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Aziatix’s Flowsik unveils video teaser for “Higher Plane”

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Aziatix’s Flowsik unveiled a video teaser for “Higher Plane,” his upcoming project.

The video shows Flowsik working at Mixerhead Studios in New York. Fans get to see him working on all aspects of the recording process such as composing, rapping, reading over lyrics, listening to recordings, and perhaps a surprise to fans, even singing.

Flowsik stated, “I want to make good music that can influence and inspire others to be confident in their passion and talents. I find myself alone in the studio working. Maybe it′s because my way of thinking and creativity is something most can′t understand…which is what inspired me to write this record.”

With this statement, listeners can expect more teasers for Flowsik’s project and fans are already commenting to express their great anticipations for it

Younha reveals Japanese video teaser for “People” + message to fans

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Younha reveals Japanese video teaser for “People” and shares a video message to fans.

It was announced earlier this summer that Younha would be making a Japanese comeback with a remake album.” Now, she has released a short video teaser for the title track, “People.”

Originally off her “Supersonic” album, “People” will be released on September 10th. The video teaser features Younha in a floral dress, white cardigan, and summery wedges as she enjoys herself in a scenic, grassy plane.

Other tracks on the album will include “Run,” “Cream Pasta,” “Sonagi,” “Wait for Me,” “Hope,” and as a bonus track a Japanese version of Lyn’s “My Destiny” from the hit Korean drama “You Who Came From the Stars

[Video] SuJu promotes new songs

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Ten members of the boy group Super Junior gathered in southern Seoul yesterday to promote their seventh album "Mamacita". "Before, it was important to be No. 1, but now we learned it is happiness that we get to work with good people", said Lee-teuk, the leader of the group.

The new songs are being released online today while the CDs will hit the stores on Monday. By Lee Sun-min

SBS drama “My Lovely Girl” featuring f(x)’s Krystal and Rain releases 2nd video teaser

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A second video teaser has been released for the upcoming fall K-drama, “My Lovely Girl”, starring Rain and f(x)’s Krystal.

After Rain revealed shots of the drama and the first video teaser, a new teaser has been released. In the teaser read the captions, “The lost memories of a past love… a melody from my memories… I want you to listen to it.

"My Lovely Girl" is a drama about a young man and woman who have suffered setbacks in the entertainment industry, and help to heal each other’s emotional wounds, slowly falling in love through music.

The first broadcast of “My Lovely Girl” is slated for September 17th on SBS after “It’s Okay, It’s Love” ends its run.

In addition to filming the drama, f(x)’s Krystal has been busy with photo shoots including shooting an advertisement for Etude House, and Singles magazine

Shin Se Kyung greets fans on the set of "Iron Man" in a video message

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Shin Se Kyung was recently seen on set of her first filming for the upcoming KBS 2TV Wed-Thurs drama "Iron Man" and shared a video message as well as additional behind-the-scenes photos!

Shin Se Kyung commented on her first filming, "Today is the first filming. Of course, since it"s my first filming, I am very nervous and thrilled, but [this drama] seems fun so I am really looking forward to it. I think only I need to do well [since everyone else already does well]. I will really work hard to make a very fun and good drama. Everyone, as the seasons change, be careful of catching a cold. I ask for your love and interest for my drama "Iron Man". Thank you."

"Iron Man" is a fantasy-melo drama that portrays the love story of a bitter man named Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook) who carries feelings of resentment and revenge, and the warm, loving woman Son Se Dong (Shin Se Kyung) who always puts others first

[Video] Added music video "Lighthouse" by Lee Ji-hyang for teh movie "Night Flight"

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Added music video "Lighthouse" by Lee Ji-hyang for teh movie "Night Flight"

"Night Flight" (2013)

Directed by Lee Song-hee-il

With Kwak Si-yang, Lee Jae-joon, Choi Joon-ha, Kim Chang-hwan, Lee Ik-joon, Jeong In-gi,...

The 15th Jeonju International Film Festival Selection
Three teenage boys who were once close friends grow apart when they reach high school: Yong-ju lives hiding his true gender identity, Gi-woong becomes the leader of the school gang, and Gi-taek an obsessive manga fan. Tired of the constant malicious bullying by Gi-woong"s gang, Gi-taek betrays them by disclosing that Yong-ju has loved Gi-woong for years. Surrounded by an insecure boundary of the school and wounded by betrayals, the boys are driven into catastrophe

Sunny Hill show their preparation process for their comeback in behind-the-scenes video

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As a special treat for fans, Sunny Hill released a behind-the-scenes video of their comeback with "Monday Blues." The girls strut their stuff as they march over to the music show program where they will be having their comeback stage, looking business-like and sexy in form-fitting black skirts.

However, once they get to the waiting room, they break into their cute smiles as they excitedly prepare for their stage. Check it out above!

Baechigi Drops “Boy Jump” Video; Ailee, Eru, Lucky J and More Make Cameos

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Two-member hip hop act Baechigi has released a music video for the group’s new track “Boy Jump.” The song features the vocals of Mamamoo member Wha Sa, and is the follow-up to “Dduraeyo,” a massive hit for the group, which was released in March this year.

The video features cameos from a plethora of K-Pop stars, such as Ailee, Eru, Lucky J, Mighty Mouth’s Shorry, and actress-singer Shin Bora.

