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‘Fated To Love You’ gets viewers ready for premiere with teaser, posters, and behind-cuts

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MBC"s upcoming Korean remake of Taiwanese drama "Fated To Love You" released the teaser, posters, and behind-cuts of leads Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra and two"s twelve-year reunion!

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The profiles on the teaser clip start to set us up for the characters we can expect to meet with descriptions that read,

Kim Mi Young (29) [Jang Na Ra]

Large-scale law firm worker

Pros: Expert at odd jobs or chores

Cons: Timid, vulnerable, plain, low self-esteem

Lee Gun (33) [Jang Hyuk]

Humane 3rd generation chaebol

Pros: Rich and has a big sense of responsibility

Cons: Wicked laughter, 99% chance of early death in his thirties

As mentioned previously, the two actors will be reuniting for the romantic comedy which will center around the story of a woman and a wealthy man who end up in an unwanted marriage, making fans anticipate the return of the Jang-Jang couple

Got7 Members Know You Like Them in ‘A’ MV

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After a series of cute and cheesy teaser, Got7 unveiled its full music video for A.

The music video dropped on June 23 with the Got7 member overflowing with confidence as they were sure the girl of their dreams liked them, regardless of what she really thought.

Part of Got7’s new album, Got♡, A refers to ‘에이,’ a Korean expression of disbelief and is a song about knowing that someone has a crush on them despite how much they try to hide it. It was produced by Park Jin Young.

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment

Feed your Boyfriend ‘obsession’ with the members’ unreleased cuts from their album jacket

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Boyfriend gave fans even more photos to add to their collections with B-cuts (unreleased cuts) for "Obsession"!

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Their new upgraded, hot looks have definitely left fans "obsessing" over the group lately, especially as this is their first Korean comeback in a year and a half!

In honor of Hyunseong"s 22nd birthday (21st international age) on June 9, fans were also treated to a picture of his abs.

The member also tweeted out, "I am really very happy!!!! Our Best Friends who always stick with us! I will never forget today and I think it has become my best birthday ever^^ Thank you♡ #Boyfriend #Obsession", along with the group shot

Psy Gives Korean Drinking 101 in ‘Hangover’ with Snoop Dogg

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With a lot of buzz surrounding it, especially with Snoop Dogg, Big Bang′s G-Dragon, and 2NE1′s CL making a cameo appearance in it, Psy finally unveiled his new music video for Hangover.

Since the title was Hangover, we knew it would be about the drinking culture in Korea, but we didn′t know how accurate Psy would make it for the screen.

We can tell you, it′s pretty close.

E: Drunk Psy
G: What else is new
E: It′s this an ode to Ken Jeong?

G: hahahah
G: In a bathtub

E: Ew
G: ewww
E: cartoon vomit
G: at least it′s in a toilet

K-Drama Feature: Makjang

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K-Drama Feature: Makjang
Love it or hate it, K-Dramas are rife with makjang, the Korean term for over the top or ridiculous subplots and coincidences that keep the viewers tuning in week after week. A drama doesn"t have to be terrible or illogical to be makjang, it could be extremely well-acted or tug at your heartstrings.

Despite the negative connotations, does it truly have to be a bad thing? There are some great dramas that are simply amazing to watch, but when you try and sit down to describe the plot, it seems to get, well, laughable. To wit, here are just a few entertaining dramas that have absolutely preposterous storylines (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD):


Three brothers are separated at a very young age as a result of their parents" death. A lovely overused trope that they play up here

Super Junior, 2NE1’s Minzy, SNSD′s Sooyoung, BTS, and More Vote on Election Day

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preview nextview 1/20 preview nextview On June 4, the 5th Regional Elections took place all across South Korea from 6AM to 6PM (KST). The election day brought in 23,464,573 votes, or 56.8 percent of voters, who participated in the national event on Wednesday, making it the highest number of votes for a Regional Election in history.

