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Big Bang G-Dragon Gifts ‘Weekly Idol’ with Flower Wreath with Only Defconn’s Name On It

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Big Bang G-Dragon gifted Weekly Idol with a flower wreath.

On July 15, MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol revealed the flower wreath that G-Dragon sent over through its official Twitter.

Weekly Idol tweeted, “To. Honorable G-Dragon. We’ve received the Weekly Idol third year anniversary flower wreath that you sent over. We send over Conny (Defconn)’s sincere thanks and Doni (Jung Hyung Don)’s sincere jealousy to you. Loyal G-Dragon! Thank you! May God bless you.”

The picture shows G-Dragon’s flower wreath, which only shows ‘I love you Defconn, G-Dragon.’

It brings out laughter as it seems like G-Dragon left Jung Hyung Don’s name out on purpose, after G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don ′broke up′ after they worked together on Infinity Challenge

Rainbow's Hyunyoung lends her voice for the OST of A-JAX's drama 'Vampire Flower'

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Deemed the Korean version of "Twilight," A-JAX"s Naver webtoon-based SNS drama series "Vampire Flower," draws out the romance between a vampire named Louie (played by A-JAX"s Jaehyung) and an ordinary girl, Seo Young (played by Kim Ga Eun).

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While A-JAX already sang two OSTs for their drama, their fellow DSP singer Rainbow"s Hyunyoung also showed her support by releasing a new song, "I Give Myself To You." Although the drama appears somewhat intense and dramatic, the song itself is lighthearted and sweet, focusing on the blossoming romance between the two main characters.

‘Vampire’s Flower’ Cast to Launch Underwear Dance Party in Myeong-dong

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Vampire’s Flower has earned over 1 million hits!

Depicting the story of love between a human and a vampire, Vampire’s Flower has raked in over 1 million hits in four days since it aired, proving its popularity.

Setting a record as the web drama that has earned the most number of hits in one day, Vampire’s Flower has also been ranking on top of various search engines.

In order to keep the ‘1 million hits promise,’ the cast members, including Kim Ga Eun, A-Jax’s Jae Hyung, Hyo Jun, Seung Yub and Hyeong Kon will be launching an underwear dance party in Myeong-dong on July 9.

The drama will also be carrying out a special event in celebration of reaching 1 million hits through its official Facebook page (http://www

Gongchan is a 'Flower Vagabond' for B1A4's 'Solo Day'

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B1A4 has released Gongchan"s teaser photo for "Solo Day"!

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Out of the releases so far, Gongchan has the most unique label as a "Flower Vagabond".

In the picture, he"s wearing a plaid shirt with a camouflage jacket. He"s also sporting rugged jeans with timberland boots and cut off gloves. If you look carefully, in the background you can see the UFO symbol which also made an appearance in the group teaser photo. The sign on the shopping cart also appears to read "They are Watching", so it appears they"re going for some sort of Alien-type theme.

In any case, get ready for their 5th mini album on July 14!

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A-Jax’s Jae Hyung and Kim Ga Eun Film Kiss Scene for ‘Vampire’s Flower’

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Photos of A-Jax Jae Hyun and Kim Ga Eun’s kiss scene have been revealed for upcoming web drama Vampire’s Flower.

Airing through Naver starting on July 2, Vampire’s Flower is a web drama based on a popular online novel of the same title. It will depict the romance between Louie (Jae Hyung), who ventures out to search for a vampire flower, and his partner Seo Young (Kim Ga Eun), who enters the
vampire world in order to help him out.

The revealed pictures show Jae Hyun slowly getting close to and kissing Kim Ga Eun, who is sleeping on her bed.

Kim Ga Eun said, “I remember we filmed the kiss scene on a cold day so my body was frozen. I had good teamwork with Jae Hyung throughout filming so I was able to enjoy filming the kiss scene,” and Jae Hyung said, “I was worried since it was my first time acting and first time filming a kiss scene but Kim Ga Eun helped me out a lot and I was able to pull off the scene well by putting in my feelings

'Roommate's Seo Kang Jun and Jo Se Ho get together for a flower boy shot

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Seo Kang Jun and Jo Se Ho showed their bromance on the set of "Roommate"!

