Ga In Does Her Signature Black Eyeliner Even in a Historical Movie

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Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In is known for her smokey and sultry eyes, and she prefers to keep her look even when acting.

As a cast member of the upcoming historical movie “The Huntresses,” the idol had an interview with MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay” on January 12. In the film, Ga In plays one of the three gorgeous huntresses, and she was also chosen as the representative beauty of Joseon dynasty by her peers. She humbly commented, “Whenever I look at paintings from the past, I don’t see that many people that look like me.”

When asked if she has let go of her eyeliner for the movie, “I see many crazy costumes in the movie, so isn’t it possible to draw my eyeliner with charcoal?” revealing her continuous love for smokey eyes

GOT7 Continues to Excite Fans with New Teaser for “Girls Girls Girls”

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Are you excited for GOT7’s debut? Well, JYP Entertainment continues to keep fans on their toes with yet another teaser!

While the first teaser zoomed by in skateboards in the first teaser, they show off some serious dance moves in this new video clip. It was also announced in the video that the full music video for their debut track “Girls, Girls, Girls” will be revealed on January 15. The group will also have a garage showcase on the same date while their mini-album will drop on January 20.

GOT7 will make their official debut on January 16 on Mnet’s M!Countdown. For now, watch the teaser here and keep following us on Soompi for more updates! You can also check out the teaser photos of the members that JYP posted last week here.


Topp Dogg Wants You to “Open the Door” in 1st MV Teaser

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Topp Dogg has released the first music video teaser for “Open the Door” through their Stardom Entertainment official Youtube channel. “Open the Door” is the title track and name of their second mini album.

They have previously revealed teaser images for members Sangdo, A-tom, and Hansol. Each member had a constellation superimposed on their forehead, raising the anticipation for the concept of the upcoming second album.

Topp Dogg will be holding their second showcase and fan-meeting on January 15.

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GOT7 raises expectations with second teaser video release!

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JYP Entertainment"s newest boy group GOT7 made their mark on the minds of fans and the public alike with their newest video teaser released earlier today!

Cruising down the streets of Seoul and showing off their jaw-dropping dance moves, the boys upped the ante for what is sure to be one of the hottest debuts of 2014.

Check out the teaser for "Girls Girls Girls" above!

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B1A4 reveals music video for ‘Lonely’ comeback track!

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After teasing fans with a drama teaser and an album medley, the boys of B1A4 have returned with their latest track, "Lonely"!

The title track for their "Who Am I" album, the song is a dramatic turn for the group, featuring a soothing and melancholy melody in a desolate, winter-themed music video.

Check out the music video above!

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B1A4 Is Cold and “Lonely” in New Music Video

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B1A4 is back! After releasing a series of teasers to excite fans, the boys have finally unveiled the music video to their comeback song, “Lonely.”

“Lonely” is a sad track that will move its listeners. The video shows member Jinyoung parting ways with a mysterious girl as she floats away from him. Keep a close eye on the video and connect the dots with the teaser photo that director, Lee Ki Baek previously posted!

WHO AM I,” B1A4’s second full-length album, will be released today, January 13. The boys will also make their comeback on various music shows this week.

Watch the music video here and follow us on Soompi for more updates! You can also listen to the highlight medley that the group released here.


Lee Jong Suk, Park Bo Young, and Lee Se Young to Guest on “Running Man” Next Week

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Teaser for next week’s “Running Man” has been revealed, and the guests are none other than young stars Lee Jong Suk, Park Bo Young and Lee Se Young!

The upcoming episode titled “Farm Village Romeo and Juliet” makes the members face a tough race that goes along with the rural theme. According to the teaser, there will also be a secret love line between two people.

The guests were welcomed with loud cheers, but to everyone’s surprise, Kim Jong Kook entered the room dressed up as a female student. He evoked laughter by holding up a plastic pencil case and jokingly threatened others, “You think I carry this around for drawing?

The teaser also gave a glimpse of Gary getting kissed on his cheeks by the two beautiful female guests, and soon after shouting “Hooray!” to express his feelings of joy

“Man From the Stars” Kim Soo Hyun Increases Book Sales

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American writer Kate DiCamillo’s “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” recently sold over 30,000 copies.

The book was first published in 2009, and was quickly forgotten without receiving much interest. However, it’s as if the book has sprouted wings; it’s selling like crazy. This is because of its appearance in the currently very hot SBS drama, “Man From the Stars.”

In the drama, which is about the fateful love story of 400-year-old alien Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) and top star Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun), Do Min Joon is often seen reading books, and they have become more than just simple props.

