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JYP Entertainment wishes GOT7″s Youngjae happy birthday

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Happy birthday to GOT7"s Youngjae!  

Born on September 17, 1996, Youngjae is now 19 years old (18 in Korea), and JYP Entertainment is already celebrating!  The agency uploaded a picture wishing him a happy birthday, using hashtag, "#YJ19thBirthday" which trended worldwide on Twitter.

Happy birthday, Youngjae!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Youngjae#YJ19thBirthday

— JYPnation (@jypnation) September 16, 2014

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GOT7″s Youngjae deletes his Instagram account

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GOT7"s Youngjae has deleted his Instagram account.

Recently, Youngjae deleted all the photos from the SNS, but now it seems like he"s gotten rid of the account entirely. Going to his previous page only gives the above message, where the page cannot be found.

There are many speculations on why Youngjae deleted the account, and Youngjae himself gave no reason as to why he was deleting his account. However, the main reasons why celebrities delete their SNS accounts are because of hackers. Hopefully, Youngjae will make a comeback to the SNS for his fans!

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Got7’s Youngjae Fights Off the Cold, BamBam Ties Shoelaces, and Yugyeom Confesses in ‘A’ Teasers

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Continuing to slay the hearts of girls, the Got7 members revealed three more teasers for their new song A.

The teasers for Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom were released on June 21, 22, and 23, revealing their little heart-fluttery love stories to come. Youngjae eats ice cream despite being cold, while BamBam looked for the right time to tie her shoelaces up. Yugyeom was quite direct, asking his nuna what she thought of him, only to reveal that he had practiced his confession in front of his mirror early on.

Got7 will releases its new album Got♡on June 23.

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment

GOT7’s Youngjae becomes a one-day VJ in 7th episode of ‘Real GOT7′

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GOT7"s Youngjae became the one-day VJ for the seventh episode of "Real GOT7"!

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Youngjae succeeded in getting his members to complete secret missions including JB giving a wink, Mark showing an eating broadcast, Jr. reading books, Jackson making sexy expressions, BamBam putting aside his cute image with his charismatic stare, Yugyeom showing friendly skinship, Youngjae getting caught sleeping, and more.

After completing the missions through some hilarious manipulation, Youngjae won the chance to be the temporary leader and assign the members" seats for their fan meeting.

Check out all of the fan service in the seventh episode above!

JYPE updates fans on JB, Youngjae, and Jr. + GOT7 to resume activities starting on ‘Inkigayo’

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JYP Entertainment shared the good news that GOT7"s JB, Youngjae, and Jr. are almost fully recovered from their contraction of swine flu and JB and Youngjae will join the group when they resume activities on "Inkigayo" this weekend while Jr. is set to join the group a bit later on the 4th.

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JYP Entertainment announced on their official homepage on the 1st, "JB, Jr., and Youngjae are currently recovering with treatment and rest, and according to the results of the diagnosis at the hospital, all of the three members don"t have any chance of infection by February 1 and it will not cause further difficulty for their promotions."

"In the case of JB and Youngjae, they were able to recover quickly with minor symptoms and plan to resume their activities starting on "Inkigayo" on the 2nd

JB and Youngjae Also Down with the Flu, GOT7 to Temporarily Halt Activities

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After Jr was diagnosed with the flu, JB and Youngjae also came down with the virus, leaving GOT7 no choice but to stop activities for the moment.

On January 28, JYP Entertainment announced that Jr, JB and Youngjae were recently diagnosed with the influenza virus.

Jr was the first one who showed symptoms and was not able to attend the recording for SBS MTV’s “The Show,” leaving only six members on stage.

Afterwards, the GOT7 members all visited the hospital for a check-up, which is when JB and Youngjae were diagnosed.

It was planned for GOT7 to promote their debut mini-album until the middle of next month. However, since three out of the seven members are sick, they will be temporarily stopping activities

Got7’s Youngjae and JB Confirmed to Have Swine Flu

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Joining Jr., JB and Youngjae of Got7 were also confirmed to have swine flu.

Newsen spoke with a JYP Entertainment rep on January 28, who stated, “Got7’s JB and Youngjae were also diagnosed with swine flu.”

Jr. first experienced high fevers and body aches two days before. He went to the hospital on January 27, where he was diagnosed with swine flu and put to rest.

JB and Youngjae, who were continuing activities, began to feel the symptoms, eventually coming down with swine flu themselves.

