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Korean KBS Drama Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 8 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: Much to Yoo-jin’s shock, the S Orchestra’s performance of “Mambo” is good, and so is the new guy Yoon-hoo, who’s acting as their emergency conductor. In flashback, we see him asking the orchestra to give him a chance to conduct, since he’s performed this piece before and has memorized the score. They look hesitant, but they’re out of options so they agree; and as we’ve already seen, the result is a roaring success.Yoon-hoo is playful and expressive up there on the conductor’s platform, performing as much as the rest of them are and leading them like the life of the party. It’s adorable to watch, and in the back of the auditorium, Yoo-jin’s cloud just gets darker and darker.Streseman seems to have been waiting for this reaction, as he simply stands there praising Yoon-hoo. He looks intrigued the minute Yoo-jin retorts that he’s the star today

Lee Hae Young

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Name: 이해영 / Lee Hae Young
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1970-Sep-07
Star sign: Virgo

TV Shows

Korean Peninsula (CSTV, 2012)
Midas (SBS, 2011)
Rude Miss Young-Ae 8 (tvN, 2010)
Telecinema After Wedding Banquet (SBS, 2010)
Rude Miss Young-Ae 7 (tvN, 2010)
That Fool (KBS2, 2009)
Rude Miss Young-Ae 5 (tvN, 2009)
Rude Miss Young-Ae 4 (tvN, 2008)
Evasive Inquiry Agency (KBS2, 2007)


Black House (2007)
Going by the Book (2007)
Righteous Ties (2006)
The Big Scene (2005)
Over the Rainbow (2002)

Korean SBS Drama Birth of a Beauty Episodes 1 Episode 2 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:It’s a grand entrance for a gorgeous woman, whom we’ll come to know as SA-RA (Han Ye-seul), who walks down a street and turns heads left and right with her stunning appearance. Everywhere she goes she attracts admiring glances and drops jaws; she explains that she’s an actress who’s just come back to Korea after working in the U.S. This makes sense to everyone who sees her, and she gets the royal treatment.She gets her fortune told by a face reader, who is awed by the interesting combination of fates she holds in her hands (er, face): Not only is she an uncommon beauty, she also has the fortune of a military general and might even save the nation. That is, if she steers clear of her two pitfalls: the need to get involved in matters, and bad guys.Sa-ra starts to clue into the uneasy feeling that she’s being followed, and this is how we get our introduction to HAN TAE-HEE (Joo Sang-wook, whose combination of dorky and heo-dang antics I have really missed, and love to see back in action here)

Recap: “We Got Married” – It’s Not Easy Being a Virtual Wife

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After months of hiatus, the Soompi “We Got Married“ recaps are back with a look at the current husbands of the show: Song Jae Rim, Hong Jong Hyun, and Namgoong Min. Now let’s take a look at the lovely ladies, Girls’ Day‘s Yura, Kim So Eun, and Hong Jin Young, who have the – honor? Pleasure? Burden? – of being their virtual wives.

Yura – The Bubbly Idol

Poor Yura, she is trying so hard. We already covered that her husband needs to work on his affection and expressions, and he has improved a lot, but Yura is trying so hard to take the relationship to the next level. I’m not sure what the next level looks like, but I think it would be something that is a little more comfortable with a little more skinship

Korean tvN Drama Three Musketeers Episode 12 (final) Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:

 FINAL EPISODE: “A Letter From The Continent” The arrow that flies right by Sohyeon’s face finds its home in Yoon-seo’s torso, but he’s able to catch her before she falls. All he sees is a hooded figure escaping through the woods.Sohyeon’s eyes are wide with shock as he carries Yoon-seo back to the palace, ordering that everyone be woken in order to help. All the while he whispers to her, “Just hold on. You’ll be all right.”Yoon-seo doesn’t want to let him go when Sohyeon lies her down for the doctors to tend to her, but he reassures her that he won’t leave her side. A tear escapes her eye as she falls limp, and as the doctors rush in, Sohyeon’s eyes glisten with sadness and worry

Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 14 Recap and Screenshots

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By Dramabeans:

Sun bursts in to stop the torture, too late to save Ji-dam’s father. He confronts his father with threat of the maengui, now that he has possession of the original document, and demands a stop to the proceedings. Yeongjo just literally walks over the pile of bodies he’s just killed and leaves without sparing Sun a word.The father-son confrontation continues that evening, when Yeongjo laughs bitterly, asking if he’s to try to rule the nation while feeling on the hook to his son. Which is rather missing the point, honey, if you think Sun would be happy letting you rule while pulling your puppet strings.Sun says that he has no intention of pulling those kinds of dirty tactics, and then pulls out the maengui. Yeongjo’s eyes widen in shock… and then widen even more when Sun walks very deliberately… to the torch nearby… Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 14 Recap What! I repeat, WHAT? Are you insane or is this a fakeout? Tell me this is a fakeout

Hiring: K-Drama Editorial Intern in Seoul

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Are you a passionate fan of K-Dramas and variety shows? Do you love to write? Are you located in Seoul? If so, we have an opportunity for you! Soompi is currently looking for a full-time editorial intern who can write and edit original pieces about Korean shows, such as episode recaps, weekly highlights, op-eds, fashion pieces, or anything else you have the desire to share with a readership of millions! The intern will also help manage our incoming drama feature content. Our ideal candidate is a passionate K-Drama fan with strong writing skills and proficiency in Korean language.

The position is paid and requires you to report to our Seoul office on a regular weekday schedule. If you’re not a Korean citizen, you MUST possess a working visa (e.g., F-2, F-4, E-7, and H-1 are acceptable).

To apply, please send a resume, cover letter, and relevant writing sample of at least 250 words to [email protected] The application deadline is Friday, November 14, 2014 (KST)

Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 13 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:In the wake of Yeongjo’s order to kill everyone in possession of the book that makes him complicit in his brother’s death, Sun finally confronts him with the truth: Did he sign the maengui? Is he Juk-pa and does that mean that everything written in this book is true?Yeongjo quakes with rage to be confronted with the truth so head-on by Sun, and cries defensively, “‘How afraid were you? How difficult and scary was it? Didn’t someone threaten to kill you? If you didn’t sign that document, were you scared they would kill you?’ If you are my child… IF YOU ARE MY SON—that is what you should ask!”Father and son’s eyes are brimming with tears, and Sun drops to his knees as his tears spill out. He immediately realizes that he never considered it from his father’s perspective and begs forgiveness, acknowledging that being born his son (and therefore the rightful heir) means he can’t ever fathom the struggles Yeongjo went through as the king’s brother

Korean KBS2 Drama Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 7 Recap and Screenshot

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by Dramabeans: Yoo-jin bristles to see the new guy, Yoon-hoo, paying attention to Nae-il, which brings out his inner caveman as he pulls her to himself. Yoon-hoo explains that he’s auditing classes here while on break from Juilliard, and watches Yoo-jin’s display of jealousy with amusement. The scoring for this moment is particularly apropos, with Prokofiev’s famous Montagues-versus-Capulets piece marking the tension, all bombast and machismo. Although let’s be honest here; it’s mostly a one-sided thing, even if Yoo-jin won’t admit it.Nae-il marvels that this is the first time Yoo-jin has hugged her, which puts Yoo-jin in the awkward position of protesting that it totally wasn’t a hug while not wanting to back away entirely—since, you know, he was proving a point to New Guy. But New Guy has his number, sizing up the situation accurately—he guesses that they’re not dating, though he recognizes that things just got harder for himself (and his interest in Nae-il)

