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′Professional Mr. Baek′ Starring Yoon Shi Yoon and Yeo Jin Goo Sold to 8 Countries

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Professional Mr. Baek, starring Yoon Shi Yoon and Yeo Jin Goo, has been sold in eight countries, prior to premiering in Korea.

Japan, which was the first to buy the film, will be premiering the movie in August. Professional Mr. Baek also gathered attention when it was presented at Hong Kong Film Market and was purchased by Hong Kong, Singapore China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines, marking the start of promotions around Asia.

The film is Yoon Si Yoon’s last project before he enlists in the army and his collaboration with the rising star Yeo Jin Goo, who starred in Hwa Yi, has been causing a buzz in and out of Korea.

Professional Mr. Baek is about a former professional golfer Baek Pro (Yoon Shi Yoon) who quits playing golf due to an accident and comes to live in an island, where he unintentionally becomes the golf teacher of a school with only six students, one of which is trouble maker Lee Byung Joo (Yeo Jin Goo)

Hyun Bin, Han Ji Min, Jo Jeong Seok and More Promote ′The King′s Wrath′

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preview nextview 1/16 preview nextview Hyun Bin will star as King Jeongjo

The stars of upcoming film The King′s Wrath gathered for a press conference, held at the Lotte Cinema near Konkuk University on April 2.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

Jung Jae Young will play an assassin assigned to kill the king

The stars of upcoming film The King′s Wrath gathered for a press conference, held at the Lotte Cinema near Konkuk University on April 2.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

Han Ji Min will play Queen Jeongsun

The stars of upcoming film The King′s Wrath gathered for a press conference, held at the Lotte Cinema near Konkuk University on April 2

Yoo In Na Shares Exercise Tips at YG’s Fitness Center on ‘Get It Beauty’

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Yoo In Na shared tips on how she keeps her body in shape.

April 2’s broadcast of On Style’s Get It Beauty will feature Yoo In Na sharing work outs that are easy-to-follow at home.

During recording, Yoo In Na showed three sets of exercises for ‘body home care’ at YG Entertainment’s fitness center, where the members of Big Bang and 2NE1 exercise.

The 5th episode of the show will also include Yoo In Na’s hairstyling tips for the spring.

Photo credit: On Style

LeeSsang’s Gary Seemingly Angered by April Fool’s Prank Regarding Song Ji Hyo

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Not everyone was into the fun and games on April Fool’s Day, especially LeeSsang’s Gary.

On April 2, he tweeted, “I do not pull pranks on April Fool’s Day by selling other people. I want to curse, but since it’s the morning, I’ll hold it in.”

Although the cause of the tweet is uncertain, it seems that it was geared towards an April Fool’s Day prank on April 1 where an overseas Running Man fanpage photoshopped Gary’s Twitter account to make it look like he personally tweeted, “I love you Song Ji Hyo.”

A rumor also spread saying that Gary and Song Ji Hyo were getting married.

Meanwhile, Gary did not tweet anything regarding April Fool’s Day on April 1.

Photo Credit: Gary’s Twitter, online community, W

Infinite’s Instrumental Album ‘The Origin’ Sells OutPre-orders

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Infinite’s special instrumental album available online for pre-orders was sold out as soon as it became available.

Woollim Entertainment announced on April 2, “Infinite’s instrumental version of album The Origin began taking online pre-orders yesterday and was sold out as soon as the sales began.”

The Origin is a limited album with a total of 30,000 copies available online and offline. As soon as the album was announced, Infinite ranked its name on top of search engines and the agency was flooded with phone calls requesting purchase.

The album contains three CDs, with each holding 10 tracks. The white CD contains ballads, the black contains powerful and heavier songs and the gold contains Infinite’s signature dance songs.

The tracks will be released on April 10 along with the instrumental version of music video for B

Crush Reminisces Over Past Love in ‘Sometimes’ MV

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Making a return, Crush unveiled his new single Sometimes.

The single was released on April 2 along with his music video, in which he thinks back on a past lover. Sometimes was produced by Crush and Primary, while the lyrics were penned by Crush.

Diving into a competitive season with Park Hyo Shin, Lim Chang Jung, and other senior artists in the charts, Amoeba Culture stated that Crush will reveal his never-before-scene emotions through Sometimes.

Photo Credit: Amoeba Culture.

Kim Woo Bin Didn’t Appear on ‘Radio Star’ Because of Kim Gura

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Kim Woo Bin confessed that the reason he didn’t go on Radio Star was because of Kim Gura.

April 4’s broadcast of MBC’s Four Sons One Daughter will feature the members meeting the parents in Chuncheon in Gangwon province for the first time, with Kim Woo Bin appearing as the youngest brother.

On the first night in Chuncheon, the members poured out questions to Kim Woo Bin, unintentionally leading to a ‘Kim Woo Bin talk show.’