Due to recent events, it’s unclear what will happen of Got7’s activities on this week’s music programs. There is a high possibility that Got7 will not be appearing on KBS’ Music Bank, MBC’s Music Core, and SBS’ Inkigayo

GOT7’s JB and either Yugyeom or Youngjae also diagnosed with flu following Jr.

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Following the news of Jr."s contraction of swine flu, it has also been revealed that fellow GOT7 members JB and either Youngjae or Yugyeom also have a case of swine flu as well.

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There is a bit of confusion surrounding whether it is Youngjae or Yugyeom who has caught the flu, for the agency reps seem to have had a bit of a mix-up and offered differing responses to media outlets, as well as the fan cafe Twitter tweeting out two different tweets.

A JYP Entertainment rep told various media outlets, "Youngjae and JB have also been diagnosed with swine flu."

However, some other reps told other media outlets "JB and Yugyeom have swine flu

GOT7 reveal profiles and statements for Youngjae, BamBam, and Jr.

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After unveiling their photos, GOT7"s Youngjae, BamBam, and Jr. are back to themselves through their profiles and statements!

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GOT7"s debut MV and "Garage Showcase" are scheduled for January 15, first performance for January 16, and mini-album for January 20. So get to know each member before then!

Name: Jr. (Park Jin Young)

Birthday: September 22, 1994

Height: 178 cm (~5"10")

Weight: 63 kg (~139 lbs)

Education: Graduated Kyunggi High School

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: watching movies and plays, taking walks, piano

Specialty: dancing

Ideal Type: a woman whose teeth show when she smiles and trusts me

Favorite Foods: hamburger, pizza, meat

Favorite Musicians: Justin Timberlake, Usher, Michael Buble

Work Experience:

1st place in the 5th round of the JYP open audition (2009)

KBS 2TV"s "Dream High" (2012)

JJ Project single album (2012)

MBC drama "When A Man Loves" (2013)

He Says: Hello

GOT7 reveals last 3 members: Jr., BamBam and Youngjae

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GOT7 has completed introducing their 7 members with the release of Jr.'s, BamBam's and Youngjae's photos.

JYP is ready to debut their newest boy group GOT7 after introducing all the members today. With the addition of Jr., BamBam and Youngjae, the 7 members from different countries have been completed.

GOT7 are going to release their MV on January 15 and going to hold their showcase on the same day. In addition to that, their debut mini album will be followed on January 20.

Are you ready for Mark, JB, Jackson, Yugyeom, Jr., BamBam and Youngjae's debut?
Check out their photos below:




Got7 Reveals Remaining Members, Jr, BamBam, and Youngjae

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Awaiting its debut, Got7 unveiled the remaining members.

On January 7, JYP Entertainment revealed photos of the last three members of Got7. The members were Jr, BamBam, and Youngjae.

While Jr has been spotlighted before in JJ Project, this is the first time BamBam and Youngjae have been officially revealed, other than the short appearances on WIN:Who is Next while battling with YG trainees.

BamBam is from Thailand and is known for his dance skills, while Youngjae is said to have a powerful voice.

With the unveiling of Jr, BamBam, and Youngjae, all seven members of Got7 have been revealed.

They await the release of their music video and garage showcase on January 15, followed by a stage debut on Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN on January 16

Teaser Images of GOT7′s Final Three Members: Jr, BamBam, Youngjae

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The final three members of JYP‘s upcoming boy group GOT7 have been revealed!

Brand new teaser images of Jr, BamBam and Youngjae have been released to the public on January 8. Just like before, two images for each member has been released.

While Jr displayed his stunning side profile, BamBam exhibited his “martial arts tricking” skills by doing a one-hand handstand whereas Youngjae gave fans a taste of his dancing skills.

Now that all seven members have been revealed to be JB, Mark, Yugyeom, Jackson, Jr, BamBam and Youngjae, fans can expect even more teasers and information about GOT7. The group will be releasing their music video and holding their debut showcase on January 15 while their album will drop on January 20

GOT7 release teaser images for Youngjae, BamBam, and Jr.

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JYPE has released the last round of teaser images for the remaining members of GOT7: Youngjae, BamBam, and Jr.!

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Now that all the members have shown off their stylish looks and cool moves for their debut, which do you think may be your initial bias? It will come as no surprise, if you have a hard time choosing just one throughout their debut, which is anticipated to be amazing.

Check back in to read the full profiles for Youngjae, BamBam, and Jr.! Their MV and "Garage Showcase" are scheduled for January 15, first performance for January 16, and mini-album for January 20.

