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Tablo Confirmed to Host His Own Radio Show After a Five-Year Break

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Epik High‘s Tablo will be returning to the radio station after a long break of four years and ten months.

He has been confirmed as the host of a daily radio show titled “Tablo’s Dreamy Radio,” which will start airing on MBC FM4U on April 21. The listeners can spend time with Tablo from 10pm until midnight.

This will mark his return to the radio scene after four years and ten months, as he last hosted the show in June 2009. Through the radio show, he will share his expertise in the field of producing and being a musician.

“I hope to make it a radio that would have ‘music you want to come and listen’ and ‘stories you want to hear,’” Tablo revealed his thoughts on becoming a DJ again.

Are you excited to see and hear Tablo behind the radio station mic again?

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Bumkey to Tie the Knot in June

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Talented singer and song writer Bumkey will marry his girlfriend, an instructor at an arts university, in June.

On April 15, Bumkey made the official announcement on a post in his group Troy‘s official fan cafe. He wrote, “I would like to announce something here today. I already revealed that I have a girlfriend on the radio and through the media, I am also getting married. We started dating seven years ago, but we broke up for a long period of time, and got back together last year. My wife-to-be is not a singer, but she is a music producer and teaches at an art school.”

Bumkey also reassured his fans that this big change in his life will only be better for his music. “As I go into a more stable future with my marriage, you will be able to find more comforting music from me. Working on music that will be listened by someone who will be with me for life and by all of you cannot be anything but a blessing

Interview with Uprising YouTube Star Megan Lee!

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Some might already be familiar with Megan Lee through her participation on MBC’s audition program “Birth of a Great Star,” or have come across one of her many videos on YouTube. Already active as a YouTube artist, she continually tries to stretch her boundaries as an artist. Currently preparing for her official debut, which is just around the corner, Megan Lee was gracious enough to set aside time from her VERY busy schedule (read the interview to find out) to share with us just her pretty awesome journey.

Here’s a quick bio, and scroll down for the interview. ^^

Name: Megan Lee
D.O.B: September 18,1995 in California, United States
Agency Label: Soulshop Entertainment
Appearances: “Birth of a Great Star” season 1 & 2

OFFICIAL SNS (hover over the links to go to the respective page)
YouTube Channel

* March 2011 – Love, Laugh & Live [Single]
* July 2011 – Destiny [Single]
* October 2011 – Destiny [Single]

* 2008 – Tranquility [Role: Sun Kim] – Short Film
* 2009 – Crush [Role: Jeremy's Sister]- Short Film
* 2010 – The Legend of Beaver Dam [Role: JuJu] – Short Film
* 2010 – The Case Against Jill [Role: Jill] – Short Film

* 2008 – Award of Merit (U

Uee Talks about Graduating from After School and Her Acting Career

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Last month, Uee successfully finished the MBC weekend drama “Golden Rainbow,” where she showed her talents not as After School’s Uee, but the actress, Uee. Recently, Uee had an interview with Daily Sports on the drama and her career with After School.


“I don’t think I’ve ever taken a proper break. After School’s next album is going to come out this year, but until then, I plan on taking some time off. Luckily, my acting and singing schedules have never overlapped. If they had, I think it would have been really hard. Seeing idols nowadays who do both album promotions and acting at the same time, it’s impressive

Lee Seung Gi Wanted to Run Away When He Had to Host ‘Strong Heart’ Alone

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Lee Seung Gi confessed that he constantly wanted to run away when he was the main MC of Strong Heart.

During April 14’s broadcast of SBS’s Healing Camp, Lee Seung Gi reminisced over the time he had to host Strong Heart alone when Kang Ho Dong suddenly left the show.

Lee Seung Gi said, “When I first started variety shows through KBS2’s 1 Night 2 Days, it went really well. So I felt pressured for my next variety show.”

“I became the main MC of a show at such a young age,” he continued. “When Kang Ho Dong was absent from Strong Heart, I struggled so much. I wanted to run away multiple times a day.”

Lee Seung Gi explained, “There were about 20 guest celebrities

Pianist Yiruma Receives Standing Ovation During Sold-Out Concert in Singapore

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Yiruma, the internationally-renowned pianist-composer from South Korea was in Singapore to perform publicly for the very first time at The Star Performing Arts Center on April 5. All 5,000 tickets were completely sold out. I was so lucky to be able to watch him perform his beautiful melodies; it was even more meaningful because that day was my birthday!

The soft-spoken pianist has a great sense of humor, surprisingly. After opening the concert with “May Be“, Yiruma stood up to greet the 5,000 strong audience.

“Hi Singapore, hi everyone. Wow! This is really wonderful, it’s very scary. It’s scary, but it’s very exciting to be here in Singapore. Are there any Koreans here? Annyeonghaseyo! I’m composer and pianist Yiruma, it’s so nice to meet you. Thank You!”

“Xie xie (Thank you, in Mandarin), I started with the song called ‘May Be

‘Triangle’ Im Si Wan Gets Trained as Casino Dealer

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Triangle released pictures of Im Si Wan getting trained as a casino dealer.

