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Yoona flaunts her lovely beauty in new pictorial for InStyle

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Girls" Generation"s Yoona shows her flawless beauty in new pictorial for InStyle December issue.

In the photos, Yoona is seen dressing in pastel color outfits, showcasing her mature beauty and elegant charm.

According to a rep from InStyle, Yoona posesses a perfect body figure that doesn"t need any photoshop. Her mature appearance as well as the deep expression reflects in her eyes helped this pictorial to progress smoothly.

A photographer on the set praised,"Compared to the past, I can fee the deep drama of a woman in the eyes of Yoona who has become more mature than before".

In the interview, Yoona said that she"s currently spending some relaxing times after ending Girls" Generation" album promotions. She revealed her wish to go seeing cherry blossoms and go on a backpacking trip like her normal peers. She also expressed her affection for both singing and acting, in particular she wants to meet a good project like the movie "Pretty Woman", a masterpiece that everyone still remembers until now

2014 APAN Star Awards Winners

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2014 APAN Star Awards Winners Written by Adri On November 17, 2014

The 2014 APAN Star Awards at the 2014 Daejeon Drama Festival kicked off the end-of-year awards season with a star-studded red carpet.

You Who Came From The Star further cemented itself as THE Korean drama of the year after taking home four awards. Kim Soo-hyun won Best Actor in a Mini Series, and together with Jun Ji-hyun, he also won the Hallyu Star Award. Best Director went to the drama’s director Jang Tae-yoo. You Who Came From The Star also won in Best Child Actress category with Kim Hyun-soo.

It’s Okay That’s Love was also another big winner at this year’s awards. Jo In-sung bagged the coveted Daesang (Grand Prize) Award for his portrayal of an obsessive-compulsive writer in the drama

Leeteuk Played a Big Part in YoonA and Lee Seung Gi’s Relationship?

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On the October 8 broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star,” Leeteuk of Super Junior revealed that he plays a big role in giving relationship advice to SM Entertainment artists.

During this episode, MC Kim Gu Ra asked, “I heard that Leeteuk gives dating advice to all SM artists. Did Sulli get advice from you too?” In response, Leeteuk explained, “That was around the time I had been discharged from the military so I didn’t have a part [in that].” The MC then asked, “What about YoonA or Sooyoung?” to which the Super Junior member shared, “In YoonA’s case, I had already known [about her relationship].”

The MCs continued to prod, asking, “How did you know about YoonA? Did you give advice before their picture was taken?” Leeteuk hesitated to go into detail by saying, “I would like to tell you, but it’s not my story to tell, so it’s difficult to talk about rashly

Lee Minho & Yoona release Green Christmas Innisfree CF

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Yoona and Lee Minho release the new Innisfree CF for Christmas, check out the video below:

Kim Ok Bin Ends "Yoona's Street"

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Actress Kim Ok Bin delivered her parting remarks as she wrapped up the JTBC drama, "Yoona"s Street."

Through her management company, Kim Ok Bin said, "When I first met Yoona, it was a warm April, but now it"s already November when the days get chilly. I think it"s the first time, I"ve spent a year on a piece like this. Because of this, "Yoona"s Street" is very special to me. It"s like a life mentor to me as looking at one script at a time makes me realize how I"m supposed to live my life. More than anything, I thank the viewers who have loved and cared for the drama for its 50 episodes. Using the experiences gained through "Yoona"s Street" I will show you all better acting. Thank you. Please stay healthy!"

With this, she is showing a copy of the script of the last episode

YoonA & Lee Min Ho celebrate a “Green Christmas” on November 24th

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YoonA and Lee Min Ho will be celebrating a "Green Christmas"!
The pair are the faces of the makeup brand "innisfree", and it looks like innisfree has something planned for the two! The teaser hints at something to come on November 24th, but other than that, there aren"t much other information.

Check out the video above! What do you think it could be for?

Girls” Generation YoonA”s college graduation photos become a hot topic

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Graduation photos of Girls" Generation"s YoonA have been a hot topic online.


The pictures that show YoonA as well as her fellow member Seohyun taking photos on the Dongguk University campus started making the rounds on online communities on October 15. YoonA looks the part of a fresh-faced college graduate, wearing a simple, clean-cut white shirt and navy skirt.

YoonA and Seohyun graduated from Dongguk University"s theater department this past year. Congratulations to them once again!

Girl’s Day Yura becomes jealous over Hong Jonghyun’s “foot bath” scene with Song Yoona in his drama

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Though Girl’s Day Yura and model-turned-actor Hong Jonghyun are virtually, happily married on “We Got Married 4”, the two can often run into some love-and-hate moments during their marriage.

On an episode of MBC “We Got Married 4” which aired on October 11th, Yura brought up the subject of a current drama series that her husband Jonghyun has been starring in.