Korean OCN Drama Bad Guys Episode 5 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: Today’s cold open: On a sunny day at the park, a man approaches a woman sitting alone from behind. Reaching into his jacket pocket, he slowly extends his other hand towards her…She jumps in alarm and breathes a sigh of relief, recognizing him. It turns out the man was reaching for a small box—namely, a diamond ring. His girlfriend (?) simply asks him to ask nothing before walking away.At the same time some distance away, a masked man in a hat loads his rifle. He fires the weapon and the woman falls, dead. Another shot rings out, followed by another, and then another.Elsewhere, a peddler puts in a panicked call to the police to report some “strange men” who broke in and beat up him and his men. Those so-called “strange men” are none other than Team Crazy Dogs, and the peddler hands the phone over so that Goo-tak can tell the dispatcher that all is well here

Korean tvN Drama Misaeng Episode 5 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:It’s just another normal day for Sales Team 3, complete with Chief Oh yelling at Geu-rae for his incompetent work. He throws files at him to redo, and Geu-rae rushes to his desk. In a voiceover, he tells us, “It’s a relief that nothing has changed, at least for me.”We see what he means as we get updates from our other newbie employees. Seok-yul struggles to adjust, having been planted in the office from the factory. Baek-ki has little to do, being valued less than his boss’s Bluetooth headset. Even ace Young-yi is demoted to handle the food and other trivial item deliveries on her team while also being treated coldly by her superiors for no apparent reason. The next morning, Geu-rae and Young-yi are met with Chief Oh, who smiles widely as he greets Young-yi. Deputy Director Sun Ji-young joins the group by the elevator, and Chief Oh notes that she’s arrived later than usual

[Drama Review] “High School: Love On” – Episode 12

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Ji Hye paying her respects

Sung Yeol is devastated by the thought of his step mom being Woo Hyun"s absent mother. Tortured by the implications, he doesn"t show up at school and is ambushed by bullies. Sung Yeol fights back, but nearly faints in the attempt. Seul Bi finds him by now and backhugs him to prevent him collapsing. Jae Seok takes a pic of this and sends it to everyone. Woo Hyun angrily escorts Seul Bi away, misinterpreting as Jae Seok intended. The next morning at school, everyone talks about the text they received re: Sung Yeol and Seul Bi. Seul Bi is once again an outcast, and Young Eun is crushed (she happens to like Sung Yeol). Seul Bi has one ally, classmate Joo Ah, who sticks with her despite her unpopularity

[Drama Review] “My Lovely Girl” – Episode 8

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Hyun Wook plants one on Se Na

So Hyun Wook told her not to do anything with anyone at ANA, and Se Na asked if that included him. In this episode, he tells her that she has to do things with him because there are no trainees that don"t interact with the CEO. Later, at the retreat, Hyun Wook"s stepmom gets a call from her private investigator, who sends a picture of her husband meeting another woman. She goes back to Seoul, gives back his ring, and leaves him. Se Na gets another visit from Shi Woo, and this time accepts his gift and firmly friend-zones him.

Shi Woo at dance practice

The next day, Shi Woo and ANA are preparing for his debut. Hyun Wook takes Dal Bong (the dog) to the vet

10 Best Historical Dramas

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Historical dramas run the gamut from comedy to brutality, sometimes all in the same drama! Counter to the normal K-Drama, a historical drama can actually provide a little bit of education. While I won"t pretend that "The Night Watchman" or "Book of the House of Gu" is real, they do have as their backdrop a real period in history, which can provide an interest in learning more about that era. They can also provide a rich visual feast and show you things you simply won"t see anymore. Whatever the reasons, the historical drama is an important K-drama staple. Here are my picks for the 10 best!

Pure guilty pleasure, not unlike the barbarian movies of the 1980s. "Chuno" is about a Joseon-era slave hunter who finds and recaptures slaves because of a slave that burnt his house down, killing his family

Join the Soompi Team! K-Drama Writer Position Now Open

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Are you a passionate fan of K-Dramas and variety shows? Do you love to write? If so, we have an opportunity for you! Soompi is currently looking for freelance drama writers who can write original pieces about Korean shows, such as episode recaps, weekly highlights, op-eds, fashion pieces, or anything else you have the desire to share with a readership of millions! Our ideal candidate is a K-Drama fan with strong writing skills who can submit one to two articles per week. The position is paid and offers some flexibility in terms of output and schedule.

