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Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Decides on Film Debut Instead of Korean Remake of “Nodame Cantabile”

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In the end, YoonA, who received an offer to star in the Korean remake of “Nodame Cantabile,” declined the drama and will, instead, be taking on a Korea and China co-produced film.

YoonA recently notified the production company of the Korean remake of “Nodame Cantabile” (working Korean title “Cantabile Romance”) that she will not be taking up their offer. The idol-actress will be filming a Korean-Chinese production film titled “Zai Jian Ani” as the heroine, Ani. Ani is described as a bright, bubbly, and eccentric character. Taiwanese actor Peng Yuyan (Eddie Peng) has been offered the lead male role.

As for “Cantabile Romance,” Joo WonDohee, and Bae Yoon Sik have been confirmed for the drama

f’s “Red Light” Tops Korean and Taiwanese Weekly Charts

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f(x) came back with a bang even after taking a year of hiatus, giving their fans a thrill with their shocking new look and concept. Their new song “Red Light” delighted everyone who have waited for their return.

It seems like a lot of listeners also liked f(x)’s new album “Red Light” with the new album topping the weekly charts not only in Korea but also in Taiwan.

“Red Light” placed first on Hanteo charts, Synnara Records and other Korean charts for the first week of July and also topped at first on Taiwan’s Five Music chart. America’s Fuse TV also featured the new album, gaining the recognition of the international music scene.

Meanwhile, f(x) successfully performed this week in Mnet‘s “M!Countdown,” KBS’ “Music Bank”, MBC‘s “Music Core” and SBS’ “Inkigayo

Who Should Play the Title Role in Korean Remake of “Nodame Cantabile?”

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There has been a lot of heated discussions on who should play the lead female character of “Nodame” in the Korean remake of the hit 2006 Japanese drama “Nodame Cantabile” after YoonA of Girls’ Generation was named as one of the actresses being considered for the part. Most people are unhappy with the casting, while there are some who see the potential in the young idol/actress. The reaction was unlike any for casting news for this drama. Joo Won, Dohee, and Bae Yoon Sik have already been confirmed for the drama.

It is hard to remake such a popular drama, both a ratings and critical hit, let alone fill the shoes of an actress who has made the role so iconic. Japanese actress Ueno Juri played the role of Megumi Noda (nicknamed Nodame) when she was 20 years old, winning the ”Best Lead Actress” at the 51st Television Drama Academy Awards in Japan for her highly praised portrayal

Shim Eun Kyung once again in talks to star in Korean remake of 'Nodame Cantabile'

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It"s been reported that Shim Eun Kyung is once again in talks to star in the Korean remake of the much-loved Japanese series "Nodame Cantabile"!

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Though the actress" reps previously announced that she had turned down the offer due to her schedule for the movie "Waiting for You", which also stars Ryu Seung Ryong and MBLAQ"s Lee Joon, negotiations are back on as filming for "Waiting for You" has been pushed back. Her agency stated, "The filming for the movie "Waiting for You" has been delayed to the end of this year. The producers of "Nodame Cantabile" asked to meet with us again. Nothing has been decided as of yet."

Shim Eun Kyung has been chosen by netizens as their top choice to play the main character Nodame opposite the male lead Joo Won, who has already been confirmed

′Good Friends′ Ranks No. 3 on Korean Box Office a Day Before Official Premiere

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Good Friends is creeping up the box office charts even before its official premiere.

According to the Korean Film Council′s Compiled Ticket Computer Network on July 10, Good Friends sold 34,950 tickets on July 9, debuting in third place on the box office chart.

40,524 people have thus watched the film including preview audiences.

Good Friends premieres nationwide on July 10. It decided to premiere a day earlier in 335 theaters, however, when Dawn of the Planet of the Apes moved its premiere date from July 16 to July 10 after much debate.

Good Friends stars Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon and Lee Kwang Soo. It is about three men who are caught between friendship and suspicion after they get involved in an incident.

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Wonder Girls′ Ye Eun to Sing Korean National Anthem in America

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Wonder Girls′ Ye Eun will be singing the Korean National Anthem in the U.S.

According to JYP Entertainment on July 8, Ye Eun will attend the Korean Day event to be held in Texas on July 11.

She will sing just before the Texas-Los Angeles Angels baseball game.

Ye Eun will be at the event from the Choo Shin Soo fansigning event to be held in the morning.

The singer is currently staying in America.

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SNSD′s Yoona Considering Lead Role of Korean ′Nodame Cantabile′

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Girls′ Generation (SNSD) member Yoona is considering the lead role of the Korean Nodame Cantabile.

A source familiar with Nodame Cantabile productions said on July 7 that "it is true an offer was sent to Yoona."

The source added, "They held many meetings and talked about the affair. Yoona and the production company are both considering it."

KBS′ remake of Nodame Cantabile is based on a popular Japanese manga. The Japanese drama version aired in 2006.

Joo Won is currently confirmed as the male lead, as well as actor Baek Yoon Sik and Tiny G member Do Hee.

The drama will air in October.

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All four 'Infinity Challenge' racers suffer an incomplete at the 'Korean Speed Festival'

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Despite working hard over the past few months, the "Infinity Challenge" racing crew met with a less-than-satisfactory finish to their participation in the 2014 "Korean Speed Festival", held earlier today.

