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Lee Bo Young Looks Warm and Stylish in Bonnie Alex

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Actress Lee Bo Young has released a pictorial for the clothing brand “Bonnie Alex,” with whom she signed a contract as their 2014 fall and winter model.

In the photos, Lee Bo Young flaunts a chic and no-nonsense cold-weather styling of mostly gray, black, and blue knits and coats. Her smooth, contemporary look has caught the public eye.

A representative for the advertising agency said, “Lee Bo Young’s latest dramas–‘God’s Gift–14 Days,’ ‘I Can Hear Your Voice,’ ‘My Daughter Seo Young,’ and so on–have all been very popular. She is an actress that is sure to become a household name and she is worthy to become a regular fixture in advertising. The mood of this photoshoot was ‘French chic

Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yoo Bi are in talks for new drama "Pinocchio"

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Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yoo Bi will likely to star in SBS" upcoming drama "Pinocchio".

Kim Young Kwang"s agency said,"It"s true that he receive the offer for "Pinocchio", but since he"s still currently filming for "Plus Nine Boys" so nothing has been confirmed yet".

Lee Yoo Bi"s agency also said,"She did received the casting offer but her appearance is still under discussion".

"Pinocchio" will be directed by director Jo Soo Won and screenwriter Park Hye Ryun and both previously worked on SBS"s famous drama from last year "I Can Hear Your Voice". The story will be revolve around social affair reporters.

The drama will follow "My Lovely Girl" and broadcast this November.

Actors Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yoo Bi in Talks for New Drama “Pinocchio”

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Actors Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yoo Bi are strong candidates for casting in the new SBS drama “Pinocchio.”

On September 2, a representative of Kim Young Kwang’s agency, CHOII Entertainment, revealed to MBN Star, “’Although he received an offer for ‘Pinocchio,’ nothing is confirmed. It is still under consideration as it hasn’t been very long since tvN’s ‘Plus Nine Boys’ began.”

Actress Lee Yoo Bi’s agency, Sidus HQ, also stated, “[‘Pinocchio’] is just one of the productions being reviewed so nothing has been decided.”

It has been reported that Kim Young Kwang was offered the role of a chaebol character who dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist, while Lee Yoo Bi received an offer to play the role of a former sasaeng fan-turned-journalist

Union J"s George Shelley tweets about GOT7 and being a fan of K-pop

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English boy band Union J member George Shelley tweeted about K-Pop!

He recently tweeted a photo of GOT7 members to his fellow Union J members and wrote, "Boys wanna try and pull this off? @JoshUJWorld @JJUJWorld @JaymiUJWorld what do you think @rikki_finlay ?x ". He"d attached the above photo of GOT7, perhaps suggesting to his fellow bandmates that he wanted to try out the concept.

He also tweeted, "K-Pop is awesome. Period," letting fans know how awesome K-pop was! 

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Korean Media Provides Photos of Son Ho Young and Ami to Support Relationship Claims Despite Denials

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Earlier on September 1, local news media source TV Report reported that singer Son Ho Young of g.o.d and rookie singer Ami have been dating for four months. Son Ho Young’s management agency, CJ E&M, denied the claim, saying that the two were only close colleagues in the industry. Read more about it here.

After the official stance from Son Ho Young, another local and media source Dispatch published photos of Son Ho Young and Ami on what it described as a “bicycle date.” The photos showed Son Ho Young, wearing a mask, and singer Ami riding their bikes together around the neighborhood on August 12. Dispatch wrote that acquaintances of the two know them as a sports couple, enjoying a variety of sports together

g.o.d"s Son Ho Young dating rookie singer Ami?

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g.o.d"s Son Ho Young is reportedly dating rookie singer Ami.

According to TVReport, industry insiders said that Son Ho Young and Ami started dating 4 months ago. They met at first because they were from the same label (she has since left the label), and Ami provided comfort to Son Ho Young after his traffic incident last year.

They spent their leisure time together, and are members of the same bowling team. The pair had their dates often at bowling lanes, and also went hiking and working out. She is 9 years younger than Son Ho Young, and he helped her actively promote.

However, Son Ho Young"s label has denied the reports, telling Xports News, "Son Ho Young and Ami are just close sunbae-hoobae

EXO-K, KARA, SISTAR, 4Minute, VIXX, Block B, Ailee, B.A.P, GOT7, and More to Heat Up ‘2014 Hallyu Dream Festival!’

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The fifth ‘2014 Hallyu Dream Festival’ will be opening up on September 28 at Gyeongju Civic Stadium.

On September 1, it was announced that the festival’s amazing lineup will consist of a total of 22 different teams, including EXO-K, KARA, SISTAR, 4Minute, VIXX, BTOB, Block B, Ailee, Secret, B.A.P, Crayon Pop, T-ara, Dal Shabet, Topp Dogg, F.Cuz, GOT7, BESTie, Dick Punks, LU:KUS, HALO, Red Velvet, and Boys Republic.

This particular music festival was created in order to emphasize Hallyu, as well as showcase the nation’s culture and its top singers

g.o.d’s Son Ho Young Rumored to be Dating Rookie Singer Ami, Agency Denies

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Earlier today, media outlet TV Report had reported that g.o.d’s Son Ho Young is currently in a relationship with a rookie singer named Ami, who is nine years his junior.

