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2PM’s Wooyoung and Actress Park Se Young Show Affection For Each Other While Getting Ready to Sleep in “We Got Married”

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The on-screen couple of Park Se Young and Jang Wooyoung of 2PM were shown getting ready for bed in the latest episode of “We Got Married.”

On the August 16 episode of the on-screen reality couple show, Park Se Young and 2PM’s Wooyoung moved in to their new house wherein they will live together.

In this episode, the two showed their satisfaction with their new house. Although it is not bigger than their older house, it has a charm that has appealed to the couple. Recalling what her “We Got Married” senior Hong Jin Young said, Park Se Young mentioned that “A honeymooner’s house is better when it’s smaller,” and laughed.

On their first night in the house, Park Se Young and Jang Wooyoung celebrated while eating chicken and drinking beer

Hong Suk Chun Gets in the Middle of Hong Jong Hyun-Yura Couple on “We Got Married”

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Entertainer Hong Suk Chun got in the middle of the Hong Jong Hyun-Yura couple on the most recent episode of MBC’s variety show “We Got Married,” and revealed some information about model-actor Hong Jong Hyun’s past.

During the August 16 broadcast, cameras followed Hong Jong Hyun and his virtual wife, Girl’s Day member Yura, as they stopped by for a visit to Hong Suk Chun’s much talked about restaurant.

Before arriving at the restaurant, Hong Jong Hyun had suggested to Yura that they go to a restaurant owned by a close ‘hyung’ that he knows, to which the Girl’s Day member agreed.

The couple was enjoying their meal when the restaurant owner joined them and began asking the two about their relationship

Park Se Young is Touched by Wooyoung’s Birthday Presents on “We Got Married”

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In the August 16 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” in order to celebrate Park Se Young’s birthday, Jang Wooyoung gave her cake and a puzzle of a picture of the forehead kiss they shared at their wedding.

He also showed a video clip of her friends wishing her happy birthday. At the end of the clip, Wooyoung appeared and revealed his feelings by saying, “Happy birthday and I prepared gifts for my one and only wife in the world, Se Young.”

Park Se Young had a bright smile on her face after she received the touching birthday present that Wooyoung prepared for her. Afterwards, Wooyoung asked her to close her eyes and hugged her tightly. He created a sweet moment as he rubbed his cheek against hers. Park Se Young couldn’t hide her nervousness as she said, “He was cute

Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min continue military training on "We Got Married"

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Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young continued their military training on the August 16 episode of "We Got Married".

The couple had to complete their military training as a punishment for coming in last place in the couples" camping cook-off, and it was harder for them than ever. Hong Jin Young in particular had a lot of trouble with crossing a rope bridge as she has a severe fear of heights.

Seeing that his onscreen wife wasn"t able to cross on her own, Nam Goong Min came over to cross with her. He even crossed backwards to ease her fears. Hong Jin Young said, "I was so so so thankful. I was really moved."

It didn"t stop there, however, as there was a high jump waiting for them. By the end of the episode, it was obvious that Hong Jin Young had fallen a little more for Nam Goong Min

Wooyoung and Park Se Young move into their new home on "We Got Married"

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After spending some time at the JYP Entertainment practice room, 2PM"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young finally moved into their new home on "We Got Married".

On the August 16 edition of the show, the couple got another newlywed home after successfully completing their mission to get 80% approval for their performance of "Holding Hands". 

Also on the episode, Wooyoung surprised Park Se Young for her birthday, taking her to the cafe they first met. He surprised her with a puzzle, a birthday cake, and a special video message, which she loved.

Later on, the couple enjoyed chicken and beer in their pajamas to celebrate their new home. They ended the night by getting cozy and cuddly in bed.

Hong Suk Chun gets between Yura and Hong Jong Hyun on "We Got Married"

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Hong Suk Chun got in between Yura and Hong Jong Hyun on the August 16th episode of "We Got Married".

The Girl"s Day member had to compete for Hong Jong Hyun"s attention, but not against someone you"d expect. The couple went to meet Hong Jong Hyun"s friend Hong Suk Chun, who made it obvious he was a bit jealous of Yura.

Things started off badly when Yura noticed that Hong Jong Hyun introduced her as a friend. The openly gay entertainer said to Yura, "I follow Jong Hyun around. Give him up to me. I"ll treat him very well as a hyung," adding, "Is Girl"s Day that big of a deal? How could you get married in one day?"

He later asked the model-turned-actor when does he gets butterflies over Yura, and Hong Jong Hyun answered, "I saw Yura during filming once, and I felt different that day

Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won are a chic visual couple in B-cuts for "Vogue Korea"

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It"s a shame that Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won denied dating rumors because they make a good looking couple as evidenced by their B-cuts (photos not chosen for print) from their "Vogue Korea" pictorial!

Song Hye Kyo took on an Audrey Hepburn-esque look, drawing all eyes with her stand-alone charisma and beauty, while Kang Dong Won looked superbly handsome in his suit. They also donned matching sunglasses to perfect the couple concept with the black-and-white pictorial giving off a vintage vibe.

Their A-cuts and interview will be revealed a bit later on through "Vogue Korea"s September issue! Their upcoming movie "My Brilliant Life" ("My Palpitating Life") is also set to premiere on September 3

Hong Jong Hyun and Yura visit Hong Suk Chun on upcoming episode of "We Got Married"

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Girl"s Day"s Yura and Hong Jong Hyun are meeting up with Hong Suk Chun on the upcoming episode of "We Got Married"!