The lines from the book fantastically fall in line with the innocent heart of Do Min Joon, and give his story another level of wholeness, as well as an additional element of foreshadowing in the drama

TVXQ, VIXX, Younha, K-Much, Beat Win, and More on SBS Inkigayo 01.12.14

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Performances on this week’s SBS “Inkigayo” were from TVXQ, VIXX, Kim Kyung Rok, Younha, Sonya, Two Song Place (FT Island’s Song Seung Hyun and Song Eun Yi), Tasty, History, Heyna, Timber, and debuts by Beat Win and K-Much.

See also:

Rain, Ailee, Dal Shabet Comeback Stages on SBS Inkigayo 01.12.14

SBS Inkigayo 01.12.14- Girl’s Day Beats IU and M.C The Max with “Something”

TVXQ- “Something”

VIXX- “Thank You for My Love”

Kim Kyung Rok- “It’s Not a Big Deal”

 Younha- “Not There”

Sonya- “I Can Live”

 Two Song Place -”Age-Height”

Tasty- “Day n’ Night”

History- “What Am I to You?”

Heyne- “Love 007″

Timber- “Three Days”

Beat Win- “She’s My Girl”

K-Much- “Don’t Know Anything”

 We can expect the debut stage of GOT7 and comeback of B1A4 next week

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – January Week 2

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As expected, IU’s “Friday” becomes our new No. 1 song this week. Despite having no promotions, this song won all three TV network music show last week, and also tops Billboard Korea. As a result, “Friday” moves up six spots and easily won this week with a high score. Congratulations to IU.

Moving up seven spots to a distant second is veteran R&B quartet Brown Eyed Soul. Their song “You” have a strong showing in GAON and Billboard Korea, and also in the top five in TV Network rankings.

There are four new songs in the top 10 this week. Ballad singer Zi-A moves up 24 big spots to No. 4 with her latest hit “I Knew It.” This song is a preview single of Zi-A’s upcoming album which will be released later this month. It is a guitar and string driven sad ballad

Model Song Kyung Ah Says “Running Man” Kim Jong Kook Talks Too Much

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Model Song Kyung Ah revealed her discontent with Kim Jong Kook talking too much and being timid.

The model appeared on the January 12 episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” and said, “I didn’t know that Kim Jong Kook had so much doubt or was so timid. His physique is huge, but he talks so much.” She said, “Eventually, responding, ‘Yes, yes..’ (I exploded),” making everyone laugh.

However, it seems Kim Jong Kook thought otherwise. He said, “Our opinions in terms of cooking were pretty similar. And since she cooks a lot better than I do, I tried to not say so much,” seeming satisfied.

At this Song Kyung Ah joked, “There is no need to call it chemistry. I did everything.”

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Rain Reveals the Secret Behind His Kiss Mark

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Singer Rain recently revealed the secret behind the kiss mark he used as part of his comeback stage look.

On the January 12 broadcast of SBS’s “Inkigayo,” Rain introduced his songs “30sexy” and “La Song” while conversing with the MCs.

“‘30sexy’ is a song I wrote about the maturity and experience you’ve gained in your thirties, while ‘La Song’ is a song I wrote for people to easily sing along to as a type of cheer song,” he explained. When Kwang Hee asked Rain about the secret of his kiss mark, he demonstrated how he had previously used the stamp on himself by asking Girl’s Day member Minah to hold out the back of her hand.

In related news, Girl’s Day, MC The MAX and IU were nominees for first place on “Inkigayo

Two GOT7 Members Mark and JB Revealed through First Batch of Teaser Images

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After exciting fans with the long-awaited news of a new JYP boy group, the first round of teaser images for GOT7 have been released!

On January 3, JYP Nation uploaded four teaser images for all the fans to see. Two of GOT7′s members have finally been revealed to be Mark and JB. Two photos of each member have been uploaded.

The first photo of Mark shows him in a shiny hip-hop outfit and throwing a mega-watt smile at the camera. The second photo of Mark shows him mid-air, doing some kind of kick but still retaining his handsome looks. This photo gives us a hint of GOT7′s previous annouced “martial arts tricking” stage concept.

The other two photos are of JB, whom we have already gotten aquainted with through JJ Project

Park Se Young Remarks on Her First Episode of “We Got Married”

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Actress Park Se Young (“Faith,” “School 2013“) revealed her feelings on appearing on variety show “We Got Married.” She recently starred in the KBS daily drama “Sincerity Moves Heaven.”

She appeared on MBC’s “We Got Married” with 2PM’s Wooyoung for the first time on January 11. Via Twitter, Park Se Young posted, “Thank you to those who watched the show and supported us! It was practically my first variety appearance so I was really nervous and probably made many mistakes… Please don’t be jealous, instead please give us your love^^ Please support us~♥.”

