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“You’re All Surrounded” Actor Cha Seung Won Makes Donation to Ferry Disaster Charity

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Cha Seung Won, star of hit drama “The Greatest Love”, has pledged 100 million won (roughly US$96,300) to a charity committed to helping the families and victims of the Sewol ferry disaster.

The actor’s donation was received by the Community Chest of Korea. A spokesperson for the charity said that the money would be used to provide valuable support for survivors and the families of the victims.

Cha Seung Won joins other major Koreans stars who have also made financial donations to charities involved with relief efforts. Other donors include Major League baseball payer Ryu Hyun Jin, actors Song Seung Hun, Park Jae Min, Ha Ji Won, Joo Sang Wook, On Joo Wan, Jung Il Woo, Jang Mi In Ae, Kim Bo Sung and many others. UAA, the entertainment agency which manages stars such as Song Hye Kyo, Yoo Ah In and Kang Dong Won, has also announced that it will be sending items such as blankets to the site in Jindo, where the families of missing passengers are still gathered

Dynamic Duo’s Choiza to Possibly Join “The Human Condition 2″ Cast

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After filling in for Kim Giri on the recording of “The Human Condition 2,” Choiza of hip-hop group Dynamic Duo is currently in talks to be a recurring member on the KBS variety show.

Representative from KBS has said that although Choiza filled in for Kim Giri, they are still considering numerous factors before bringing him on as a recurring member.

Choiza replaced Kim Giri on the first recording of “The Human Condition 2″ as Kim Giri could no longer participate due to a surgery. Choiza was joined by Kim Jun Ho, Kim Joon Hyun and Jung Tae Ho from season one, and new members Jo Woo Jong and group-mate Gaeko.

The first episode of “The Human Condition 2″ starring the male celebs will air after its female counterpart which stars Kim Sook, Kim Shin Young, Kim Ji Min, Kim Young Hee, Kim Min Kyung and Chun Yi Seul

Oh Yeon Seo Hopes to Share the Pain with Donation to Ferry Victims

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Still grieving over the loss of young lives, Oh Yeon Seo donated 10 million won to the ferry accident.

On April 23, the Korea National Red Cross shared that Oh Yeon Seo hoped that she could somehow share the pain of the ferry victims and families and donated 10 million won.

“As soon as I heard it, my heart began to hurt at the thought of those students,” said Oh Yeon Seo to the Red Cross. “I really hope that the missing come back to their families.”

Ahead of Oh Yeon Seo’s donations, Cha Seung Won, Ha Ji Won, Jung Il Woo, Kim Yuna, Ryu Hyun Jin, Song Seung Hun, On Joo Hwan, and other stars donated to the families and victims of the Sewol ferry disaster.

Meanwhile, the ferry Sewol sank on April 16 with 476 people on board. According to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters on April 23, no one has been saved after the initial 174 people

More of Hong Ga Hye’s past lies and photos posing alongside B1A4 as a fake reporter come to light

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Ever since shocking the nation with her lies on a news report pretending to be a volunteer diver at the scene of the ferry sinking, Hong Ga Hye has become the subject of severe backlash, especially as her past lies have also been coming to light.

As mentioned before, Hong Ga Hye had pretended to be Hwayoung"s cousin to spread lies about T-ara and also created false rumors about herself and athletes being in relationships or her becoming impregnated by them.

Since then it has also been revealed that she had also been on TV before, giving an interview as being a resident of Japan during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. In addition, photos of her posing alongside B1A4 have started to circulate through a post online with the description, "Hong Ga Hye pretended to be a reporter and took photos with B1A4 at their third solo concert "THE CLASS" held at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Bangidong, Seoul last February

Choi Daniel and Lee Da Hee make the cutest couple in BTS photos from ‘Big Man’

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Choi Daniel and Lee Da Hee paired up as a loving couple on the set of their upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama "Big Man"!

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Fans could tell that the two became close as friends through their natural skinship with each other with Lee Da Hee doing most of the initiating by hugging Choi Daniel"s arm and giving him an air kiss while the actor gives a big happy grin.

Lee Da Hee shared, "Choi Daniel and I think a lot about the production and share our opinions with each other. As Daniel tries to get along comfortably like friends with me and calls me, "Da Hee ya", we became close. As we get more scenes together, I think we will be able to work together comfortably."

The two"s feelings will be tested in the drama however as Kang Ji Hwan emerges to create a love triangle

Which actor would you want as your older brother?

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While there are some celebrities that make girls swoon and wish they were dating these hunky men, there are some celebrities who are popular and attractive just because they seem like really nice and warm guys - like an older brother!

So out of the choices of actors below, which would you want most as your older brother?

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Jo In Sung

Handsome and charismatic, Jo In Sung would make one of those awesome brothers you"d like to put on display in front of your friends to make them green with envy. He also played a brotherly figure in his last drama "Wind Blows In Winter" alongside Song Hye Kyo. Of course, he wasn"t her real brother

UEE comments on the roles that she wished she had, ambition for variety shows, and Orange Caramel

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After School"s UEE shared her growing ambition for acting and variety shows, and she also gave her two cents on her group"s subunit Orange Caramel.

