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Lee Seung-chul sings at UN meeting

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Singer Lee Seung-chul performed at the United Nations in New York on Wednesday. He sang the traditional Korean folk song "Arirang" at the 65th Annual UN DPI-NGO Conference, where leaders of nongovernmental organizations gathered to review the work they have done throughout the year and discuss new projects.Lee is the first Korean singer to perform at the annual conference.Lee sang in front of 3,500 participants at the opening of the three-day event, which ends today. In addition to "Arirang", Lee performed "Bridge Over Troubled Water", a song by the U.S. folk rock duo Simon and Garfunkel, and an English-language version of his song "The Day", which is about hope for Korean unification. This was the first time the song was translated into English.Lee was invited to the event because of his charity work. He has been involved in volunteering and has donated money to build schools in Africa

Actor Song Seung Hun Proves His Unchanging Good Looks by Revealing His High School Photo

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Actor Song Seung Hun recently revealed a photo of his younger, high school self—proving that his handsome looks have remained the same since then.

On August 28, the actor posted on his own personal Weibo account, “High school boy~~SH,” along with his high school picture.

In the unveiled picture is a copy of his ID photo that was taken during his school days. You can see Song Seung Hun’s distinct trademark: his dark, thick eyebrows and pronounced facial features. The picture also shows off the fact that there is almost no different at all between the actor’s high school and current appearance.

After being cast in a new Korean-Chinese joint production titled “Third Love,” Song Seung Hun is currently in the middle of filming in Shanghai.

Who Wore It Better: YoonA vs. Choi Ji Woo

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Girls" Generation"s YoonA and actress Choi Ji Woo were recently spotted wearing the same white fringed shirt from the Junya Watanabe 2014 Fall/Winter collection. YoonA was snapped at the Incheon Airport on her way back from Los Angeles in this fashionable button-up. Choi Ji Woo wore the same piece in episode one of her current drama, "Temptation." Both ladies are always looking flawless, but every battle has to have a winner. So, let"s see who wore it better!

YoonA paired the top with blue skinny jeans and black clogs. She accessorized with black sunglasses and capitalized on the western fringe with a tan and navy satchel. Choi Ji Woo kept it classy with black, high-waisted, wide, flared pants--she opted for a loose pony tail to top off the look

Yoo Seung Woo signals his comeback with "Everyone Else But Me" MV

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Singer Yoo Seung Woo will be making a comeback with his first full-length album on September 4!

CJ E&M signaled Yoo Seung Woo"s return with his music video for "Everyone Else But Me", one of ten tracks on his upcoming self-titled album. Title track "Everyone Else But Me" tells the perspective of a single person who feels like everyone else is in a relationship.

A rep stated, "As all the songs were created by Yoo Seung Woo, the album is filled with Yoo Seung Woo"s boyish emotions and musical color. You"ll be able to listen to how much he"s matured."

Watch Yoo Seung Woo"s "Everyone Else But Me" MV above!

Yoo Seung Woo Drops “Not Just Me, Everyone” Video ahead of Album Release

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Solo star Yoo Seung Woo has released a music video for his new track “Not Just Me, Everyone.” The song marks the singer’s comeback, almost two months after he dropped “Because the Night is So Precious.”

“Not Just Me, Everyone” and “Because the Night is So Precious” are both taken from the star’s forthcoming self-titled full-length album, which is set to drop on September 4. The album will consist of 10 tracks, and comes just over two years since the former “Superstar K4” audition show star made his debut with the song, “Hello.”

Yoo Seung Woo also recently contributed a track to the soundtrack of hit MBC drama, “Jang Bo Ri is Here!” The song, called “I Love You, Can’t You Hear Me?” dropped on August 7

Kim Ok Bin Talks Excitement for Acting and Her Drama “Yoona’s Street” in Instyle Pictorial

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Actress Kim Ok Bin has transformed into a pure woman.