BamBam (and the one above):



Got7 Prepares for First Album “Identity” with Teaser Photos

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JYP Entertainment‘s newest boy group, Got7, will be making a comeback with their first full album and released individual and group teaser photos.

The album will be titled “Identity” and the teaser photos show a futuristic concept.

Not much else has been revealed about the comeback, but the teasers all came with planned released dates for the music video and album. The music video will be released on November 17 at midnight KST. The online release of the album will be on November 18 at midnight KST, and the offline release will be on November 20. Before then, we are likely to get a music video teaser.

Got7 will also have a showcase to perform their new songs on November 17, at 8pm KST.

[★VIDEO] TVXQ’s “Mirotic” Covered By BAP, GOT7, VIXX, and BTOB

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At Dream Concert, members of BAP, GOT7, VIXX and BTOB shared the stage and paid tribute to their seniors TVXQ.

Previously, we shared a fancam of their performance at Dream Concert, but now SBS has released the official performance stage!

BAP’s Daehyun, GOT7’s Youngjae, VIXX’s Leo and BTOB’s Eunkwang collaborated together to perform an orchestrated version of “Mirotic”. The members are seen dressed up, performing their own heartfelt version of the popular song, as immense cheering pours in from fans.

Check out their performance below!

Source: SBS

GOT7 throw a birthday party and more on the season finale of “Real GOT7″

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GOT7 threw a birthday party for Jr., Mark, and Youngjae on the season finale of "Real GOT7"!

The rest of the members pulled a prank on the birthday boys by making them play charades as well as surprising them with a birthday cake and seaweed soup. In their celebratory mood, they also sang and danced along to 2PM"s "GO CRAZY!" in the car on the way to their fan meeting.

The fun didn"t stop there as JB and Mark also showed their aegyo, while Youngjae surprised his members by doing the dougie dance.

Check out the season finale above!

GOT7 show their love for dogs and go skateboarding on “Real GOT7″

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The cuteness overload never ends when GOT7 is around and it was no different on the 6th episode of "Real GOT7" season 2!

GOT7 had the opportunity to have a play date with dogs during their photoshoot and Jackson, especially, couldn"t help but to show a lot of affection for one dog in particular that played hard to get with him. After impressing fans with his Rubik"s cube skills in the previous episode, Mark surprised fans yet again with his skateboarding skills as the group headed out to a skate park for another photoshoot. Meanwhile, Jr. and Youngjae spilled some of their sexy satoori while everyone was still trying to fulfill their manitto mission.

Catch up with GOT7 above!

GOT7 releases pictorial of their visit to Malaysia

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GOT7 visited Malaysia this summer; Starcast releases a narrative set of photos from GOT7’s photo book.

GOT7 couldn’t enjoy Malaysia during their last visit due to their busy schedules and shooting of their music video, “A.”

However, this time they were able to spend some quality time in Malaysia. First, they first decided to stop by the streets to grasp the atmosphere of Malaysia. They look like they are having fun, roaming the streets of Malaysia.

Shall we take a look?

"COME & GET IT! Just believe in GOT7 and follow us`"

"Want to officially start this trip with Jr. ?" 

Malaysia’s summer was hotter than imagined

GOT7 go to an amusement park and more on the 5th episode of “Real GOT7″

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GOT7 were full of bromance on the 5th episode of "Real GOT7" season 2!

JB, Jackson, Youngjae, and BamBam went to Lotte World, while Jr., Mark, and Yugyeom went on a night stroll near the Han River. JB and BamBam had no fear when it came to one adventurous ride, but Jackson and Youngjae just watched as they found it too "scary".

The other trio also pretended as if they were on a date at the Han River with Jr. and Mark doing a "Lady and the Tramp" reenactment with ramen and Mark and Yugyeom lying on the grass together. Mark also impressed fans with his Rubik"s cube skills.

Catch up with your boys above!

GOT7 tease fans with their censored abs on the 4th episode of “Real GOT7″ season 2

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GOT7 continued their round of fun backstage on the 4th episode of "Real GOT7" season 2!

JJ Project (JB and Jr.) returned to the camera and got their GOT7 members to join them for a "meow" parade to see who can be the cutest cat. Jackson also performed Sunmi"s butt shake for "24 Hours" while Mark, Youngjae, and more tried to be nice to their secret members for their "manito" mission. The members also teased fans by lifting up their shirts, but sadly, their abs were covered by the chocolate bars.

Enjoy the cute charms of GOT7 in the episode above!