their comeback on March 17, and their fifth album’s main track will be “What Are You Doing Today?” The song is another collaboration between 4minute and Brave Brothers, so we can be sure to expect another catchy track.

Recently, HyunA was seen filming for “Funny or Die” with British singer Rita Ora in Los Angeles

HyunA to Collaborate with British singer Rita Ora for “Funny or Die”

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Comedy website “Funny or Die” will be bringing us another K-pop collaboration!

According to news sources, 4Minute‘s HyunA was in Los Angeles on March 11 to film for “Funny or Die.” She shared several photos on her Instagram account, including those with British singer Rita Ora. After the photos were posted, Cube Entertainment confirmed that the two will be working on a video for “Funny or Die.”

After filming, HyunA flew to Texas to rehearse for her performance later than night. HyunA, along with Jay Park, Nell, and others, will be performing for “K-Pop’s Night Out” as part of South by South West 2014 (SXSW 2014). You can check out the times and full list of performances here

ToHeart Sells Over 100,000 Copies of Album on First Day of Release

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Infinite Woohyun and SHINee Key’s hybrid unit ToHeart sold over 100,000 copies of the album on the day of its release.

Releasing the album on March 10, ToHeart’s first album titled The 1st Mini Album ranked number one in album sales under Hanteo chart by selling over 100,000 copies on the day of its release.

ToHeart’s title track Delicious also ranked number one on the music charts of Bugs and Soribada as soon as it was released.

Meanwhile, ToHeart successfully held its showcase recently and will begin promoting its music through music programs.

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Girls’ Generation Sooyoung Hoped Her Relationship with Jung Kyung Ho Would Have Remained Private?

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The relationship of Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung Ho was officially confirmed in January this year, but seems like Sooyoung is not too happy with how things turned out.

Members YoonA, Sooyoung, and Hyoyeon were guests on MBC Radio’s FM4U “Park Kyung Lim’s 2 o’clock Date,” on March 11, and as expected, the topic of dating was brought up by the MC.

Park Kyung Lim warned the girls, “I am going to ask you some difficult questions. If you don’t want to answer, you can sing a song instead,” and gave them short instructions on their Q&A session.

She then begun by asking Sooyoung, “After your relationship became public, did you think that it was for the best?” who replied with short and strong, “No

Lyn Talks About OSTs with Jo In Sung and Kim Soo Hyun

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Lyn has recently shared her thoughts on Jo In Sung, Kim Soo Hyun and her success with drama OSTs.

On March 10, Lyn was a guest on the KBS Cool FM “Jo Jung Chi and Hareem’s 2 o’Clock.

The DJs asked, “For which actor’s drama would you like to sing the OST?” Lyn answered, “I want to sing for a drama that stars Jo In sung. I am friends with him and we sometimes talk on the phone too. Although it’s been over a year since we talked on the phone, we still keep up with each other.”

She continued, “Jo In Sung is like no other person who exists in this world. He is like a monster in a legend.” Jo Jung Chi laughed at that comment and said, “Are you calling Jo In Sung a monster?”

Lyn explained, “Even when he’s not talking, it’s not he’s not part of reality

TVXQ talk about the fainting incident with Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

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TVXQ appeared on the March 11 edition of Mnet"s "Beatles Code 3D" where they talked about the time Girl"s Day"s Hyeri fainted on the music show stage during the time when both groups were promoting "Something."

Shindong said, "Both TVXQ and Girl"s Day had the same song title, "Something." In addition, when TVXQ won on a music show, Girl"s Day"s Hyeri fainted. The news of Hyeri became more of a hot topic than TVXQ"s win."

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Yunho said, "We had to go up on stage, but we told Girl"s Day to take their time. When it comes to people, health is always of first priority."

Changmin added, "The next day, we saw Girl"s Day again; they directly came to our waiting room to say they were really sorry

Kim Soo Hyun to Release “Promise,” Do Min Joon’s Serenade to Chun Song Yi

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Actor Kim Soo Hyun will be releasing a single for fans still suffering from Do Min Joon fever.

Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, Key East, announced on March 11, that Kim Soo Hyun’s serenade, “Promise,” would be released for sale on March 13.

Key East stated, “He received many requests from fans after the drama ended, so he has decided to release the song.”

“Promise” is a song that Kim Soo Hyun (as Do Min Joon) performed on “Man from the Stars,” serenading Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun). The original singer of the song is Im Byung Soo, who first released the song in 1984.

Kim Soo Hyun recently wrapped up filming for “Man from the Stars,” and was flown into China on a private jet to film the variety program, “Super Brain

TVXQ’s Yunho dishes on his manly dating style

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TVXQ took part in a recording of Mnet"s "Beatles Code 3D" where Yunho revealed his manly dating style.

MC Shindong asked, "After debuting, have you ever been turned down after confessing your feelings to someone?" Yunho replied, "I was turned down after we dated."

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He revealed the reason behind this break up, "The worst man in the world is a busy man. Seeing as how I was so busy, I thought that going on our separate paths would be the best for us." In addition, when they are about to say farewell, Yunho said that he would grab her and ask if she were really confident in having no regrets.

