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K-Drama OST Roundup: Kim Bo Kyung Sings ‘I Know’ For ‘My Lovely Girl’

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(Photo : SBS)

Kim Bo Kyung appears on part five of the "My Lovely Girl" soundtrack. Female vocalist Kim Bo Kyung lends her voice to “I Know” for part five of the “My Lovely Girl” soundtrack.

Episodes nine and ten of “My Lovely Girl’ presented numerous dilemmas for Lee Hyun Wook (Rain), Yoon Se Na (Krystal), and Shiwoo (INFINITE’s L). Hyun Wook developed deeper feelings for Se Na, while realizing that the relationship may be inappropriate on many levels. Se Na attempted to rationalize her feelings for Hyun Wook, while being drawn in by Shiwoo. Meanwhile, Shiwoo experienced several setbacks which may negatively impact his solo career.

JL sings “Rain Tears” for the “My Spring Days” original soundtrack

Han Ji Min in talks to star alongside Hyun Bin for upcoming drama “Hyde, Jekyll, I”

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Han Ji Min is likely to play as the female lead in SBS"s upcoming drama "Hyde, Jekyll, I".

According to BH Entertainment on October 15th, Han Ji Min indeed received the offer to star in the drama, but nothing has been decided yet as she"s still currently reviewing it.

"Hyde, Jekyll, I" is based on popular webtoon "Dr.Jekyll is Mr.Hyde" by Lee Chung Ho. The drama will be a 20-episode romantic comedy series which will tell the story of a woman who fells in love with both personalities of a same man.

If Han Ji Min accepts the offer, she will reunite with Hyun Bin who previously worked with her in movie "The King"s Wrath".

"Hyde, Jekyll, I" is set to be broadcasted in January next year.

Yang Hyun Suk denies that the comeback of Akdong Musician and Epik High were intended to challenge Seo Taiji

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Is there competition between former Seo Taiji and Boys members Seo Taiji and Yang Hyun Suk? Korean media outlets and netizens appear to think so as they raise speculation that Yang Hyun Suk may have purposely prepared for the comebacks of YG artists Akdong Musician and Epik High to overlap with Seo Taiji"s long-awaited comeback on the 20th with his ninth album, "Quiet Night."

However, Yang Hyun Suk denied these speculations, saying, "The YG comeback lineup was already prepared months beforehand; we moved accordingly to that schedule. Honestly, Akdong Musician"s "Time and Fallen Leaves" was a song planned to be released in October since back in March or April. Also, Epik High was supposed to come out on October 14, but there was a delay in the MV production, so it was postponed one week to October 21

Joo Won & Shim Eun Kyung talk about their interest in classical music and “Cantabile Tomorrow” chemistry

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Upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues remake drama "Cantabile Tomorrow"s Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung talked about their chemistry and more on KBS 2TV"s "Entertainment Relay"!

Joo Won was previously seen transforming into a conductor in previous teasers, and he revealed, "I"m not sure how it will come out [onscreen], but I practiced every day for the past 5 months." Shim Eun Kyung also shared, "I would practice [playing the piano] 2-3 hours every day."

When asked what she has in common with her character in the drama, Shim Eun Kyung shared, "I thought I wouldn"t have much in common [with my character], but we both don"t like to clean, are messy, and don"t wash ourselves often

Jang Na Ra confirmed to star in “Mister Baek” alongside Shin Ha Kyun

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Jang Na Ra has been confirmed to star in the upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama "Mister Baek"!

An MBC rep confirmed on October 10, "Jang Na Ra has been confirmed to star in the MBC Wed-Thurs drama "Mister Baek" and will act out a romance with Shin Ha Kyun."

Jang Na Ra shared, "I was attracted to the fantasy-romance drama and interesting storyline, so I decided to star in it... Through my character Eun Ha Soo, I will work hard to show a new image and good acting to viewers."

"Mister Baek" portrays the story of a chaebol chairman in his 70s who has wealth, status, and honor, but ends up aging backwards to his 30s through an accident. He then experiences the real love that he"s never felt before

Kim Hyung Jun to kick off his Japanese tour + single album release in November

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Kim Hyung Jun has departed for Japan on the afternoon of October 9 for his solo Japanese tour!

According to his agency SH Entertainment, Kim Hyung Jun will kick off his "2014 LIVE TOUR - Endless Story" on the 10th and perform a total of 7 concerts in 3 cities including Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka until November 28. The singer-turned-actor has been putting his all into preparing for the tour and is expected to perform over 10 songs at each show.