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During a recent interview with TV Daily, UEE shared how she relieves her stress from filming, "Every time I finish a production, I get my hair dyed with a bright color and get my nails done to get out of my work zone."

She also revealed she wants to appear on "1N2D" and "Running Man", "Now that I"m done with my latest production, I want to show my various charms on variety shows during my hiatus... Although I"ve been a fixed member on variety shows, as you may already know, I"ve never been able to do it from start to finish

A Pink dish on their rising popularity and their love for eating

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The lovely ladies of A Pink, who have solidified their refreshingly cute and girly image with their latest comeback, discussed their thoughts about rising in popularity as well as revealing that when it comes to food, they can"t say "no no no".

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Eunji started off the discussion, sharing, "We received interest from the public with "No No No" last year, and we thought of continuing that image this time too. We wanted to imprint our image [on the public] with a bit of that vibe from last time. As there are those among us who are still under age, and our average is only 21, I think the public is generously looking upon us fondly." 

When it was mentioned that their new stage was refreshing, Namjoo commented, "The feeling on stage is very different now

miss A’s Min preparing for a debut?

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For those of you who have been waiting for news on miss A, allkpop has the inside scoop!

Although the group won"t be making an official comeback anytime soon, an insider from the music industry has revealed exclusively to allkpop that one member will have some surprises for you. As you can see by the pictures disclosed to allkpop, that member is none other than miss A"s feisty and tough Min, who is known to be a dancing star and full of unique charisma.

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The shots are still-cuts from the MV teaser, which will be available at a later time, so check back in to catch the first glimpse of Min"s activities through allkpop.

Ha Ji Won Donates 100 Million Won to Ferry Disaster Relief Efforts

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Actress Ha Ji Won joins the growing list of celebrities who are giving what they can to help the victims and relief efforts of the Sewol ferry disaster.

Ha Ji Won, who is currently starring in the MBC drama “Empress Ki” has donated 100 million won (~96,200 USD) to the relief efforts of the ferry disaster. She has always had a soft spot for children and youths, according to reports, previously donating to the “Hottest Scholarship” that supports students in the art, music, and physical education fields, and to Severance Hospital to support children with visual impairment.

Celebrities Song Seung Hun, Song Hye Gyo, Kang Dong Won, Yoo Ah In, Park In Young, and more have also donated their time and money to Sewol ferry disaster relief efforts. Actor On Joo Han also donated 10 million won, saying that while his donation amount can’t compare to Song Seung Hun’s 100 million won, he wanted to continue the relay of donations

2PM, 2AM and More Express Frustrations with Ongoing SEWOL Tragedy

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The frustrations of a delayed rescue and politics surrounding the SEWOL ferry disaster have been building up with not only the parents of the missing students crying out, but even celebrities.

On April 20, 2PM’s Chansung tweeted, “Incidents can occur. However, the handling of these incidents shows us our society. Through one incident, we can see what kind of environment we’re in, and that [incident] is something that isn’t just somebody else’s but something that could easily happen to us. I think society is ill right now. It’s sad and unfortunate…. After the accident, I’ve been in low spirits. It’s not just because of the accident, but because of all the wicked acts and unconfirmed truths that have been circulating after the accident that have stabbed the hearts of those in pain, making my heart hurt even more. Those kinds of people… I hope they hurt as much as the pain they caused

Samsung Music Puts a Hold on EXO Special Events for Now

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With EXO’s comeback postponed, Samsung Music has decided to put a hold on all of its EXO events.

While it successfully hosted EXO’s comeback show on April 15, with the ongoing SEWOL tragedy that occurred on April 16, Samsung Music has decided to put a hold on its EXO special events until further notice.

Samsung Music posted a pop up window on its main website with a message that reads, “We would like to send words of comfort to the victims and families who are experiencing much pain due to an unexpected accident. We sincerely hope that everyone be rescued and returned to their parents.

As we at Samsung Music join the entire nation in desperately hoping that even just one person be rescued until the last moment, we ask for your understanding as we put a temporary hold on all EXO special events and fan signings

Akdong Musician dishes about their pre-debut diet routine

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Although Akdong Musician is already one of the most well-known rookie artists in Korea, they still had a tough path to follow before they could realize their dream - including a hellish diet routine which they detailed in their new autobiography, Raise Your Voice High!

The two halves of AkMu have radically different tastes - while Chan Hyuk loves noodles, Soo Hyun is a meat lover, which made it especially hard for her to go on her diet.

The dieting life in YG Entertainment consists of both a diet and an exercise routine, AkMu writes. For lunch, Soo Hyun was only allowed to eat vegetarian bibimbap - if she wanted to eat anything else, she had to take a photo of it and get it approved by her dietitian!

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There were other restrictions - chicken breasts could only be eaten in the evenings, and snack foods such as cookies and bread as well as high-sodium foods such as ddukbokki and ramen were banned outright

An IU fan revealed to be one of the students safely rescued from Sewol

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An IU fan has been revealed to be one of the students rescued from the Sewol.

