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A-Prince Parodies Girl’s Day’s “Something” and Celebrates 500th Day Since Debut!

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The boys of A-Prince are showing off their sexiness with a twist with their parody of Girl’s Day‘s hit track “Something.”

Released through A-Prince’s official Youtube channel, the video takes a music video format with single shot scenes and dancing shots filmed in different locations. A-Prince takes their parody out of the studio and into the streets of Seoul, which produces some unexpected guests in the music video. In one scene, a young boy wanders into the scene of A-Prince dancing, trying to imitate the moves.

A-Prince also brings a comedic twist to the parody, wearing on their right hand a green washcloth often used in Korea at bath houses to scrub off dead skin.

Yesterday, A-Prince released a video for their 500th day since debut in which they ask, “Everyone, do you want to kiss?” This question follows the theme of A-Prince’s upcoming new single, ”Do You Want to Kiss? which comes out March 28

Ahn Jae Hyun Models for Trendy and Casual Brand Chris & Christy

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Current it-boy Ahn Jae Hyun has once again charmed the female fans with his gorgeous looks.

The actor’s agency recently revealed pictures taken at a recent photo shoot through their Facebook. Being the main model of the brand, Ahn Jae Hyun is dressed in fashion-forward and youthful clothes by apparel line Chris & Christy and posing for the camera in a professional manner.

Thanks to his great popularity, the pieces of clothing worn by him in commercials and SBS’ drama “Man from the Stars” have been quickly sold out after the episodes aired on TV, proving his status as a hot young star. Ahn Jae Hyun is currently busy filming the movie “Fashion King,” and he is also the MC of MNet’s “M!Countdown.”

In addition, it has been confirmed that he will appear on SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama “You’re All Surrounded” starring famous names Cha Seung Won, Lee Seung Gi, and Go Ara

Lee Si Young Takes the Lead Role in New Drama ‘Golden Cross’

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Lee Si Young is coming back to the small screen as a prosecutor.

Lee Si Young has been cast as the lead actress in KBS2’s upcoming drama Golden Cross, coming back to the small screen in about two years since her drama Wild Romance.

She will be taking the role of ‘Seo E Rae,’ a principled and righteous prosecutor from a top law school.

The actress said, “I’m excited and nervous to be acting in a drama again. I’m preparing hard so that the character ‘Seo E Rae’ can receive lots of love. I will try to show the best sides of me, as you have been waiting this long, so please show your love and support.”

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‘Ahjumma group’ Girl Hood release debut single ‘Darling, Honey, I Love You’ MV

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A group called Girl Hood is making its debut after already receiving attention for being labeled as the ahjumma version of Girl"s Generation, since their Korean names are very similar (Girl Hood: "so-nyuh-shi-jeol", Girls" Generation: "so-nyuh-shi-dae").

Girl Hood, consisting of married ladies ranging from ages 29 to 37, has released the song "Darling, Honey, I Love You", which was composed by Ahn Hyung Min while the lyrics were written by the agency"s CEO. The song portrays the love that a wife has for her husband.

The girls" agency previously said, "The ahjumma group that boasts of a lovely beauty do give off a similar vibe as Girls" Generation, but they are clearly different. They have the looks and the singing skills that are beyond most girl groups

Toheart Release Dance Version Music Video of “Delicious”

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“Come on girl, love is so nutritious. Come on girl, love is so delicious.”

The BFF duo of bromantic proportions, Toheart, released the dance performance version of the music video for “Delicious.” In this version, Infinite’s Woohyun and SHINee’s Key dance the energetic choreography to this catchy dance song.

You can watch the full music video here (with lots of flirty fighting and intense teeth brushing), if you haven’t already.

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Boyfriend make a charismatic return in PV for Japanese single ‘My Avatar’

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The boys of Boyfriend are capturing hearts once more with their charismatic and fierce look and choreography for the PV of Japanese single "My Avatar"!

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These boys have the ability to take on both masculine and flower boy cute concepts and always leave fans wanting more with their transformations between each comeback. They opt for the powerful concept this time for the song "My Avatar", which is included in their 5th Japanese single album that comes in multiple versions with the limited editions including a DVD.

The official release date is set for March 26 in Japan, but in the meantime, enjoy the PV ahead of time above!

Watch Girl Hood Make Their Official Debut Through Their New Music Video

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Earlier we reported about a new girl group that is changing standards and redefining the definition of idols. On March 25, new girl group Girl Hood made their official debut through the release of their song, “Honey Sweetie I Love You.” The new girl group had garnered attention for being known as a group composed of married women. Although considered past the average age of debut, Girl Hood’s confidence in both their vocals and looks made the group a valid competition in the K-Pop industry.