When Kim Woo Bin was asked about the members’ image, after hesitating for a moment he said, “I’ll be honest. I was offered to appear on Radio Star for my movie promotions but I gave up because of Kim Gura hyung.”

“I was a bit scared of Gura hyung,” explained Kim Woo Bin, surprising Kim Gura

Sung Si Kyung to Hold Spring Concert in May

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Ready to drown everything with his smooth voice, Sung Si Kyung will be holding a May concert.

On April 2, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that on May 24 and 25, Sung Si Kyung will hold his concert, Sung Si Kyung’s Congratulatory Song. The concert will have a ‘wedding reception’ concept with spring and love in the air in the month of May.

The concert will take place at the outdoor Nochun Theater in Yonsei University with Sung Si Kyung showering his audience with sweet love songs, as well as many other events.

Fans can send in their love stories to jellyfishcon@naver.com to participate in the events.

Ticketing will begin on April 9 through Interpark.

Photo Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment.

T-ara’s Jiyeon Releases Her Solo Debut Teaser

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On April 2, T-ara’s Jiyeon revealed a teaser image for her solo debut. The teaser contains the mysterious number ’7,’ and shows a ballet like stance with pink leg warmers and ribbons. She is the first solo artist to emerge from T-ara, and she will be tackling a style of music and choreography different from when she is with T-ara.

Jiyeon’s title track will be composed by the hit producer team Duble Sidekick, and her choreography will be done by Yama & Hot Chicks, who have worked with T-ara before, as well as the girl groups Girl’s Day and Kara.

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R&B Singer Crush Releases “Sometimes” Single and MV

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A rising star in R&B/Soul, Crush has released the music video for “Sometimes,” his solo debut digital single!

Known for his featurings on tracks by Zion.TDynamic DuoSimon D, and others, Crush has charmed listeners with his unique voice. He was also featured in the much popular “Shower Later” by Gary of Leessang.

While he has participated in producing songs and featuring on them, this is the first time that the spotlight is solely on Crush. It will be a chance for him to showcase his personal style of music. “Sometimes” expresses the feelings of a man who misses his ex-girlfriend, made more catchy and soulful Crush’s unique voice. Check out the music video below!

“Sometimes” is available through online music stores

Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan Leaves Agency and Will Leave for Canada to Study Language

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It was announced that Shinhwa‘s Kim Dongwan has decided to leave his management agency Live Works Company. The Shinhwa vocalist will soon be headed off to study language in Canada. However, Shinhwa fans don’t have to worry as the singer will be back in July due to Shinhwa’s promotional activities.

In regards to the singer leaving the company, Live Works Company expressed, “We discussed together for a long time about Kim Dongwan’s ending contract, and we have agreed to part ways. We will continue to support each other in the future, and we have made such decision together so that we will both grow and improve.”

Kim Dongwan joined Live Works Company back in 2011, and has since established himself as an actor. Featuring in the hit movie “Deranged (Yeongasi),” Kim Dongwan was able to transform his image from a handsome idol to a rugged detective

“Superstar K5″ Park Shi Hwan Lost 10kg for His Debut Album

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Revealing a topless teaser, Park Shi Hwan from “Superstar K5” hinted at his upcoming debut album.

The topless teaser photo concept and the decision on the final photo to be used was made by Park Shi Hwan himself. A set official said, “Park Shi Hwan wanted to show that he’s leaving his old self behind, and reveal his determination for the future. While it is a bold decision to be made by a rookie, we’d appreciate it if everyone recognized his hard work, with his lifelong dream of singing ahead of him.”

Park Shi Hwan, through exercise and diet, also lost 10kg (about 22 lbs) for his debut. “With my dream of a debut coming up, I wanted to show my determination with my bare body before I do it with my voice,” said Park.

Park Shi Hwan is the first to release a debut album among the top 10 contestants of “Superstar K5,” and has previously proved his potential as an artist through his song “The Way We Loved” for the drama “Emergency Couple,” which had huge success on online music charts

Lee Da Hae models ‘MCM’ handbags for spring with ‘InStyle’ magazine

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Lee Da Hae rocked "MCM" spring handbags with class and sophistication for "InStyle"!

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Her agency FNC Entertainment unveiled the pictorial on the 1st which shows Lee Da Hae taking mesh tops to another level with modern patterns paired with sexy slacks and skirts that accentuate her model-like figure.

A rep on set at the pictorial shoot remarked, "Lee Da Hae"s expressions and poses give off a chic and romantic vibe, receiving compliments from the entire staff while filming."

The actress will be starring in "Hotel King" which will premiere on April 5 so catch more of her on the drama!

BTS to Continue Promotions with ‘Just One Day’

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Not ready to leave the fans’ sides yet, BTS will continue album promotions with its song Just One Day.