That"s not all as he also plans to release his Japanese single album "BETTER" on November 19! Check out more details on the tour here.

“MIX & MATCH” teams perform collaboration stages with Akdong Musician”s Soo Hyun & trainee Jang Han Nah

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On the October 9 installment of Mnet"s "MIX & MATCH," the three teams matched with a YG artist or trainee for collaboration stages before the judges.

Bobby"s team matched with trainee Jang Han Nah to cover Black Eyed Peas" "Let"s Get It Started." The boys" vocals matched well with Jang Han Nah"s very smooth, clear, and powerful vocals to the point they received compliments from the judges, particularly Bobby.

San E said, "Bobby stands out so much. It feels like Bobby has five years of stage experience. It"s scary how well you do. I had to watch the other members, too, but my attention really did not go to the confirmed members."

Simon D said, "I think Bobby could even work less diligently

Super Junior Kyuhyun Shares His Thoughts On Jessica & SM Entertainment, Receives Harsh Criticism From Kim Gu Ra

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(Photo : Facebook ) Super Junior"s Kyuhyun

























Since news broke last week that Jessica Jung would be leaving SM Entertainment"s popular nine-member girl group Girls" Generation, many of the other artists on the label have been relatively silent on the matter

Kim Dong Ryul”s Kyunghee University concert tickets sell out in 2 minutes

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On October 8, Kim Dong Ryul began ticket sales for his Kyunghee University Peace Hall solo concerts. Within only two minutes, tickets to his three 10,000-seat concerts were sold out.

The singer has been the trend among Koreans lately as his ballad "How Am I" from his sixth album "Accompany" has been dominating several music charts such as Genie, Mnet, Bugs, Ole Music, Soribada, Naver Music, and Daum Music since its release on the 1st. As he"s known for his deep voice and vocal talent, it seems that he has swept the nation with his powerful, emotional singing to the point that people are clamoring to listen to him live.

Kim Dong Ryul will be embarking on a nationwide concert tour across 9 different cities starting in Busan on November 1, giving his fans plenty of venues at which they can watch his live performance

Kyuhyun gives his thoughts on the situation with Jessica and SM Entertainment

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On the October 8 installment of MBC"s "Radio Star," the special guests were MC Kyuhyun"s fellow Super Junior members, Siwon, Leeteuk, Kangin, and Eunhyuk!

Considering there were five SM artists there, the MCs decided to bring up SM Entertainment"s recent struggles. Kim Gu Ra stated, "These days, it is chaotic in SM," referring to the endless agency-related scandals these days, including Jessica"s departure from Girls" Generation.

He asked Kyuhyun, "SM spokesperson, what happened?" Kyuhyun replied with regret, "It just happens to be at this time we got four SM reps [on the show]."

He continued, "When I think about it, I think the company is trying to go forward together

Singer Kim Kyung Ho to tie the knot in November!

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Rocker Kim Kyung Ho (43) will walk down the aisle with his girlfriend, who is Japanese and 13 years his junior, on November 8!


His agency shared the good news, "Kim Kyung Ho has set a wedding date for November with his girlfriend whom he has been dating for the past 4 years... The [wedding] ceremony is set to take place somewhere in Seoul, and they have already completed the wedding photo shoot."

Kim Kyung Ho"s fiancée used to work at a dermatology clinic in Gangnam Seoul as the head translator for foreign patients. They met through the director of the dermatology clinic, which Kim Kyung Ho frequented.

Congrats to the couple!

Hyun Bin Plays Two Sides Of A Love Triangle In The Same Drama

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If a character falls in love with another character"s two distinctive personalities, does that constitute a love triangle? Hyun Bin is about to find out when he returns to the small screen in a romantic comedy tentatively titled "Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde."

The 20-episode comedy will be based on the Lee Choong Ho"s webtoon titled "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." Hyun Bin will play a radio disc jockey and writer who has two very different personalities. He"s aloof and cold during the day and warm and charming at night. This makes it more likely that his night personality will inspire people to fall in love with him. But one lucky woman manages to fall in love with both sides of him.

The character who falls in love with both his personalities has not yet been cast

SidusHQ actors Kim Woo Bin, Go Eun Mi, and Kim So Hyun spread awareness about “Angel Day”

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SidusHQ actors including Kim Woo Bin, Go Eun Mi, and Kim So Hyun have stepped up to spread awareness about "Angel Day", or October 4.

