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VIXX Member Hongbin Discusses His Experiences Acting in “Glorious Day”

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On August 5, a press conference took place at SBS’s Ilsan center for the company’s weekend drama “Glorious Day.”

Boy group VIXX member Hongbin, who had no experience in acting before appearing in the series, displayed a thankful attitude towards more experienced cast members. “I’ve learned a lot by working alongside my awesome seniors,” he said. In particular, he pointed to Kim Hyun Gyu as his on-set teacher. “I asked him a lot of questions, and he’s helped me so much,” he said.

On his part, Kim Hyun Gyu praised Hongbin and displayed a humble attitude. “It’s better to ask questions than to just be taught,” he said, and “(Even though I am more experienced) I also have a lot left to learn.”

Hongbin also discussed how his group mates reacted to his acting

VIXX”s Leo and Lyn sing emotional duet “Blossom Tears” in dramatic MV for “Y.Bird from Jellyfish Island” project

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Lyn and VIXX"s Leo"s are here to ring hearts with an emotional duet for the on-going "Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island" project series!

"Blossom Tears" tells a melancholy story of a couple split apart, and the story in the MV comes to life with the amazing voices of the two singers heard throughout, crooning the lyrics written by Lyn herself.


Without further ado, check out their duet above through the dramatic music video!

Still of Super Junior’s Kangin and VIXX’s Hyuk in “Rules of the Jungle” Revealed

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Super Junior’s Kangin and VIXX’s Hyuk have joined the “Rules of the Jungle in Brazil” team.

In the episode that was aired on June 6, Lee Min Woo and SHINee’s Onew, who were in charge of survival in the Amazon, left the show. The team’s second survival location is the Lencois Desert, where Kangin and Hyuk’s first attempt at survival will be shown. Kangin has previously revealed that he was a big fan of “Rules of the Jungle,” and because of that, he was able to adapt to everything quickly, as if he was an original member. He also showed his undying strength in the difficult desert. Seeing this, Chief Kim Byung Man said, “It seemed like Kangin was here a couple of days ago

VIXX’s Leo and A Pink’s Eunji celebrate their final performance of musical ‘Full House’

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VIXX"s Leo and A Pink"s Eunji celebrated their final performance of the musical remake of "Full House" with a friendly snapshot!

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The chic couple shot taken backstage was posted on VIXX"s official fan cafe on the 3rd, and shows the two looking like they"ve gotten closer through their musical with Eunji giving her peace sign to say job well done.

Kim San Ho, Seo Ha Jun, B2ST"s Yoseob, VIXX"s Leo, Kwak Sun Young, JOO, and A Pink"s Eunji took turns playing the roles of the leads Lee Young Jae and Han Ji Eun, who were originally acted out by Rain and Song Hye Kyo in the hit drama "Full House" for the musical which began in April

Chad Future “Rock the World ft. VIXX Ravi” On-Set Exclusive

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I met with Chad Future a few months ago on the set of “Rock the World” at around 9:30 p.m. I stumbled onto the set holding two bottles of champagne and a vanilla cake with “You did it!” scrawled amateurishly in chocolate along its bottom edge. Future had emailed me a few days ago with their schedule; assuming they were on track, they had been on set since at least 9 a.m. with no intention of stopping until the shoot was over. Smaller artists and companies don’t have the same luxuries the Big Three can afford: multi-day movie shoots, extravagant locations, actual pyrotechnics. I figured the cake and champagne would provide some consolation from a grueling work day, what with the glamour and lifestyle of these big-headed entertainment types. Much to my surprise, I found out less than 15 minutes after arriving that Future is: (1) hardly a big-headed entertainment type, (2) does not treat his work as Work, and (3) doesn’t drink

The Next Generation of K-Pop Idols in Dramas

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With May rolling in, many idols have featured in the new spring dramas. Among the many idol actors, SISTAR‘s Bora, Rainbow‘s Woori, VIXX‘s Hong Bin, and BIG BANG‘s Seungri have created some buzz between drama viewers. So how are they doing acting in major dramas?