Also participating were celebrities, who made sure to head for the polls and do their parts as Korean citizens. They left evidence in photos that they voted and encouraged many others to do the same while there was still time.

Flip through to see who voted!

*above photo: "We are the main characters of ′Reply 2014.′ Let′s create the best drama." - Epik High Tablo′s notes from MBC FM4U Tablo′s Dreaming Radio.

Lee Hyori tweeted, “When going to vote, made myself the prettiest with a bit of makeup, roo roo la la~ I’m the best for voting today!”

The members of BTS went to the polls, tweeting, “We also sent in our special votes!” “Kim vote baby! Euhahahahaha” and “Let’s vote

Interview with Swedish YouTube Singer Impaofsweden

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YouTube singer Impaofsweden, like her name reveals, hails from Sweden. She first discovered BIGBANG’s G-Dragon in 2010, which was a great intro to the world of K-Pop. She discovered her love for singing later than the usual child who dreams of becoming a singer as a teen. Despite her “slow” start, it quickly became her biggest interest. Impaofsweden started uploading her first cover on YouTube in December 2011, which was labelmate 2NE1’s “Hate You.”

December 2011 || 2NE1 – Hate You

“Wait- did 2NE1 release an English version?” That’s probably one of the first thoughts that popped into your mind while listening to the audio. If you check out her other covers, you’ll realize that all the covers are in English

Youngji Pips Somin to Win First Round of “Kara Project”

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Contestant Youngji has narrowly topped the polls to win the first round of TV reality show “Kara Project.” She beat out nearest rival Somin by just over one percentage point.

Third place was also a closely run race, with Chaekyung holding off the challenge of Sojin and Chaewon, clinging to third spot by just a fraction of a percent. Trailing behind on just over 11% was Shiyoon, while Yooji finished bottom of the pile with 10.99%. You can check out the full results breakdown here. The result came as something of a surprise, as Young Ji recorded a relatively low score from the expert panel.

The results will be determined each week by combining the expert panel’s scores with viewers’ votes to produce a combined total.

Seven girls are taking part in the show, which is being run by Kara’s music agency DSP Entertainment, in association with cable TV station MBC Music

Doctor Stranger Ep 10 recap

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Drama Doctor Stranger Ep 10 recap by chrissy96 JH and Hoon are united in Hoon’s house and they hug and they’re both teary eyed with happiness then they do the touchy-touchy with each others faces and then they start doing the kissy-kissy dayum the drama is just like “please enjoy this before we rip apart your feels lol” Cha is in his car in front of Hoons house and then bodyguard shades come and ask him if he’s on guard and its time to start stage 2 of their plan and Cha says don’t worry, the southerners will be shaking in fear by morning PM goes to work and he’s getting attacked by all these reporters about relations with the north he goes to a meeting and he doesn’t know whats going onthey watch the NK news about the north doing a nuclear testing???? PM gets a call from the blue house-presidentand president tells PM to come to him NOWpresident is mad PM in the car and notes that the NK are rushing things bodyguard shades is afraid that things will go just like it did 20 years agoPM says theres nothing to worry about – the US didn’t do anything 20 years ago SeungH sees the news while driving to work WAIT BUT HOON IS AT HOME WITH SEUNGH/JH AND THEY EAT CURRY scene cuts to when JH “died” in Hungary Hoon wakes up at the gunshot he looks for JH “jaehee! jaehee!”he goes outside and sees SeungH coming in her carhe hugs her as soon as she gets outSH: whats wrong?H: nothing! Hoon picks her up bridal style and they’re so happy and 360 camera and everything H and SeungH holding hands at Dunkin Donuts(?) SH: when did you know?H: when i saw you for the first time

Quiz: How Unhealthy Is Your K-Pop Obsession?