Furthermore, as it was revealed that the members were composed of a former model and a former idol trainee, the curiosity surrounding Girl Group had increased. With “Honey Sweetie I Love You” having been composed by Ahn Hyung Min, the same composer who had created the “Master’s Sun” soundtrack “You Make me Crazy,” the song has been even more anticipated by music listeners

4minute shake their hips in dance practice video for ‘Whatcha Doin’ Today’

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4minute continue to ask you "Whatcha Doin" Today" with their dance practice video today!

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4minute didn"t disappoint with their signature funky and sexy charms for their comeback and got fans jamming along as they shook their hips in the flirty dance practice video. These girls showed that they know how to move as they took command of the practice room with their sassy choreography and hair flips that kept fans" attention.

Check out the dance practice video above!

Park Hyo Shin Brings the Fragrance of “Wild Flower” in New Video Teaser

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Korea’s representative husky voice is coming back! Park Hyo Shin has kicked off promotions for his new single, “Wild Flower,” with the release of a video teaser through Jellyfish Entertainment’s official Youtube channel. ”Wild Flower” is the title track of Park Hyo Shin’s upcoming seventh studio album.

The video is simple, showing Park Hyo Shin preparing to sing record his new song. The soft and dim lighting and cozy space sets the mood for “Wild Flower,” which sounds like it is going to be emotional ballad.

“Wild Flower” drops March 28.

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Infinite’s Woohyun Talks About Changing His Anti-Fans to Fans

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Keeping busy as a member of a project group Toheart, Infinite’s Woohyun shared a story about changing his anti-fans into fans.

While recording March 25’s broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code 3D, MC Shin Dong Yeop asked, “I heard that Woohyun said something that made some anti-fans become his fans.”

Woohyun revealed, “There was a time when an anti-fan swore at me in a straight face. I can’t do the same, so I jokingly said, “Darling, you’re here. Did you eat yet?” and gave my autograph.”

Surprised to hear this, MC Shindong said, “Usually when that happened, they call the manager,” and Woohyun said, “I want to make lots of good memories with the fans. Popularity doesn’t last forever.”

During recording, Woohyun and Key also shared their ideal types as well as their viewpoints on dating, while 4Minute’s Hyuna shared her thoughts on dating rumors with her partner in Trouble Maker, Jang Hyun Seung

‘Hello’ Climbs Up with ‘Healing Camp Absence’

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With the Nuclear Security Summit taking place, KBS’ Hello saw numbers it hasn’t seen in a very long time.

On Monday night, SBS’ Healing Camp canceled due to the live broadcast of the Nuclear Security Summit with President Park Geun Hye and other world leaders.

The cancellation helped Hello spark up to 11.0 percent, compared to its 8.8 percent from the previous week.

Lim Chang Jung, SISTAR’s Dasom, Baek SUng Hyun, and Jung Joo Yeon featured as guests.

Monday, March 24, 2014


1. MBC Empress Ki 24.4
2. SBS God’s Gift – 14 Days 8.8
3. KBS The Full Sun 3.0



MBLAQ Returns Slicker and Smoother Than Ever at Showcase

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preview nextview 1/15 preview nextview MBLAQ makes it a suit and tie affair

MBLAQ celebrated its return with new mini album Broken with a showcase, held at the WAPOP Hall in Seoul′s Children′s Grand Park on March 24.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

The boys are far from stiff on the stage

MBLAQ celebrated its return with new mini album Broken with a showcase, held at the WAPOP Hall in Seoul′s Children′s Grand Park on March 24.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

MBLAQ shows you how to ′Be a Man′

MBLAQ celebrated its return with new mini album Broken with a showcase, held at the WAPOP Hall in Seoul′s Children′s Grand Park on March 24

4minute enjoy signing events with fans for their ‘Whatcha Doin’ Today?’ comeback

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4minute enjoyed fan signing events to celebrate their comeback with title track "Whatcha Doin" Today?" Starting on March 21, the girls had a total of three fan signing events at different locations like Seoul and Ilsan.

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To repay their fans, 4minute took the first week of their comeback to meet up with their fans at these events where they not only gave out signatures but also wrote out personal messages and took selcas together. From the pictures, it looks like both the group and their fans had a really great time together!

TVXQ Takes Train Ride with Fans for Special Trip

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TVXQ spent a special day with the fans in celebration of the group′s tenth anniversary.

TVXQ held an event titled ‘TVXQ tenth anniversary celebration train trip’ on March 24, inviting 180 selected fans to take a trip to Gokseong county in Jeolla province.