To apply, please send a resume and relevant writing sample of at least 250 words to [email protected] We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Complete fluency in English, with strong command of grammar Excellent writing skills, with ability to engage the reader Passion for Korean dramas and/or variety shows Proactive, enthusiastic, and dedicated Team player

[Exclusive] Soompi Hangs With the Dramabeans Team!

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During the crazy excitement that was KCON, Soompi had the opportunity to sit down with drama blogging superstars girlfriday and javabeans, the lovely ladies behind Dramabeans!

We asked them some really, really hard questions (sorry about that!) but I think you’ll all enjoy their answers! Check out the full interview below.

Okay, first things first, what is your favorite show this season?

javabeans: Pshhhh…. long silence…

girlfriday: Okay that’s really hard…

javabeans: There are a lot of shows I like right now, not one that is my all time favorite… “Joseon Gunman?” It’s not the awesome amazing 100% I wanted, but it’s pretty good

[Drama Review] “High School: Love On” – Episode 2

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"How does this work again?"

Seul Bi steps in front of a car, but Woo Hyun saves her. Sung Yeol continues to be rotten to his stepmother, Ji Hye, throughout the episode. A purse snatcher makes off with Ji Hye"s purse, but is chased down by the idols, the angel, and Sung Yeol"s father. Seul Bi uses her power to disarm the thug, but faints afterward. Seul Bi"s angelic mentor appears and gives her documents so that she has a verifiable identity and all that. Grandma is taking pills, but hides them when Seul Bi enters the restaurant. Since Woo Hyun has transferred schools, he now gets to know Sung Yeol and has run-ins with the bullies.

As punishment for fighting, the two boys have to run laps. Here, they seem on better terms, and Sung Yeol allows Woo Hyun to punch him in retaliation

Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young Are Expecting Their Second Child

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Acting couple Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young are expecting their second child.

One Korean entertainment media source reported “Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young are expecting their second child during their six years of marriage. Son Tae Young has been pregnant for 11 weeks, so the expected birth date for the second child is next February.”

Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young married in September 2008 and had their child, Luke, in February 2009. The couple let it known that they are very happy after receiving news that they’ll be having their second child after five years.

According to the media source, Luke decided on the fetus name for the second child, which is “Heart.”

Meanwhile, Kwon Sang Woo plays the lead role in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Temptation” that premiered last week

Park Hae Jin′s Chinese Drama ′Qian Duo Duo′s Marriage Story′ to Air in Japan Following Great Success

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Park Hae Jin has been blazing a trail in Chinese dramas.

Park Hae Jin has been busy not only in Korea but also in China thanks to the success of his many dramas.

His Chinese drama Qian Duo Duo′s Marriage Story and Korean dramas My Daughter Seo Young, You Who Came From the Stars and Doctor Stranger have all been hits in China.

Qian Duo Duo′s Marriage Story let the actor break records in China in 2011 by getting over 30 billion views in total on the online video site LeTV. At the time of its release on LeTV, it reached 270 million views in a mere week and 1.5 billion views in two.

This record still stands, and was a feat big enough to grab him the LeTV Biggest Asian Star Award

Henry, B1A4′s Jinyoung and Baro to Appear on “Happy Together”

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Super Junior-M member Henry, B1A4‘s Jinyoung and Baro, and other stars will be appearing on MBC’s talk show “Happy Together.”

According to an announcement by MBC on July 17, the aforementioned idols as well as TV personality Sam Hammington and duo Cultwo will be sharing their stories on the upcoming episode of the show. The filming will take place on July 19.

Being the two non-Korean soldiers, both Henry and Sam Hammington have been widely loved by the viewers of “Real Men.” The anticipation is already building up for the next episode of “Happy Together,” particularly as Henry left a lasting impression with his previous guest appearance.

The two will be joined by B1A4 members Jinyoung and Baro, who are not only popular idols, but also rising stars of the acting scene