SISTAR’s Bora will feature as a North Korean defector in the upcoming SBS drama “Doctor Stranger.” Known as SISTAR’s sexy rapper, Bora will make her acting debut as Park Hoon‘s, played by actor Lee Jong Suk, close friend. Despite her closeness with Lee Jong Suk’s character, even calling him hyung, Bora’s character will be a one who has a one sided love for Park Hoon

VIXX’s Hongbin to play Rainbow’s Woori’s love interest in upcoming SBS weekend drama ‘Good Day’

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VIXX"s Hongbin will be joining the previously confirmed Rainbow"s Woori on upcoming SBS weekend drama "Good Day"!

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Hongbin will play the role of a high school student and shopping mall model Yoo Ji Ho, and and Woori will play Jung Da Jung (Park Se Young)"s maknae dongseng Han Da In. The two will be involved in a love line in the drama, so anticipation is rising even higher for the show with the birth of this visual couple.

Hongbin shared, "I am really thankful to be given the opportunity to enter the path of acting which I"ve always wanted to try... Although I am lacking in experience, as much as people have faith in me, I will work harder and do my best

Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae, Jewelry’s Yewon, VIXX’s N & more to star in new weekend drama ‘Hotel King’

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Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae will reunite in new MBC drama "Hotel King", eight years after their unforgettable drama "My Girl"! Joining them will be Jewelry"s Yewon and fellow idol VIXX"s N, as well as actress Gong Hyun Joo.

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"Hotel King" portrays the story of an heiress, who lives a sheltered life like a princess but a catastrophe pushes her to do all she can to protect her hotel. She and the general manager of the hotel, who appears cold on the outside but carries emotional baggage, fall in love. Lee Dong Wook will play the role of the hotel"s general manager Cha Jae Wan and Lee Da Hae will play the role of hotel heiress Ah Mo Nae.

"Hotel King" will premiere on March 29!

VIXX fans speak out against Jellyfish Entertainment to demand better treatment and communication + organize DVD boycott

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A significant portion of VIXX"s fans have come together to express their frustration and anger at the boys" management agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, even starting a petition and organizing a boycott of the group"s upcoming DVD.

It seems the latest event that triggered the fans to resort to such actions came from an article piece that a reporter previously wrote, discussing his treatment by the employees of Jellyfish Entertainment at a photo and interview session of VIXX. The reporter had detailed his or her account of the rudeness of the employees. Becoming aware of the post, fans seem to have become concerned that the rudeness of the employees not only affects fans, but can reflect badly on the boys of VIXX themselves. With this final straw, they set out to make themselves heard.

The fans state, "VIXX"s agency Jellyfish ask for unnecessary personal information, fan managers speak abusively towards fans, show poor hosting of the group"s showcase and fan club inauguration, and neglect the fan cafe and do not communicate with fans

Best Pepero Kisses for Pepero Day!

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November 11 marks Pepero Day, a South Korean holiday! As this particular date looks like a line of Pepero sticks, or cookie sticks, (11/11) Koreans like to take this opportunity to show their friends and loved one affection by exchanging these sweet, thin snacks.

K-Pop fans may know of Peperos not only as a delicious treat, but as the enabler of some awesome eye candy, especially when idols utilize them for a Pepero kiss! The Pepero kiss game is where two people need to eat a Pepero together, "Lady and the Tramp" style, to make the shortest possible leftover in the middle. Of course, they can always choose to leave nothing in the middle and go for that kiss.

Check out these adorable, fangirl-worthy clips of some of our favorite idols going in for a Pepero kiss!

