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Park Shin Hye puts a spin on classics for "W Korea"

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Park Shin Hye is one of the most sought after actresses these days, and she made it obvious why with her class and sophistication in "W Korea"!

The actress donned sophisticated silhouettes that say that she"s ready to work with style, and her reddish hair color compliments her milky skin. Of course, fans know that she is beautiful both inside and out no matter what she wears because at the end of the day, her down-to-earth personality is the secret to her beauty!

Park Shin Hye has been going on her Asia tour "2014 Story of Angel" and is awaiting her fan meetings in Taiwan and Thailand this September. Check out more of Park Shin Hye"s pictorial in "W Korea"s September issue!

Grazia Magazine Releases “Fashion King Korea 2″ Cast Pictorial Including Zico, Sunmi, Kwanghee, and More

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Recently, the cast of “Fashion King Korea 2” was featured in a photo spread for Grazia, including Hong Jin Kyung, Jo Se Ho, Kwanghee, Clara, Sunmi, Yoo Jin Seo, Block B’s Zico and P.O, designer Han Sang Hyuk, Go Tae Yong, Kwak Hyun Joo, Song Hae Myung, Choi Bum Suk, Yang Hee Min, and Ro Gun. The celebrities each partnered with a designer, in order to put their unique styles on display.

In an interview at the shoot, Kwanghee revealed that he’s a shopaholic. He said, “I go shopping every chance I get. Before I begin my daily schedule, I go to the department store. The more expensive the product is the better the quality, but I still purchase products of cheaper brands. Recently, I purchased from Spa Brand pairs of espadrilles in every color, each costing 9000 won

Korean movies opening today 2014/08/21 in Korea

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Korean movies opening today 2014/08/21 in Korea: "My Ordinary Love Story", "Buckwheat Flower, A Lucky Day and Spring", "The King of Jokgu", "Welcome", and "The Story of Ong-nyeo"

"My Ordinary Love Story" (2013)Directed by Lee KwonWith Kang Ye-won, Song Sae-byeok, Park Grina, Kim Hyun-jun, Kim Yeong-seon, Jo Kyeong-sook,...Formerly known as "My Seventh Man" (내 일곱 번째 남자, nae il-gob bun-jjae nam-ja)Synopsisabout a woman who struggles to make her seventh relationship work after six failed ones.

"Buckwheat Flower, A Lucky Day and Spring" (2014)Directed by Ahn Jae-hoon, Han Hye-jin-IWith Jang Gwang, Eom Sang-hyeon, Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong, Kang Eun-tak, Jeon Hye-yeong,

B1A4 Shows a Glimpse into 24 Hours of Their Lives for W Korea Magazine

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The five members of B1A4 revealed a side of themselves that has never been seen before for a pictorial in fashion magazine W Korea.

W Korea spent a total of 24 hours with the group and was able to capture various aspects of B1A4’s time in Tokyo, Japan, as well as the behind the scenes story of their busy schedule, for the magazine’s September issue.

After the group finishing up their performance at KCON 2014’s Mnet “M!Countdown Two Nights in LA” concert, they were flown to Japan to continue with their hectic schedules. Cameras followed B1A4 to give fans a sneak peek into the members’ hidden side—from before and after stepping on stage for their Tokyo fan meeting, to when they were having fun in their hotel. W Korea also unveiled a number of B-cuts from the photo shoot as well

Korean movie opening today 2014/08/20 in Korea

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Korean movie opening today 2014/08/20 in Korea: "Tunnel 3D"

"Tunnel 3D" (2014)Directed by Park Gyoo-taekWith Jeong Yoo-mi, Yeon Woo-jin, Song Jae-rim, Jeong Si-yeon, Son Byeong-ho, Lee Si-won,...Crank in 2014/02/06Crank up 2014/04/20SynopsisA 3D thriller about the things that happen while building a resort.A group of friends are invited to the launch party of a luxury resort. A strange man barges in, and scares everyone away by declaring that they will all be killed by a curse. They return to the resort to find the strange man watching them, and accidentally end up killing him. They decide to dispose of the body in a coal mine, but get trapped inside the dark tunnels facing the buried horrors within.

f(x) Amber poses for Nylon Korea in September edition

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For Nylon Korea’s September edition, the magazine has chosen their latest model as f(x)’s Amber!

Though f(x) had done many photo shoots before, it was rare to see Amber doing a photo shoot on her own. However, Nylon Korea finally succeeded in having Amber as their next model, showcasing her distinct charms for all fans to love.

Her attire reflects the fall season, with unique sweaters, long pants, and jackets. Her hair is more of violet-brown shade, and looks slightly tussled for a natural look. Colors are generally neutral and few, making most of blend in, while certain opposites pop out to the eye. Meanwhile, the background settings are simple and mostly white, leading all the focus up to Amber herself.

Look at the next two photos from her photo shoot below, and make sure to get your hands on their latest September edition next month! Also, watch Amber’s “Ice Bucket Challenge” video here, which she has made in response to Eric Nam’s nomination!

Source: Amber’s Official Facebook

INFINITE are cool and chic for "Vogue Girl" making film

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Inspirits, it"s time to thank "Vogue Girl" as they unveil some handsome preview photos and a video of the INFINITE members from their latest photoshoot! The boys are laid back in more ways than one in this shoot, casually lounging around and looking like they have no care in the world.


You can catch the full pictorial in the September issue of "Vogue Girl", but in the meantime, you can check out some of the preview photos and B-cuts released by the magazine below as well as a behind-the-scenes video above!

YoonA bares her abs and captures a post-modern look for "W Korea"

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YoonA showed off a different side in her latest pictorial with "W Korea" released on August 20 KST, shedding the sweet girl image and bright, melting smile for a chic look of nonchalance. As the theme seems to be post modern, the shots are all black-and-white for a moody effect as she looks very mature and tomboyish.