The adorable wife mentioned how she came across a scene involving romantic skinship with actress Song Yoona, saying, "You do a lot of skinship moments in your drama like back hugs and foot bathes."

Girl’s Day Hyeri, who was starring as a guest MC for this week’s episode of “We Got Married 4”, stated, "She (Yura) tries to watch as much as she can as possible and if she’s flipping through the channels and it’s playing, she’ll stop everything just to watch

Girls” Generation”s Yoona and g.o.d”s Danny Ahn to appear on “Roommate 2″

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We will be able to see Yoona and Danny Ahn on SBS"s "Roommate 2" soon!

According to multiple broadcasters on October 11th, Girls" Generation"s Yoon and g.o.d"s Danny Ahn has finished the recording for SBS"s "Roommate 2" recently.

Both Yoona and Danny Ahn agreed to make their appearance on the show in order to support their members Sunny and Park Jun Hyung respectively.

This episode will be broadcasted in mid-October.

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and g.o.d’s Danny Ahn will make special appearance on SBS “Roommate”

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Girls’ Generation member Yoona and g.o.d member Danny Ahn will be making a special guest appearance on Season 2 of SBS “Roommate”.

Yoona and Danny Ahn are likely making appearances in support of their group members, Sunny and Joon Park, respectively, who both joined the cast of “Roommate” this season.

It’s good to see members of Girls’ Generation support their fellow members and their respective individual activities amiss the controversy surrounding the group. Members of g.o.d have also been active recently after making a legendary return as a whole this year, and are also preparing for their upcoming American tour.

The episode will be broadcast in mid-October.

Perhaps the presence of these guest stars will bring up the ratings for “Roommate”, which has not been doing too well as of late

YoonA and g.o.d”s Danny Ahn reported to make guest appearances on “Roommate”

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According to an exclusive by Star News, multiple broadcasting reps disclosed to the media outlet that Girls" Generation"s YoonA and g.o.d"s Danny Ahn will be appearing on "Roommate"!

The various insiders revealed, "YoonA and Danny Ahn wrapped up a recent recording of SBS"s variety program "Roommate 2."" As expected the two are said to have come on the show as special guests out of friendship with fellow Girls" Generation member Sunny in the case of YoonA and g.o.d member Park Joon Hyung in the case of Danny Ahn.

This particular episode is said to be airing sometime later this month, so be on the lookout!

“Innisfree” release pictures from Lee Min Ho and YoonA”s upcoming Christmas campaign

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"Innisfree" released some sweet pictures of Lee Min Ho and YoonA on the set of filming for their upcoming Christmas campaign!

Although the actual video will be released at the end of November, fans can, for now, enjoy these sweet still cuts taken on set. The two of them seem to cutely be engaging in arts and crafts, and YoonA even shows some of her aegyo, which has Lee Min Ho in smiles.

The video will be out at the end of next month!

'Yoona's Street' Kim Ok Bin, Kang Shin Hyo All Friendly

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"Yoona"s Street" Kang Shin Hyo, Kim Ok Bin, Ha Eun Sul got together as the three mischievous ones.

On the JTBC special drama "Yoona"s Street" (script Kim Woon Kyung, director Lim Tae Woo, production Drama House) broadcast on September 30th, Kang Shin Hyo, Kim Ok Bin, Ha Eun Sul"s mishevious sides were portrayed. It is delivering exactly how friendly the vibe is on the set and how everyone is getting along.

In the released pictures, Kang Shin Hyo, Kim Ok Bin, Ha Eun Sul who meet each other through a pickpocketing are getting to know each other. Standing next to Yoona (played by Kim Ok Bin) is Yoon Ji (played by Ha Eun Sul) and is going a kung fu move. Nam Soo (played by Kang Shin Hyo) is sitting with his hand on his chin and sending love notes to Yoona and then as the three look very friendly

Who Wore It Better: Yoona vs. Eunji

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Girls" Generation"s YoonA and A Pink"s Eunji go head-to-head onthis edition of "Who Wore It Better."

Eunji looked absolutely stunning in her Madison Avenue WhiteJewel Gown at the "2014 Seoul Music Awards." However, netizens were quick to notice that the gown was identical toone YoonA wore while hosting the "KBS Drama Awards" back in 2012 (impressivememory). Let"s take a look and see whichbeauty wore it better.

The piece is a glamorous white gown with a halter, illusionneckline with delicate embroidery. Thejeweled "belted" waistline and long train add an extra fancy touch to the dress.

YoonA and Eunji went for very similar looks—they kept itclassy and simple

YoonA, Seohyun, Naeun, Gayoon, and More Stars Appointed Ambassadors of Dongguk University

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It has been revealed that Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and Seohyun, A Pink’s Naeun, and 4Minute’s Gayoon are among 19 celebrities that have been appointed the ambassadors of Dongguk University.

