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Cha Seung Won takes on action-packed scenes in thrilling trailer for upcoming movie 'High Heel'

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The trailer for upcoming movie "High Heel" directed by Jang Jin shows a sexy Cha Seung Won baring impressive abs in action-packed scenes.

This is the first time in six years that Jang Jin and Cha Seung Won have reunited for a new production as they previously worked together on "Murder, Take One" (2005) and "My Son" (2007). Fans of the previous works are eager to see how the two will collaborate once again!

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"High Heel" sketches the brutal fate of Ji Wook, a detective in the violent crimes unit, who gets swept away in a fatal situation after he decides he wants to search for his true self: although he has a very tough and masculine exterior, he is a softhearted man on the inside

‘God’s Quiz’ Unveils Main Trailer for Fourth Season

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Prepping for its May broadcast, OCN’s hit series, God’s Quiz released its main trailer for its upcoming fourth season.

The trailer was released on April 16, showing the team of forensic investigators gathering clues at a crime scene. Season 4 will star Ryu Deok Hwan, Yoon Joo Hee, Super Junior’s Donghae, Rainbow’s Jae Kyung, Park Joon Myun, Kang Sung Pil, and more.

The new series will begin May 18.

Photo Credit: OCN

Drama 'Doctor Stranger' depict lovers torn apart in new trailer

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"Doctor Stranger" has released another trailer for the upcoming medical drama starring Lee Jong Suk!

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Again, it depicts the early set-up of the drama, showing Lee Jong Suk presumably in North Korea with a loved one before moving south as a defector to carry on his medical career.

It appears that intense circumstances are tearing him apart from the love of his life, Jin Se Yeon, and you can find out what happens for sure once the drama starts airing on May 5!

YG Entertainment continues to tease for its new fashion brand 'NONA9ON' with another intense trailer

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YG Entertainment is continuing to tease for their new fashion brand that is scheduled to launch this coming September with another cool black and white trailer!

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As mentioned previously, NONA9ON (pronounced "nonagon") is the name of an apparel line that the agency is teaming up with Samsung Everland"s fashion department for. The two companies came together under the name "Natural Nine" and they revealed that the brand name "NONA9ON" signifies variety and the infinite potential for growth.

The brand will target young consumers around the world interested in street culture and hip hop, and like its name NONA9ON, the brand will launch on September 9

Upcoming Drama “Doctor Stranger” Releases Dramatic Trailer

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Upcoming drama “Doctor Stranger” released a dramatic teaser trailer through the official SBS YouTube channel.

The trailer starts off with a teary Lee Jong Suk and a sickly Jin Se Yeon. According to the dialogue, Lee Jong Suk’s character, a genius surgeon from North Korea, is sent to Budapest, Hungary. With a high speed motorcycle chase and dramatic narration and captions like “This is our final chance” and “Even if I did, I will save you,” “Doctor Stranger” promises to be an intense and dramatic medical drama.

“Doctor Stranger” is centered around a North Korean genius heart surgeon who escapes to South Korea. There, he works at an elite hospital while he tries his best to save his first love. The first episode will air on May 5.

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“You’re Surrounded” Releases Action Packed Trailer and More Character Stills of Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara, Cha Seung Won, and Ahn Jae Hyun

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Upcoming drama “You’re Surrounded” released an official trailer and more character posters of its actor Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara, Cha Seung Won, and Ahn Jae Hyun.

The trailer show the main actors of the drama in multiple car crashes, on foot chases with criminals, and some gun pointing. On top of the action scenes, colorful comic book effects give the trailer and energetic mood. Through the trailer it seems that we can anticipate both a comical and action-paced drama.

The drama also released character posters, introducing the actors and their characters. Lee Seung Gi plays a charismatic and hot blooded policeman, Cha Seong Won a veteran investigator, Go Ara a spunky and optimistic police woman, and Ahn Jae Hyun plays a mysterious and handsome detective

VIXX look dashing as they travel around five cities in trailer for 1st global photobook 'Hello, Stranger!'

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VIXX traveled to five cities across the world in the trailer for their first global photobook "Hello, Stranger!"

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VIXX did some globetrotting in LA, Dallas, Milan, Stockholm, and Tokyo and blended in with the exotic environments like a chic chameleon. From the desert to the streets, fans could instantly feel the heart of each city and VIXX looked like they were enjoying every minute of it.

You can also enjoy it as well along with VIXX as they show off their handsome looks through the photobook, for which the pre-orders begin on the 8th ahead of its release on the 15th!

Movie trailer released for 'Lucy' starring Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman & 'Oldboy's Choi Min Shik

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The trailer for the upcoming Hollywood movie "Lucy" has been released. Not only does it star the stunning Scarlett Johansson and the charismatic Morgan Freeman but it also stars one of Korea"s own top celebrities!