Beginning April 9, BTS will promote Just One Day off of its first album, Skool Luv Affair. The song was composed by Rap Monster, Suga, and J-Hop and is about wanting to walk with a lover, holding hands, If just one day without busy schedules is given.

“We received a lot more love than expected for the title song Boy in Luv. To thank the fans, we decided to promote a second song. To match the song’s atmosphere, instead of a powerful choreography, we organized a dance that’s more geared towards feelings. Please anticipate another side of BTS,” said Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS will begin promotions for Just One Day on April 9 with MBC Music’s Show Champion

TVXQ Max Changmin’s Drama ‘Mimi’ Ranks No. 1 on Oricon

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TVXQ Changmin’s Mimi ranked number one on Oricon’s weekly DVD chart.

According to the Oricon chart on April 2, Mnet’s Mimi, starring Max Changmin, took the first place on Oricon’s weekly DVD chart, selling over 10,000 copies in the first week.

This is the second time that a Korean drama ever ranked number one on Oricon’s weekly DVD chart, following The Legend starring Bae Yong Jun seven years ago.

Meanwhile, TVXQ sold over 225,000 copies of its album Tree released March 5, ranking number one on Oricon’s weekly album chart.

Photo credit: Mimi’s DVD Jacket Photo

Junggigo Hints at a New Collaboration: “Who’s Next?”

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Junggigo, who just had huge success with his collaboration with SISTAR’s Soyu, taking over the tops of music charts with “Some,” recently released a teaser photo hinting at a new collaboration. In the photo, Junggigo is sitting next to an empty chair, under the words, “Who’s Next?”

His agency, Starship Entertainment, said, “For Junggigo’s new collab partner, it will be a rapper that transcends your imagination. Planning for a comeback in mid-April, they are currently recording.”

Junggigo has worked with rappers previously, including his debut in 2002, being featured in the hip hop duo Infinite Flow’s “Respect You,” and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of style Junggigo goes for with this new collaboration

Jay Park Joins ‘Dancing 9’ as Blue Eye Master

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Raising excitement for the show, Jay Park will be joining Mnet’s Dancing 9 as the master of the Blue Eye team.

The news was announced by Mnet on April 2 that Jay Park will be joining the second season of the popular dance competition.

“Jay Park is a singer whose dance skills have been acknowledged by the music industry,” said Mnet. “Currently active as a B-boy, Jay Park has more than enough qualifications to be a master.”

Jay Park is the first of the Blue Eye team masters to be announced. Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo, Woo Hyun Young, Park Ji Woo, and season 1’s MVP Ha Hui Dong have been confirmed as the masters of Red Wings.

The program will begin in June.

Photo Credit: JayPark.com.

The Salaries of SM Entertainment’s Executive Board Members

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They’ve created your favorite idols such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(X), and EXO, but weren’t you curious about how much the executive board members earn each year? Well, recent data showed that the top leaders of SM Entertainment earn quite a lot. In the March 31 business report submitted by the agency to the Financial Supervisory Service, the annual salaries of SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min, SM C&C‘s CEOs Han Seh Min and Jung Chang Hwan, and SM Japan‘s CEO Nam So Young.

According to the report, SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min was paid 1.312 billion won (~ 1,239,197 USD) last year

‘My Heart Beats’ Continues a Steady Rise of Recognition

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While the numbers may not seem very high, SBS’ My Heart Beats is still celebrating as it gains more and more recognition from the public.

On Tuesday night, both My Heart Beats and KBS’ Our Neighborhood Variety and Sports tied for first with 4.4 percent.

Usually overshadowed by Our Neighborhood Variety and Sports, My Heart Beats struggled as a kind variety show, teaching viewers about the efforts firefighters and EMTs put into saving people.

Even though ratings have consistently stayed between 4 and 5 percent, the effect of the program has been seen, especially with the celebrity firefighters promoting the ‘Miracle of Moses’ campaign, in which cars move out of the way for emergency vehicles

SNSD and Super Junior-M Selected as Google’s Top Trend Celebrities

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Google selected Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and Super Junior-M as one of the top trend celebrities.

Google has a tradition of holding special events on April Fool′s Day every year. This year, as it celebrates Gmail’s tenth anniversary, Google decided to feature ‘trending selfies’ as Gmail background image option, featuring trend leading celebrities in different fields, such as singers, movie stars, athletes, scientists and more.

SNSD and Super Junior-M were selected as Korea’s top trend celebrities and were featured on April 1 at noon and April 2 at 7 AM (KST), respectively.

The event also featured singer Katy Perry, Shakira, actress Sophia Vergara, internet pioneer Vint Cerf and more.

Meanwhile, SNSD wrapped up promotions with Mr. Mr and is currently getting ready for Japanese arena tour while Super Junior-M is promoting Swing in Korea and China