"We Got Married"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young"s nervous Pepero kiss

"We Got Married" fans who are still mourning the loss of the Wooyoung and Park Se Young couple can relive the cute with their nervous Pepero game

Boyfriend Starts Anew With “White Out”

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Boyfriend Starts Anew With “White Out” Written by Nick On November 6, 2014

Starship Entertainment has surprised us with their latest MV, Boyfriend’s “White Out”. If “White Out” means that they’ve whited out their past image and built a brand new one, then Boyfriend is doing it right.

Seriously, this MV is unlike anything we’ve seen before from Boyfriend. Their debut days were filled to the brim with aegyo and brightly colored skinny jeans, though in recent Korean debuts they have been experimenting with alternating between cute and dark concepts a la VIXX in what seems to be a common strategy these days.

But this MV is neither a cute pop song like “Don’t Touch My Girl”, nor is it a fierce track like their latest mini-album’s title song “Witch”. No, this time Starship has taken Boyfriend on a more mature and refined route, showcasing the group’s vocal prowess in the form of a classic K-Pop ballad

Introducing Chad Future + first episode of ‘I AM CHAD FUTURE’ released

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Many of you may be wondering just exactly who Chad Future is, and some of you may already know. Chad Future (birth name David Lehre) is an American singer, producer, and entertainer completely inspired by Korean pop music!

Chad was met with a very unique opportunity in 2011, hosting the American Music Awards live pre-show alongside Dick Clark Productions. After doing so for two successful years in a row, and meeting a variety of top musicians from all around the world, Chad knew exactly what he was destined for.

His one main goal is simple: to bridge the gap between K-Pop and American music, and to become a successful American born K-Pop artist, promoting in America, Korea, and all around the world. Chad has already garnered much support from artists very well known, and has already collaborated with VIXX"s Ravi, and NU"EST"s Aron (song and music videos to be released later in April, stay tuned!)

To kick things off in the right direction, Chad"s brand new special titled "I AM CHAD FUTURE" has premiered on Mnet America

Soompi Weekly High Five – February Week 2

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Worried you might have missed out any important news in the week of Korean entertainment? Get comfortable and ready to scroll as we go through the best news and articles of this week in music, drama, variety and fashion.

This is your Weekly High Five!

-= News =-

Ryang Hyun and Ryang Ha Plan to Make Their Comeback After 7 Years

DMTN’s Daniel Wins Appeal, Jail Sentence Changed to Probation

Ye Eun Celebrates Wonder Girls’ 7th Anniversary

Actor Oh Ji Ho to Tie the Knot with Girlfriend in April

Sohee Finds a New Home at Lee Byung Hun and Han Hyo Joo’s Agency

-= Music =-

STELLAR Criticized for Using Sexually Suggestive Marketing Tactics

[Gallery] Performances and Highlights from the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

YG Announces February 24 Comeback for 2NE1 with “CRUSH”

KBS Bans All H

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – January Week 4

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Once again, the new No. 1 song this week is from outside of the top 10 last week. Ailee scores her third No. 1 song on our chart with her latest hit “Singing Got Better,” up from No. 18 last week. Written by her mentor Wheesung, this is a song about a woman who focus herself on singing after a breakup to lessen her heartache, and eventually her singing skills got better. Despite only winning a minor TV music show in MBC’s Show Champion, “Singing Got Better” was the most consistent song amongst all our sources. It just edges out Girl’s Day’s “Something” by three points to win this week. Congratulations to Ailee.

Both the No. 2 and No. 3 songs are titled “Something.” Girl’s Day’s song is at No. 2 as mentioned

Soompi Weekly High Five – January Week 4

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Worried you might have missed out any important news in the week of Korean entertainment? Get comfortable and ready to scroll as we go through the best news and articles of this week in music, drama, variety and fashion.

This is your Weekly High Five (Beta Version)!


