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Interview with Cha Tae-hyeon: "Sassy Girl" actor tries out new role

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During his two decades working in the film and drama industry, Cha Tae-hyeon, 38, has often been considered Korea"s answer to U.S. actor-comedian Jim Carrey. The actor"s broad portfolio in humor reached a pinnacle in 2001 when he played the male lead in the blockbuster "My Sassy Girl".The rom-com was so popular that it was remade in the United States in 2008 under the same title, with lead roles taken by Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford. But although the remake wasn"t as successful as the original, the production company behind the Korean movie recently announced it has started filming a sequel, "My New Sassy Girl", which is scheduled for release next year. With Cha"s next film "Slow Video" set to open in cinemas Saturday, the actor said last Monday at a press preview in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, that his role in the upcoming film won"t be too "Cha Tae-hyeonish"

Korean drama starting today 2014/09/27 in Korea

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Korean drama starting today 2014/09/27 in Korea "Greatest Marriage" (2014)Directed by Oh Jong-rokWritten by Ko Yoon-heeNetwork : TV ChosunWith Park Si-yeon, Bae Soo-bin, Noh Min-woo-I, Eom Hyeon-kyeong, Jeong Ae-yeon, Song Yeong-gyoo,...16 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:30SynopsisA drama about the relationships between four different couples and a marriage centered around a woman who voluntarily becomes a single mother.

Yoo Yun Suk and Park Hae Il of upcoming movie "Whistle Blower" are stoic and mysterious for "Vogue Korea"

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Actors Yoo Yun Suk and Park Hae Il of the upcoming movie "Whistle Blower" are amping up excitement for its premiere as they participate in a pictorial for "Vogue Korea"!

Since their movie revolves around a scandal involving stem cells, the photoshoot background was made to give off the look of a science lab. With their stoic expressions, the actors added a mysterious vibe to the pictorial to accurately reflect the mood of the upcoming film.

Check out more photos below and catch more of the two in "Whistle Blower", which will premiere on October 2 in Korea!

Korean movies opening today 2014/09/25 in Korea

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Korean movies opening today 2014/09/25 in Korea: "Zombie School", "A Fresh Girl", "Nine Muses of Star Empire", "Toxic Desire: Addiction", and "Splendid but Sad Days"

"Zombie School" (2014)Directed by Kim Seok-jungWith Baek Seo-bin, Kim Seung-hwan, Ha Eun-seol, Kim Kyeong-ryong, Park Jae-hoon, Lee Sang-eun-I,...SynopsisChilsung School is seemingly peaceful, yet no can predict the horrific events that are soon to take place. Pigs buried alive during the foot-and-mouth disease scare, have come back from the grave – teachers are bitten by the zombie pigs, turning into zombies themselves, while the students team up to fight the teachers. This film promises another new experience in Korean-style zombie films.FestivalPiFan 2014

"A Fresh Girl" (2010)Directed by Kim Jeong-ho-IWith Kim Se-in, Bang Seong-ho, Jo Byeong-gi, Eom Choon-bae, Chae Eun-joo, Kang Byeong-jin,

Jung Woo Sung keeps it low-key, but still shines in his pictorial for "W Korea"

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Actor Jung Woo Sung"s legs look miles long in his "W Korea" pictorial!

Although anyone else could"ve very well blended into the gray background while wearing outfits of the same color, Jung Woo Sung stood out with his sculpture-like side angles and long, lean figure.

The actor is starring in the movie "Scarlet Innocence", which premieres on October 2.

Kang So Ra and Oh Sang Jin to host the "2014 Korea Drama Awards"

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Kang So Ra and Oh Sang Jin are set to host the "2014 Korea Drama Awards"!

The actress" agency Will Entertainment stated on September 25, "Kang So Ra has been appointed as the MC for the "2014 Korea Drama Awards." The 7th annual "Korea Drama Awards" will be held in Jinju, Gyeongsangnamdo on October 1 and will celebrate the network and cable dramas of the past year.

Kang So Ra shared, "I am really thankful that I was given this good opportunity. Although it will be my second time hosting an awards ceremony, I am still thrilled and nervous. As much as it"s a meaningful, congratulatory event, I will do my best so I ask for a lot of support."

Kang So Ra is also starring in the upcoming tvN remake drama "Miseng", which premieres on October 17

EXID Hani & Junghwa reveal voluptuous figure for Maxim Korea

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EXID"s Hani & Junghwa reveal their well-maintained figure for Maxim Korea.

Check out the video below as they pose sexily for the popular magazine.

Sooyoung is chic and stylish in the October issue of "Vogue Korea"

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Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung is featured in the October issue of "Vogue Korea" wearing stylish fall attire from the French contemporary brand, IRO.

