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DJs Steve Wu and DOOS Collaborate for “Black Shoes” Music Video Featuring Lil Cham

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Eastribal RecordsSteve Wu and international DJ duo DOOS worked together for a Deep House collaboration called “Black Shoes” featuring female rapper, Lim Cham. The music video was shared through CJ E&M‘s official YouTube channel.

Deep House is a sub genre of House music and has a blend of Chicago house, 80s soul, jazz-funk and Detroit techno. Although more well known in other parts of the world, this genre of music is relatively new to Korea but growing in popularity, particularly in clubs and lounges in Itaewon.

“Black Shoes” is about exactly that, black shoes. Rapper Lim Cham, the femme fatale behind “Bad Girls’ Anthem,” narrates her love and preference for sexy black shoes with her distinct voice and flow

BTS crack some smiles in the appeal version of 'Just One Day' practice video

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BTS (Bangtan Boys) already released a dance practice video for their current song "Just One Day," but they shortly thereafter released another one labeled the "appeal version."

Although the difference in both videos may not be that striking, attentive fans quickly noticed the quirky nature of the boys as they were unable to hide their smiles and laughs, even goofing off at certain points in the dance! V, especially, was unable to hold in his laugh as he practically turns an adorable red for one of his parts.

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Check out the silly video above that is bound to make you love the group even more!

Ahn Jae Hyun becomes a cool cop in video for 'You're Surrounded' poster shoot

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SBS released the video of Ahn Jae Hyun"s poster shoot for upcoming drama "You"re Surrounded"!

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Wielding a gun, walkie talkie, and other props as a police officer, Ahn Jae Hyun shows off his chic good looks that are sure to make people mind not one bit if they got pulled over for a ticket.

Check out his charms in the video above as well as listen to him talk about the upcoming drama! "You"re Surrounded" premieres on April 30.

EXO to Unveil ‘Overdose’ Music Video Filming Site on ‘xoxo EXO’

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Mnet’s xoxo EXO will be unveiling what went on behind EXO’s comeback show and music video filming for Overdose.

Airing the first episode on April 18, xoxo EXO will be broadcasting the full story behind EXO’s comeback.

EXO launched its comeback show on April 15 in Jamsil Arena, bringing 8,000 of its fans to cheer for its highly anticipated comeback.

The show will be unveiling not only the comeback back show but also what went on behind the scenes. It will also reveal the filming site of EXO’s newest music video Overdose.

Meanwhile, Mnet’s xoxo EXO will be airing the first episode on April 18, featuring EXO’s activities around the globe and its comeback story.

Photo credit: Mnet

'the SAEM' release making of video for G-Dragon's mascara CF

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On April 15, "the SAEM" released the making of video for G-Dragon and Seo Ye Ji"s mascara CF, which was released back in March.

This video showed the dichotomy between the charismatic and sexy G-Dragon who held the mascara for the CF and the goofy G-Dragon who laughed and did funny stretches off camera.

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"the SAEM" said, "After G-Dragon"s CF, the "Eco Soul 90 Degree Mascara" saw an increase in sales, proving the GD effect everyday. We highly expect that "the SAEM" consumers and G-Dragon"s loving fans will greatly enjoy this making of video."

Donghae says 'Sorry Sorry' in character video for 'God's Quiz 4'

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Donghae is up next with his own character video for upcoming OCN drama "God"s Quiz 4"!

Matching the dramatic background music, Donghae holds up a scalpel and says with all seriousness, "I am now a doctor," before charismatically putting on a doctor"s gown - while accidentally smacking a senior doctor with it. This leads to comic relief as he apologizes to the switched tune of Super Junior"s "Sorry Sorry."

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Check out the 15 second version above and the 29 second version below. The drama will air on May 15 so make sure you watch it to see his chemistry with sexy researcher Lim Tae Kyung, played by Rainbow"s Jaekyung!

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Interview with Uprising YouTube Star Megan Lee!

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Some might already be familiar with Megan Lee through her participation on MBC’s audition program “Birth of a Great Star,” or have come across one of her many videos on YouTube. Already active as a YouTube artist, she continually tries to stretch her boundaries as an artist. Currently preparing for her official debut, which is just around the corner, Megan Lee was gracious enough to set aside time from her VERY busy schedule (read the interview to find out) to share with us just her pretty awesome journey.

Here’s a quick bio, and scroll down for the interview. ^^

Name: Megan Lee
D.O.B: September 18,1995 in California, United States
Agency Label: Soulshop Entertainment
Appearances: “Birth of a Great Star” season 1 & 2

OFFICIAL SNS (hover over the links to go to the respective page)
YouTube Channel

* March 2011 – Love, Laugh & Live [Single]
* July 2011 – Destiny [Single]
* October 2011 – Destiny [Single]

* 2008 – Tranquility [Role: Sun Kim] – Short Film
* 2009 – Crush [Role: Jeremy's Sister]- Short Film
* 2010 – The Legend of Beaver Dam [Role: JuJu] – Short Film
* 2010 – The Case Against Jill [Role: Jill] – Short Film

* 2008 – Award of Merit (U

Rapper New Champ Asks Girls to Dress Less Provocatively in Music Video feat. Kye Bum Joo

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Rapper New Champ has risen above the underground and is ready to make his official debut with his first digital single, “Yahage,” featuring Kye Bum Joo and Ji Hee Pil. The rapper released his “Yahage” music video with English subtitles through the official 1theK YouTube channel.