Stay tuned for more juicy stories from TVXQ"s episode of "Beatles Code 3D

Hyungsik reveals his current stance on dating + his relationship history

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Hyungsik appeared on the March 11 installment of KBS 2TV"s "1 Vs. 100" and talked about dating.

MC Han Suk Joon asked, "What are you thoughts on publicized relationships?"

He replied, "I don"t think it"s time to date yet. I still have a long way to go. There are a lot of things I want to show so after I do everything that I can for sure, I think I"ll be able to date."

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Han Suk Joon said, "Have you never dated by any chance?" Hyungsik replied, "I have. Don"t people date a lot in middle school? I dated often through this fashion, "I like you, do you like me? Let"s date,"" making everyone laugh

Baek A Yeon Hits Her Head on the Table When Drinking?

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Singer Baek A Yeon‘s drinking habits were revealed by DickpunksKim Tae Hyun.

Baek A YeonKim Tae Hyun and Son Seung Yeon were guests on MBC FM4U’s “Song Request of the Midday” on March 11, hosted by MC and comedian Kim Shin Young. Together they took their time to answer various questions sent by the listeners.

One listener asked, “What are your drinking habits?” and the question was quickly addressed by Kim Shin Young, who said, “A Yeon turns cuter when she drinks. She shows off her talents.” Kim Tae Hyun confirmed the claim, “She can’t hold body together and she constantly hits her head on the table,” revealing more of the young singer’s hilarious tendencies

Girls’ Generation Was Irritated Having to Reshoot Music Video + Plans for Full Album This Year

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Girls’ Generation members Sooyoung, YoonA and Hyoyeon were on MBC radio show “Date at 2PM. It’s Park Kyung Lim” on March 11. It was the first radio appearance for Girls’ Generation since their comeback with their fourth mini-album, “Mr.Mr.

Referring to the reshooting of parts of the music video for “Mr.Mr.” due to file corruption, MC Park Kyung Lim asked, “Who was the most annoyed when they said you would have to shoot the music video again?” The three members hesitated before answering, “That’s a difficult question to answer because the parties concerned aren’t present.”

The girls then revealed, “In fact, all of us were irritated.” Hyoyeon said, “We started filming at dawn and worked all day,” while Sooyoung expressed that she was upset because, “I did the most reshooting, but ending up appearing the least

BTOB’s Minhyuk, Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah, Surprise’s Kang Tae Oh Cast in “Love and War 2”

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BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk, Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah and Surprise’s Kang Tae Oh have been cast in an idol special of KBS TV’s “Love and War 2,” according to the KBS Variety Department on March 11.

Kang Tae Oh will play the ex-boyfriend Joo Won who was dumped after a 7-year relationship, while Lee Minhyuk will play the romantic younger guy Hyun Woo. At the center of the conflict between the two men is Oh Seung Ah in the role of “heodang” alpha girl Soo Young (“heodang” is a Korean term for someone who is unexpectedly clumsy and easily confused).

This broadcast will allow viewers to choose between one of two endings by voting through SNS service KakaoTalk.

“Love and War” Idol Special will be broadcast on April 4 at 11:10 PM KST on KBS 2TV

HyunA snaps a picture with British singer-songwriter Rita Oro

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Earlier today, British singer-songwriter signed under Jay-Z"s label Roc Nation, Rita Ora, revealed a picture she took with 4minute"s HyunA!

Rita Ora uploaded the above photo onto Instagram with, "My very own gangsta queen HyunA pleasure shootin wit ya #LA#F&D #lookather#cutieeeeeeeee." In the picture, the two women boast sexy red lipstick as they stand closely for the camera, showing that they are good friends.

Additionally, HyunA took to her own Instagram to share some of her own photos with Rita Ora. Check them out below.

HyunA will be performing at the SXSW event "K-Pop Night Out" in Texas tonight.

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Yura Wears a Shockingly Revealing Outfit for Latest Girl’s Day Teaser

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While previously released solo teaser pictures for Sojin, Hyeri and Minah for Girl’s Day comeback seemed revealing, Yura‘s newly released picture seems to outdo them all. Her teaser picture, which was posted today on the Group’s official Facebook page, has her wearing a black swimsuit-like outfit.

In case you missed it, check out their music video teaser as well. All four tracks on their new mini album “Something” were worked on by Duble Sidekick, and will be released this Friday.

In preparation for this comeback, their agency Dream Tea Entertainment said, “Girl’s Day will return with an even more mature look than their previous hits, ‘Expectation’ and ‘Female President

Girls’ Generation YoonA Talks Dating Style, Weight Loss, and Acting

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Girls’ Generation member YoonA, Sooyoung, and Hyoyeon were guests for the March 11 broadcast of radio show “Park Kyung Lim’s 2 o’clock Date.” Since the group’s comeback with mini album “Mr.Mr.” members YoonA and Sooyoung have been asked about their romantic relationship with Lee Seung Gi and Jung Kyung Ho, respectively, every chance available.

This radio show was no different with host Park Kyung Lim indirectly asking YoonA about her relationship with Lee Seung Gi by prompting the singer to describe her dating style. YoonA replied with a light smile that a relationship needs an appropriate amount of constraints imposed on both partners by each other.

Also on the show, YoonA talked about her dual roles as an idol singer and actor