1. Kara’s Nicole Quietly Goes to the U.S.A. to Prepare for Solo Comeback

2. Sasaeng Fan Sells EXO Members’ Underwear

3. Puer Kim Refutes Rumors That Her MV Disses YG and SM

4. Actors Cha Seung Won, Lim Yae Jin, and Jang Hyun Sung Sign Exclusive Contract with YG Entertainment

5. Eun Ji Won Worries That There Are Too Many Sexy Concept Girl Groups



Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – January Week 3

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There are a lot of changes in the top 10 this week. Both the top two songs were from outside of the top 10 last week.

MC The Max took home the top spot with “Wind That Blows,” rising from No. 22 last week. Back in the mid-2000s, MC The Max was a regular in the top 10 with many chart-topping hits. With their trademark emotional rock ballad tailor-made for winter, I often referred to MC The Max as “the winter ballad group of K-Pop.” Then due to members serving their mandatory military duties, MC The Max went into an extended hiatus. Now with the full lineup of Jun Min Hyuk, ISU, and J. Yoon back together, MC The Max released their seventh album “Unveiling” recently, their first full length album in more than five years. Title track “Wind That Blows” is a vintage MC The Max song featuring ISU’s intense vocals

allkpop’s Top 50 K-Pop MVs of 2013: 1-25

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Throughout the month of December, we brought you our list of the best and most important K-Pop songs of 2013. Now, with the new year, we"re pleased to present the best K-Pop music videos of 2013! 

Read on to find out where your favorites rank in our list. On today"s list, we bring you the second half - numbers 25 through 1.

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25. SHINee "Dream Girl"
SM Entertainment
Release Date: February 19th, 2013

SHINee"s been a busy, busy group this year, knocking out comeback after comeback with very little time for breaks in between- so much so that it seems like "Dream Girl", their first video of 2013, came out much earlier than it actually did. The video features all five guys navigating a strange, topsy-turvy dream world while chasing a faceless girl in a painting through rooms where time and gravity have no meaning

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – January Week 2

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As expected, IU’s “Friday” becomes our new No. 1 song this week. Despite having no promotions, this song won all three TV network music show last week, and also tops Billboard Korea. As a result, “Friday” moves up six spots and easily won this week with a high score. Congratulations to IU.

Moving up seven spots to a distant second is veteran R&B quartet Brown Eyed Soul. Their song “You” have a strong showing in GAON and Billboard Korea, and also in the top five in TV Network rankings.

There are four new songs in the top 10 this week. Ballad singer Zi-A moves up 24 big spots to No. 4 with her latest hit “I Knew It.” This song is a preview single of Zi-A’s upcoming album which will be released later this month

Some of 2013′s Most Memorable K-Pop Dances

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Although there were many catchy and well produced songs in 2013, we couldn’t help notice the songs that brought the most memorable choreography.

Thus, to wrap up 2013, we reflect back on some of the catchiest choreographies in K-Pop that have not only grabbed our attention in the past year, but perhaps have influenced us to be closet dancers. Hope that after you review the list below, and learn some of the dance moves while no one is watching, you would have confidence to work it on the dance floor!

We present to you some of the most memorable dance choreographies of 2013. The list is in order of the songs’ release dates.

Girls’ Generation: “I Got a Boy”

Hey yo’ GG! Nine-member girl group Girls’ Generation started off 2013 with their catchy dance song, “I Got a Boy

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2013 – December Week 3

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For the first time in eight weeks, a song repeats as No. 1 on our chart. Hyorin’s “One Way Love” remains on top this week to claim the last No. 1 spot of this year. She edged out EXO’s new Christmas song “Miracles In December” by 17 points. The two songs were about even on all our sources, with each winning two music shows. The main difference was on KBS Music Bank where “One Way Love” was No. 1 and “Miracles In December” was No. 9. That gap enables Hyorin to continue to top our chart and becomes the first two week champion since IU’s “The Red Shoes” on November Week 1. Congratulations.

There are four new songs on the top 10 this week, leading by the brand new entry of “Miracles In December” at No. 2 as mentioned. EXO is enjoying a huge breakthrough year on their sophomore campaign, having a mega hit “Growl