As their latest long-term project, four "Infinity Challenge" members - Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Jun Ha, Noh Hong Chul and HaHa - studied to become automobile racers to take part in the KSF, a street-racing event held in Korea.

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Competing in the semi-pro league, both Yoo Jae Suk and Jung Jung Ha were unable to finish the race - the former because of a guardrail crash early in the race, and the latter due to his car grinding to a halt on the 12th lap

GOT7 try their best to learn Korean culture on 'I GOT7'

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GOT7 tried their best to learn Korean culture on "I GOT7"!

GOT7 is made not only of Korean members, but also members from the United States, Hong Kong, and Thailand. On the July 1 episode of "I GOT 7", the members went to a temple to heal up, and also tried to learn Korean traditional culture.

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The non-Korean members teamed up with Korean members, so Jackson teamed up with Youngjae, Mark with JR, and BamBam with Yugyeom. The Korean members tried to teach the non-Korean ones.

However, of course not all things could go smoothly! When Jackson saw a Korean traditional agricultural equipment, he said, "This looks like an UFO

Tiny-G's Dohee to play the lead in the Korean remake of 'Nodame Cantabile'

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Tiny-G"s Dohee has been confirmed for the Korean version of "Nodame Cantabile"!

Her label revealed, "Dohee has been confirmed to feature on "Nodame Cantabile". Now she just has to draft up the contract." "Nodame Cantabile" is originally a Japanese manga themed around classical music. The manga was created by Ninomiya Tomoko, and the drama version of the manga aired in 2006 on Fuji TV.

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The Korean version of the drama will air on KBS 2TV in October, and Dohee is currently confirmed for the lead role. She"ll play Sakura, a university student majoring in contrabass. Even though she"s small, she has a tendency to binge eat because she likes eating so much

Tiny G′s Do Hee Confirmed for Korean ′Nodame Cantabile′

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Tiny G′s Do Hee, who rose to fame through Reply 1994, will be appearing in the Korean version of Nodame Cantabile.

According to an official on July 1, Tiny G′s Do Hee will appear in the Korean rendition of Nodame Cantabile, to air on KBS2 this October.

She will play the role of Sakura. Sakura is a student who plays the contrabass. Though she is small in size, she is famous for having a big appetite.

Nodame Cantabile is a Japanese drama based on a manga of the same title. It aired in 2006 through Fuji TV.

Joo Won has been case for the lead role of Chiaki Shinichi, while Baek Yoon Sik has been confirmed for Franz von Stresemann.

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Korean Cultural Service New York now accepting submissions for the '2014 NY K-POP Festival'

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The Korean Cultural Service New York is now looking for talented contestants to take to the stage at their fourth annual "2014 NY K-POP Festival." The preliminary online contest begins today on June 24! The finalists will be revealed on August 5, and then the big face off will take place on August 15!

The first place winner will get a chance to compete in the "2014 K-POP WORLD FESTIVAL" in Korea this coming October and even meet and interact with K-Pop stars, which would be a dream come true for any fan.

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If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, the preliminary on-line K-Pop contest will accept submissions from June 24 to July 20. You must be a U

Psy Gives Korean Drinking 101 in ‘Hangover’ with Snoop Dogg

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With a lot of buzz surrounding it, especially with Snoop Dogg, Big Bang′s G-Dragon, and 2NE1′s CL making a cameo appearance in it, Psy finally unveiled his new music video for Hangover.

Since the title was Hangover, we knew it would be about the drinking culture in Korea, but we didn′t know how accurate Psy would make it for the screen.

We can tell you, it′s pretty close.

E: Drunk Psy
G: What else is new
E: It′s this an ode to Ken Jeong?

G: hahahah
G: In a bathtub

E: Ew
G: ewww
E: cartoon vomit
G: at least it′s in a toilet

Jo Seung Woo set to join Lee Byung Hun in Korean movie 'Insiders'

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The highly anticipated Korean movie "Insiders" is amping up the excitement with its star studded cast. It already confirmed Lee Byung Hun as the "political gangster" Ahn Sang Goo and now has added Jo Seung Woo to the line up.

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Jo Seung Woo, who most recently garnered a lot of attention for his performance in drama "God"s Gift - 14 Days", will be playing Prosecutor Woo Jang Hoon, who goes after corrupt politicians. This will be his first comeback to the big screen in two years.

The movie, based on a webtoon of the same name, will be directed by Woo Min Ho and premiere in the first half of 2015. It"s still a long way off, but wait patiently if you can!

Jaejoong's Korean and Japanese fans gift the cast and staff of 'Triangle' with coats and a buffet

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JYJ"s Jaejoong"s fans from Korea and Japan treated the cast and staff of "Triangle" to 180 coats and a buffet!

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Jaejoong"s Korean fan site "HEROSE" and Japanese fan site "WORLDCLASSJJ" treated the cast and staff to 180 jumper coats and a buffet with a big tuna and pork dish. Jaejoong and ZE:A"s Siwan expressed their gratitude for the renewed strength that the fans gave them through a friendly snapshot taken with the fish.

The drama"s production company rep stated, "The scale of support surprised us. All of the representatives and cast ate well, and we really received something we needed on set... We are filming with the strength received from the magnificent support