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Do you suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you don’t listen to at least thirty seconds of K-Pop a day? Do you spend more time thinking about your favorite artist than school or work? Have you ever been caught yelling hysterically at the computer? Do your friends and family give you weird looks when you blurt out something in Korean?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might have an unhealthy K-Pop obsession. An unhealthy K-Pop obsession can negatively affect your mental stability, emotional control, and the quality of your social life.

If you are concerned that you might have an unhealthy K-Pop obsession, you might want to take a test with Dr.Noona, so she can diagnose the severity of your K-Pop obsession.

This could be, a matter of life or death*.

*no it isn’t

Kim Hee Ae Finally Meets Her Impersonator Kim Young Chul

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Among fans of Korean entertainment, Kim Young Chul is known for his hilarious impersonations of celebrities. However, among the many celebrities he is able to imitate, actress Kim Hee Ae has been one of his most popular and funny acts. Thus, when Kim Young Chul was featured on MBC‘s “Infinity Challenge” a few weeks ago and parodied Kim Hee Ae’s “Secret Love Affair,” one knew right away that a legend skit would be born.

Indeed, Kim Young Chul came out with literally oil on his face, impersonating Kim Hee Ae’s signature dewy skin. Through his expressions and exaggerative pronunciations, Kim Young Chul’s “Secret Love Affair” parody was an internet sensation. However, little did the gagman know that weeks later he would be meeting the actress in person

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” MV Reaches 2 Billion Views on YouTube

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PSY‘s enormous hit “Gangnam Style” that took over the world in 2012 has hit two billion views on YouTube.

Although the initial hype has calmed down, the hilarious music video continues to attract viewers. Now, the original music video has reached two billon views on YouTube, which gives a stamp of approval for the unbeatable popularity of “Gangnam Style.”

Being the first-ever YouTube video to record such digits, fans and viewers have shown excited reactions the achievement. To celebrate the occasion, YouTube has added tiny dancing PSY figures next to the view counter.

In related news, PSY will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Snoop Lion in June. YG Entertainment is yet to confirm the date of his long-awaited comeback, but rumors say that it will take place this upcoming summer

‘You Who Came From the Stars’ House Set to be Rebuilt for Public Display

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The house set from SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars will be reborn for all the drama fans to enjoy.

You Who Came From the Stars, starring Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun, is a fiction romance drama that earned the viewership rating of over 30 percent. The drama was a big hit in China as well, making ‘chicken and beer’ a popular menu in the country and selling out tourist products related to the drama.

Due to its popularity, SBS decided to rebuild the original drama set in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), and open it to the public.

The house set will be designed as it was seen in the drama and will be separated into concepts of coincidence, encounter, yearning, love, and memories, by presenting various displays.

The house will present 3D videos of You Who Came From the Stars, the ‘time slice’ that Do Min Jun used in the drama to stop the time, the car and the wagon that appeared in the scene when Do Min Jun saved Cheon Song Yi and the red carpet on which they realized their love for each other

Gary and Jung In’s “Your Scent” Storms to Top Spots on Multiple Charts

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Leessang’s Gary and vocalist Jung In have rocketed to the top of the charts with their duet, “Your Scent.” The song was only released on May 27, but has already hit the Number 1 spot on the Genie, Naver Music, Daum Music, Mnet, Cyworld, Bugs, Soribada and Monkey3 charts.

The collaboration is a slower-paced number with extended piano harmonies. As expected from a song featuring one of Korean hip-hop’s brightest stars, it also contains many hip-hop elements. The music was written by Jung In and Duble Sidekick, with Gary taking care of the lyrics.

It has certainly caught the public imagination, and already looks like it could surpass the success of the duo’s previous collaborations, such as “Can’t Breakup Girl, Can’t Breakaway Boy,” a hit in 2009

“Gangnam Style” Is Nearing 2 Billion Views on YouTube

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It has been almost two years since PSY unleashed “Gangnam Style” to the world, and now it will soon become the first video for reach two billion views on YouTube.

At the time of writing, he only needs 2.5 million more views to reach this major milestone, and it is likely to happen sometime this week.

