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Stars Send Their Prayers to Victims of Sunken Ferry

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With so many still trapped underwater with rescue missions continuing, starts sent their condolences and prayers for those who were affected by the sinking of the ferry on April 16.

There were more than 400 onboard, the majority of them high school students who were on a class field trip. As of April 17, there have been six casualties with an estimate of 290 people still missing.

Unable to do anything about the situations, stars expressed their sorrow through SNS, praying that everyone be rescued on the ship.

Song Seung Hun – I’m watching with a praying heart but this is just heartbreaking. I want to send my deepest sympathy to the sunken Jindo passenger ship and pray that all missing people be safe.

Super Junior Ryeowook – As soon as I came back to Korea, I heard the bad news

After School’s Jooyeon becomes a beautiful April bride for ‘A New Leaf’

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After School"s Jooyeon became an April bride for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama "A New Leaf"!

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Jooyeon plays the role of Ji Yoon (Park Min Young)"s best friend Mi Ri whose wedding is where Ji Yoon and Suk Joo (Kim Myung Min) meet for the first time. Although Jooyeon felt shy upon wearing a wedding dress, she friendly approached her sunbae co-stars first, acting as an atmosphere maker on set.

Jooyeon joins Park Min Young, Kim Myung Min, Kim Sang Joong, Chae Jung An, and more in the drama. "A New Leaf" is directed by "Scandal" and "I Miss You"s PD Park Jae Bum and written by "Golden Time"s Choi Hee Ra, and portrays the story of an attorney Kim Suk Joo (Kim Myung Min) who loses his memory from an accident and starts anew

Kim Soo Hyun Becomes ‘Asia’s CF King’

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Countries around Asia are out to get Kim Soo Hyun in their commercials.

Having caused a ‘Kim Soo Hyun syndrome’ across Asia by starring in hit drama You Who Came From the Stars, Kim Soo Hyun has been receiving numerous love calls from various companies.

China, of all countries, has especially been showing immense interest in the actor.

Keyeast Entertainment, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, stated, “Kim Soo Hyun is currently the main model for Samsung Electronics in China and he recently signed to model for Hyundai Motor Group in China for its new model ‘ix25.’ He has also been selected to model for Chinese casual clothing brand Semir, which has over 6,000 stores around the country as well as for China’s Coca-Cola, Haagen-Daazs and The Face Shop. He also signed with a Chinese dairy product company Yili and recently filmed the commercial

Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness: And the Champion Is…

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And the battle is over! After a long and heated match between GOT7′s Mark and EXO’s Lay, the champion of Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness was finally crowned… and that winner is Lay. Congratulations to Lay and all EXO fans!

It was not a game without hiccups: A slew of spam votes contaminated the poll results early on, winding up in a 95-to-5 score in favor of Lay. In fact, we received so much spam that it shut down the poll, rendering everyone unable to vote. In the end, we started over from scratch, opening a 24-hour lightning round to decide the winner. Without the influx of spam, we could see a less dramatic but consistent pattern, and in the end, EXO-M’s main dancer walked away with a clean 68% of the votes.

We began this contest to see which idol might be considered by most to be the best K-Pop dancer, knowing that the definition of “best” would be somewhat subjective

Lee Min Ho Voted Current Hallyu King

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With today’s actors making waves overseas, we asked you which star is the current hallyu king, and the results are in!

To what may come as a surprise to few, The Heirs star Lee Min Ho took the majority of votes with 54.5 percent of votes.Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun, who stole the spotlight with You Who Came from the Stars recently, finished in second place with 28.7 percent.

Kim Woo Bin, who launched his first Asia fan meeting tour this year, finished in third place with 16.8 percent of votes.

Be sure to check out our latest poll here!

POP QUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group?

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Which role would you play in an idol group? 

