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Akdong Musician Gives Us a Live Taste of Their Debut Album

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Akdong Musician, with their debut on April 7 getting closer and closer by the day, has released a live video called “AKMU – PLAY IN JEJU” of short clips of the songs from their new album.

The brother-sister duo is hanging out in a wooded area, just casually jamming to their new songs. They preview their title song “200%,” “Artificial Turf,” their second title song “Ice,” and “Little Star,” giving viewers a reminder of the duo’s perfect harmony and a taste of the new songs from the album.

Akdong Musician will officially hold their debut performance on the April 6 broadcast of SBSK-Pop Star Season 3,” singing their two title songs “200%” and “Ice,” and on April 7, they will release their debut album, “Play

Introducing a New Way to Watch K-Dramas!

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Dear Soompiers,

If you’re a K-Drama fan like myself, you’re always looking for the best way to get your drama-fix wherever you are – at home, on the bus, between classes, while brushing your teeth (only me? ^^;). There’s a new player in the growing field of instant K-Drama delivery, and they’re ready to show you what they’ve got with a special 60-day free trial of their Premium service.

What makes Kdrama.com different? Let’s hear it from the Kdrama.com team themselves:

“We license all of the primetime titles on MBC/KBS/SBS and we choose dramas from CJ to license. We have dedicated, professional subtitle teams that begin subtitling our content the moment after it begins airing in Korea. Our goal is to have a 12-hour turnaround and continue to decrease the amount of time it takes us to upload our content to the site

Jang Jae In surprises with her mature yet fresh look in a stunning spring beauty photoshoot

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Talented artist Jang Jae In posed in a beauty photoshoot with "International BNT," showing off her perfect skin and personal charisma.

In relation to it being a beauty shoot, Jang Jae In said, "I think it"ll be fun. I have a lot of interest in makeup." The pictures came out very lovely with her makeup looking fresh and natural with a perfect amount of flush in her cheeks for a glowing spring look.

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"Benefit"s make up artist Jung Eun Kyung said, "I tried an orange tone blush on her soft and smooth skin for a girly look. I created the warm vibe of spring with a coral blush, bold and fine brows, and eye make up with an emphasis on the gradiation effect

G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don’s Relationship Is Still Alive!

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We thought that the Hyung Yong Don Jyong couple was dead, but perhaps the relationship is just starting to bloom.

On the April 2 broadcast of MBC Every1‘s “Weekly Idol,” MC Jung Hyung Don revealed the birthday text he received from G-Dragon.

Although the two had received the best couple award on MBC‘s “2013 Entertainment Awards,” the bromance between G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don had started to fade. Yet, the recent birthday text revealed by Jung Hyung Dong seemed to translate that the two friendship still remains (of course, they were never on bad terms to begin with!). MC Jung Hyung Dong revealed the birthday text me received from the BIG BANG leader

“Angel Eyes,” SBS’ New Drama Posters Revealed

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Posters of SBS’ new weekend drama, “Angel Eyes” were revealed.

On April 2, SBS released two posters showing Lee Sang Yoon, Gu Hye Sun, and the rest of the cast of drama.

In the first poster, Lee Sang Yoon and Gu Hye Sun are hugging each other under the spring rain. They smile brightly hinting on a pure love story between the two characters.

In the second poster, the members of the cast are shown along with the leading roles including Kim Ji Seok, Jung Jin Young, Gong Hyung Jin, Seungri, and Joo An. The cast stands with the scene of an accident behind them. Lee Sang Yoon, Kim Ji Seok, and Jung Jin Young are dressed in their doctor’s robes, and Gu Hye Sun, Gong Hyung Jin, and Seungri are dressed as 119 (911) rescue workers

Jung Yong Hwa Is a Gentle Yet Sexy Musician for Harpers Bazaar China

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CNBlue‘s front man Jung Yong Hwa showed that you don’t need have to look edgy to be a sexy musician.

The singer had a pictorial for Harper’s Bazaar, China edition. The photos where shared through his agency’s official Facebook. In the photos, Jung Yong Hwa wears a light button-up, that is conveniently only half way buttoned up. Although he is resting his head on a pillow, he also holds a hard electric guitar close to his body.

Harpers Bazaar China is a popular magazine in the country, with over 100 million published copies. Because of the group’s popularity, CNBlue was featured on 12 pages in the April edition. Along with a pictorial, the members of CNBlue had an interview with the magazine about their musical aspirations.

Recently, CNBlue wrapped up their “Can’t Stop” promotions and will be holding solo concerts in Korea this month

Sehun and Tao’s Teaser Pictures for EXO’s Comeback Revealed

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Following the release of solo teaser pictures of Kai and Luhan yesterday, it is now Sehun and Tao‘s turn.