Sooyoung flaunted her slim figure as she was chosen as the 20s representative for this special outdoor-wear project with "Vogue Korea." The fashionable idol is seen in classic gray trench coat and form-fitting skinny jeans matched with booties with silver accents. 

The carefully crafted and fall-inspired outfits included staple leather pieces layered with flannel and sweater, creating an ideal look for the upcoming breezy weather.

SECRET"s Sunhwa talks about her acting career for "GQ Korea"

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SECRET"s Sunhwa looked sexy in white for "GQ Korea"s October issue!

The SECRET members have proved that they can pull off both cute and sexy, and Sunhwa is no exception with her seductive expressions as she pulled back her wet hair, driving fan boys wild.

During the interview with the magazine, Sunhwa also opened up about her budding acting career, sharing, "I was able to heal a lot of my emotional baggage through acting. It"s something I can lean on... Fans support my acting [career] these days. I receive a lot of good words while acting and positive articles come out, so I feel accomplished."

Sunhwa will continue on her acting career on the upcoming MBC drama "Rosy Lovers"

Han Ye Seul transforms into a chic New Yorker for "W Korea"

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Actress Han Ye Seul looked mesmerizing for her photoshoot in the October issue of "W Korea" which took place in the Big Apple.

In the photo seen above, she is chic with a black and white matching look featuring a uniquely patterned clutch. The actress gives off the vibe of a fashionable upscale city woman.

Check out more of Han Ye Seul"s classic and sophisticated style below.

Kwon Sang Woo Is The Latest K-Drama Actor To Start His Own Agency

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In the drama "Temptation," actor Kwon Sang Woo played Cha Suk Hoon, a married man who was so desperate that he was ready to cheat on his wife for money. His character was so financially desperate after the collapse of his company that he had to accept a woman"s offer to pay for his time.

In real life the actor is anything but desperate for cash. He recently left Bell Actors, his talent agency of six years. The company that he created, Soo Company, will now serve as his management agency.

Kwon is the latest k-drama actor to become his own manager, following the likes of Rain, So Ji Sub and Ha Ji Won. Rain left JYP Entertainment in 2007 to start his own company, J. Tune Entertainment, although he still works closely with JYP founder Park Jin Young

Korean drama starting today 2014/09/22 in Korea

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Korean drama starting today 2014/09/22 in Korea: "Secret Door"

"Secret Door" (2014)Directed by Kim Hyeong-sikWritten by Yoon Seon-jooNetwork : SBSWith Han Seok-Kyu, Lee Je-hoon, Kim Yoo-jeong, Park Eun-bin, Kim Min-jong, Kim Chang-wan,...24 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00SynopsisA historical about the secret surrounding Crown Prince Sado"s death.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/09/22

Actor Jin Goo Gets Married To Non-Celebrity Girlfriend

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Actor Jin Goo, 34, who currently stars in the blockbuster hit "Roaring Currents," was married this weekend in a private ceremony.

He and his non-celebrity girlfriend married at a closed-door ceremony in the Gangnam district of Seoul. His bride is an office worker, who is four years younger than he is. There was no press conference.

Jin Goo met his new bride a year ago but it took him a while to work up the courage to express his feelings and ask her out.

He first mentioned his prospective bride in Dec. 2013 when he appeared on the variety program "Infinite Challenge." At that time he said that he cared for someone but it was a one-sided crush.

"Actually, I"ve had a crush for a while, but I wasn"t able to confess my true feelings to her

Actor Cha Taehyun shares thoughts on "My Sassy Girl 2"

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Actor Cha Taehyun shared something about "My Sassy Girl 2" on his interview for his upcoming movie "Slow Video" which will be shown on October 2nd.
He shared that he is ready to receive negative comments from the fans of the original "My Sassy Girl" as Jun Jihyun will not take her role one more time but f(x)"s Victoria instead. He revealed that he really thought twice to star in the sequel, but when he learned that the film will be produced and directed by the same company and director he said yes already.
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SISTAR"s Dasom encouraged to get a tan on "SNL Korea"?

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SISTAR were the hosts for the 20th"s episode of "SNL Korea".

During one of the skits, the 4 SISTAR girls were kidnapped, and their kidnappers started bothering the girls about their trademark characteristics. At first, maknae Dasom defended her older members, but the situation changed when the kidnappers threatened to tan her!

The kidnappers said, "You"re too pale by yourself. There"s a spray tan that will make you darker." But Dasom refused, saying, "No way. If I get dark, I"ll look cheap like the unnis." When Hyorin got angry and said, "You said I was sexy because I was dark!", she responded, "You are sexy, but it"s the cheap kind of sexy