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Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon Enjoy a Romantic Bike Date in “Doctor Stranger” Stills

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Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon went on a romantic bike date in new stills from the upcoming drama, “Doctor Stranger.”

The new SBS drama “Doctor Stranger” released stills of Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon with big smiles as they ride bicycles together in a scenic spring atmosphere. Lee Jong Suk’s expression, in particular, is noticeable considering the darker brooding images of his character in previous stills.

Staff members of the drama praised the two actors for their natural portrayal of two young people who are experiencing a beautiful first love together.

“Doctor Stranger” will air its first episode on April 28.

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Choi Jin Sil

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Name: 최진실 / Choi Jin-shil (Choe/Chae Jin-sil)
Chinese name : 崔眞實
Nickname: Miser
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1968-Dec-24
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: O
Family: Divorced from baseball player Jo Sung Min. 2 children
Hobby: Swimming, Drawing
Education: Sun-Il Girls’ High School
Family: Brother/singer/actor Choi Jin Young and two children

About Choi Jin Shil

Choi Jin Shil was a popular South Korean actress. She committedsuicide at the age of 39. Since her debut in 1988 till her death in 2008she appeared in various soap operas, movies and commercials, becoming ahousehold name

Hyun Bin’s Movie ‘The King’s Wrath’ to Premiere in America

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Hyun Bin’s movie The King’s Wrath will be premiering in America.

The King’s Wrath, highly anticipated to be the next successful historical film following Masquerade and Face Reader, is expected to spread Korean culture by premiering on May 23 in over 25 theatres around North America.

The movie will be distributed by Dream West, which also successfully distributed Secretly, Greatly, Face Reader, Friend 2 and more.

An affiliate of Dream West stated, “Face Reader was well received in North America and we saw the same potential to succeed with The King’s Wrath. We also chose The King’s Wrath because we have our trust in director Lee Jae Kyu, who also directed drama Beethoven Virus and The King 2Hearts, and stars Hyun Bin, Jung Jae Young, Jo Jeong Seok and Jo Jae Hyun who have positive images

Former Kara Member Kang Ji Young Leaves Handwritten Note as She Starts Fresh in London

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With her contract with DSP Media officially over, Kang Ji Young departed from Kara, leaving a handwritten note for her fans.

On April 5, DSP Media announced that its contract with Kang Ji Young has come to an end. The agency stated that it will respect her wishes to go solo and will send her support and encouragement as Kang Ji Young starts a new journey on her own.

The agency also added that Kang Ji Young will study abroad in London for the time being. She left on April 5.

On April 6, Kang Ji Young uploaded a handwritten letter in both Korean and Japanese on her Instagram, sending her thanks to the fans who supported her in Kara.

“As you all know through the articles, I left for London on April 5. I was a bit scared because I was alone, so I came to London, where my friend lives, but after always being taken care of, after being with my members and staff, I’m realizing how special the people around me are now that I am alone,” wrote Kang Ji Young

Kim Hyun Joong discusses his buddies Yoochun & T.O.P’s acting

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Kim Hyun Joong talked about his friends Yoochun and T.O.P!
Kim Hyun Joong had an interview with TV Daily after his drama "Generation of Youth" ended on a high note. In the interview, he was asked, "Do you often talk with idol singers who are also active as actors?"

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He answered, "I think the cases of idol members to actors that succeeded well are Yoochun and [T.O.P]. When I called [T.O.P], he said he was working hard on filming the movie "Tazza". I only hear Yoochun from rumors, but they say he really focuses on his work."

He continued, "He"s not just pretending. He tries to melt into the role and communicate with the director. Yoochun is normally a very warm person

DSP Media Announces Its First Global Auditions

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DSP Media has announced it will be holding its first global auditions!

Home of Oh Jong HyukKARARainbow and A-Jax, DSP Media has a history of over 20 years in the K-Pop industry and has built a reputable name as the company behind Sechskies, Fin.K.L, Click-B, SS501 and more.

The auditions will be held in five cities in five different countries: Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing, Jakarta, and Seoul.

As the stars of DSP kindly explain in the videos, applicants may sign up for the auditions through the official DSP homepage. Applicants who pass the first round will be sent a confirmation e-mail with the time and location of the second round of the regional auditions.

The online application has been open since March 27. For more information, visit the DSP Media homepage

Mad Clown Makes Official Debut with “Without You” MV Feat. Sistar’s Hyorin

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Rapper Mad Clown has made his official debut with the release of the music video for “Without You” featuring Sistar‘s Hyorin through the official 1theK YouTube channel.

“Without You” was produced by Bishop, who worked on the Korean version of the “Frozen” soundtrack. The song is about the emptiness that comes after an exhausting break up.

In the artistic and dramatic music video, Mad Clown is portrayed by model Jo Min Ho who expresses the dark and lonely feelings of being left alone.