After rising to freedom in one of Korea"s biggest hits and most famous movies "Old Boy," Choi Min Shik will be appearing in American theaters through "Lucy" to star alongside top actors Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freedom. He was cast after being personally recommended by the talented director of the movie, Luc Besson.

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In this thriller, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is forced into transporting drugs that have been placed inside her body without her knowledge or consent, but the substance begins to seep into her system, giving her tremendous brain power that gradually develops into superhuman talents

′Gapdong′ Releases Official Trailer Starring MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Yoon Sang Hyun, and More

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Sending chills down backs, tvN’s new drama, Gapdong (Memories of Murder) unveiled its official teaser trailer.

The teaser was released on April 1, starring Yoon Sang Hyun, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Kim Min Jung, Sung Dong Il, Kim Ji Won and more, as detectives tried hunt down the true murderer of several murder cases in the back.

The teaser came along with a webtoon series, serving as a prologue and creating more anticipation for the drama. You can read the webtoonhere. (approach with caution)

Gapdong is a murder mystery story about five different people learning that the serial murderer, Gapdong, who was believed to be caught in the past, may actually still be roaming free and committing crimes.

The drama will begin on April 11 on Fridays and Saturdays

B2ST releases trailer video for 'Burning the B2ST'!

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MBC Every1 has released a teaser for B2ST"s upcoming reality show, "Burning the B2ST"!
While EXO has sadly wrapped up their reality program "EXO"s Showtime," the show will continue with a second season featuring B2ST. "Showtime - Burning the B2ST" will be the boys" first reality program in four years, so this is a wonderful present for fans who have been waiting patiently. 

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The show centers on receiving a question from the viewers and personally answering it through varying methods. 

You can watch the first broadcast on April 10, but check out the trailer above for now!
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Sunny, Siwan, and Ryu Seung Ryong dub for their characters in trailer for Korean premiere of 'Rio 2'

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Girls" Generation"s SunnyZE:A"s Siwan, and actor Ryu Seung Ryong introduced their characters in trailer for animated film "Rio 2"!

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Sunny is the voice behind Jewel, Siwan for Blu, and Ryu Seung Ryong for Blu and Jewel"s nemesis Nigel. The animated film will take viewers on another adventure as Blu, Jewel, and their children leave the comfort of their home to explore the Amazon.

"Rio 2" will premiere in theaters across Korea on May 1!

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New posters and trailer arrive for The Target

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Yay – The Target, the remake of French movie Point Blank, is hitting theaters soon. One fateful night, Ryu Seung-ryong (j’adore!) is falsely accused of murder, and a manhunt ensues by those on either side of the law. Lee Jin-wook, a doctor, somehow gets mixed up with Ryu Seung-ryong, and as a consequence, his wife is taken hostage. In desperation, the doctor teams up with the fugitive to find his beloved. And all of this happens in 36 hours. Whew.

The trailer is fast-paced and intense, with flying bullets, chase scenes, explosions, and hottie Ryu Seung-ryong (Gift of Room 7, Personal Taste) whupping asses. Lee Jin-wook (Nine), in his first leading big screen role, looks appropriately devastated in the preview and ready to do anything to get his wife back

“Angel Eyes” Drops First Trailer feat. Gu Hye Sun, Lee Sang Yoon, Kang Ha Neul, and Nam Ji Hyun

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This is the moment many fans are waiting for!

On March 20, SBS released the first trailer for drama “Angel Eyes” showing the younger and adult versions of main characters Yoon Su Wan and Park Dong Joo. Nam Ji Hyun and Kang Ha Neul play the younger roles while Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon will take over the baton as the characters grow up.

“Angel Eyes” is about a man and a woman who are each other’s first loves, but get separated at childhood due to a painful family situation and meet again 12 years later. Gu Hye Sun’s character Yoon Su Wan is a passionate emergency medical technician who is known not only by the fire department, but also by the local hospital. She was blind, but was able to start a new life after receiving a corneal transplantation

Bumkey signals the debut of TROY with new trailer

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Bumkey signaled the debut of RnB and hip hop group TROY in a new video series!

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Leader Bumkey is the first member to be featured in the trailer series "We TROY", letting fans know that the much-anticipated four-member group will finally be debuting. Members Bumkey and Kanto have been promoting solo for a while, and the "We TROY" trailers will introduce the four and their musical journeys.

Their label Brand New Music stated, "Thank you sincerely to the fans who have shown TROY so much interest even before their debut. We"ve prepared hard until the end to make sure that Bumkey and Kanto, who have promoted individually, will keep fans on their toes about what kind of image they"ll debut with as a group." 

Get to know Bumkey in the clip below, and stay tuned for Jaewoong"s trailer!

“Cunning Single Lady” long Trailer

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It looks fun but it has the misfortune of premiering against the finale of “You Who Came From The Stars.” MBC will also be airing the first two episodes on February 27th.

Credit: MBC drama