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[Video] Added Korean drama "Discovery of Romance" episode 5

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Added episode 5 for the Korean drama "Discovery of Romance"

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"Discovery of Romance" (2014)Directed by Kim Seong-yoon, Lee Eung-bokWritten by Jeong Hyeon-jeongNetwork : KBSWith Jeong Yu-mi, Eric Moon, Seong Joon, Yoon Jin-i, Yoon Hyeon-min, Kim Seul-gi-I,...16 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 Also known as "Discovery of Love" and formerly known as "Finding True Love" on HanCinema Synopsis Han Yeo-reum (Jeong Yu-mi)"s life seems perfect. She is a designer who owns her own successful workshop, she lives with her two best childhood friends, and she has a sweet, successful boyfriend of 3 years, Nam Ha-jin (Seong Joon), who might pop the big question any day. Her life seems to be heading in the right direction, until she suddenly comes face to face with her selfish and snobby, but somehow charming, designer ex-boyfriend of 5 years, Kang Tae-ha (Eric Moon)

Actors Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yoo Bi in Talks for New Drama “Pinocchio”

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Actors Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yoo Bi are strong candidates for casting in the new SBS drama “Pinocchio.”

On September 2, a representative of Kim Young Kwang’s agency, CHOII Entertainment, revealed to MBN Star, “’Although he received an offer for ‘Pinocchio,’ nothing is confirmed. It is still under consideration as it hasn’t been very long since tvN’s ‘Plus Nine Boys’ began.”

Actress Lee Yoo Bi’s agency, Sidus HQ, also stated, “[‘Pinocchio’] is just one of the productions being reviewed so nothing has been decided.”

It has been reported that Kim Young Kwang was offered the role of a chaebol character who dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist, while Lee Yoo Bi received an offer to play the role of a former sasaeng fan-turned-journalist

[Photos] Added 3 new posters and updated cast for the Korean drama "Ironman"

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Added 3 new posters and updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "Ironman" (2014)Directed by Kim Yong-soo-IWritten by Kim Gyoo-wanNetwork : KBSWith Lee Dong-wook, Sin Se-kyeong, Kim Kap-soo, Jeong Yoo-geun, Lee Mi-sook, Sin Seung-hwan,...Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA drama about a man who has knives standing upright all over his body because of the pain that his heart"s been through and a woman who helps him grow.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/09/10


miss A’s Min to star in upcoming drama, “Dream Knight”

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miss A’s Min is confirmed to star in a joint drama between South Korea and China titled, “Dream Knight.”

According to JYP Entertainment, Min is going to be the star of the online drama “Dream Knight,” produced by the agency’s subsidiary company JYP Pictures and Youku Tudou.

Min is revealed to be played the role of Jenny, an old acquaintance of the drama’s protagonist, who is described to bring conflict to the plot. She is said to be preparing for her role in the drama after finishing activities for JYP Entertainment’s “JYP Nation - One Mic” concert tour.

The drama is said to be aired through Youku Tudou platform by the end of 2014. This is not Min’s first challenge in acting as she has already starred in the movie”Count Down” in 2011

[Photos] Added 4 new posters and updated cast for the Korean drama "My Spring Days"

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Added 4 new posters and updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "My Spring Days" (2014)Directed by Lee Jae-dongWritten by Park Ji-sookNetwork : MBCWith Kam Woo-seong, Choi Soo-young, Lee Joon-hyeok, Jang Sin-yeong, Hyeon Seung-min, Min Ji-ah,...To be aired after "Fated to Love You"Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA drama about a woman who falls in destined love after recieving organ implants.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/09/10


Yoon Mi Rae, WINNER, and Park Bo Ram & Zico top Instiz chart for the fifth week of August 2014

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The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank music sales, and it"s also what fans use to determine whether their favorite artist has achieved an "All-Kill".

Check out the chart rankings for the first week of September (August 25 to August 31) below!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Yoon Mi Rae - "I Love You" - 30,190 Points

2. WINNER - "Empty" - 25,254 Points

3. Park Bo Ram ft. Zico - "Beautiful" - 24,770 Points


“Dad! Where Are We Going?” Child Star Yoon Hoo Says Suzy Is Not His Type

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Yoon Hoo, the adorable food lover of “Dad! Where Are We Going?,” has made an interesting revelation at the “Infinite Dream MBC” concert.

At the special concert held to celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the new MBC building aired on September 1, Yoon Min Soo‘s son, Yoon Hoo, made an appearance together with other kids Kim Min Gook and Kim Min Yool from “Dad! Where Are We Going?”

As the boys climbed on stage, Yoon Hoo was seen to be nervous in appearing in front of so many people and was very shy beside miss A’s Suzy who hosted the event.

Yoon Min Soo tried to make his son more comfortable on stage and asked, “Yoon Hoo, what’s the problem? (Why are you shy?) Is it because Suzy noona is so pretty? Isn’t Suzy noona your type?” Yoon Hoo let out a soft “No,” and made everyone laugh

Song Chang Ui Confirmed to Play Lead Role in Upcoming Drama “Dr. Frost”

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Actor Song Chang Ui has been cast to play the title role in OCN‘s upcoming drama “Dr. Frost.”

CJ E&M released on September 1 that Song Chang Ui will portray the protagonist Dr. Frost in the upcoming drama.