A student at IU"s fancafe created a post titled "Jeju Island lulu lala" on the 15th. It read, "I"m on my way there on a boat on a school trip!!!! I"m so excited kekekeke. Everyone in Yooaena, have you been?!!! I"m on a boat right now, but of course I"m thinking about [IU]...ㅠㅠ ♥♥ I can"t help but keep thinking about her!!!! Now I have to sleep, so good night!!!!". The student also replied to other members by saying, "It takes 13 hours by boat, but we"re having a lot of fun and we"re enjoying fireworks, too, so it doesn"t feel too long."

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However, on the 16th, when news of the Sewol sinking hit Korea, all the members started to post replies in worry

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – April Week 3

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A Pink’s “Mr. Chu” comes from outside of the top 10 and moves up 16 spots to become our new No. 1 song this week!

This song swept all the music shows last week and easily won over Lee Sun Hee’s “Meet Him Among Them.” Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” rounds out the all female top three this week.

“Mr. Chu” is the title track of A Pink’s 4th mini album, “Pink Blossom.” It is a cute pop dance song about the thrill of sharing the first kiss with one’s significant other. The various synth effects and the upbeat rhythm highlight the sweet and lovable qualities of A Pink. This is A Pink’s second No. 1 song on our chart as they did it last year with “NoNoNo.” Congratulations to A Pink.

Besides “Mr

EXO Members Were Busy Scrambling Around While Filming “Overdose” MV

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EXO revealed a small behind the scenes secret of their “Overdose” music video after their new mini album comeback show on April 15.

The music video of “Overdose,” the title track of the new mini album of the same name, was filmed in using the one-take technique that the group previously used for their “Growl” music video. Because of this the “EXO-K members had to run around trying to hide while the EXO-M members were being filmed so we don’t get caught by the camera; it was fun,” revealed EXO-K member Chanyeol.

EXO has only officially revealed a teaser clip for “Overdose” for the general public, while showing the whole music video for the audience of their comeback show on April 15. EXO’s album release, which was originally scheduled for April 21, has been postponed due to Sewol Ferry tragedy that took place in Korea on April 16

Lee Jung to postpone his concert ‘Together’ to pay respect to families of the Sewol disaster

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Singer Lee Jung will be postponing his concert "Together".
His concert personnel said, "Because of the deep sadness from the Sewol sinking, the 2014 concert "Together" that was set for May 17th-18th has been postponed."

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Lee Jung also tweeted, "My 2nd concert that was planned for the 17th-18th will be canceled and postponed. I"m planning to lend my strength for mourning and a miracle. God bless."

The concert was going to be all live with a 7-member super band. He was preparing for a collaboration stage from his label artists as well. His label said, "We all decided to postpone his concert for mourning. We"re sorry to those who are waiting. We send our condolences to the families of the deceased and the families who are desperately waiting for those still alive to be rescued

Sunny Spills on How SNSD Has Changed Over the Years

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How has Girls’ Generation (SNSD) changed over the years?

Recently dubbing animated film Rio 2, SNSD’s Sunny mentioned her SNSD members in an interview saying, “We have become something other than family to each other. We cheer for one another no matter where we are and what we are doing. I realized that even our individual activities are part of SNSD. I always support them.”

There are nine of them. They dreamed their dreams together, made their debut and grew. It would be a lie to say there were no conflicts along the way. All nine could not receive the spotlight evenly all the time.

Sunny agreed and said, “When we were younger, there was a time when all nine of us had more greed for individual benefits. I think we wanted to stand out among the other members.”

She continued, “We all had different thoughts, such as ‘I can do this well, I want to do this, I want to sing alone, I want to act…’ But there came a moment when we started understanding each other and got to know more about one another

8 Artists with that ‘Unique Voice’

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Korea is completely inundated with singers from the pretty idols and talented dancers to the indie artists and OST stars. However, amongthe Korean artists I know, the names that immediately flood my head when I hearthe phrase "unique voice" form a much shorter list. Much like the "it factor", it"s a bit hard to quantify but when you hear it, you just know that there"s something special there.

Keepin mind that this list is solely based on my opinion and the artists are who I deem to have unique voices. Also, I"mlimited to the scope of artists that I"ve been exposed to so I apologize in advance for notincluding your favorite artist!

Kim Yoon Ah

Let"sstart with Kim Yoon Ah. If you don"t know already, Kim Yoon Ah is the leadsinger of alternative rock band Jaurim

Stars choose the top 3 celebrities on ‘Moon Hee Jun’s Pure 15+’

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Celebrities voted for who they believe are the top 3 stars on the "Plus+ Chart" segment of "Moon Hee Jun"s Pure 15+"!

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Moon Hee Jun and Kim Tae Woo went through comments by idols and various celebrities who chose their favorite and most respected peers. Third on the list is "You Who Came from the Stars" actress Jun Ji Hyun, who singer Jo Sung Mo and Orange Caramel"s Raina vouched for. They chose her because she has her own unique mood and appeal and still stays humble despite her stardom.

Second up are the hot idols EXO. NS Yoon-G in particular mentioned that she loves their song "Growl". The top of the top is none other than "nation"s MC" Yoo Jae Suk for reasons that most would agree with.

Check out the clip above!