Apparently, Wooyoung mentioned that it’s the first time they met one another, but that’s not exactly true. Park Se Young has worked with 2PM’s Wooyoung previously

Actor Jung Il Woo Is the King of “NG” Scenes

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On January 15, the cameras of MBC program “Section TV Entertainment News” took viewers behind the scenes of “Golden Rainbow.” On that particular broadcast, actor Kim Sang Joong picked Jung Il Woo as the “NG King” of “Golden Rainbow.”

At the filming site for “Golden Rainbow,” Jung Il Woo and Uee had a “NG” scene together due to messing up on lines. “NG” in film production language is an abbreviation for determining a scene shot as “No Good.” Jung Il Woo later confessed, “The script came to me yesterday, so I still haven’t been able to memorize all of my lines.”

Jo Min Ki also chimed in saying, “There are two kinds of NGs. An NG is called when an actor is unprepared or when an actor wants to do better

Jung Joon Young Takes a Selca with a Snake?

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He might be the youngest of “1 Night, 2 Days” cast members, but he definitely has some courage!

While filming an episode of KBS2TV’s “1 Night, 2 Days” in the northern part of Gyeonggi Province, singer Jung Joon Young took a selca with an exotic friend. In the revealed picture, he can be seen posing with a massive snake around his neck, and showing no signs of horror, he pouts his lips for the camera. Known for his quirky 4D personality, the star has impressed his fans once again with his carefree and fearless attitude.

While the other members were taken aback by the sudden appearance of the snake, Jung Joon Young casually expressed his wish to take a photo with the exotic reptile, surprising his seniors.

In a previous episode, he shared his wish to become a popular blogger this year, and recently uploaded photos taken during the show’s trip to Jiri Mountain on his personal blog

Singer Solbi Finally Graduates from University

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Solbi is proof that it is never to late to get a college education. The actress/singer posted pictures of herself in her graduation gown on her Twitter page on January 11 while also posting a nostalgic and heartwarming message. The message, reflecting on how she got into college, said “As a late comer taking the suneung (Korea’s college entrance exam) with younger people… I was too embarrassed to eat alone during lunch time. After laying my head down on my desk, I went to the bathroom to kill time. I came back to something left on my desk… pumpkin taffy and a note which gave me strength.”

Congratulations Solbi on becoming a college graduate! Solbi’s new book “Whatever People Say, I Will be Me” was recently released on January 6. It is a collection of essays about her life.

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Actor Seo Ha Joon Reveals Real Age and Surprising Same-Age Peers

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Actor Seo Ha Joon appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” on January 9, on a “2014 Rising Star” special episode which also featured Kim Sung Kyun, Do Hee, Han Joo Wan and Dal Shabet’s Subin.

He surprised everyone by revealing his real birth year. “I was born in 1989, but I had it raised on my profile. If you look up my profile, I am two years older than my real age.”

Turning 25 along with Seo Ha Joon this year include actor Lee Jong Suk, SHINee’s Onew, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and 2AM’s Jo Kwon. When the MCs found this out, they teased him, calling him “old-faced,” because he looks older than he actually is, or at least compared to his peers

Hyun Woo

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Name: 현우 / Hyun Woo (Hyeon Woo)
Real name: 김현우 / Kim Hyun Woo (Kim Hyeon Woo)
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1985-Jan-18
Height: 182cm
Weight: 65kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: O
Talent agency: SidusHQ
KPOP group name: 24/7
co-hosts: As of November 26, 2010, he currently co-hosts KBS Music Bank with actress Kim Min Ji.

TV Shows

I Live in Cheongdam Dong (jTBC, 2011)
Deep Rooted Tree (SBS, 2011)
Hair Show (KBS2, 2011)
I’ll Teach You Love (MBC, 2010)
Call of the Country (KBS2, 2010)
Pasta (MBC, 2010)
Dream (SBS, 2009)
Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun (MBC, 2009)


A Frozen Flower (2008)

Kim So Yeon and Wang Ji Won Go Back to High School for “I Need Romance 3”

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Actress Kim So Yeon and rookie Wang Ji Won put on school uniforms for tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “I Need Romance Season 3.”

Cable network tvN released stills of the two actresses in school uniform ahead of the premiere of “I Need Romance 3” on January 13.

Kim So Yeon and Wang Ji Won appear wearing the same school uniform, but each give off their individual feel. Kim So Yeon looks neat wearing a headband and her long hair tied up into two ponytails, her necktie fastened tightly and her school jacket buttoned up, looking demure and refined. She’s also got glasses on, making her look slightly more studious than Wang Ji Won.

On the flip side, Wang Ji Won has her hair loose, and her necktie fastened loosely, smiling brightly like a lively high schooler