It was said that the two began with a close senior-junior relationship, before developing into a couple about four months ago. Son Ho Young and Ami first met as senior and junior, when they were both under the same agency. Furthermore, it has been reported that Son Ho Young found a lot of comfort and stability through his relationship with Ami during the difficult time he was going through last year, and Ami also received much support and advice from her music industry senior. Ami is currently under a different agency and is in the middle of preparing for a new album.

However, Son Ho Young’s reps revealed that the dating rumors are not true, despite the reports

Seo In Young Dazzles with “Magic Castle” Cover on “Immortal Song”

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Solo star Seo In Young recorded a massive score of 410 in a special edition of KBS2 show “Immortal Song” on August 30. The special edition of the show was celebrating songs taken from one-million-plus selling albums, and Seo In Young chose to cover The Classic‘s “Magic Castle,” originally a hit in 1994.

The former Jewelry member spent 10 million won (about US$9,850) on the performance, and completely reinvented the song as a jazzy number, which was also a visual feast. Indeed, her performance looked as though it might not have been out of place in a musical like “Chicago,” and featured tap dancing, cabaret-style dancing and music from a nine-member brass band.

The singer also brought in eight dancers, a percussionist and three backing singers, and also picked out her own costume and accessories

Hong Jin Young surprises Nam Goong Min with her perfect grades on "We Got Married"

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Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min had a romantic college campus date on the August 30th installment of "We Got Married".

The couple visited Hong Jin Young"s hometown and alma mater, where they reminisced about their university days. Nam Goong Min also got to take a peek at his onscreen wife"s grades and was shocked to find that she almost had straight As. He said shocked, "Is studying all you did?"

He went on to reveal, "I got F,F,F,B," and Hong Jin Young responded, "The Fs are cool. So cool... I came to university and studied." Nam Goong Min poked, "I guess you didn"t have time for a boyfriend," and she replied honestly, "I"ve never been part of a campus couple. It"s a fantasy of mine."

The two then enjoyed their "campus couple" date.

2PM"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young wrap up their outdoor adventure on "We Got Married"

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2PM"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young wrapped up their outdoor adventure on the August 30th installment of "We Got Married".

The couple went parachuting, which was less scary than they had anticipated. Up in the air, Park Se Young told Wooyoung, "I wish you were next to me," and he responded, "I love you!" The couple then spent the last of their mission money on a small cabin and hung out at a nearby river that they found to be a little too cold.

The two ended the night with some ramen, and Park Se Young gave Wooyoung a refreshing splash with cold water. Wooyoung joked, "Let"s go sleep. Let"s spend a hot night together!" 

2PM’s Wooyoung Heats Things Up with Park Se Young Through Bold Skinship on “We Got Married”

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On the August 30 broadcast of MBC’s variety program “We Got Married,” 2PM’s Wooyoung and actress Park Se Young took their virtual marriage one step further by displaying bold ‘skinship.’

During the episode, after Park Se Young poured cold water over Wooyoung’s back, the 2PM member playfully pulled his wife in for a tight hug.

The reason being, Wooyoung asked Park Se Young to stop pouring the water, however, the actress jokingly continued to do what she was doing. Upon realizing that she ignored his requests to stop the cold water, he wrapped his arms around Park Se Young, with his soaked body and even while shirtless.

Then, Wooyoung screamed out, “Let’s go sleep. Let’s spend a hot night!”—as a way to warm himself up after his cold shower—causing people to laugh with his 19+ statement

Hong Jin Young Reveals Her Impressive College Transcript on “We Got Married”

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Singer Hong Jin Young‘s university transcript has been revealed on the recent episode of “We Got Married.” The scores were almost all A+ which surprised her virtual husband, actor Nam Goong Min.

At the sight of the transcript, he asked, “Was studying the only thing you did at that time? This is not humane. I only got Fs and Ds when I was in college.”

During the interview, Nam Goong Min said, “I don’t think I ever got a score above 3.0. Unfortunately I never got the chance to get all Fs because of the on D.”

During this episode, the couple enjoyed pretending to be a campus couple at the university that Hong Jin Young once attended. The couple traveled down to the singer’s hometown where they will be meeting her parents

Seo In Young takes the final trophy on "Immortal Song 2"

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Singer Seo In Young took the final trophy on the August 30th "Million seller" episode of "Immortal Song 2".

Seo In Young covered The Classic"s "Magic Castle", making sure to add her fashionista flair to the stage. She said before her performance, "I prepared a performance that wouldn"t be a waste even if you paid to watch it."

She won over the audience with her sexy musical rendition and dramatic choreography, taking the final trophy by winning over Kim Kyung Ho. Congratulations to Seo In Young!

Seo In Guk and Park Min Young are ready to take on the outdoors in "ISENBERG" apparel

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Outdoor brand "ISENBERG" released new pictures of youthful models Seo In Guk and Park Min Young dressed in apparel from the 2014 fall and winter collection!

The concept was, "Your Stylish Outdoor Life", and featured the happy and clearly energetic models posing for a refreshing pictorial that brings lots of attention to the cute apparel.

A rep said, "Seo In Guk and Park Min Young correctly portrayed the brand concept with their bright and refined image, so we look forward to how big of a help they will be in relaying "ISENBERG"s image to the public."