Two billion views is also twice as much as the second most viewed YouTube video, “Baby” by Justin Biber.

Following the release of the music video of “Gangnam Style” on July 15, 2012, PSY did have live promotions of the song through Korean music programs, but it was the zany music video that caused it to be a viral hit world wide.

PSY’s followup song track “Gentleman” was also a huge hit

Hong Jin Young Has No Bangs In Recent Selca Pictures

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Singer Hong Jin Young made her bangs disappear and posted two selca pictures of herself with her new hairstyle on her Twitter on May 22.

Along with the pictures, she wrote, “I do think that I look different without bangs. Do I look better without or with bangs?”

Hong Jin Young has been styling her hair with bangs for quite some time and these new pictures revealed that whether with or without bangs, the singer looks pretty no matter what.

Comments from the netizens included, “Hong Jin Young really is pretty,” “She looks better without bangs,”Her image without bangs is now totally different.”

The singer made her music debut back in 2007 with SWAN, a Korean girl group, but began her solo career soon afterwards with the popular single “Love’s Battery

SUJU-M’s Henry Started Learning Korean Because Go Ara Was So Pretty

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Super Junior-M’s Henry confessed his special feelings for Go Ara.

During recent recording of MBC’s Real Man, Seo Kyung Seok shared his analysis of the difference between Korean used by the two foreign soldiers, Sam Hammington and Henry.

According to Seo Kyung Seok’s analysis, Sam probably learned his rough and manly Korean from men while Henry, who uses softer Korean full of aegyo, learned it from girls.

Surprised by the sharp analysis, Henry confessed, “You’re right. I learned it from girls,” causing other soldiers’ curiosity.

When asked who he learned it from, Henry revealed several names and upon hearing Go Ara’s name among them, the senior soldiers began showing their excitement.

Henry said, “Go Ara was the first girl I met when I came to Korea

Go So Young Looks Like a True Goddess While Attending a Charity Dinner in England

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Actress Go So Young looks like a true goddess in a recent picture taken in England. She was attending the charity event dinner for Royal Marsden’s Breast Cancer Foundation Trust. The event, hosted by the British royalty, was also done in cooperation with the fashion magazine ELLE and the clothing brand Ralph Lauren.

More pictures and the behind-the-scenes of the event will be revealed on the July issue of ELLE.

The dinner took place in Windsor Castle, and in addition to the Duke of Cambridge Prince William, other attendees included Kate Moss, Emma Watson, and many more famous celebrities.

Go So Young has been donating one hundred million Korean won for several years to support hundreds of single mothers in Korea

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Transforms Into a Boy and Makes a Wish

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 Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung has been keeping active on Instagram.

On May 12, she uploaded a photo of herself dressed in men’s clothing to her personal Instagram account, titled with the short caption “Sooyoung oppa.”

In the photo, Sooyoung stands by a window while sporting a short haircut and a boy’s school uniform. With her sultry eyes lowered towards the book she is reading, she radiates a masculine energy.

The singer’s Korean and international fans reacted positively to the photo of her boyish new look, which has received over 179,000 “likes,” with the following remarks: “Not a sister but a brother!”, “Cute,” “You look good,” “Handsome and cute,” “Really cool!” and so on.

The following day, Sooyoung uploaded a series of selfies taken in front of Rome’s Trevi Fountain

Korean male celebrities enlisting in the army this year

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Sadly for fans, every year brings a new wave of Korean male celebrities who enlist to fulfill their mandatory duty of two years in the military. While many details are still unclear as of yet, there are a couple of big names who are definitely going to enlist this year, some who have already enlisted, and others who remain fuzzy, but are likely to go this year or in early 2015.

Check out the list below to keep updated on which of your favorite stars will be leaving for the army!

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Choi Jin Hyuk

Choi Jin Hyuk expressed his desire to do one more production before leaving for the army. He is currently in talks to join the Korean remake of "Fated To Love You