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Who Wore It Better: Yoona vs. Eunji

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Girls" Generation"s YoonA and A Pink"s Eunji go head-to-head onthis edition of "Who Wore It Better."

Eunji looked absolutely stunning in her Madison Avenue WhiteJewel Gown at the "2014 Seoul Music Awards." However, netizens were quick to notice that the gown was identical toone YoonA wore while hosting the "KBS Drama Awards" back in 2012 (impressivememory). Let"s take a look and see whichbeauty wore it better.

The piece is a glamorous white gown with a halter, illusionneckline with delicate embroidery. Thejeweled "belted" waistline and long train add an extra fancy touch to the dress.

YoonA and Eunji went for very similar looks—they kept itclassy and simple

YoonA, Seohyun, Naeun, Gayoon, and More Stars Appointed Ambassadors of Dongguk University

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It has been revealed that Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and Seohyun, A Pink’s Naeun, and 4Minute’s Gayoon are among 19 celebrities that have been appointed the ambassadors of Dongguk University.

On September 17, Dongguk University held a ceremony for these appointed ambassadors at the school’s 108th anniversary. Both celebrity alumni and current students of the theater department—including Lee Duk Hwa, Kang Suk Woo, Lee Kyung Kyu, Kim Sang Joong, Kim Yoo Suk, Nam Sung Jin, Yoo Joon Sang, Lee Sung Jae, Kim Jung Nan, Chae Jung Ahn, Jo Yeo Jung, So Yoo Jin, Lee Yoon Mi, Yoon So Yi, Park Ha Sun, YoonA, Seohyun, Gayoon, and Naeun—were present at the appointment ceremony.

All of the ambassadors expressed messages of support for Dongguk University and participated in a mug-signing event

Girls” Generation”s YoonA, Seohyun, and A Pink”s Na-Eun appointed as ambassadors for Dongguk University

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Girls" Generation"s YoonA and Seohyun as well as A Pink"s Na-Eun have been appointed the ambassadors of Dongguk University!


The three idol stars along with Lee Kyung Kyu, Yoo Jun Sang, Oh Yeon Seo, and more were named as 6 of 21 celebrity ambassadors at the college"s 108th anniversary. YoonA has been studying theater at the school since 2009, while Seohyun also entered to study theater in 2010 and recently graduated. Na-Eun started attending this year.

Check out photos from the 108th annivesary event below!

ZE:A’s Kwanghee Says Jewelry’s Yewon Is More Popular Than Suzy or YoonA

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ZE:A‘s Kwanghee recently stated that Jewelry member Yewon is very popular.

On the September 4 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together,” actors Park Joon Geum and Choi Jin Hyuk, comedians Park Kyung Lim and Park Soo Hong, and singers Kwanghee and Yewon, all appeared as guests for the ‘Unrelated Siblings’ special.

During this episode, MC Yoo Jae Suk asked Kwanghee, “When you and Yewon have conversations, what kind of worries does [she] usually share with you?” In response, the ZE:A member opened up by saying, “Yewon only talks about guys.”

Kwanghee continued to explain jokingly, “Yewon is very popular with the guys because she is one level below people like Girls’ Generation’s YoonA or miss A’s Suzy

Who Wore It Better: YoonA vs. Choi Ji Woo

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Girls" Generation"s YoonA and actress Choi Ji Woo were recently spotted wearing the same white fringed shirt from the Junya Watanabe 2014 Fall/Winter collection. YoonA was snapped at the Incheon Airport on her way back from Los Angeles in this fashionable button-up. Choi Ji Woo wore the same piece in episode one of her current drama, "Temptation." Both ladies are always looking flawless, but every battle has to have a winner. So, let"s see who wore it better!

YoonA paired the top with blue skinny jeans and black clogs. She accessorized with black sunglasses and capitalized on the western fringe with a tan and navy satchel. Choi Ji Woo kept it classy with black, high-waisted, wide, flared pants--she opted for a loose pony tail to top off the look

Kim Ok Bin Talks Excitement for Acting and Her Drama “Yoona’s Street” in Instyle Pictorial

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Actress Kim Ok Bin has transformed into a pure woman.

On August 25, star and fashion magazine InStyle revealed the pictorial that Kim Ok Bin participated in for the September issue, and the pictorial is attracting attention.

The pictorial gives off a mysterious and dreamlike vibe. Kim Ok Bin even shows off the body that she developed through ballet.

Kim Ok Bin’s long hair and her delicate body are stimulating her male fans’ protective instincts, according to the Instyle.

In the interview that took place after the photoshoot, Kim Ok Bin stated, ““Yoona’s Street” is a drama in which I look forward to the script for every episode. Even though I only think about acting as if I had just started dating, it still makes my heart flutter

YoonA, Seungyeon, Rain, Thunder, and more take on “Ice Bucket Challenge”

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The "Ice Bucket Challenge" is continuing to take over South Korea as top name celebrities like Wheesung, 100%"s Rokhyun and Chanyong, AOA"s Seolhyun and Yuna, Chanmi, and Jimin, Rain (who also donated 100 million won/~$98,000 USD), SHINee"s Key, MBLAQ"s Thunder and G.O, B.I and Bobby, The Boss, Yoon Jong Shin, Girls" Generation"s YoonA, KARA"s Seungyeon join in the cause for ALS.

