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miss A’s Jia Considering Offer to Star Alongside Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei in Korean-Chinese Film “Third Love”

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miss A member Jia has received an offer to act in a Korean-Chinese joint production titled “Third Love,” and is in the middle of looking it over.

On July 30, a representative of miss A’s agency, JYP Entertainment, told MyDaily, “After receiving a casting offer for ‘Third Love,’ Jia is currently considering it positively.”

“Third Love” is a Korea and China co-produced film that will be led by director Lee Jae Han. As of now, actor Song Seung Hun and Chinese actress Liu Yifei have confirmed their casting for this new movie.

If confirmed, this will be Jia’s first time hitting the big screen, following her television debut in China, through the drama “One and a Half Summer,” which also starred 2PM’s Nichkhun

Talented soloist Son Seung Yeon releases MV for her new song "Love Again"

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Power vocalist Son Seung Yeon is back with a new song and the music video for it!

She"s dropped "Love Again", which is part of her second mini album "Sonnet Blooms" and also its title track. The impressive pop ballad showcases her strong vocals to effectively deliver the emotions conveyed in the lyrics.

Take a listen to the song by watching the music video above!

miss A"s Jia in talks to join Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei in movie "Third Love"

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miss A"s Jia is in talks to make her movie debut through the movie adaptation of the Chinese bestseller "Third Love"!

JYP Entertainment told TV Report, "Jia received the casting offer for the film "The Third Kind of Love" and is positively reviewing it."

If confirmed, she will be joining names like Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei in the movie, which is expected to draw much interest. Jia has also been building up her acting skills, having starred in the Chinese drama "One and a Half Summer", also starring 2PM"s Nichkhun.

The movie is set to premiere next year.

Hwayoung Joins Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won in Film “Today’s Love”

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Hwayoung, former member of girl group T-ara, will finally have her debut as an actor.

Hwayoung has been recently cast in the movie “Today’s Love.” News of Hwayoung coming back as an actress comes exactly two years after she left T-ara in July of 2012.

The movie “Today’s Love” will realistically illustrate relationships between men and women, and Hwayoung will portray an elegant woman who fits the style of the movie. According to an insider, the shooting began on July 29, and Hwayoung will play an important character who contributes a lot to the plot of the film.

Hwayoung has previously appeared in a music video for ballad singer Zia in January earlier this year.

“Today’s Love” will be a melodrama, directed by director Park Jin Pyo, who directed movies like “His Voice” and “You Are My Destiny

CSJH The Grace"s Lina thanks fans for their congratulations on her engagement to Jang Seung Jo

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A few days ago, it was revealed that CSJH The Grace"s Lina and musical actor, Jang Seung Jo, will be tying the knot!

To personally address this great news, Lina uploaded a picture of her handwritten letter onto Twitter. It said:

"Hello. It"s Lina. Are you doing well and staying healthy despite the sweltering weather? I am doing well.

You were very surprised by the news of our marriage through the sudden articles, right? Because this is a very important and big event in my life, I was carefully mulling over and worrying about when to tell everybody, but I ended up one step behind in my delivery. I"m really, really sorry.

Regardless, you"ve expressed more happiness and congratulations than anybody else, so you have no idea how grateful I am and how much strength you"ve given me

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon Receives a Signed CD from g.o.d. for Her Birthday

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Kara’s Han Seung Yeon expressed how happy she was for receiving a signed CD from g.o.d.

On July 27, Han Seung Yeon posted a short message on her Twitter account along with two pictures. The message stated “Look here. I’m a successful fan.” Han Seung Yeon’s birthday was on July 24, and the CD contained congratulatory messages from the g.o.d. members. Danny wrote “Seung Yeon, happy birthday and listen to the songs a lot. Fighting.”

Meanwhile, g.o.d. released their eighth album, “Chapter 8,” through all of the online music sites on July 8. Then on July 12 and 13, g.o.d. held their 15th anniversary concert, “g.o.d. 15th Anniversary Reunion Tour” at the Jamsil Sports Complex.

The Seoul concert finished successively, so g

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon Buys a Building in Cheongdamdong

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It is being reported that girl group KARA member Han Seung Yeon has bought a building in Cheongdamdong, a high-scale neighborhood in Seoul.

According to the press, she bought the building for 4,550,000,000 Korean won, which is approximately 4.4 million USD. The building is a commercial building that is five stories tall, and it houses various businesses and offices. Her fellow group member Goo Hara also owns a commercial building nearby.

Han Seung Yeon’s agency DSP Media announced that this is a private matter for their celebrity and they were not aware of her recent acquirement.

Han Seung Yeon is currently starring in the hit weekend drama “Jang Bo Ri Is Here!” as a supporting character. Her group KARA is scheduled to have a comeback this August with their new member

Song Seung Heon in Singapore to Promote His First Erotic Film “Obsessed”

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One of Korea’s most celebrated hunk Song Seung Heon was in Singapore last week to promote “Obsessed,” his very first erotic film. Besides meeting the local media through a press conference and small group interviews, Song Seung Heon also attended a Meet-and-Greet session prior to the film’s Gala Premier on Friday, July 25.

Song Seung Heon said because of his character Kim Jin Pyong who is physically and mentally hurt by the war, for about four months while he was working on the production, he kept to a strict diet and also worked out hard to prepare himself for the role.