On August 25, star and fashion magazine InStyle revealed the pictorial that Kim Ok Bin participated in for the September issue, and the pictorial is attracting attention.

The pictorial gives off a mysterious and dreamlike vibe. Kim Ok Bin even shows off the body that she developed through ballet.

Kim Ok Bin’s long hair and her delicate body are stimulating her male fans’ protective instincts, according to the Instyle.

In the interview that took place after the photoshoot, Kim Ok Bin stated, ““Yoona’s Street” is a drama in which I look forward to the script for every episode. Even though I only think about acting as if I had just started dating, it still makes my heart flutter

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon Confesses to Fainting Due to Dieting On “Quiz to Change the World”

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A lot of artists undergo various diet regimes in order to change their looks prior to making their comeback. KARA’s Han Seung Yeon is among those many artists who have taken such effort and she shared her experience while on the show, “Quiz to Change the World.”

On the special “Doctor vs. Idol” episode of MBC‘s “Quiz to Change the World” aired on August 23, Han Seung Yeon revealed the special diet regime that she underwent. “As a healthy diet method, I exercised four times a week for two hours and ate a high-protein diet,” Han Seung Yeon revealed.

“However, it was a diet method that was not fit with my health so I felt dizzy once when I went out of a public bath. I didn’t remember anything after that,” Han Seung Yeon recalled the incident

KARA’s Youngji Says It Was Most Difficult to Get Close to Member Han Seung Yeon

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On the August 23 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” girl group KARA made an appearance for an interview during the ‘Guerilla Date’ segment of the entertainment news program.

The reporter asked the newest member, Youngji, which member of KARA was the most difficult to get close to, after joining the group. After a bit of hesitation, Youngji replied that she had the hardest time becoming close with Han Seung Yeon.

However, Youngji explained the reason, saying that Han Seung Yeon was the last member she had met, due to Seung Yeon’s drama filming schedule. The newest member confessed, “I met unni [Han Seung Yeon] last. I worried a lot about how to approach her.”

In response to this, Han Seung Yeon shared, “I’m very shy with strangers, so we were both like with one another

Son Seung Yeon puts aside her ballad image on "Immortal Song 2"

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Son Seung Yeon (Sonnet Son) put aside her ballad image on the August 23rd installment of "Immortal Song 2".

For her cover of the Silver Bell Sisters" "Mapo Terminal", Son Seung Yeon went for a brighter performance than what fans are used to. Her flashy outfit and choreography definitely made an impression, and her steady vocals were amazing as always.

Despite Son Seung Yeon"s praiseworthy stage, it was Bada who took the final win.

YoonA, Seungyeon, Rain, Thunder, and more take on "Ice Bucket Challenge"

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The "Ice Bucket Challenge" is continuing to take over South Korea as top name celebrities like Wheesung, 100%"s Rokhyun and Chanyong, AOA"s Seolhyun and Yuna, Chanmi, and Jimin, Rain (who also donated 100 million won/~$98,000 USD), SHINee"s Key, MBLAQ"s Thunder and G.O, B.I and Bobby, The Boss, Yoon Jong Shin, Girls" Generation"s YoonA, KARA"s Seungyeon join in the cause for ALS.

Wheesung: Seo Young Joo, Jo Soong Chan, Kim Woo Young
Rokhyun: Gong Hyo Jin, Moon Hee Jun, Perfection
Chanyong: Eluphant"s Kebee, Ma Dong Suk, Super Changddai
Chanmi: Yuna, Lee Dong Gun, HyunA
Jimin: Hong Jin Ho, Kwang Dong Hyun, Ulala Session"s Park Kwang Sun
Rain: Psy, Lee Byung Hun, Megan Fox
Key: Yoon Joon Sang, B2ST"s Yoseob, Wheesung
Thunder: VIXX"s N, MBLAQ"s G

Girls’ Generation Yoona completes ALS “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE”; nominates Taeyeon, Lee Minho, Kim Sooro

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Joining the hundreds of idols who have now joined the ALS “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE”, the latest is Girls’ Generation member, Yoona!

