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Sung Joon updates fans on life after 'I Need Romance 3' in his charismatic pictorial for 'InStyle'

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Sung Joon updated fans on what he"s been up to after "I Need Romance 3" and his acting goals for "InStyle"!

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The actor revealed he"s been busy cycling these days, "After finishing "I Need Romance 3", I bought a bicycle, and I commuted with it from my house in Yangjaedong to Apgujeong for one month... Since I overexerted myself riding it, I got a bad cold and lost more weight than I did while filming my drama."

He also shared his goal as an actor, "Like Matthew McConaughey in the movie "Dallas Buyers Club", I want to take on acting in which I totally fall into the situation of a realistic production."

Check out his sexy and suave pictorial!

YG Family, Lady Gaga, and more to perform at the 'AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014' this August

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YG Family artists, including Psy, Big Bang, 2NE1, and WINNER, are set to perform at the "AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014" in Seoul this summer!

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Live Nation Korea and YG Entertainment announced today that the "AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014" will be held at the Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium on August 15-16 with the YG Family performing on the 15th and Lady Gaga headlining the event on the 16th.

The agency commented, "This festival has been created through the union of YG"s content power and concert production company "Live Nation"s global network... The representative artists of the East and West will perform special stages

Seo In Guk and Lee Hana to join hands in new tvN drama 'King of High School Life'

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tvN"s new Monday & Tuesday drama "King of High School Life" revealed on April 14 that the leads will be played by Seo In Guk and Lee Hana!

According to the reps, Seo In Guk will be playing Lee Min Suk, an immature high school student and ice hockey player, who suddenly enters a major company as an executive in his brother"s stead. At the company, he meets Lee Hana"s character, Jung Soo Young, who is a female temp at the company with whom he forms a budding romance.

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This will be his first time working with tvN again after his hit series "Reply 1997," making fans widely curious about whether they got another hit on their hands

Kim Hyun Joong shares his thoughts on idol life and dating

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Kim Hyun Joong sat down for an interview with Sports Seoul, which also happened to be on the day that Nichkhun and Tiffany went public with their relationship, making it inevitable that the veteran idol star would be asked to give his two cents on idols dating.

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Kim Hyun Joong shared, "[The competition] was intense during my twenties. Ever since I started as an idol, there was no time to rest, and I wasn"t able to date properly... I think the social conditions have changed a lot these days, so it feels new and different."

"I don"t regret it even if it means not being able to date properly. Although it felt like an invasion of privacy at times, in order to become a singer, I was the only one selected out of 1 million people who auditioned and made my debut

SoReal cover One Direction's 'Story of My Life'

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Following their cover of Busker Busker"s "Cherry Blossom Ending", SoReal are back with a rendition of One Direction"s "Story of My Life".

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Star Empire rookies SoReal debuted with "My Heart Says" last month, and they"re quickly making a name for themselves as a ballad group. They"re also the agency"s first vocal group in ten years since the debut of V.O.S in 2004.

Check out SoReal"s cover above!

SJM Henry’s Army Life Changes for the Better with One Phone Call from SNSD’s Tiffany

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After some gloomy days on base, being constantly scolded and punished, Super Junior-M’s Henry finally had the sun shine on him, all thanks to Girl’s Generation’s Tiffany.

On April 6’s broadcast of MBC’s Real Man, the stars on base were asked which girl group member they can contact. K.Will confidently chose SISTAR, while Henry stated that he knows Tiffany’s number.

Heading immediately to the phone, K.Will called Bora, allowing his colleague, who was a fan, to talk to the SISTAR member. But the highlight of the phone calls didn’t come until the squad commander, the same person who had several issues with Henry during training, revealed that he was a huge fan of Tiffany.

Henry called Tiffany and asked her to speak to his squad commander

Jang Hyun Sung to Talk About Life as an Actor on “Healing Camp”

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Jang Hyun Sung will be appearing on SBS’ talk show “Healing Camp.”

According to a representative, the actor filmed the upcoming episode on April 2 together with MCs Lee Kyung Kyu, Kim Je Dong, and Sung Yu Ri. He opened up about his life as an actor, sharing stories that have taken place during the years.

Jang Hyun Sung has pursued a long career in front of the camera, and through his roles on SBS’ “Sign,” “Goddess of Marriage,” “Phantom” and movies like “Hwayi: A Monster Boy” and “Spider Forest,” he has earned the recognition and love of the public.

Most recently, he was cast for SBS’ “Three Days,” in which he plays Ham Bong Soo, the strong and influential chief of the Presidental Security Service

SHINee's Key reaches out to a fan on Instagram and helps change her life

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SHINee"s Key warmed the hearts of fans as he showed just how much he cares about them too by reaching out to a fan on Instagram with encouraging words.