“Yahage” (pronounced Ya-ha-geh) means “provocatively” and was produced by Kye Bum Joo, his fellow PJR Entertainment label mate, with the melody and lyrics written by New Champ. The song is about New Champ asking his imaginary girlfriend to dress less provocatively. New Champ’s straightforward narration with his smooth rapping, along with Kye Bum Joo’s slick vocals makes the song a fun and catchy debut song.

The music video shows New Champ asking three beautiful women to tone down their sexiness and change their clothes

Akdong Musicians Sings Out a Meaningful Story in ‘Melted’ MV

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Bringing out its second title song, Akdong Musician released the music video for Melted.

The music video was released on April 14. The meaningful video did not feature the Akdong Musician siblings, but instead casted an entirely different group of actors, who acted out a story about a hitchhiker and the people he captured on his camera during his adventures.

The music video, like the lyrics of the song, held onto the story that if people could just melt their coldness away, the world would be a warmer place.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

Block B thank fans in video celebrating third anniversary

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After the release of their latest MV for new track "Jackpot," the wild boys of Block B showed their sweet side as they thanked fans in another video marking their third anniversary as a group.

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That"s right! The boys celebrated their third anniversary since debut, standing up and screaming in excitement while relaying the good news. Leader Zico then thanked their fans, BBCs, for supporting them the last three years, promising to pay them back in the next three.

Check out the sweet video above and congratulations to them on this milestone!

Lena Park Reveals Comeback Teaser Video for “Double Kiss”

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Lena Park, also known as Park Jung Hyun, will be making her comeback after two years with a new mini album “Syncrofusion.” A video teaser for her track “Double Kiss” was revealed today on YouTube.

Previously a teaser video for “Syncofusion” was released, showing off a beautiful instrumental track.

Along with her comeback, Lena Park will also be holding her first solo concert in 2 years. From May 9-11, and May 16-18, for two weeks, she will be holding a total of 6 performances at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.

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2PM's Wooyoung spotted in Ice Cube's video at Club Belasco

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Ice Cube uploaded a new Instagram video of himself at Club Belasco, and one shot in the video showed 2PM"s Wooyoung enjoying his time there as he nods to the beat and does west side hand gestures!

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The boys of 2PM were in Los Angeles for the free K-pop concert and it looks like Wooyoung decided to enjoy some of his free time at Club Belasco on the night Ice Cube performed. It appears Wooyoung is having a super fun time to the catchy rap and beat, so check out the video below to see Wooyoung!

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Winner to Make Debut Soon? Music Video Schedule Confirmed

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Looks like Winner’s debut may be just around the corner!

The possibility is high that the YG group to follow Akdong Musician is the male rookie group Winner. OSEN recently confirmed that Winner has a music video filming scheduled with the music video production team.

Winner’s debut music video will be directed by Seo Hyun Seung, who also directed Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby,” which currently has over 100 million views, and 2NE1’s “I Am the Best,” which, with almost 90 million views, is the group’s most-viewed music video on YouTube. Director Seo Hyun Seung has directed some of YG’s most important music videos, and that Director Seo is at the head of Winner’s new video is representative of the great care and focus that YG is putting towards the rookie group

SMRookies Announces Official Website Opening with Video Teaser

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SM Entertainment is continuing to pave the way for their pre-debut team, SMRookies, with the opening of the group’s very own official website!

The agency announced the opening with a video teaser uploaded onto its official Youtube channel. The short energetic teaser doesn’t show any of the faces of the SMRookies; only their backs, feet, hands, and movement are shown as they roam the streets of Seoul, rather together, and enter the SM Entertainment building.

The end of the teaser shows the web address for SMRookie’s official website ( According to the agency, the website will showcase SMRookies’ profiles, song and dance practice videos, and photos from their everyday life. The website is set to open near the end of April.

 Learn more about SMRookies here

Akdong Musician, Kwanghee, Lizzy, and more look back on the highlights of 'K-Pop Star 3' on 'D-1 Final Story'

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Akodng Musician, ZE:A"s KwangheeOrange Caramel"s Lizzy, MC Jun Hyun Moo, and Park So Hyun took over the judges" panel and looked back on the highlights of this season on the special broadcast "K-Pop Star 3"s "D-1 Final Story"!

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Sam Kim shared, "It feels weird every time I talk about it. Since it is my final stage, I will have fun with no regrets with the help of Ham Chun Ho sunsengnim"s guitar and create an awesome stage. I will do my best for tomorrow"s stage."

Bernard Park shared, "Thank you so much to everyone who is watching "K-Pop Star 3". I will work harder for my final stage tomorrow. Please look forward to it