Girls’ Generation Yoona becomes the latest idol to join in on the ALS “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE”, after being tagged by EXO’s Suho! In the video, she nominates leader Taeyeon, actor Lee Minho, and Kim Sooro

To find out more about ALS and how you can help to make a difference, please visit: http://www.alsa.org/donate/

Take a look at the video below and watch all the ALS Challenge videos on Facebook!

T-ara"s Eunjung, Rainbow"s Seung Ah, and Lim Soo Hyang show off their toned figures for "InStyle MEN"

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T-ara"s Eunjung, Rainbow"s Seung Ah, and actress Lim Soo Hyang showed off their toned figures for "InStyle MEN"!

Eunjung shared her secret to losing 9 kg (~19 lbs), "Five days out of the week, I made sure to exercise and made a balanced weight loss my focus by doing workouts for muscular strength in my top half and aerobic exercise for my lower half."

Lim Soo Hyang and Seung Ah were also joined by their trainers who they"ve been with for 6 years and 4 years, respectively.

You can check out the pictorial taken with their trainers in "InStyle MEN"!

Taemin recalls his first impression of Girls" Generation"s YoonA

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Taemin appeared on the August 21 edition of SBS radio program "Cultwo Show" with SM label mate Red Velvet and talked about Girls" Generation"s YoonA.

Red Velvet"s Seulgi said, "My training period was seven years. I am currently 21 years old." The DJs said, "You debuted after waiting a long time. Is there a celebrity you really wanted to see?"

She gestured at Jung Chan Woo and said, "I really wanted to try coming out on "Cultwo Show,"" but neither Jung Chan Woo nor Sung Si Kyung believed her.

Taemin was asked a similar question: "Were you ever surprised when you saw a celebrity in person?" He replied, "For me, it was when I first auditioned at the agency

Lee Seung Gi Deflects Questions About Girlfriend Yoona

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Lee Seung Gi and Girls" Generation"s Yoona may be one of 2014"s celebrity power couples in the Korean entertainment industry, but both choose to remain silent about their relationship.

On August 20, Lee Seung Gi was interviewed by SBS"s One Night of TV Entertainment on the set of a commercial shoot for a rice cooker advertisement that he is endorsing.

During the course of the segment, the actor was asked if he knew how to cook, to which he responded, "I learned a few years before, but I"ve only recently started to learn again."

The interviewer asked, "When you were learning, did you do it because you wanted to cook for a special person?" trying to get a juicy answer from him.

However, he averted the question in a witty manner by saying, "I understand what kind of answer you are fishing for, but your timing is a bit off

Lee Seung Gi, Son Dam Bi, Wassup, Gary, and more take on the "Ice Bucket Challenge"

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Lee Seung Gi, Kim Tae Woo, Wassup, Son Dam Bi, Leessang"s Gary, and Megan Lee are the next Korean celebrities to take on the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" to spread awareness about ALS (also referred to as Lou Gehrig"s Disease).

Here"s who challenged them and who they tagged:

Lee Seung Gi challenged by Lee Dong Kook, tagged Lee Seo Jin, PD Nah Young Suk, and Lee Woo Jung

Kim Tae Woo challenged by Megan Lee, tagged Kim Yuna, J.Y. Park, and Stevie Wonder

Wassup challenged by a fan, tagged VIXX" Leo

Son Dam Bi challenged by model Hyoni, Kang Seung Hyun, tagged NU"EST"s Minhyun

Gary challenged by A Pink"s Eunji, tagged Lee Yoori, A Pink"s Na-Eun, and Jung In

Megan Lee challenged by YouTuber Joon Sung Ahn, tagged Kim Tae Woo, Fly to the Sky"s Brian, and 15&"s Park Ji Min