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GOT7 Releases Teaser for New Reality Show!

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Although the seven member boy group GOT7 concluded their promotional activities for “Girls Girls Girls,” fans will be able to see them again as the group will star in their own reality show. On April 10, the first teaser for the SBS MTV reality show, “I GOT7” was uploaded on the JYP‘s official youtube site.

The teaser spot showed each member saying the phrase, “I GOT7.” Yet, you couldn’t miss the quirky and unique personalities of each member such as Young Jae embarrassingly saying, “Why is it so awkward here?” to JB showing his breakdance move. Furthermore, while some members showed their charismatic side by repeating the phrase, “I GOT7,” other members either cracked up or showed a cute peace sign pose

2PM and GOT7 show their JYP Nation love on stage at ‘M! Countdown’ in Japan

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2PM and GOT7, who have been nicknamed as the "next 2PM" since before their debut, got together on stage for the first time on today"s "M! Countdown" special in Yokohama, Japan!

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2PM, Sunmi, 4minute, Girl"s Day, Block B, MBLAQ, Crayon Pop, GOT7, Supernova, JungGiGo, and more recorded their stages for "M! Countdown" at Yokohama Arena on April 2 at 7 PM with MCs Jung Joon Young and Ahn Jae Hyun in front of 12,000 fans. Berryz Kobo"s Risako Sugaya, 2PM"s Nichkhun, Girl"s Day"s Minah, MBLAQ"s G.O, and Block B"s P.O also sang "Let It Go" from the "Frozen" OST.

Crayon Pop performed their new title track "Uh-ee", JungGiGo performed "Some" with Girl"s Day"s Sojin, and 2PM and Supernova also performed special stages

2PM, Got7, 4minute, MBLAQ, and More Break It Down at ‘No.1 Artist of Spring 2014’ in Japan

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Making fans go crazy, 2PM, Got7, 4minute, MBLAQ, Girl’s Day, Crayon Pop, and more captured the night at Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN – No.1 Artist of Spring 2014 in Japan!

On April 2, approximately 12,000 fans filled in the Yokohama arena in Japan at 7PM (KST) to cheer on their favorite stars at the M COUNTDOWN – No.1 Artist of Spring 2014.

The event include singers, 2PM, Got7, 4minute, MBLAQ, Girl’s Day, Sunmi, Crayon Pop, Supernova, LEDApple, Block B, MIB, and JunggiGo.

Led by MCs Jung Joon Young and Ahn Jae Hyeon, the night began with a performance of Let It Go from the movie Frozen by Girl’s Day’s Minah, MBLAQ’s G.O, Block B’s P.O, Japanese girl group Berryz Koubou’s Sugaya Risako, and 2PM’s Nichkhun on the piano

Got7 Takes Off for ′M COUNTDOWN – No.1 Artist of Spring 2014′

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preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview JB takes off with a big smile

Got7 took off for Japan in order to take part in Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN - No.1 Artist of Spring 2014 via the Gimpo International Airport on April 1.

Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Ji Suk

Jackson is also in high spirits

Got7 took off for Japan in order to take part in Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN - No.1 Artist of Spring 2014 via the Gimpo International Airport on April 1.

Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Ji Suk

Junior bounces with a peace sign

Got7 took off for Japan in order to take part in Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN - No.1 Artist of Spring 2014 via the Gimpo International Airport on April 1

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – March Week 3

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Despite strong competition from several new songs, Soyu and Junggigo’s duet “Some” refuses to give up the top spot and repeats as No. 1 for the fourth week in a row. “Some” recorded another win in KBS Music Bank last week and still tops Billboard Korea. It is the first song on our chart to stay at No. 1 for four or more weeks since PSY’s famous hit “Gangnam Style” one and a half year ago. Congratulations.

As mentioned last week, a trio of big name artists released their new albums and they are storming into the top 10 this week right below the top spot. They will again try to dethrone “Some” for the top spot next week.

Moving up 20 spots to No. 2 is CNBLUE’s “Can’t Stop,” the title song from their fifth mini-album of the same name

M.I.B and GOT7 Join ‘No.1 Artist of Spring 2014’

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Joining and already brilliant line of artists, M.I.B and rookie group GOT7 have been revealed as the third lineup for Mnet M COUNTDOWN - No.1 Artist of Spring 2014!

The hip-hop group M.I.B consists of 5zic, Young Cream, Sims, and Kangnam, who is currently the host of Mnet Japan’s Jjang! and K-Pop Zone.

GOT7 is JYP Entertainment’s first boy band in since six years ago when 2PM debuted. The rookie group has been gaining much attention after debuting in January of 2014 for its martial arts performances.

The M COUNTDOWN – No.1 Artist of Spring 2014 will be held on April 2 at Yokohama Area with talented artists such as Supernova, 2PM, Girl’s Day, Junggigo, Soyou, Block B, Crayon Pop, Sunmi, and more to be announced

GOT7′s Youngjae becomes a one-day VJ in 7th episode of ‘Real GOT7′

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GOT7"s Youngjae became the one-day VJ for the seventh episode of "Real GOT7"!