Wheesung: Seo Young Joo, Jo Soong Chan, Kim Woo Young
Rokhyun: Gong Hyo Jin, Moon Hee Jun, Perfection
Chanyong: Eluphant"s Kebee, Ma Dong Suk, Super Changddai
Chanmi: Yuna, Lee Dong Gun, HyunA
Jimin: Hong Jin Ho, Kwang Dong Hyun, Ulala Session"s Park Kwang Sun
Rain: Psy, Lee Byung Hun, Megan Fox
Key: Yoon Joon Sang, B2ST"s Yoseob, Wheesung
Thunder: VIXX"s N, MBLAQ"s G

Girls’ Generation Yoona completes ALS “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE”; nominates Taeyeon, Lee Minho, Kim Sooro

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Joining the hundreds of idols who have now joined the ALS “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE”, the latest is Girls’ Generation member, Yoona!

Girls’ Generation Yoona becomes the latest idol to join in on the ALS “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE”, after being tagged by EXO’s Suho! In the video, she nominates leader Taeyeon, actor Lee Minho, and Kim Sooro

To find out more about ALS and how you can help to make a difference, please visit: http://www.alsa.org/donate/

Take a look at the video below and watch all the ALS Challenge videos on Facebook!

Taemin recalls his first impression of Girls” Generation”s YoonA

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Taemin appeared on the August 21 edition of SBS radio program "Cultwo Show" with SM label mate Red Velvet and talked about Girls" Generation"s YoonA.

Red Velvet"s Seulgi said, "My training period was seven years. I am currently 21 years old." The DJs said, "You debuted after waiting a long time. Is there a celebrity you really wanted to see?"

She gestured at Jung Chan Woo and said, "I really wanted to try coming out on "Cultwo Show,"" but neither Jung Chan Woo nor Sung Si Kyung believed her.

Taemin was asked a similar question: "Were you ever surprised when you saw a celebrity in person?" He replied, "For me, it was when I first auditioned at the agency

Lee Seung Gi Deflects Questions About Girlfriend Yoona

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Lee Seung Gi and Girls" Generation"s Yoona may be one of 2014"s celebrity power couples in the Korean entertainment industry, but both choose to remain silent about their relationship.

On August 20, Lee Seung Gi was interviewed by SBS"s One Night of TV Entertainment on the set of a commercial shoot for a rice cooker advertisement that he is endorsing.

During the course of the segment, the actor was asked if he knew how to cook, to which he responded, "I learned a few years before, but I"ve only recently started to learn again."

The interviewer asked, "When you were learning, did you do it because you wanted to cook for a special person?" trying to get a juicy answer from him.

However, he averted the question in a witty manner by saying, "I understand what kind of answer you are fishing for, but your timing is a bit off

YoonA Shows Off Her Captivating Sexiness in W Photoshoot

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On August 20, Girls Generation YoonA’s pictorial in W magazine was revealed. In the released photos, YoonA can be seen transforming from the usual innocent and graceful young girl into a sexy, mature woman of autumn. With her darker smoky makeup and the naturally flowing hairstyle, she captivates fans with her alluring expressions, which are seemingly indifferent yet very chic.

What garnered the most attention, however, was her photo with her crop top that showed her stomach, which had perfect—and highly coveted—“11 abs.”

Meanwhile, Girls Generation successfully completed their performances in the “SM Town Live World Tour Concert 2014” that began this past August 15. What do you guys think? Innocent and graceful or sexy and mature?

YoonA bares her abs and captures a post-modern look for “W Korea”

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YoonA showed off a different side in her latest pictorial with "W Korea" released on August 20 KST, shedding the sweet girl image and bright, melting smile for a chic look of nonchalance. As the theme seems to be post modern, the shots are all black-and-white for a moody effect as she looks very mature and tomboyish.


In one notable picture, she bares her rather impressive abs that look so good even she can"t take her eyes away. Which is your favorite picture?

YoonA appears as guest on “Sunny”s FM Date” to congratulate Sunny on her 100th day as DJ

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YoonA appeared as the special guest on the August 19 installment of fellow Girls" Generation member Sunny"s radio program, "FM Date," to congratulate Sunny"s 100th day as a DJ!

The two took a lot of cute pictures together and YoonA gave an update on her life, saying, "It has been such a long time since I got to roll around in my house during a break." When asked to disclose a secret of YoonA"s, Sunny said, "Her elbow skin is very stretchable," which was already discussed in a past "Stargazing" episode.


YoonA also revealed that TaeTiSeo were busily engaged in their reality program and said the trio will be making their comeback this year.

아아- 예쁜 우리 쑨디!!!! #FM데이트 (@상암신사옥 가든스튜디오) pic

Notes on a Scandal: What Can SM Entertainment Learn from 2014?