Hong Jong Hyun suggested that they eat lunch at a restaurant owned by a close hyung of his. The hyung turned out to be Hong Suk Chun, and Hong Jong Hyun told him that he will be on his way with a "friend." This disappointed Yura who shared during her interview, "Ah, I am just a friend."

At the restaurant, Hong Suk Chun introduced himself as a friend who is like a big noona to Hong Jong Hyun and kept on making Yura jealous. Seeing how flustered Yura became, Hong Jong Hyun stuck up for his wife and took her side

2PM"s Wooyoung throws a birthday event for Park Se Young in preview cuts for "We Got Married"

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2PM"s Wooyoung prepared a surprise birthday event for Park Se Young on "We Got Married"!

After holding their duet performance in Daejeon last week, the couple returned to Seoul where Wooyoung took Park Se Young to the cafe where they first met. Once inside, they recalled their awkward first meeting.

Wooyoung then presented a big gift box to Park Se Young, sharing, "It"s what you like," and upon opening it, Park Se Young shared, "I like it." Wooyoung followed up by surprising her with a birthday cake and another present, bringing Park Se Young to joy as she replied, "I was on the verge of tears."

The two then sat on the piano chair and played "Happy Birthday" together

10 Couple photo shoots - the Good, the Bad, and the Errr.."s

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Celebrity couple photoshoots sometimes have us staring in envy or cringing away in embarrassment. Though points like backdrop, hair and makeup, concept, and photographers factor into the celebrity"s solo photoshoot, it"s a completely different story when celebrities pair up for couple shoots. It gets trickier because no matter how well one celebrity performs, if his partner doesn"t pull her own weight (or vice versa), the photos end up looking out of place and awkward.

The following are a series of celebrity couple pictorials. Some work, others don"t, and a few really don"t.

Sohee X T.O.P 
Sohee and T.O.P teamed up in this photo shoot for their "Reebok" endorsement. Dressed in monochrome colors and casual everyday staples, this couple looks chic without having to try

Park Shin Hye Shows a Couple of Selcas Taken With Fans During Chinese Fan Meetings

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Actress Park Shin Hye revealed a couple of pictures taken during her fan meeting in China. On August 10, the actress wrote on her Weibo, “Last sunday at Shenzhen. And yesterday at Changsha. If I used the selca pole as well at Shenzhen, I wouldn’t have had a hard time. My face wouldn’t look like it was stained. But today I will bring the selca pole to Beijing today. Just wait a little bit and let’s see each other soon.”

After finishing her Chinese fan meeting tour, Park Shin Hye will fly over to Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Park Shin Hye is the first Korean female actress to have more than five million Weibo followers which just proves how immense her popularity is in China. Moreover, the actress received the “Popular Foreign Actress Award” at the Chinese Anhui TV Drama Awards for her portrayal in The Heirs

T.O.P and Sohee are a hot couple avoiding paparazzi in "Reebok" CF

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"Reebok" has gifted fans with a video version of their sexy models T.O.P and Sohee walking through a crowd of paparazzi like a real-life celebrity couple!

The glamorous CF for "Reebok"s "Ex-O-Fit" and "Freestyle" show T.O.P hurrying over to Sohee"s car to escort her out like a gentleman, taking her hand, and plowing through the cameramen like a charismatic manly man.  He even has no qualms with stepping on an unknowing person"s car to get over to his girl.

And you can"t help but melt after seeing the intense glares they throw at the camera at the very end.  Check out the hot chemistry between the two above!

ZE:A’s Dongjun and Tiny-G’s Dohee Become a Couple for MBC’s New Sitcom

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ZE:A member Dongjun has been confirmed to join the cast of MBC’s new sitcom “Boarding House Number 24.

The idol will be acting alongside girl group Tiny-G‘s Dohee, who was cast for the sitcom earlier this month, and the two rising stars will become an on-screen couple for the show. Despite having feelings for each other, the two will have a hard time figuring out whether they are a couple or just friends, and their sweet romance is expected to bring excitement to the show.

Dongjun will take on the role of an ex-sportsman, who was forced to give up on his career due to unexpected circumstances, and is now living without any particular plan for the future.

“Boarding House Number 24″ is a sitcom that touches on dreams, working, love, and friendship

2PM’s Wooyoung and Park Se Young Nervously Sing at a Non-Celebrity’s Wedding on “We Got Married”

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2PM’s Wooyoung was seen looking nervous as he was singing a congratulatory song at a wedding.

In the “We Got Married 4” episode that was aired on August 9, through an online poll, Wooyoung and Park Se Young couple got second place in making camp food and are seen giving a congratulatory gift at a wedding of a non-celebrity.

On this day, the couple received a mission card from the staff. Their mission was to drive to Daejeon by 1 p.m. and sing a congratulatory song at a wedding for winning second place in the poll that was held for cooking camp food.

After receiving the mission, the couple hurriedly got into the car and drove down to Daejeon. They had a sweet moment when they stopped at a rest stop and ate the lunch box that Wooyoung prepared

Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min go into military training with other couples on "We Got Married"

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Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min took on a session of couples military training on the August 9 installment of "We Got Married".

As the couple who came in third for the camping cook-off, Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min as well as viewer couples went off to military training. Despite getting on a bus to the army base, Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young chatted as if they were going to a vacation destination. 

However, their good mood was short-lived when they reached their destination and physical training started. Hong Jin Young said during her solo interview, "It was really hard. The #1 hardest thing in my life. I saw stars. I thought it was good that there were emergency vehicles there in case I fainted." Nam Goong Min on the other hand expressed, "It wasn"t as hard as I thought