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Jun Ji Hyun Is The Richest K-Drama Actress

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The beautiful apartment that Jun Ji Hyun lived in when she played the Hallyu star Chun Song Yi in "You Who Came From The Stars" was actually a set specially built for the drama. But in real life the actress owns an impressive amount of real estate.

Many Korean actors and entertainment executives choose to invest their earnings in real estate but Jun Ji Hyun tops the list of real estate holdings among k-drama and k-movie actresses.

A wealth-tracking website named appropriately Chaebul.com, says that the appraised value of buildings owned by Jun Ji Hyun in Seoul totals about $13 million.

The factors that the site uses to appraise real estate value may fall short of actual market value, meaning that if she sold her properties tomorrow, they would certainly earn her more

Veterans stage “On Golden Pond”

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Veteran actors including Lee Soon-jae, second from right, and Sin Goo, second from left, will stage the play "On Golden Pond" from Sept. 19 at the Soohyunjae Theater in Daehangno, central Seoul. Provided by the organizerEvery day, dozens of musicals and plays are staged at numerous theaters in Daehangno, central Seoul, but it seems like younger generations tend toward action-packed musicals with flashy lights over plays where the drama unfolds slowly.Despite the preference, four familiar faces from TV will star in a play this fall - Lee Soon-jae, Sin Goo, Nah Moon-hee and Seong Byeong-sook - likely drawing in audiences of all ages.The four will be featured in "On Golden Pond", a famous play written by Ernest Thompson, which was also made into a movie and a TV drama.The play is about Norman and Ethel, who spend every summer on Golden Pond

Age of Feeling: Episode 8 recap

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Age of Feeling: Episode 8 recap by drama beans

In order to help Jung-tae learn how to fight against swords, Boss Hwang takes him to the gibang to meet Ajusshi Choi. Though Jung-tae’s known him for a while, he seems unaware of Ajusshi’s past as a guard for the Korean Empire (which ended in 1910 when Japan annexed Korea).

So Ajusshi Choi takes Jung-tae under his tutelage, and despite what I thought, Jung-tae isn’t trying to learn how to use a sword, but to fight unarmed against one. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but… why wouldn’t he want to use a sword even just as a shield instead of relying on his squishy human flesh for protection?

But Jung-tae answers that question by learning Ajusshi Choi’s lessons with lightning-quick accuracy, and in the end, wins the fight with his fists

One Warm Word Episode 3 Recap

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A secret never stay hidden forever, the truth always prevails. No matter how hard people are trying to hide their secrets, their problems, sooner or later, people will discover them. For Jae Hak and Eun Jin; they know they cannot hide their relationship forever; they’re not naive but obviously they don’t realize that Mi Kyung has already found out about their “humane relationship”. People say the quiet ones usually are the ones who’ll attack and cause extensive damages; so they’d better get ready because Mi Kyung will do anything she can to “torture” them.

One Warm Word Episode 3 Recap by Beatuscorner:

Jae Hak pulls out micro memory card from his car’s (cctv) camera and asks his assistant to take his car for a service first thing tomorrow morning and to tell him if there’s something odd about the car

Prime Minister and I – Episode 1 Recap

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Prime Minister and I - Episode 1 Recap by Dramabeans:

Next in the KBS rom-com lineup is Prime Minister and I, whose light and breezy tone took me by surprise. I knew to prepare myself for the cute, but I didn’t expect it to also stir the heartstrings in the first hour. There’s promise and potential in a story that moves fairly quickly that contains both heartwarming and funny notes. And damn, a prime minister has never looked this good.

Even though Prime Minister and I took in last place at 5.9% against its competitors (Empress Ki [♥] led the pack with 20.2% and A Warm Word followed with 6.8%), maybe a contract marriage is just the kind of hijinks medicine I need.


We open at a banquet hall where preparations are underway, leading up to the arrival of our hero, Prime Minister KWON YUL (Lee Beom-soo) and his wife, NAM DA-JUNG (Yoon-ah), who greet the roomful of dignitaries with a smile

Basketball: Episode 15

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Basketball: Episode 15 RECAP by Drama Beans

After San scores Korea’s first one-handed basket, Chi-ho congratulates him. San replies that it wouldn’t have been possible without his help, to which Chi-ho smiles and says, “Thanks to you, I was reminded why I play basketball. My calling as a basketball player… I’ll never forget it again.”

They decide to work together as a team, and we only hear of their win when Daddy Choi does, through the radio. This news, like all other news ever, makes him angry.

Bookie Gong celebrates with his team now that they’ll be competing in the semifinals, and tells everyone that he had a dream about vomiting—so by that logic, he’s vomited out all the bad and that means there’s only good ahead

Prime Minister and I: Episode 1 Recap

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Prime Minister and I: Episode 1 RECAP by Drama Beans

We open at a banquet hall where preparations are underway, leading up to the arrival of our hero, Prime Minister KWON YUL (Lee Beom-soo) and his wife, NAM DA-JUNG (Yoon-ah), who greet the roomful of dignitaries with a smile.

But there’s a different story that lies beneath those adoring smiles as the power couple turns to each other… and exchange looks of distaste.

An imagined Matrix style fight scene points to a more tense and hostile relationship between them. And while the world may regard her husband as a respected public figure, our heroine doesn’t share in that opinion because, well, they’re in a contract marriage

Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 15 Recap

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Ajumma is seen running on the street calling someone with the narration in the background that coming to the past changes nothing for her in the future. Kim Shin signs his name on the contract and is ready to start working for NTN the next day. NOOOO!

Meanwhile Mi Rae finds out Se Joo was the person who saved her from the ocean. She wonders why he has never told her and that’s because he doesn’t want her to see him as someone who saves her but a normal man who approaches her. He holds up a ring that he has been carrying around for awhile waiting for the right time to give it to her. Se Joo asks Mi Rae sincerely: “Will you accept my heart?”

He puts the ring on the 4th finger of her left hand and while I rage, she actually looks touched