“Dr. Frost” is a psychological crime drama where genius psychologist Dr. Frost helps procedural teams both officially and unofficially to solve crimes. It is based on the popular webtoon of the same name, written by Lee Jong Bum.

Song Chang Ui’s character Dr. Frost is a handsome psychologist who is able to solve crimes using his specialty, but is largely apathetic, unable to emotionally connect to people.

“Dr. Frost” the drama will be a 10-episode series

10 Korean Drama Cliches You May Recognize

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There are many Korean dramas out there, each with their own unique story lines, characters, actors and settings. But when it comes down to it, there are some elements that just have to be present to make them a drama.

1. Trips to the hospital

Every drama has to have at least one character who ends up in the hospital after some type of accident and winds up having amnesia/cancer.

2. Love triangles

What drama wouldn’t be complete without some type of love triangle? Some dramas even take it up a notch and have more than 3 characters entangled in a love situation.

3. The old lover

As if love triangles weren’t enough, somebody’s old lover has to show up for a bit to fight for their past love, making the love lines even more complicated

Yoon Eun Hye is nothing but smiles in BTS video for "Samantha Thavasa"

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Yoon Eun Hye looked beautiful in the behind-the-scenes video for "Samantha Thavasa"!
Yoon Eun Hye was reported to have brightened the atmosphere on set with her smile while posing as the muse for the brand"s 2014 FW pictorial. She kept her makeup, hairstyle, and outfits simple, showing a look that anyone can pull off with the help of bright-colored handbags.

She looks beautiful and ever-young in the BTS video, so check it out above!

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Mnet to Come Up with a New Music Drama as Follow-up to “Monstar”

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Music channel Mnet is looking towards coming up with a new music drama within the year. According to a news report, Mnet is already planning the follow-up to their first successful attempt at a music drama, 2013′s “Monstar.” 

The yet-untitled 2014 Mnet music drama is said to be about the stories of young people who have a passionate love of music, their growth, friendship and love lives.

The drama is already attracting attention for the people behind the scenes. Producers and writers from the production teams of reality and music shows are coming together to produce a drama. Director Kim Yong Bum of “Super Star K” and “Dancing 9″ takes the helm, while “Real Men” and “Music Bank” writer Shin Myung Jin joins forces with Jung Su Hyun of “Non-Stop” and “Apgujeong Diary” to produce the script

[Spoiler] "The Three Musketeers - Drama" Lee Jin-wook orders warriors upon Yoo In-yeong

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On the third episode of the tvN drama "The Three Musketeers - Drama", Prince So Hyeon (Lee Jin-wook) gave Park Dal-hyang (Jeong Yong-hwa) a secret mission.

He told him to find the woman whom he"d lost at night because Park Dal-hyang was the only one who saw her face. So Hyeon told him to capture her and bring her to him.

When Park Dal-hyang asked if it was personal, So Hyeon said, "It"s both. I saw her last 5 years ago. I just hope it"s different from then. I died back then, but I"ve awakened. I need to see her to find out what I"ve done in the past".

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[Spoiler] "Mama - Nothing to Fear" Son Seong-yoon tells Moon Jeong-hee about Jeong Joon-ho and Song Yoon-ah

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Son Seong-yoon gave Moon Jeong-hee some false information.

On the tenth episode of the MBC weekend drama "Mama - Nothing to Fear", Kang Rae-yeon (Son Seong-yoon) kept pestering Seo Ji-eun (Moon Jeong-hee) for a date and when she accepted, he told her to get divorced.

Seo Ji-eun said, "I don"t have the right to. Don"t contact me or my husband privately from now on".

Kang Rae-yeon scoffed at Seo Ji-eun and said, "You can"t make it without getting a divorce, Han Seung-hee (Song Yoon-ah) is your friend? She"s seeing Moon Tae-joo (Jeong Joon-ho). Your husband Moon Tae-joo and Han Seung-hee are seeing each other".

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Yoon Jong Shin Praises Teen Top’s Upcoming “It’s Not Easy” in a Teaser Video

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Boy group Teen Top has released a teaser video for their upcoming single “It’s Not Easy” featuring producer Yoon Jong Shin.

In the video, Yoon Jong Shin, who appears in Mnet‘s “Entertainers” with Teen Top, praises the song, saying that it will do well. He is seen repeatedly saying “it’s good” in the video, while listening to the single.

Although Yoon Jong Shin asks the boy group whether the song was written by Brave Sound, it is not revealed in the video if the upcoming single is indeed a Brave Sound song or not.

Yoon Jong Shin also promised Teen Top that he will give them a song in the future.

Teen Top will release their single “It’s Not Easy” on September 15

TEEN TOP tease for "It"s Not Easy" with Yoon Jong Shin"s response

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TEEN TOP is keeping Angels on their toes with a teaser for their upcoming album!

TEEN TOP worked with Yoon Jong Shin for their reality program, and they gave the producer-singer their newest song "It"s Not Easy" to listen to. Even though fans can"t hear the song at all, Yoon Jong Shin looks impressed by the song. He then jokes to say he"ll give TEEN TOP a song one day.

Their new album "ÉXITO", which means "success" in Spanish, is set for release on September 15! Meanwhile, check out the "teaser" above!