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What day of the week are you? Tuesday ✓ Sunday ✓ Tuesday ✓ Saturday ✓ Wednesday ✓ Friday ✓ Monday ✓ Pick an Instrument! Mic ✓ Keyboard ✓ Drum ✓ Bass ✓ Guitar ✓ None - Im PERFECT ✓ Maracas ✓ If you were stuck on a deserted Island... =0 Crawl up in a ball and cry… ✓ Make a survival plan / find shelter and food ✓ Record your days in a makeshift journal ✓ Explore and play games to kill the time ✓ Yell and yell for help ✓ Build a raft and go searching for land ✓ Soak in the sun ✓ What"s your favorite thing to see in the sky? Airplane ✓ Lightning ✓ Fluffy clouds ✓ Rainbow ✓ Stars ✓ Sun ✓ Crescent moon ✓ Which high school stereotype best describes you? Towel boy/girl ✓ Theater geek ✓ Class clown ✓ Jock ✓ Valedictorian ✓ Prom Queen/King ✓ Rebel ✓ What would you do in your free time? Read or Write ✓ Homebody ✓ Go Drinking with Pals ✓ Go Shopping ✓ Karaoke ✓ All Work No Play ✓ Hit the Clubs ✓ Pick a character from "The Avengers" Nick Fury ✓ Black Widow ✓ Thor ✓ The Hulk ✓ Loki ✓ Captain America ✓ Tony Stark / Iron Man ✓ POP QUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group? LeaderYou"ve proven yourself to be the rightful leader of the group for your responsible and hardworking nature, making sure that things get done promptly and accepting punishment for when you fail

Kim Hyun Joong Talks About Facing Drama Competition with Kim Soo Hyun

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Kim Hyun Joong revealed his thoughts on having competed with Kim Soo Hyun through the dramas airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In an interview that took place in a café near Samcheong-dong, Kim Hyun Joong confessed how he felt when he compared the viewership ratings of KBS 2TV’s The Age of Feeling and SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars.

About acting as ‘Shin Jung Tae’ in The Age of Feeling, he said, “I did everything that I could. I poured my everything in to the point that I wouldn’t have made it to 25th episode.”

Despite Kim Hyun Joong’s enthusiastic performance, The Age of Feeling recorded a relatively low viewership rating, because it faced You Who Came From the Stars, which reached 30% ratings

Kim Soo Hyun and Yeo Jin Goo Involved in Controversy About Casting for “Kwon Bob” Movie

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Earlier this year, actor Yeo Jin Goo was confirmed as the lead role in the large-scale $2 million-budget sci-fi fantasy film “Kwon Bob” (aka Martial Arts). However, a controversy has arisen concerning the distributor, CJ E&M, who offered actor Kim Soo Hyun the lead role while in the state of already having signed with Yeo Jin Goo, in conjunction with talks about Yeo Jin Goo stepping down from the role.

A high-ranking official from Yeo Jin Goo’s agency said, “On the afternoon that the news on Yeo Jin Goo stepping down from the film was released, we met with the production company and decided to step down. If they had cancelled the contract before offering the role to another actor, we wouldn’t have been this upset. This was a huge blow to the young actor who has yet to even come of age

Lee Seung Gi greets fans through a BTS video from his poster shoot for ‘You’re Surrounded’

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Lee Seung Gi greeted fans from the set of his poster shoot for "You"re Surrounded" to let us know that the premiere is getting closer and closer!

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The singer and actor shared, "Hello, it"s Lee Seung Gi who will play the role of detective Eun Dae Gu in the SBS Wed-Thurs drama "You"re Surrounded". It"s nice to meet you. My character Eun Dae Gu has a lot of emotional baggage so he appears chic and uses harsh words which hurt others" feelings.

First off, I feel good that I get to work with SBS again and every time that I have done a [drama] on SBS, I think the viewers" response has been very good. "Shining Inheritance" and "My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox"

Ahn Jae Hyun makes a mature transformation in photos from his poster shoot for ‘You’re Surrounded’

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Ahn Jae Hyun shared cool photos from his poster shoot for the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama "You"re Surrounded".

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He"s joined the handsome lineup, which includes Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won, in the drama as the chic character Park Tae Il. The poster cuts hint that the up-and-coming actor will show a more mature image than he showed on "You Who Came From the Stars" with his black trench coat and police equipment to track down criminals for his role.