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Youngjae succeeded in getting his members to complete secret missions including JB giving a wink, Mark showing an eating broadcast, Jr. reading books, Jackson making sexy expressions, BamBam putting aside his cute image with his charismatic stare, Yugyeom showing friendly skinship, Youngjae getting caught sleeping, and more.

After completing the missions through some hilarious manipulation, Youngjae won the chance to be the temporary leader and assign the members" seats for their fan meeting.

Check out all of the fan service in the seventh episode above!

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – March Week 1

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Soyu and Jungigo’s “Some” not only repeated as No. 1 on our chart this week, but it becomes the first song in more than five and a half years to achieve a perfect score of 1000 points. The last song did it was Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl” back in August Week 3 of 2008.

“Some” swept all the music shows last week and was also topped both GAON and Billboard Korea. It is still winning on music shows this week, and will be the favorite to be our No. 1 song for the third consecutive weeks next week. The question is whether “Some” can have another perfect score. We’ll find out next week.

Coming in a distant second to “Some” is our highest top 10 entry this week. Moving up 19 spots to No. 2 is a very special collaboration between Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and SHINee’s Jonghyun

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – February Week 4

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We have a new No. 1 this week!

“Some,” a duet between SISTAR’s Soyu and R&B artist Junggigo, jumps from No. 26 all the way to the top spot this week, overtaking our three-week champion Girl’s Day and their “Something.” 

Soyu has become a favorite duet partner for male K-Pop artists as this is the third time she’s helping a relatively unknown male artist to get into the spotlight. In 2012, Soyu lent her vocal to Geeks’ “Officially Missing You, Too.” Last year, she had a No. 1 song “Stupid In Love” with Mad Clown. Now, four months later, she strikes again with this new No. 1 song “Some.” Geeks’ Lilboi returns the favor to be the featured rapper on this song

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – February Week 3

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Girl’s Day’s “Something” continues to dominate and remains No. 1 for a third week. It becomes the first song since EXO’s big hit “Growl” last year to record three straight weeks on top of our chart. Taking full advantage of the slower months of K-Pop at the beginning of the year, Girl’s Day establishes themselves as one of the rising girl groups (we have another two in this week’s top 10).

Ailee’s “Singing Got Better” continues to hold the No. 2 spot. After topping the chart a month ago, this song stays strong at No. 2 for the past three weeks.

Moving up two spots to score their first top three hit is another rising girl group AOA. Their song “Miniskirt” won on SBS Inkigayo last week, their first ever music program win

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – February Week 2

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Happy Lunar New Year to all our readers.

Due to Korea’s Lunar New Year celebrations, not many singers released new songs. As a result, our music chart is quieter this week and the top three songs remain the same as last week. Girl’s Day’s “Something” becomes the first song to repeat as No. 1 this year. This week it further pulls away from Ailee’s “Singing Got Better,” which remains at No. 2. B1A4’s multiple music show winning song “Lonely” is still at No. 3.

There are two new songs in the top 10 this week. Moving up 19 spots to No. 8 is Hong Dae Kwang’s “No Answer.” It is the title track from his single album “The Silver Lining.” and is an acoustic guitar style mid-tempo ballad that showcases Hong Dae Kwang’s sweet voice

Park Jin Young Advised Got7 to Chase After Dreams Not Money

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The Got7 members shared a piece of advice they got from JYPE’s CEO Park Jin Young.

Attending a photoshoot with magazine Grazia, the Got7 members caught the eyes of the staff with their respectful attitude and stylish looks.

During an interview with Grazia, the members chose Jackson as the most confident one and Mark as ‘the most Korean’ member out of the foreign members.

Mark said, “I can adapt to a new environment quickly since I’ve lived in different countries since I was young. Jackson can’t eat spicy food, but BamBam and I like it.”

Choosing reading as his favorite hobby, Jr. said, “Taking acting lessons has broadened my expression in singing and dancing and since it requires a lot of imagination, I made reading a new hobby of mine.”

As a vocalist praised by Park Jin Young, Youngjae said, “Park Jin Young told me that my high pitched tone was very smooth and open

GOT7 play a truth game prior to their showcase on third episode of ‘Real GOT7′

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GOT7 showed fans what the atmosphere was like the night before their debut showcase on "Real GOT7"!

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On the third episode, GOT7 were given the mission to play an image game through which the members have to point to which member fits the answer to each question the best and the member with the most votes gets punished with smacks on the back.

The majority chose Youngjae as the one who became the most handsome since his trainee days and Jackson as the one who is most likely to over-exaggerate his motions on stage. Jackson also chose himself as a good candidate to become leader if JB wasn"t around, bringing laughs with his confidence. The international members also had their cute moments when brushing up on their Korean skills

10 Predictions for 2014 in K-Pop

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2014 is already off to an explosive start - from Girl"s Day overtaking TVXQ and Rain on the charts to members of Girls" Generation confirmed to be dating, it looks like we"re in for an eventful year! Today, jennywill and contagion are here with our guesses and open ended questions for what else 2014 might just have in store for us! Remember, this is all just speculation!