On April 15, MBC’s upcoming drama Triangle released a set of pictures of Im Si Wan, who will be acting as ‘Yoon Yang Ha,’ the adopted son of a rich family who works as a casino employee in order to earn experience in hotel management.

Triangle is a melodrama about three brothers who get separated during childhood after losing their parents and reuniting again through twist of events.

Im Si Wan will be acting as the youngest of the three brothers, who gets adopted into a rich family when he is a baby.

In order to act as ‘Yoon Yang Ha,’ Im Si Wan attended training in Paradise Casino Walkerhill in Kwangjin-gu on March 29.

Im Si Wan said, “I read books about game players and their analysis on the probability of winning a game before

Find Out More about Eddy Kim in His Showcase Interview! His Dating Style, Pledge for Number 1, and More!

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On the afternoon of April 11, Eddy Kim filled the IFC Mall’s M Pub in Yeouido, Seoul with the sound of his voice and guitar at his first showcase as a solo artist, and as MYSTIC89’s first male soloist from the fourth season of audition program “Superstar K,” where he placed in the Top 6.

Eddy Kim is a talented musician whose interest in music began when he was young, starting with violin and studying classical music until high school. Afterwards, he went to Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he really started to study music in an official setting.

All of the songs on “The Manual” are songs written, composed, and produced by Eddy Kim himself

Kim Ji Won Wants to Change Her Evil Image from ‘The Heirs’

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Kim Ji Won brought up her evil character from The Heirs.

Kim Ji Won recently attended filming for Arirang TV’s Showbiz Korea.

After making her debut through a cellphone commercial with Big Bang in 2010, Kim Ji Won has been making appearances in numerous projects, including MBC’s sitcom High Kick, movie Scary Story, SBS’s The Heirs and more.

About her drama character, Kim Ji Won said, “When I first read the scenario for The Heirs, I thought she was really evil. But the more I read it, the more I started thinking from Rachel’s situation, so I began to feel sympathy for her.”

When asked who is closer to her ideal type between ‘Kim Tan’ and ‘Choi Young Do,’ Kim Ji Won chose ‘Choi Young Do’ without hesitating

The judges of ‘K-Pop Star 3′ commemorate the finale with a celebratory drink

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After the nail-biter that was the last episode of SBS"s "K-Pop Star 3", the three judges from the show mingled afterwards with a final drink!

Yoo Hee Yeol, J.Y. Park and Yang Hyun Suk are clustered around a table with a shot glass in their hands, toasting the successful finish to season 3 of the lauded audition program. "Even for drinks, we"re in our assigned positions~" J.Y. Park posted to his Twitter earlier today. "Thanks for your hard work!!"

With the close of "K-Pop Star 3", the much-heralded "Roommate" will be taking its place starting next week. Which judge do you think did the best job on the show?

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Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness: And the Champion Is…

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And the battle is over! After a long and heated match between GOT7′s Mark and EXO’s Lay, the champion of Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness was finally crowned… and that winner is Lay. Congratulations to Lay and all EXO fans!

It was not a game without hiccups: A slew of spam votes contaminated the poll results early on, winding up in a 95-to-5 score in favor of Lay. In fact, we received so much spam that it shut down the poll, rendering everyone unable to vote. In the end, we started over from scratch, opening a 24-hour lightning round to decide the winner. Without the influx of spam, we could see a less dramatic but consistent pattern, and in the end, EXO-M’s main dancer walked away with a clean 68% of the votes.

We began this contest to see which idol might be considered by most to be the best K-Pop dancer, knowing that the definition of “best” would be somewhat subjective

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – April Week 2

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Lim Chang Jung repeats as No. 1 for the second week in a row with “Ordinary Song.” In another wide open week last week in which different songs were winning on various music shows, “Ordinary Song” was clearly the most consistent song amongst music charts and was able to win again. Congratulations to Lim Chang Jung.

Moving up three spots to No. 2 is Orange Caramel’s “Catallena.” This song dropped to No. 5 last week and was able to rebound three spots up to second this week, just ten points below “Ordinary Song.” Historically, Orange Caramel’s songs have done well and also fared better than After School’s songs on our chart. This time is no exception. Let see if “Catallena” can move up to the top spot next week.

There are four new songs in the top 10, all by non-idol artists

SBS Inkigayo Releases EXO-K “Overdose” Comeback Stage Teaser

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Continuing the excitement over EXO‘s comeback, weekly music show SBS Inkigayo has released a comeback stage teaser during its April 13 episode.

The teaser, however, only shows EXO-K, confirming that only the Korean unit of EXO will be performing at the comeback stage. Despite earlier reports that EXO will be promoting as twelve for at least a couple of weeks before splitting up into EXO-K and EXO-M, it seems the two sub-units of EXO will start off its “Overdose” promotions separately.

 MBC’s weekly music show, Music Core, and KBS’ Music Bank also released a teaser for EXO’s comeback on its April 12 and 11 broadcast, respectively, showing only EXO-K.