Just like yesterday, the EXO members have a serious look on their faces while standing over a mirrored surface.

Sehun wears a white outfit while standing in front of a neon blue background. Like Kai and Luhan, his hair is styled wildly up.

While most of Tao’s image is in black and white, the reflection is seen in color.

For this comeback, EXO will hold a comeback showcase on April 15 through Samsung Music. Also, it has been revealed that the group will split up for promotions with EXO-K promoting in Korea while EXO-M promotes in China. An inside source stated, “EXO will promote as twelve in Korea for about one to two weeks, but will basically promote the new song separately

So Ji Sub Says Yoo Seung Ho Has Become a Man in His High Cut Pictorial

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In the April 3 publication of style magazine High Cut, So Ji Sub reveals his plans for his next acting role, as well as news of ‘little So Ji Sub’ Yoo Seung Ho, who is currently in the middle of military service.

He said, “Film or drama, if it’s a good piece, I want to do one right away. I think it’ll be difficult to do one by summer, and if I do get one soon, it’ll be by fall or winter.” He also said that he really wants to work with some peer actors, whether it be in a large or small work, adding that he doesn’t care if his character is a lead or not.

So Ji Sub also has done work as a hip-hop artist, and when asked if he has imagined going out on an audition program, he said, “I could never. I would 100% not make it. I don’t have the guts to go out, I don’t have the confidence, and most importantly, I don’t have the skill

Jay Park Joins “Dancing 9 Season 2” as a Dance Master

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Singer Jay Park will be joining “Dancing 9 Season 2.” He will be one of the dance masters of the Blue Eye team on the show, which is scheduled to premiere in June.

Already known for his dance skills, Jay Park is a member of the b-boy dance crew, A.O.M (Art of Movement). Just until last year, he acted as the honorary ambassador of the “R-16 Korea World B-Boy Championships.” He also joined his b-boy crew in a spectacular performance at the “One Hip-Hop Festival” held in last September and demonstrated his dance skills through his role in the film, “Hype Nation 3-D.”

“Dancing 9” is the first Korean dance survival show which premiered last year. The Red Wings team took victory winning 500 million won (approx. $470,000) and an opportunity to perform a solo gala show

Sehun and Tao are up next in EXO’s individual teasers for comeback

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The two members of EXO here today with their individual teasers are Sehun and Tao!

Like the first two members Kai and Luhan, the two revealed today also continue on this mysterious concept with a darker vibe vs. a white-themed look. What could all this be hinting at? We still can"t tell for sure yet, but whatever it is, it"s definitely more than enough to keep fans waiting on the edge of their seats!

As mentioned before EXO will promote their new mini-album as EXO-K and EXO-M in Korea and China, respectively, this time around. They"re partnering up with Samsung Music so that the music application"s subscribers can enter for a chance to win tickets for EXO"s upcoming showcase from April 1-9, and the "EXO Comeback Show" will also be streamed live through Samsung Music on April 15

Hip hop artist New Champ asks fans to guess which girl group members are featured in his MV

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PJR Entertainment"s rookie hip hop artist New Champ, who has made waves in the underground scene, is making things interesting for his upcoming music release with a photo featuring three women being viewed from the back.

He uploaded this picture onto his Twitter and Facebook and wrote, "Finally, my single is coming out in the middle of April. Three girls, each from different girl groups, made my MV shine. Who might they be?"

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This is an interesting way to evoke some curiosity and interest! Who might they be, indeed?

Netizens said, "I"m curious about who they care. I want to see the MV as quickly as possible," and more

Lee Da Hae Models Handbags for InStyle

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Actress Lee Da Hae recently modeled for a special spring pictorial featuring vivid and bright colors for women’s accessories.

On April 1, FNC Entertainment recently collaborated with fashion brand “MCM” for a special handbag pictorial.

In the pictorial, Lee Da Hae wore black and neutral tones to create a focal point with the bold and vivid colors of the handbags. From pink, blue to green – the color scheme seemed to be centered around spring.

The representatives from the shoot stated, “Lee Dae Hae created a chic yet romantic mood with her various poses and expressions, thus impressing the staff and receiving a lot of praise.”

In related news, Lee Da Hae will be acting in the new MBC series, “Hotel King,” which will air its first episode on April 5

SHINee’s “Everybody” at Number 1 for 31 Weeks Straight, Coming Up on Shinhwa’s Record

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SHINee’s “Everybody” has been at the top of Click! Music Star’s music chart for 31 weeks straight, threatening to take over Shinhwa’s record of 39 weeks at number one with their song “Venus.”