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A fan had uploaded a photo of her SHINee-Key bracelet on her arm, and somehow Key had come across the photo. Seeing the cuts all over her arm and her username describing herself as "cutter", Key showed not only his kind heart but his courage as he admitted that he had also once been down a similar path as he wrote on her Instagram photo the words you see below:

Realizing that her favorite idol Key had actually wrote to her, in disbelief, the fan wrote, "oh. my. god. @bumkeyk reacts on my pic

HyunA reveals Cube Entertainment's support for the dating life of their idols

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4minute"s HyunA revealed on "Beatles Code 3D" that her agency, Cube Entertainment, was actually all for their idols dating!

MC Shin Dong Yup asked her, "Did they lift the dating prohibition now?" The girls said, "Actually, there was no prohibition from the start."

HyunA added, "The agency actually tells us to date because there are so little rumors about us." All of a sudden, HyunA took out some lipstick and applied it on set, making everybody laugh. Perhaps she was looking to abide by her company"s wishes as soon as possible!

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Hong Jin Young on Her Dating LIfe for “Gentleman”: “I Get Asked Out a Lot”

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Singer Hong Jin Young recently did a photo shoot and interview with men’s lifestyle magazine Gentleman.

In the interview, she reminisced on the period when she was nameless as a singer and said, “Because I’ve spent close to 10 years as a nameless singer, I like it now that people recognize me. While there is some inconvenience, that much I can handle.”

Hong Jin Young also talked about her hit song “Love Battery.” She said that when she first saw the title and lyrics of the song, “it was so childish I cried.” She said she couldn’t relate to the lyrics, and felt really dull when recording the song. “It was only after recording was over, “she said, “that I realized it was a great song.”

The trot singer was then asked about MBC’s “We Got Married Season 4,” where she said, “I was surprised because there’s really no script

Super Junior-M ‘Swing’s into a Fun Office Life

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Bringing a whole new meaning to office life, Super Junior-M unveiled the full music video for its latest song, Swing.

The music video was finally uploaded on Youtube on March 24, with the Super Junior-M members getting rid of the ol’ suit and tie and bringing some life into a boring office with a bright yellow color, lots of dancing and singing, as well as other shenanigans.

Check it out!

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

G.O and Thunder talk about their dating life + their title song

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MBLAQ held their showcase for mini-album "Broken" in Seoul on March 24 and answered some questions, as well. They were asked about their dating experience to which G.O said, "I should date, but since I can"t, I am paranoid."

As he took part in composing and writing the lyrics for "Because There Are Two" and "Still With You," G.O said, "I wrote those from my imagination." As Thunder also took part in the making of the album by writing the lyrics for and composing "12 Months," he said, "I can"t say that I"ve never had any experience at all."

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In relation to the main song "Be A Man" being the work of talented singer Wheesung, G

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Is a Life Sized Doll for Vogue Girl

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Popular girl group Girl’s Day’s youngest member, Hyeri, went solo in a fashion pictorial for Vogue Girl Magazine.

For this pictorial, Hyeri wore different outfits for casual brand “Whole Hauss. With her signature straight bob and big eyes, Hyeri looks like a life sized doll as she models in fun and colorful outfits that girls will definitely want to try on for a new spring look. In one photo Hyeri wears a stiff jean jacket over a one piece dress that has a print of “Paul Frank” characters. With the bright yellow snap back to complete the look, Hyeri demonstrates that an outfit can be comfortable and stylish.

You can catch this pictorial in the April edition of Vogue Girl.

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2NE1’s Sandara Park Says Yang Hyun Suk is More Worried About Her Dating Life

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2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed her concerns regarding her relationship status.

In a recent interview, the 2NE1 members coolly said, “[Compared to the other groups], we’re far behind in terms of dating.”

As she talked about how she got the ideas for her songs, CL naturally began talking about dating.

“I got inspiration from the members for Crush and for Baby I miss you, I imagined the situation where you like someone but don’t want to express it,” said CL.

When asked if they are refraining from dating on purpose, Park Bom said, “I don’t have any opportunities. There’s no one to date around me.”

CL answered, “I think being too close as friends is not a good thing. I also have some conservative sides of me and think ‘I shouldn’t do this.’ [Park Bom and Sandara Park] Unnies don’t go outside

Han Ji Hye updates fans on her life in the UK for 'Elle'

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Han Hye Jin updated fans from London in her pictorial for "Elle"!

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Han Hye Jin embraced the beautiful scenery in the countryside of London and showed what she does in her free time including reading books and playing with dogs.

Han Hye Jin shared, "I am sincerely trying to thankfully enjoy this time that found its way to me... I thank the fans once again and I thought that I should update them sometimes."

Han Hye Jin recently wrapped up her SBS drama "Kind Words" and is currently in the UK to support her husband, soccer player for Premier League club Sunderland, Ki Sung Yong