Despite the event scheduled on a weekday,over 10,000 fans applied for the event, leading to a fierce competition. The participating fans included those from not only Korea but also from Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore and more.

A special ‘TVXQ Train’ was organized for the day, scheduled to travel between Seoul station and Gokseong station, and the inside of the train was decorated with celebratory logos on the headrests and TVXQ’s pictures.

The TVXQ members hosted the event themselves on the way to the destination, taking attendance by going around the seats and holding various events, such as a trump card event

4Minute Releases Dance Practice Video for “Whatcha Doin’ Today”

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Having released their music video for “Whatcha Doin’ Today“ last week, 4Minute has now revealed their choreography practice for the song.

The group makes their first comeback this year with a new mini album, “4Minute World,” which was released on March 17.

“Whatcha Doin’ Today” is a fun dance track with energetic movements in the choreography.

Humorously, for the ending part which requires a raised stage, it looks like they used a ping pong table for practice. The two on the table cannot fully stand up without their heads hitting the ceiling.

4Minute completed their comeback stages on the various music programs this weekend. Check out their most recent performance of the song from their comeback stage on Inkigayo this past weekend

Super Junior-M pose for their first comeback pictorial with ‘The Star’

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Super Junior-M took over "The Star"s April issue for their first pictorial since their comeback!

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Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Henry, and Zhoumi swung into the hearts of ELF with their goofy charms as they added their sense of humor to the black-and-white pictorial with 3D glasses, mustaches, and Mickey Mouse gloves.

During the interview, Kyuhyun shared that he wants to continue as a "Radio Star" MC for the long run, "Although I do joke around a lot in real life, I am not the type to make biting remarks... But since it is a program that helps get my name out there a lot, I want to continue doing it."

Henry also shared his difficulties adjusting to "Real Men", "The military way of speech is difficult so if I don"t understand something, we all get punished for it and I am most sorry for that

Girl Hood Members Have Backgrounds as Idol Trainees, Models and Beauty Pageant Contestants

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Dubbed the “ahjumma girl group,” Girl Hood has made the headlines again by revealing more details on the members.

According to their agency SC Entertainment, the members include a wife of a family’s oldest son (usually has to organize all family meetings and more), a previous fitting model, and a previous idol trainee. Their average height is said to be 170cm, and with their mature charm, their looks do not fall short of those of younger girl groups. In their past, they have all received prizes at beauty contests, and of course, they are said to have great singing skills.

Girl Hood will be debuting with their title track “Honey Sweetie I Love You” on March 25. The song has been composed by Ahn Hyung Min and written by the group’s CEO Kim Sung Chae

G.O and Thunder talk about their dating life + their title song

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MBLAQ held their showcase for mini-album "Broken" in Seoul on March 24 and answered some questions, as well. They were asked about their dating experience to which G.O said, "I should date, but since I can"t, I am paranoid."

As he took part in composing and writing the lyrics for "Because There Are Two" and "Still With You," G.O said, "I wrote those from my imagination." As Thunder also took part in the making of the album by writing the lyrics for and composing "12 Months," he said, "I can"t say that I"ve never had any experience at all."

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In relation to the main song "Be A Man" being the work of talented singer Wheesung, G

Hwang Jung Eum and Yeon Jung Hoon to possibly star in upcoming drama ‘Endless Love’

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Actress Hwang Jung Eum is ready for her next project! She may be getting cast to work alongside Han Ga In"s husband, actor Yeon Jung Hoon, in new SBS weekend drama "Endless Love". The two are currently in talks for the lead roles according to the drama production staff as well as their agencies.

A rep from the production company Story TV cautiously told My Daily on March 24, "It is true that both of them are candidates for the lead. Currently, we are discussing it."

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Reps from Hwang Jung Eum and Yeon Jung Hoon"s agencies said, "We are looking at it affirmatively but nothing has been confirmed yet."

The story for "Endless Love" will take place in 1980 and focus on the protagonists" work and love life

4Minute: “We Agree that our Past Photos are Really Bad”

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On a recent radio broadcast, 4Minute once again showed their open personalities as they laughed at their own transformations.

On March 24’s “Jo Jung Chi and Hareem’s 2PM,” radio broadcast, 4Minute discussed their comeback and funny episodes that had occurred.

When asked which member had become the prettiest since their debut, 4Minute responded, “We all became prettier. Sohyun is the member with the least embarrassing past photos. Even when we look at our old photos, we think they are really bad.”

In response Sohyun replied, “Depending on the makeup, we look inconsistent and different.”

Furthermore, when asked what kind of ceremony the members would do if they were to win first place for “Whatcha Doin’ Today,”

Ji Hyun answered, “When we were filming the music video there were many moments when we let loose