When written out, October 4 is "1004", which is pronounced "chunsa" or one thousand four in Korean and can also mean "angel". An ongoing campaign has designated this day as one where everyone should strive to become an angel for someone else, meaning performing acts of kindness towards others.

Kim Woo Bin commented, "Please become an angel for someone in need on October 4 Angel Day."

Go Eun Mi shared, "A day when the world becomes a happier place by sharing what we have with others, which in turn brings us happiness. Please remember Angel Day," while Kim So Hyun added, "Please become an angel for those around you who may be in unfortunate circumstances

Rainbow”s Hyunyoung & Jisook sing for “Iron Man” OST

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Rainbow"s Hyunyoung and Jisook lend their voices for KBS drama Iron Man.

The title of their new song is "I Love You", check out the song below:

Alex, Kim Bo Kyung, RaNia”s Jooyi, and In4mal sing for “My Lovely Girl” OST

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SBS"s "My Lovely Girl", featuring Rain and Krystal as the leads, released some more of its OST tracks!

The OST tracks include Clazziquai"s Alex and Kim Bo Kyung"s sentimental tunes "Will You Love Me?" and "Promise" respectively, as well as RaNia"s Jooyi and In4mal"s more upbeat "Pray" in female and male versions.

"My Lovely Girl" is currently battling with MBC"s "My Spring Day" and KBS 2TV"s "Iron Man" for the Wednesday-Thursday time slot. Viewers are enjoying the drama as the plot thickens with each episode, so make sure you"re all caught up with this week"s airing!

Rainbow”s Jisook and Hyunyoung sing “I Love You” for “Iron Man” OST

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Rainbow"s Jisook and Hyunyoung got together to sing "I Love You" for part 2 of the "Iron Man" OST.

As the title suggests, "I Love You", which was composed by the team Shoulder Gangsters, is an emotional ballad featuring Jisook"s powerful vocals and Hyunyoung"s delicate tones. The song serves as the love theme for the characters Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook) and Son Sae Dong (Shin Sae Dong).

Listen to the song above!

Kyuhyun sings “Big” OST “Because It”s You”

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Super Junior"s Kyuhyun covers the popular OST of drama "Big" titled "Because It"s You.

Check out his performance on Sukira below:

So Yi Hyun says goodbye to her single life with “International bnt”

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Soon-to-be bride actress So Yi Hyun marked the end of her single days with "International bnt" with the theme "Miss So Yi Hyun".

Wearing a flowing, lacey white dress styled naturally with a long, textured coat, So Yi Hyun depicted an image of a perfect modern bride-to-be. She also dressed in a minimal red dress, exuding chic and sexy charms.

During the interview, "International bnt" asked the actress about her past work to which she commented, "There were a lot of films that I was in. I was greedy, so I worked without resting. The most memorable piece that I was a part of and that received much love, was "Cheongdamdong Alice". The more people loved it, the more I became attached to it

Fujii Mina to have a possible love triangle with Cha Tae Hyun and f(x)”s Victoria in “My Sassy Girl 2″

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Fujii Mina is the next international actress to join the lineup of the upcoming sequel "My Sassy Girl 2"!

Her agency Dragon Heart Global confirmed, "Fujii Mina will star in "My Sassy Girl 2". Please look forward to it." Fujii Mina will play the role of a woman who has a one-sided crush on Gyun Woo (Cha Tae Hyun), which means a possible love triangle with Cha Tae Hyun and f(x)"s Victoria.

Jo Geun Shik will also direct this highly-anticipated sequel, which is being produced as a joint project between Korean and Chinese companies. The movie is expected to premiere in May of 2015.

Lee Byung-hun had another woman besides Lee Ji-yeon and Dahee

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Apparently there"s a third woman involved with the "5 billion won" case.

According to Dispatch, Lee Byung-hun met Lee Ji-yeon through a friend known as "A". He was with "A" when he met model Lee Ji-yeon who also brought a friend, Dahee from Glam. They met a few more times after that.

Quoting "A", Dispatch said, "The four of them oftenly met for at least 3 months.

Apparently, Lee Byung-hun was with "A" even on the day Lee Ji-yeon and Dahee threatened of releasing his video. Lee Byung-hun asked "A" for help and after a long discussion, they decided it wasn"t going end smoothly and went to the police.

The Seoul Central Court said, "Their crime is grave enough and there is a need for them to be detained" and arrested Lee Ji-yeon and Dahee for attempted threat