Mad Clown made his name known to Korea with his duet with Hyorin’s fellow group member Soyou, “Stupid in Love.” Now working with Hyorin, “Without You” is sure to be another addictive track that puts Mad Clown in the spotlight once more

Seungri talks about getting advice from T.O.P + acting officially for the first time in ‘Angel Eyes’

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Big Bang"s Seungri appeared at the press conference for his first official drama "Angel Eyes" at the SBS building on April 3. There, he revealed his first thoughts on taking on this new challenge.

He said, "I am happy that I get to play a character who instills energy in the drama. I feel this way as a Big Bang member and am happy to get this chance to show a new side of myself to the viewers. I will engage in acting sincerely as an actor."

In addition, he revealed he got a lot of advice for acting, some from his fellow member T.O.P. Seungri said, "T.O.P was in movies and dramas before me; he told me that it would be good if I poured in my bright and upbeat energy into acting."

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He continued, "This is my first official drama in Korea

f’s Victoria to be star of ‘My Sassy Girl 2′ with Cha Tae Hyun in movie sequel?

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The hit Korean movie "My Sassy Girl" will be returning after thirteen years with a sequel, "My Sassy Girl 2"! It was confirmed on April 3 that this movie will be produced as a collaborative work between Korea and China.

Various movie representatives told Sports DongA that f(x)"s Victoria will be Jun Ji Hyun"s successor as the feisty female lead. The reps said, "As for the male lead, Cha Tae Hyun, who starred in the first "My Sassy Girl," will be taking on the main lead again to work with Victoria."

However, both parties denied this report a short while later. Cha Tae Hyun"s side said, "It is true we received the scenario for the movie, but we only received an offer - nothing has been confirmed. Because Cha Tae Hyun acted in "My Sassy Girl," he is open to the possibility of appearing

SHINee, B.A.P, and FT Island Rise to the Top of the Oricon Charts

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SHINee has risen to the top of the Oricon chart with their DVD for “Japan Arena Tour SHINee World 2013 ~Boys Meet U~,” which gathered over 220,000 fans. On the day that the DVD was released, it hit the top of the DVD daily chart.

Starting last year on June 28, SHINee hit nine cities in Japan, including Osaka, Hiroshima, and Nagoya, for a total of 15 performances and 220,000 audience members. The DVD album contains the performances for 20 songs, including “Stranger,” “I’m With You,” “Why So Serious,” and “Lucifer,” among others.

SHINee wasn’t the only Korean artist to put their name up on the Oricon chart. Of their third single “No Mercy,” B.A.P sold over 21,764 copies on the day of the release, hitting number two on the daily single chart

Kim Soo Hyun Films Another Chinese Variety Show Secretly

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Following The Brain, Kim Soo Hyun will be appearing in another Chinese program.

According to Chinese press on April 2, Kim Soo Hyun recently filmed an interview with a new Chinese program We Who Visited the Stars (translated title) as the first guest of the show.

We Who Visited the Stars is a new program about Korean culture and hallyu wave.

As Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity in China quickly rose after he starred in SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars, the production team of We Who Visited the Stars came to Korea to meet with Kim Soo Hyun.

The interview took place in a café in Apgujeong, while the teaser photos and clips will be revealed in the middle of April to begin promotions for the new show

Heechul and Lee Soon Jae Share Hilarious Moments during Script Reading for “Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit”

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What may have seemed like an unlikely collaboration turned in to a hilarious moment as Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul shared funny exchanges with veteran actor Lee Soon Jae during the script reading for tvN‘s upcoming drama, “Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit.”

Although Lee Soon Jae is actually much older than the Super Junior member, the plot of the new tvN drama made it so that Heechul had to speak to the veteran actor as if he was younger than the singer.

On April 2, the cast of “Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit” had their first script reading, and the room could not stop laughing at the silly moments. As Lee Soon Jae, Byun Hee Bong, and Jang Gwang act as young detectives who mysteriously turn in to 70-something-year-old grandpas overnight, the three must seek the help of their wiser detective colleague

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Wins Rookie Award for His Role in “Rough Play”

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MBLAQ member Lee Joon was recently awarded his first rookie actor award for his performance in the film “Rough Play” at the Wildflower Film Awards. In the film, he played the character Oh Young, who rises all the way to the top with a single movie role, and then loses it all in the blink of an eye. The film was the subject of a lot of interest, as it was Lee Joon’s first main movie role, and it was also the first film to have an idol sex scene.

The Wildflower Film Awards is a ceremony that was started this year, and recognizes independent and low-budget (<95,000 USD) Korean films.

Currently, Lee Joon is set to appear in the new tvN drama, “Gapdongee,” which will air on April 11.