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1. What"s in store for the Wonder Girls?

Even though JYP Entertainment has reassured fans that Wonder Girls will not be breaking up, it"s also true that the girls" future plans are pretty uncertain right now

Got7 Members Recovered from Swine Flu Over the Lunar New Year Holiday

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After struggling with swine flue, the Got7 members revealed that they′re all okay now.

On February 4, Got7 appeared as guests on SBS′ Power Time, where the members said, "Our swine flu is okay now. We′ve recovered completely."

DJ Choi Hwa Jung mentioned that JB, Youngjae, and Jr. suffered from swine flu and asked the members how they were.

The members replied that they′ve recovered completely, adding, "The Lunar New Year came when we were sick, so our parents took care of us with lots of food to eat."

The members then shouted out that their favorite Lunar New Year food were eel, pork ribs, and other food, while Bam Bam said, "I didn′t get dduk gook (ricecake soup) so I want some.

Choi Hwa Jung immediately replied, "Nuna will cook you some," making everyone laugh

JYPE updates fans on JB, Youngjae, and Jr. + GOT7 to resume activities starting on ‘Inkigayo’

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JYP Entertainment shared the good news that GOT7"s JB, Youngjae, and Jr. are almost fully recovered from their contraction of swine flu and JB and Youngjae will join the group when they resume activities on "Inkigayo" this weekend while Jr. is set to join the group a bit later on the 4th.

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JYP Entertainment announced on their official homepage on the 1st, "JB, Jr., and Youngjae are currently recovering with treatment and rest, and according to the results of the diagnosis at the hospital, all of the three members don"t have any chance of infection by February 1 and it will not cause further difficulty for their promotions."

"In the case of JB and Youngjae, they were able to recover quickly with minor symptoms and plan to resume their activities starting on "Inkigayo" on the 2nd

Autographed GOT7 “Got It?” Special Package!

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Hi Soompiers!

Soompi Shop is happy to announce its latest special with JYP Entertainment new boy group, GOT7! The boys will be signing copies of their new album “Got It?” for the first 250 customers! After the 250th order, the album (non-autographed) will come with an exclusive GOT7 photocard. Show your support to the seven artists, JB, Jr., Mark, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom, and get your copy now on Soompi Shop! Packages will be shipped from Seoul promptly upon reception from the agency, likely within two weeks after the end of the sales period.

Don’t forget to check out GOT7 MV for their debut song “Girls, Girls, Girls“!

Special Package Details:

For the first 250 orders:

GOT7 “Got It?” album autographed by all members

After the 250th order:

GOT7 “Got It?” album GOT7 Exclusive Photocard

Order Details:

Availability: 500 sets (includes 250 sets autographed – first come first serve) Price: $19

JB and Youngjae Also Down with the Flu, GOT7 to Temporarily Halt Activities

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After Jr was diagnosed with the flu, JB and Youngjae also came down with the virus, leaving GOT7 no choice but to stop activities for the moment.

On January 28, JYP Entertainment announced that Jr, JB and Youngjae were recently diagnosed with the influenza virus.

Jr was the first one who showed symptoms and was not able to attend the recording for SBS MTV’s “The Show,” leaving only six members on stage.

Afterwards, the GOT7 members all visited the hospital for a check-up, which is when JB and Youngjae were diagnosed.

It was planned for GOT7 to promote their debut mini-album until the middle of next month. However, since three out of the seven members are sick, they will be temporarily stopping activities

GOT7 to take a break until early February

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Due to the contraction of swine flu by three out of seven of the members in GOT7, the group will be taking a temporary hiatus.

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According to JYP Entertainment on January 28, "Right now, we are making doubly sure that the members fully recover their health . . . It seems we can"t avoid adjusting the schedule. For now, they will rest until February 1 and then return to promoting the next day by attending the Lunar New Year"s special of SBS"s "Inkigayo.""

Within a few days, you will be able to see them again! Hopefully, all seven members will be healthy and fully rested by then.

Tip: Kathy

Got7’s Youngjae and JB Confirmed to Have Swine Flu

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Joining Jr., JB and Youngjae of Got7 were also confirmed to have swine flu.

Newsen spoke with a JYP Entertainment rep on January 28, who stated, “Got7’s JB and Youngjae were also diagnosed with swine flu.”

Jr. first experienced high fevers and body aches two days before. He went to the hospital on January 27, where he was diagnosed with swine flu and put to rest.

JB and Youngjae, who were continuing activities, began to feel the symptoms, eventually coming down with swine flu themselves.

Due to recent events, it’s unclear what will happen of Got7’s activities on this week’s music programs. There is a high possibility that Got7 will not be appearing on KBS’ Music Bank, MBC’s Music Core, and SBS’ Inkigayo