EXO-M will be holding its comeback stage on the Chinese weekly music program, “Global Chinese Music,” on April 19

“I’m a Man”- Yoo Jae Suk Tries for Risque and Reward

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In preparation for their Spring program reorganizations, KBS has been airing several pilot variety shows over the past couple weeks. One of those pilot shows happens to be “I’m a Man,” KBS’s attempt to field a show that takes advantage of the recent explosion in popularity of “risque” and “honest” talk shows like “Witch Hunt” and “War of Words“. The interesting twist here is that they got the “National MC,” Yoo Jae Suk, to lead the show, who, on first impressions, seems to be a rather peculiar choice for a show that’s meant to be all about being provocative and direct. Does the show offer an interesting twist to whole risque talk show genre or is KBS and Yoo Jae Suk just a bit too conservative and modest to do the concept justice?

Defining the concept

As part of the reorganizations, each broadcasters fields various pilot shows to gauge viewer interest

MC Mong denies all reports of comeback rumors

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Recently, rumors started anew that MC Mong was going to be making a comeback to the industry.
There were reports that he was going to be signing with Wellmade Yedang, that he was going to be on variety shows, and that many large labels had approached him. However, the latest news seems to be that all of these are merely rumors.

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A close friend of his told MyDaily, "We haven"t heard anything like lovecalls from large companies or about details on comeback schedules. He hasn"t decided on whether he will be coming back to the industry at all, either. There"s nothing planned right now."

Would you like to see MC Mong back soon?

Kwon Sang Woo Cast for New Comedic Movie “Detective”

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Looks like all you Kwon Sang Woo fans might have something to look forward to in the near future, with reports coming out that state that the talented actor will appear in a new movie called “Detective.”

According to an exclusive report published by news media outlet, OSEN, Kwon Sang Woo has been cast for a new movie called “Detective” directed by Kim Jung Hoon, who previously directed and wrote the movie “Petty Romance.” Director Kim Jung Hoon will once again be writing the scenario for his new movie.

How the movie “Detective” came into existence is also quite interesting in itself. The scenario for the movie was one of the award winning scenarios during Cine21‘s “8th Baby Scenario Contest” held in 2006

Kim Hyun Joong Talks About Facing Drama Competition with Kim Soo Hyun

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Kim Hyun Joong revealed his thoughts on having competed with Kim Soo Hyun through the dramas airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In an interview that took place in a café near Samcheong-dong, Kim Hyun Joong confessed how he felt when he compared the viewership ratings of KBS 2TV’s The Age of Feeling and SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars.

About acting as ‘Shin Jung Tae’ in The Age of Feeling, he said, “I did everything that I could. I poured my everything in to the point that I wouldn’t have made it to 25th episode.”

Despite Kim Hyun Joong’s enthusiastic performance, The Age of Feeling recorded a relatively low viewership rating, because it faced You Who Came From the Stars, which reached 30% ratings

Lyn Appears on Chinese Variety Show for the First Time

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Lyn has been fairly busy in recent times. She has appeared on various variety shows such as “Radio Star” and “Immortal Song 2.” Now she is expanding her activities overseas, appearing on a Chinese variety show for the first time.

On April 10, Lyn appeared at a recording at the Chinese channel “Zhejiang TV” for their show “I Love to Remember the Lyrics” as a Korean representative. The show first started airing 2007 and since that time, it has been a popular music show featuring various famous guests. Korean guests have also frequented the show in past years, with actor Jang Geun Seuk and Miss A appearing on the show during the last couple years.

Lyn has seen her popularity surge in recent months thanks to the success of the SBS drama “Man from the Stars,” for which she provided the popular OST song “My Destiny

2PM’s Chansung starts an Instagram account!

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With 2PM"s comeback drawing closer, Chansung gave HOTTEST another way to keep updated by starting an Instagram account!

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Chansung gave a shout out to his little buddy Hyun Jae from "Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education" for his first Instagram post on the 10th, "This..kekeke Although I am posting this because I got contacted right now, I really miss you Hyun Jae~~!^^keke Bare face and messy hair.. I am uploading this while working out.. Naturally the bgm is 2NE1"s Come Back Home~~", along with a video.

Chansung"s Instagram was verified through his Twitter so you know it"s the real deal and he currently has 23,251 followers and counting

EXO releases first exciting teaser for new reality show ‘xoxo EXO’

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For those of you still deploring the end of EXO"s successful run on "Showtime," here is some great news! These trendy boys will have a new reality program with Mnet called "xoxo EXO," which will follow the boys" activities after they make their comeback. Of course, the "xoxo" in the title stands for "kisses and hugs," symbolizing fans" love for the twelve handsome members of EXO.

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As it will follow the boys in all of their promotions, it will of course show the boys both on and off the stage in a global environment.

The production team said, "It would not be wrong to say that these idols are the busiest idols of Korea in 2014; stories about their comeback and their global activities will all be revealed