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Notes on a Scandal: What Can SM Entertainment Learn from 2014? Written by Kelsey On July 30, 2014

All is not well in the house of SM Entertainment. To be fair, 2014 thus far has given us a host of scandals across the entertainment companies, but SM has had more than a full plate of controversies, most of which have been handled really, really poorly.

I’m sure the big wigs in the management offices have asked each other the question we’re mulling over now: how can so many things go wrong in a such a short time period?

Over the course of just seven months, SM Entertainment has lost grip of the strict, faithful schedules and procedures by which they have always done their business.

These scandals give the public even more reasons to hold SM accountable for their actions, and if there’s anything that the Great Scandal Season of ’14 has offered, it’s that SM is fundamentally failing at managing their idols

Yoona Graces the Cover of Fashion Magazine Sure

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Girls’ Generation member Yoona has landed on the August cover for fashion magazine Sure.

Yoona, who is busy with fulfilling her busy schedule by traveling between Japan, China and Korea, did a photo shoot in a quiet studio in Itaewon. While always displaying serious facial expressions or doing chic poses, Yoona ended up comfortably smiling. Yoona was said to have enjoyed the pictures that contained natural parts of her daily life, and she was actively immersed in the filming as she meticulously monitored herself.

All of a sudden, it is Yoona’s eighth year in the industry. While her flexible image is the same as ever, an aura of an actress whose expressions and emotions have deepened to the next level is mixing with her image. You can see Yoona’s “ordinary” and natural beauty on the cover of Sure’s August edition and in the “Dreaming Daylights” pictorial

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Decides on Film Debut Instead of Korean Remake of “Nodame Cantabile”

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In the end, YoonA, who received an offer to star in the Korean remake of “Nodame Cantabile,” declined the drama and will, instead, be taking on a Korea and China co-produced film.

YoonA recently notified the production company of the Korean remake of “Nodame Cantabile” (working Korean title “Cantabile Romance”) that she will not be taking up their offer. The idol-actress will be filming a Korean-Chinese production film titled “Zai Jian Ani” as the heroine, Ani. Ani is described as a bright, bubbly, and eccentric character. Taiwanese actor Peng Yuyan (Eddie Peng) has been offered the lead male role.

As for “Cantabile Romance,” Joo WonDohee, and Bae Yoon Sik have been confirmed for the drama

SNSD’s Yoona Turns Down Casting Offer for Lead of ‘Nodame Cantabile’

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Yoona decided to turn down the lead role for Nodame Cantabile.

SM Entertainment told Newsen on July 14, “We received numerous casting offers and after thorough consideration we decided to turn down the offer.”

Instead, Yoona has recently confirmed to act as the lead of Korea-Chinese collaboration film Goodbye Ani.

Yoona has been discussed as the strongest candidate for the lead role of ‘Nodame’ in KBS 2TV’s Nodame Cantabile (tentative) scheduled to air in October. Juri Ueno took the role of ‘Nodame’ in the original Japanese drama, receiving a lot of love.

‘Nodame’ is a student majoring in Piano who has a 4 dimensional personality. As Yoona has decided not to take the role, attention has reverted to who will acting as ′Nodame′ in the Korean version of the drama

SNSD′s Yoona Considering Lead Role of Korean ′Nodame Cantabile′

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Girls′ Generation (SNSD) member Yoona is considering the lead role of the Korean Nodame Cantabile.

A source familiar with Nodame Cantabile productions said on July 7 that "it is true an offer was sent to Yoona."

The source added, "They held many meetings and talked about the affair. Yoona and the production company are both considering it."

KBS′ remake of Nodame Cantabile is based on a popular Japanese manga. The Japanese drama version aired in 2006.

Joo Won is currently confirmed as the male lead, as well as actor Baek Yoon Sik and Tiny G member Do Hee.

The drama will air in October.

Photo credit: enews DB

Global sweethearts YoonA and Dakota Fanning pose for ‘Cosmopolitan’

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YoonA"s photo shoot and interview with the July issue of "Cosmopolitan" magazine in Dubai was released on June 23, showing her at Chanel"s "2015 Cruise Collection" event. She even ran into another big celebrity sweetheart, American actress Dakota Fanning, at a party, which was previously revealed through a casual picture on an on-line community.

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The two of them showed off their sweet faces and cheery smiles as they posed cutely together at the event with YoonA donning a 2014 spring collection white mini-dress for an innocent yet mature image. Check out more of her pictures below!

Fans Gift Girls’ Generation YoonA with a Forest for Her Birthday

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A ‘YoonA Forest’ has been created for Girls’ Generation’s YoonA in celebration of her birthday on May 30!

Tree Planet revealed that they collaborated with YoonA’s fans for the ‘Star Forest Project,’ in order to plant a ‘YoonA Forest’ in Seoul in honor of her special day. This special project was made possible through YoonA’s Fanclub Union, in which her fans from all throughout 18 countries, including Korea, China, America, Denmark, and more, gathered enough funds to create the forest. The fans began fundraising in March, and in just one month, they were able to raise more than 10 million KRW (~$9,800 USD).

The ‘YoonA Forest’ will be planted in Seoul, at a lot next to the railway near DMC (Digital Media City) in Sangamdong, Mapogu