Netizen votes are the biggest deciding factor for rankings, and with 33% of the votes, SHINee has taken number one once again, proving the power of their fandom. Number two was a tight race between TVXQ’s “Spellbound” and CNBlue’s “Can’t Stop.” In the end, TVXQ came out on top with 24.4% versus CNBlue’s 21.1%.

4th place: Rain – “LA Song

5th place: SM the Ballad – “Breath

6th place: Girls’ Generation – “Mr

Lee Hyori and Moon So Ri Partner Up to Host New Variety Program

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Singer Lee Hyori and actress Moon So Ri have been selected to host a new SBS variety program titled, “Magic Eye.”

SBS announced on April 2, “The issue makers in the music and film industries have chosen ‘Magic Eye,” a new variety program aimed towards women with the concept, ‘Seeing the hidden 1mm of the world.’ It is a talk show with a fresh format.

Lee Hyori will be making a return to her MC post through “Magic Eye.” There has been much interest towards Lee Hyori’s next move ever since her marriage. Anticipation is rising to what kind of new issues Lee Hyori will create as the host of the new talk show.

Moon So Ri, who is known for her unrivaled acting skills demonstrated in various films, will be making her first MC debut through “Magic Eye.” Known for being fearless of change and constantly taking on challenges, the actress has already proved her volubility through her appearances on SBS’ “Healing Camp,” and JTBC’s “Witch Hunt

Jung Joo Ri

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Name: 정주리 / Jung Joo Ri
Profession: Actress and comedian
Birthdate: 1985-May-02

TV Shows

Reply 1997 (tvN, 2012) (cameo)
Poseidon (KBS2, 2011) (cameo)
Ojakgyo Brothers (KBS2, 2011) (cameo)
More Charming by the Day (MBC, 2010)
Tempted Again (MBC, 2009)


The ESP Couple (2008, cameo)

f Member Krystal Models Sporty Style for “Puma” with Ahn Jae Hyun

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Photos from f(x) member Krystal’s “Puma” pictorial have been released!

Sports and lifestyle brand “Puma” released new photos on April 2 of Krystal in short training pants and a blue graphic tee.

In one photo, Krystal showcased her slender legs with shin socks and trendy puma sneakers to complement her outfit. In another photo, Krystal pours some milk for her black cat out on the porch.

Krystal is an endorsement model for “Puma,” along with “Man from The Star” actor, Ahn Jae Hyun. Several other photos from their “Puma” shoot feature the two stars sharing cupcakes.

“Puma” brand representatives stated, “Anything Krystal wears is immensely popular with the young adult and early twenties group

Orange Caramel’s Lizzy Promises to Wear No Makeup if They Win No.1

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On April 2, the staff of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 3D” aired a preview clip of Lizzy and her fellow Orange Caramel members as guests on an upcoming episode scheduled for April 8.

Known for her refreshing honesty and zany comments, Lizzy drew attention for her promise to wear no makeup for the encore performance if her group was to win number one.

MC Shindong was the first to propose the idea saying, “There is one thing left that a female idol group has yet to pledge. What about erasing your makeup for the encore performance if you win number one?”

He continued, “You have to take your fake lashes off, remove your makeup and only put on some lotion” causing everyone to laugh.

Lizzy remarked, “I think I’ve made a similar pledge while I was promoting with After School

Park Hyo Shin Returns With “Wild Flower” MV After Four-Year-Hiatus

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Park Hyo Shin is finally back after a four-year hiatus with the release of MV for “Wild Flower“!

In the music video, Park Hyo Shin is seen with a mic stand with someone accompanying him on the piano in a deserted area. The simplistic camera work and set showcases his beautiful vocals.

“Wild Flower,” which was released on March 28 and topped nine music charts, features a 50-piece orchestra and piano. Park Hyo Shin will be releasing the rest of his seventh album shortly.

Check out the MV below:

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Jaejoong opens up his own Facebook page

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Great news for fans: Jaejoong has joined Facebook! Now there is another avenue for fans to get updated on his daily life.

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He linked his Instagram account to his new Facebook page for efficiency and even posted a picture of the script for the first episode of his new drama "Triangle"!

Make sure you check out his Facebook account here for further updates.

Post by Jae Joong Kim.

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BTS Reveals “Just One Day” MV Teaser!

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The Bangtan Boys are coming back!

On April 2, a new teaser for BTS‘ upcoming track “Just One Day” was released! The teaser features the boys showing off their dance moves and cheerful smiles while a piano plays soothingly in the background.

BTS will be making their official comeback on April 9 on Show Champion. Check out the teaser below!

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