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The Salaries of SM Entertainment’s Executive Board Members

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They’ve created your favorite idols such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(X), and EXO, but weren’t you curious about how much the executive board members earn each year? Well, recent data showed that the top leaders of SM Entertainment earn quite a lot. In the March 31 business report submitted by the agency to the Financial Supervisory Service, the annual salaries of SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min, SM C&C‘s CEOs Han Seh Min and Jung Chang Hwan, and SM Japan‘s CEO Nam So Young.

According to the report, SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min was paid 1.312 billion won (~ 1,239,197 USD) last year

He Said/She Said: Is There a Double Standard for Sexiness in K-Pop?

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He Said – She Said is a special Soompi editorial that gives male and female perspectives on current topics and trends of the Korean entertainment world. 

For our first “He Said She Said” column last February, we discussed the recent trend of hyper-sexualized girl group concepts. As Soompiers offered their own opinion on whether these new girl group promotional tactics were actually sexy, more than a few asked about the sexy tactics of male idols and why they weren’t being scrutinized like the female idols. Which got this editor thinking: Why aren’t male idols criticized as much as female idols for their overly sexy promotional tactics? Are abs more socially acceptable than thighs?

I started working with two of our writers, Hazelnutthursdays and Lordbordem, who had previously offered their female and male perspectives on the sexy girl groups in early March

April Will Be the Battle of Boy Groups as EXO, Infinite, Beast, and 2PM Plan on Comebacks

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If March was the battle of girl groups, April will be the battle of boy groups as EXO, InfiniteBeast, 2PM all plan to make their comeback in the same month.

12 member boy group, EXO will be making their comeback in mid April as it was announced that the group would be holding their showcase on April 15. Although the group promoted as one whole group last year through hit songs “Wolf” and “Growl,” this month’s comeback will one again have the group split in to two groups, EXO-K and EXO-M, as the two units will promote the upcoming mini album simultaneously in Korea and China. However, EXO fans can expect to see a comeback performance with all 12 members as SM Entertainment commented that the group will perform as a whole for one to two weeks

Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin Attend First Script Reading for ‘Doctor Stranger’

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Photos from the script reading of Doctor Stranger have been revealed.

A set of photos were released on April 1, showing the cast members of SBS’ upcoming drama Doctor Stranger attending the drama’s first script reading on February 11 at SBS′ production center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi province.

The script reading was attended by Jin Hyuk PD, writers Park Jin Woo and Kim Ju as well as the cast members, including Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, Kang So Ra and more.

Introducing each cast member before the script reading began, Jin Hyuk PD said, “It feels special to be working with Lee Jong Suk again, who worked with me for his debut project. Let’s all work hard together.”

Taking the role of ‘Park Hoon,’ a genius doctor from North Korea, Lee Jong Suk flawlessly pulled off the North Korean accent and acted out the character as if he was filming and further discussed the character with Jin Hyuk PD afterwards

Lee Seung Hwan Achieves All-Kill Status with Sweet Tune “I’m Only Into You”

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Veteran singer Lee Seung Hwan dropped the music video for title track “I’m Only Into You” off of his eleventh studio album “Fall to Fly” earlier last week, and it managed to achieve “all-kill status” on various online album charts. This status is highly coveted by musicians as it better signifies the popularity of an artist and song, and its currently difficult to sell albums in high quantity during this day and age.

His agency Dream Factory stated, “We hope that through Lee Seung Hwan’s achievement of being a musician to produce an album that receives much love from the public, the Korean music market will also harbor other musicians who will also have pride in their albums.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Hwan previously revealed that he plans to release five music videos for this album

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Featured in Interview for Dazed & Confused

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Girls’ Generation member Tiffany was recently featured in a special interview for Dazed & Confused Magazine.

Titled “Girls’ Generation’s K-Pop Reign,”she was asked about the group’s recent comeback, the special bond between the members, her personal life, hopes to enter the American music industry and more.

Below are some excerpts from the interview.

DD: You know what they say about family – they love hard and fight hard.

Tiffany: Oh yeah, definitely. We fight hard and that’s the definition of loving hard as well. You know you won’t say anything unless you mean it or care for these people. We may be really tight but we still get our ground rules down and still keep boundaries and respect each other, and that’s the reason we can keep going

Drama ‘Angel Eyes’ reveal pictures of Seungri from their first filming

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Upcoming SBS drama "Angel Eyes" revealed pictures from the set on the first day of filming, showing Seungri acting in his first legitimate Korean drama. The drama is a youthful melodrama centering on two loved ones fatefully meeting again 12 years after they separate due to a car accident rendering one of them blind.

In the published pictures, Seungri has transformed into emergency rescue worker Teddy Seo, who hails from Texas and shamelessly mixes in English and Chungcheong dialect into his words, doing this with ease so that he immediately receives the okay from Producer Park Shin Woo.

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After wrapping up his first filming, Seungri said, "As an emergency rescue worker, there was a CPR scene, so I personally got training and prepared a lot for this drama