Ahn Jae Hyun shared, "I looked at the photos that the sunbaenims took, and they looked cool as they channeled their respective characters so it was a lot of pressure. As I worked hard, I think the results will be good, so I look forward to the poster as well

Eric Nam Breaks Out of the Mold with ′Ooh Ooh′

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After 15 months since his last single, Eric Nam is finally back - not that it ever seemed like he was really away.

Appearing on television every week, interviewing top international stars, and greeting overseas fans through various programs, Eric Nam has been working hard, and working a lot - but not quite in the capacity that he wanted.

“I think last year was a very difficult and trying year for me personally and professionally, on many levels,” said Eric Nam, in an interview with Mwave’s enewsWorld. “And part of that came from the fact that I came and signed as a singer and .. I wasn’t singing. To be releasing one song a year, and this song 15 months after that song - as a singer, it’s very depressing in a way. It’s disheartening.”

But thankfully, Eric Nam’s latest single, Ooh Oohhas already been garnering a positive response, despite, or perhaps, because of, the different direction he’s gone since releasing his soft ballad, Heaven’s Door

Jun Ji Hyun Takes Out Her Own Photos from Her Bag to Give to Fans Asking for Signatures

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Despite the fact that SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars, Jun Ji Hyun is still enjoying the Chun Song Yi life as revealed in a recent fan account.

On April 8, a fan uploaded her fan account of meeting Jun Ji Hyun in New Zealand while the actress was vacationing in the country.

The fan introduced herself as a fan and asked for a signature. Then Jun Ji Hyun opened her purse and took out photos of herself, which she signed and gave to the fans.

The post ended with, “She must have known she has fans overseas as well.”

Hilariously enough, Jun Ji Hyun′s character Chun Song Yi in You Who Came From the Stars did the exact same thing in the drama.

Meanwhile, Jun Ji Hyun is currently enjoying her break after completing You Who Came From the Stars

Kim Soo Hyun says he wants to play a villain for his next role and reveals his favorite role so far

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Lovable actor Kim Soo Hyun shared that he"d like to switch it up by playing a villain for his next role. 

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The "You Who Came From the Stars" actor held a press conference before his fan meeting in Bejing, China on April 8, where he was asked what kind of role he"d like to play next. Kim Soo Hyun said, "I"m not sure if I have to get a little older, but I want to play a villain. I want to play a villain who"s a bad boy with a mysterious charisma." 

He also revealed that his favorite character so far is Song Sam Dong from "Dream High". "Because of that role, I was able to try satoori, and I could dance and sing in the project."

How do you think he"d do?

Kim Soo Hyun Wants to Win Best Couple Award with Jun Ji Hyun

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Kim Soo Hyun revealed his desire to win the best couple award at the end of year ceremony with Jun Ji Hyun.

Prior to his fan meeting in Beijing on April 6, Kim Soo Hyun attended an interview session with the reporters, during which he received an appreciation plaque from Chinese streaming site, iqiyi, for earning 2 billion hits on his drama You Who Came From the Stars.

Kim Soo Hyun received loud cheers when he greeted the reporters in Chinese saying, “Hello. This is Kim Soo Hyun.”

The actor was then asked if he expects to win the daesang at the end of the year.

He answered, “I think I would be very happy if I did receive the award. I would like to receive the ‘Best Couple’ award with Jun Ji Hyun at the end of year ceremony.”

When asked if he keeps in frequent touch with Jun Ji Hyun, he said, “We’ve been very busy since the drama finished so we haven’t been able to contact each other

‘You Who Came From the Stars’Reaches Over 2 Billion Views in China

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SBS’s hit drama You Who Came From the Stars, starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun, earned the highest number of hits for any drama on a Chinese streaming site.

Prior to holding his fan meeting in Beijing on April 6, Kim Soo Hyun received an appreciation plaque from a Chinese streaming website, iqiyi, which holds the copyrights to You Who Came From the Stars VOD, for earning 2 billion hits on his drama, the highest number recorded for any drama on the website.

You Who Came From the Stars currently records having over 2 billion hits on iqiyi’s Pay Per Series service, setting the highest number for any dramas serviced by the website.