The new song has also seen the group team up with 3B, a songwriter who also worked with Baechigi on “Dduraeyo.” The track uses samples of 1920s-style instruments and features a lively brass section.

The artwork for the “Boy Jump” jacket features a cartoon robot invader and UFOs, and was inspired by a 1990s’ animated novel series by the same name

"Slow Video", Cha Tae-hyeon, surprisingly reserved

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Nam Sang-mi spoke about Cha Tae-hyeon in "Slow Video".

The press conference for "Slow Video" was held in CGV Apgujeong on the 28th. Director Kim Yeong-tak, Cha Tae-hyeon, Nam Sang-mi, Oh Dal-soo and Kim Kang-hyeon were there.

Nam Sang-mi said, "Cha Tae-hyeon is pretty reserved. When I first met him, it looked like he was bright enough to purify the air, but actually, he"s very charismatic".

"He even spoke through the director one time".

Netizens say, "Cha Tae-hyeon is reserved?", "That"s cute", "I want to see the movie right now" and more.

Meanwhile, "Slow Video" is about Yeon Jang-bu, played by Cha Tae-hyeon with dynamic visual acuity, becoming the ace of the CCTV control center

[Video] Added Korean drama "The Joseon Shooter" episode 20

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Added episode 20 for the Korean drama "The Joseon Shooter"

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"The Joseon Shooter" (2014)Directed by Cha Yeong-hoon, Kim Jeong-min-III, Lee Jae-sangWritten by Han Hee-jeong, Lee Jeong-woo-IIINetwork : KBSWith Lee Joon-ki, Nam Sang-mi, Jeon Hye-bin, Han Juwan, Yoo Oh-seong, Lee Min-woo-I,...22 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00 Synopsis It"s the 19th Century and as western influences spread across Asia, Korea"s Joseon dynasty is experiencing great upheaval and rapid modernization. As the son of the last great swordsman, Park Yoon-gang is caught between two worlds, but the sudden murder of his father and sister catapult him into the new era as he takes up the gun to avenge their deaths. However, it"s not just his family who needs his protection, but his people as well

[Video] Added Korean drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love" episode 12

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Added episode 12 for the Korean drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love"

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"It"s Okay, That"s Love" (2014) Directed by Kim Kyoo-tae Written by Noh Hee-kyeong Network : SBS With Jo In-Seong, Kong Hyo-jin, Seong Dong-il, Lee Gwang-soo, Jin Kyeong, Lee Seong-kyeong,... 20 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00 Synopsis Based in a mental clinic, this drama portrays the life and love of modern day people. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/07/23

Watch on DramaFever

Note : due to licensing, videos may not be available in your country

[Video] 2nd teaser released for upcoming SBS drama "My Lovely Girl"

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The second teaser for the new SBS drama "My Lovely Girl" has been released.

The 24 second-long teaser displayed three titles: "Memories of lost love", "Melody in memories" and "I play this for you", leaving a strong impression of the joy and sadness of love on those watching it.

The second teaser is stronger than the first teaser according to reviews. The way Hyeon-wook (Rain) and Sena (Krystal) seemed confused in front of the love that one day arrived on their doorstep, was enough to draw attention.

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[Video] Added first teaser trailer, posters, photos and updated cast for the Korean drama "Secret Door"

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Added first teaser trailer, posters, photos and updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "Secret Door"

"Secret Door" (2014)Directed by Kim Hyeong-sikWritten by Yoon Seon-jooNetwork : SBSWith Han Seok-Kyu, Kim Min-jong, Choi Won-yeong, Kim Chang-wan, Kim Yoo-jeong, Seo Joon-yeong,...24 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00SynopsisA historical about the secret surrounding Crown Prince Sado"s death.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/09/22


NASTY NASTY releases first “Knock” video teaser

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Star Empire’s first project group, NASTY NASTY, has unveiled their first video teaser for their title track “Knock” soon after sharing hot image teasers of the trio.

NASTY NASTY consists of ZE:A’s Kevin, Nine Muses’ Kyungri and Star Empire rookie, Sojin.

Rated 15+, the video teaser reveals “Knock” to be a very upbeat track, the females and Kevin’s vocals intertwining perfectly with one another. While Kyungri seem to be dressed in white, Sojin wears a body-clinging black attire.

Their single will be dropping on September 3rd.

Source: Starempire Entertainment

Super Junior release two video teasers for MAMACITA (아야야) ahead of 7th album

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Super Junior has announced the release of their 7th album ‘MAMACITA’ with two new video teasers for the title track, including a concept version and dance version.

SMTOWN describes ’MAMACITA(AYAYA)’ as “an Urban New Jack Swing genre song, with drum sound based on rhythmical Indian Percussion and piano melody”. 

The MV is the work of the renowned ZANYBROS, and features the members taking on various character roles:

Leeteuk: Wanted Thief Siwon: Sheriff Sungmin: Deputy Director of a Bank Shindong: Blacksmith Eunhyuk: Bullfighter Ryeowook: Barber Donghae: Bounty Hunter Kyuhyun: Gambler Heechul: Bartender Kangin: Fruit Shop Owner

A ‘mamacita’ is a Spanish word defined as the following:

(Latin America, slang) babe, hottie (sexually attractive woman)

It promises to be an immensely entertaining MV and concept!

MAMACITA will be released online on the 29th August with Super Junior making their comeback performance on KBS ‘Music Bank’ on the same day