In one notable picture, she bares her rather impressive abs that look so good even she can"t take her eyes away. Which is your favorite picture?

Film Review: 'The Admiral: Roaring Currents' Is The Best Korean Film To Hit The U.S. In 2014

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(Photo : CJ Entertainment)
"The Admiral: Roaring Currents" is a gripping Joseon Dynasty film which is best viewed in theaters. “The Admiral: Roaring Currents” opened in select theaters on August 15, to widespread praise from critics and audiences. The epic Joseon Dynasty film departs from the usual storyline of domestic conflicts over the crown, to present the mythical historic tale of Admiral Yi and his incredible triumph over a Japanese naval fleet at The Battle of Myeong Nyang.

The Battle of Myeong Nyang was a surreal naval conflict which took place in 1597, during the Japanese invasion of Korea. Admiral Yi Sun Shin conquered a fleet of 330 Japanese warships with a meager 12 Korean battleships, in the treacherous waters of the Myeong Nyang sea.

Admiral Yi was a legendary leader of the Korean naval whose battle technique was reliant on reinforced turtle ships

B1A4 spend 24 hours with "W Korea" in Tokyo, Japan

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24 hours wasn"t enough for B1A4 who took fans behind the scenes of their busy schedule in Tokyo, Japan for "W Korea"s September issue!

After wrapping up "M! Countdown"s "2 Nights in LA" special, B1A4 was whisked off to Tokyo, Japan where they spent 24 hours with "W Korea". B1A4 showed what they"re like backstage and in their hotel as they got ready for their "2014 BANA JAPAN FAN MEETING" in Zepp DiverCity, Tokyo on August 11 and Zepp Namba, Osaka on August 18.

The boys will also be kicking off their 1st world tour "2014 B1A4 Road Trip – READY?" in Taipei, Taiwan on the 23rd!

Check out the pictorial and B-cuts below!

Korean dramas starting today 2014/08/18 in Korea

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Korean dramas starting today 2014/08/18 in Korea: "Discovery of Romance" and "My Secret Hotel"

"Discovery of Romance" (2014)Directed by Kim Seong-yoon, Lee Eung-bokWritten by Jeong Hyeon-jeongNetwork : KBSWith Jeong Yu-mi, Eric Moon, Seong Joon, Yoon Jin-i, Yoon Hyeon-min, Kim Seul-gi-I,...16 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00Also known as "Discovery of Love" and formerly known as "Finding True Love" on HanCinemaSynopsisHan Yeo-reum (Jeong Yu-mi)"s life seems perfect. She is a designer who owns her own successful workshop, she lives with her two best childhood friends, and she has a sweet, successful boyfriend of 3 years, Nam Ha-jin (Seong Joon), who might pop the big question any day. Her life seems to be heading in the right direction, until she suddenly comes face to face with her selfish and snobby, but somehow charming, designer ex-boyfriend of 5 years, Kang Tae-ha (Eric Moon)

Is the New KARA Song, “Story,” about Former Members Nicole and Kang Jiyoung? KARA Says, “We’ll Leave It to People’s Imagination”

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KARA, who has returned with a new album and a new member, has been receiving a lot of attention recently for their sixth mini album, “Day & Night.”

On August 18, the now four-member group KARA has held the showcase for their sixth mini album “Day & Night” wherein they sang their title track, “Mamma Mia” as well as their other song, “So Good.” During the press conference, the group got to introduce their new member, Huh Youngji, and talk more about their new album.

During the press conference, the media talked about “Story,” one of the six songs in the mini album, which has been receiving attention for its message of pain toward a person who has left

Son Ye Jin Declines Drama For Film Role

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Son Ye Jin considered taking a leading role in the upcoming historical drama "The King"s Face," starring Seo In Guk and Lee Jung Jae. If she had taken the role of Kim Ha Gee, she would have played a woman who was loved by both a prince and a king.

And while that might have been tempting she chose instead to sign on for a thriller directed by Lee Kyung Mi.

According to CJ Entertainment, the actress will appear in a film tentatively titled "House Full of Happiness."

 "Son Ye Jin has been confirmed to star in director Lee Kyung Mi"s new project, "House Full of Happiness," which is due to start filming in September," said a representative of CJ Entertainment, which will distribute the film.

The film is a thriller about an ambitious politician who dreams of becoming a member of Congress

Girl2School are carefree skaters in story version MV for "Hands in the Air"

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Girl group Girl2School is back with their fourth digital single "Hands in the Air".

In the music video, after a long day of practicing, the girls meet up at a skate park to skateboard and hang out. The song itself is a fun, upbeat track sure to get everyone excited. Since this is the story version, we suspect we will be getting, at the very least, a dance version as well.

Having debut back in 2010 it"s been a while since the release of their last single so the girls are putting their all in this promotion. Girl2School began as a 14-member group chosen via online auditions. Since then, they have reduced the group size to the current five members.

Are you enjoying their latest release?


Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo’s Upcoming Film “The Technicians” Completes Filming

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Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo‘s upcoming heist action film “The Technicians” officially wrapped up its filming on August 12 and has gone into post-production.

After 79 shoots spread over five months, the filming for “The Technicians” wrapped up at a set in Seoul. At the last shoot, lead actor Kim Woo Bin showing some impressive action skills, jumping off a high-building on wires.

“The Technicians” is a heist action film where a very talented group of technicians attempt to steal a large sum of gang money.

Kim Woo Bin will play the multi-talented robber Jihyuk, while Lee Hyun Woo will portray a young, highly-skilled hacker named Jongbae. Go Chang Suk will portray an accomplice and provide comic relief to the film