Iqiyi prepared an appreciation plaque for Kim Soo Hyun and the actor was presented with the plaque in front of hundreds of Chinese media outlets during his fan meeting press conference

JungGiGo reveals ‘Who’s Next’ for a collaboration – rapper Beenzino

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"Who"s Next?" for a collaboration with JungGiGo? That"s the question he asked us last time, and now we have our answer - It"s none other than the talented hip hop artist Beenzino!

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Starship Entertainment announced on the 8th, "JungGiGo is set to team up with rapper Beenzino for his next project to be released on April 17. They have already completed recording and are putting the finishing touches. As much as he prides himself as a "hiphop-buster", he poured his heart and soul into the quality of the music."

The "Dali, Van, Picasso" artist, who previously featured in JungGiGo"s "Yourbody" from his first mini-album "Pathfinder", is back to reunite with JungGiGo for what could be another hit song when it drops on the 17th! So stay tuned!

Eric Nam Steps Down as a Reporter from “Section TV”

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Singer Eric Nam will unfortunately no longer be appearing on MBC’s “Section TV.”

The artist announced the news through his Instagram account on April 6. He wrote, “In order to promote as a singer, I will end my relationship with ‘Section TV’ today,” and shared a picture taken together with fellow MC So Yi Hyun, reporter Park Seul Gi, and celebrities appearing on the show.

“Thank you very much to our ‘Section TV’ family members, from whom I have learnt a lot and with whom I have made good memories. I will work harder and meet you again with an improved image. Thank you,” he added and thanked his team for the good times and memorable experience.

While working as a reporter, Eric Nam attracted attention for his fluent English and friendly manner of interviewing foreign stars

‘Emergency Couple’ is Sold to Nine Countries

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tvN’s Emergency Couple has been crossing the borders with its popularity.

Emergency Couple starring Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk as a once-divorced-couple who meet again as medical interns at an emergency room is a romantic comedy. The 17th episode of the drama recorded its highest viewership rating of 5.9%, ranking number one among all the dramas that air at the same time. The drama announced that it will be extending by one episode.

The drama has been carrying on the popularity beyond the borders. Even before airing the last episode, it has been sold to America, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia. The drama is currently being discussed for purchase in six more countries around Southeast Asia, Europe and South America.

CJ E&M’s Seo Jang Ho in charge of contents overseas business team said, “Emergency Couple received a lot of attention at ‘2014 Hong Kong Filmart’ last week

Seungri Vows That Big Bang Will Be Together Forever

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On April 3, Big Bang‘s maknae Seungri attended the press conference for the upcoming SBS drama “Angel Eyes” that stars fellow YG member Goo Hye Sun, alongside Lee Sang Yoon, Kim Ji Seok, Jeong Jin Young, and Gong Hyung Jin.

When asked about his relationships with his Big Bang members, Seungri answered, “Big Bang will be together forever. We never really fought. I think it’s because if we do challenge each other or try to at least bite at each other, someone stops us.”

The singer continued, “I won’t say who that someone is but G-Dra… oh” which garnered laughs from the audience and actors.

The drama “Angel Eyes” is a story about people who each other’s first loves meet again after twelve years

Kim Soo Hyun and miss A’s Suzy voted as stars fans most want to go to cherry blossom festival with

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Actor Kim Soo Hyun and miss A"s Suzy were voted as the stars who fans most want to go to a cherry blossom festival with.

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Panel Now held a poll from March 26-30 asking people who they"d like to be holding hands with when they attend the spring event. In the male category, Kim Soo Hyun took first place with 22.15% (2,586) of the votes, Kim Woo Bin followed in second with 14.84% (1,733), Song Joong Ki took third with 9.06% (1,058), and Lee Min Ho made fourth with 6.94% (811). Lee Jong Suk, Kim Young Kwang, and Yoo Ah In also made the list.

As for the women, Suzy was chosen by 17.61% (1,015), Han Hyo Joo by 16.74% (996), Moon Chae Won was third with 10.94% (651), and in fourth was Song Hye Gyo with 9