On September 17, Dongguk University held a ceremony for these appointed ambassadors at the school’s 108th anniversary. Both celebrity alumni and current students of the theater department—including Lee Duk Hwa, Kang Suk Woo, Lee Kyung Kyu, Kim Sang Joong, Kim Yoo Suk, Nam Sung Jin, Yoo Joon Sang, Lee Sung Jae, Kim Jung Nan, Chae Jung Ahn, Jo Yeo Jung, So Yoo Jin, Lee Yoon Mi, Yoon So Yi, Park Ha Sun, YoonA, Seohyun, Gayoon, and Naeun—were present at the appointment ceremony.

All of the ambassadors expressed messages of support for Dongguk University and participated in a mug-signing event

Girls” Generation”s YoonA, Seohyun, and A Pink”s Na-Eun appointed as ambassadors for Dongguk University

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Girls" Generation"s YoonA and Seohyun as well as A Pink"s Na-Eun have been appointed the ambassadors of Dongguk University!


The three idol stars along with Lee Kyung Kyu, Yoo Jun Sang, Oh Yeon Seo, and more were named as 6 of 21 celebrity ambassadors at the college"s 108th anniversary. YoonA has been studying theater at the school since 2009, while Seohyun also entered to study theater in 2010 and recently graduated. Na-Eun started attending this year.

Check out photos from the 108th annivesary event below!

ZE:A’s Kwanghee Says Jewelry’s Yewon Is More Popular Than Suzy or YoonA

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ZE:A‘s Kwanghee recently stated that Jewelry member Yewon is very popular.

On the September 4 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together,” actors Park Joon Geum and Choi Jin Hyuk, comedians Park Kyung Lim and Park Soo Hong, and singers Kwanghee and Yewon, all appeared as guests for the ‘Unrelated Siblings’ special.

During this episode, MC Yoo Jae Suk asked Kwanghee, “When you and Yewon have conversations, what kind of worries does [she] usually share with you?” In response, the ZE:A member opened up by saying, “Yewon only talks about guys.”

Kwanghee continued to explain jokingly, “Yewon is very popular with the guys because she is one level below people like Girls’ Generation’s YoonA or miss A’s Suzy

Who Wore It Better: YoonA vs. Choi Ji Woo

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Girls" Generation"s YoonA and actress Choi Ji Woo were recently spotted wearing the same white fringed shirt from the Junya Watanabe 2014 Fall/Winter collection. YoonA was snapped at the Incheon Airport on her way back from Los Angeles in this fashionable button-up. Choi Ji Woo wore the same piece in episode one of her current drama, "Temptation." Both ladies are always looking flawless, but every battle has to have a winner. So, let"s see who wore it better!

YoonA paired the top with blue skinny jeans and black clogs. She accessorized with black sunglasses and capitalized on the western fringe with a tan and navy satchel. Choi Ji Woo kept it classy with black, high-waisted, wide, flared pants--she opted for a loose pony tail to top off the look

Kim Ok Bin Talks Excitement for Acting and Her Drama “Yoona’s Street” in Instyle Pictorial

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Actress Kim Ok Bin has transformed into a pure woman.

On August 25, star and fashion magazine InStyle revealed the pictorial that Kim Ok Bin participated in for the September issue, and the pictorial is attracting attention.

The pictorial gives off a mysterious and dreamlike vibe. Kim Ok Bin even shows off the body that she developed through ballet.

Kim Ok Bin’s long hair and her delicate body are stimulating her male fans’ protective instincts, according to the Instyle.

In the interview that took place after the photoshoot, Kim Ok Bin stated, ““Yoona’s Street” is a drama in which I look forward to the script for every episode. Even though I only think about acting as if I had just started dating, it still makes my heart flutter

YoonA, Seungyeon, Rain, Thunder, and more take on “Ice Bucket Challenge”

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The "Ice Bucket Challenge" is continuing to take over South Korea as top name celebrities like Wheesung, 100%"s Rokhyun and Chanyong, AOA"s Seolhyun and Yuna, Chanmi, and Jimin, Rain (who also donated 100 million won/~$98,000 USD), SHINee"s Key, MBLAQ"s Thunder and G.O, B.I and Bobby, The Boss, Yoon Jong Shin, Girls" Generation"s YoonA, KARA"s Seungyeon join in the cause for ALS.

Wheesung: Seo Young Joo, Jo Soong Chan, Kim Woo Young
Rokhyun: Gong Hyo Jin, Moon Hee Jun, Perfection
Chanyong: Eluphant"s Kebee, Ma Dong Suk, Super Changddai
Chanmi: Yuna, Lee Dong Gun, HyunA
Jimin: Hong Jin Ho, Kwang Dong Hyun, Ulala Session"s Park Kwang Sun
Rain: Psy, Lee Byung Hun, Megan Fox
Key: Yoon Joon Sang, B2ST"s Yoseob, Wheesung
Thunder: VIXX"s N, MBLAQ"s G