So what was going through his head while shooting the love scenes?

“Before this movie, I always thought that if I were to do an intimate scene I would do it very well and it was going to be awesome

Lee Seung Gi To Romance Moon Chae Won In 'Today's Love'

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Lee Seung Gi will romance Moon Chae Won in an upcoming film that has been described as a realistic love story.

In "Today"s Love," he plays Junsu, a man who can"t make his relationships work because he always gives too much of himself. Moon Chae Won plays Hyun Woo, a witty, talkative meteorologist.

The film has been described as a romance movie that depicts relationships between men and woman as being as delicate and complex as the weather.

As there are all kinds of weather, the couple"s relationship might have to weather tumultuous storms, heat waves or a chilling frost.

Lee Seung Gi has previously said he is very fond of acting in romantic comedies and the bigger the challenges a fictional couple faces, the better

Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won cast as leads in romance film "Today"s Love"

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Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won have been cast as leads in the upcoming romance film "Today"s Love".

The two actors will be working together again after co-starring in the 2009 drama "Brilliant Legacy". "Today"s Love" is Moon Chae Won"s return to the big screen after "War of Arrows" in 2011 as well as Lee Seung Gi"s film debut. Lee Seung Gi will be playing the role of Junsu who is generally unsuccessful in relationships because he doesn"t know when to stop giving, while Moon Chae Won will play a weather woman who"s both sharp and aggressive.

He commented, "What drew me in is the everyday story, and I like this kind of genre. I"m also a fan of director Park Jin Pyo, so I"m happy for this opportunity to work with him. It"s my first movie role so I feel pressure, but I will approach it from a learner"s point of view

Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won Confirmed for New Romance Film

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The new film “Today’s Love” has confirmed “Brilliant Legacy” co-stars Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won as the two leads, and will head into filming at the end of this month.

Lee Seung Gi, in his first movie role, plays Junsu, a character who fails at relationships, and always gets broken up with because he just gives too much. Moon Chae Won, on the other hand, returning to the big screen in three years after “War of the Arrows” in 2011, plays the meteorologist Hyun Woo, a woman with a witty tongue and aggressive manner.

“The story about a natural relationship that just might really exist in the world drew me in, and it’s the kind of genre that I like,” Lee Seung Gi said. “I also am a fan of Director Park Jin Pyo, so I’m glad for this opportunity to work with him

CSJH The Grace’s Lina and Musical Actor Jang Seung Jo to Get Married This November

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It has been revealed that CSJH The Grace’s Lina will tie the knot in November of this year to popular musical actor Jang Seung Jo!

According to an insider of the entertainment industry, “Jang Seung Jo and Lina will be holding their wedding ceremony this coming November 22. They are slowly letting news of their marriage known by personally greeting their close friends together. They are very busy and focused on making preparations for the wedding while also completing their own schedules. It appears that they will have to put off their honeymoon for a bit due to musical schedules during the second half of the year.”

Earlier this year in February, the two of them were caught up in dating rumors, but at the time, the agencies of both sides had denied the relationship, stating that the two just had a close senior-junior relationship

CSJH The Grace"s Lina and musical actor Jang Seung Jo to tie the knot!

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CSJH The Grace"s Lina (30) and musical actor Jang Seung Jo (33) will tie the knot this November!

This is quite a surprising turn of events as the two"s agencies had denied being a couple when rumors came up earlier this year. They were reported to be dating after meeting each other through the musical "Temptation of Wolves", but both agencies had stated they were of only sunbae-hoobae relationship. However, it has now been revealed that they had been dating for the past 2 years and will be getting married in a few months!

An entertainment insider told Herald POP in an exclusive, "Jang Seung Jo and Lina will hold their wedding ceremony on November 22. They personally met up with and greeted those around them and the news of their wedding is slowly becoming known

Son Seung Yeon (Sonnet Son) shows her maturing beauty in album jacket for 'Sonnet Blooms'

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Son Seung Yeon (Sonnet Son) bloomed, literally, as shown by her maturing beauty in the jacket for her upcoming album "Sonnet Blooms"!

SEE ALSO: Son Seung Yeon wins the trophy on "Immortal Song 2"

Her agency Fortune Entertainment unveiled the album jacket on July 22 ahead of her album release on the 30th. Her upcoming album "Sonnet Blooms" consists of 10 tracks including title track "You Again", "I"m Not Crazy", "I Hear Your Voice", "It Became Bearable", and "Different Tears Everyday".

Son Seung Yeon will awaken our ears with her beautiful voice once again in her MV teaser for "You Again" on the 28th and album release on the 30th!

Actor Song Seung Hun Shows Off His Masculine Side for Cosmopolitan

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Fashion magazine Cosmopolitan revealed a brand new pictorial of actor Song Seung Hun on July 18, in which he displays a wide range of charms.

This photo shoot was able to capture the actor’s chic appearance, as well as his sexy and masculine side. He successfully pulls off a number of different fashion trends, from intricately printed pants and button up shirts, to a patterned coat that is perfect for the upcoming fall season.

Song Seung Hun flaunts his unchanging good looks and charismatic facial expressions, and even shows a bit of his playful charming side, as he poses with various food props for the pictorial.

In the interview following the photo shoot, the actor discussed a lot of different topics, from marriage and vacations, to his work out and how he has changed since debuting, as well as his future projects