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Jo Se Ho shared on his SNS on the 5th, "Flower boy and the flower-wearing boy~ With Kang Jun!!", bringing laughs from fans of the show who chuckled at Jo Se Ho"s use of the flower tucked in behind his ear for the "flower boy shot"

Fans also reminded Jo Se Ho that even though he might not have all the ladies on "Roommate" fawning over him like they do with Seo Kang Jun, any girl would be lucky to have him with his smarts and caring nature.

Smiling brightly for the camera, the two looked to have become much closer throughout the filming than what we"ve seen through the broadcast so far

AOA's Mina to make an appearance on 'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit'

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AOA"s Mina will be making an appearance on the upcoming third episode of tvN weekend drama "Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit"!

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According to FNC Entertainment on the 23rd, Mina will make a cameo as Han Sul Hee who becomes appointed the CEO of Miho Group at a young age. Her fear of ghosts leaves her in a life-threatening situation and the "Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit" fight to save her.

Mina previously played the younger version of Kim Hee Sun on the KBS 2TV weekend drama "Very Good Days" and showed her acting skills on "Cheongdamdong 111 - N.Flying"s Way to Be a Star", so it looks like she"s well on her way to making a name for herself as an actress as well

Seo Kang Joon as a True Flower Boy for Elle

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Actor Seo Kang Joon, dubbed the “nation’s younger boyfriend” by many, appeared in a photo shoot with Elle as a true flower boy.

The theme for his latest photo shoot with Elle magazine is flowers, and in each photo Seo Kang Joon posed creatively with different flowers.

He is seen rocking various outfits, matching them with vivid patterns for a sophisticated dandy look against a dark backdrop. His alluring facial expressions are also expected to captivate many.

In a recent interview he has revealed that he is also planning on venturing into music with his acting-idol group 5urprise. On his group he has said that “5urprise is an acting idol group, with plans to branch out into music from acting. We are planning on preparing for an album.”

Seo Kang Joon’s full flower-themed photo shoot can be seen in the June issue of Elle

IU Kills Music Charts with Her Remake Album “Flower Bookmark”

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Singer IU has stayed at the top of nine different music charts for her second day running, since the release on May 16 of her new remake album “Flower Bookmark,” featuring the title track “My Old Story.”

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Not having had any official broadcast promotions for the new album, this is quite an impressive feat.

In her new album, IU covers some old-time classics: Cho Duk Bae’s “My Old Story,” Kim Gwang Suk‘s “Flower,” Kim Wan Sun‘s “A Clown Laughing at Us,” Lee Mun Se‘s “When My Love,” Sanulrim‘s “Your Meaning,” Kim Hyun Sik‘s “Summer Night Dream,” and Clon’s “Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah

Ladies' Code will have you 'Crazily Hooked' with 'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' OST

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Ladies" Code participated in the drama OST for "Crazily Hooked" for "Flower Grandpas Investigations Unit"!

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"Crazily Hooked" is the work of Ahn Young Min and like its title, it"s catchy enough to get you hooked in and dancing along with the club-vibe of the song.

Their agency Polaris Entertainment stated, "It is a charming track based on a dreamlike synth-sound, and beat and flow which suits Ladies" Code"s harmony."

Groove along to the beat below!

IU releases her remake album 'A Flower Bookmark'

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IU has finally released her remake album, "A Flower Bookmark"!

The songs from Korea"s past are perfectly captured by IU"s soothing voice. While she maintains the great vibe from the past, she also makes the songs her own with her unique singing.

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Whether you knew these songs already or not, get ready for a wave of nostalgia and Happy Birthday to IU!

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IU Blasts into the Past for ‘Flower Bookmark’ Teaser with Special Cameo

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Going back to the days of our parents, IU released the teaser for her remake album Flower Bookmark.

Fiddling with matches at an old music cafe, IU released her teaser for Flower Bookmark on May 15. The video showed IU dressed in retro fashion as she makes a song request to the DJ, who turned out to be Kim Wan Sun.

Together, they dance to Kim Wan Sun’s hit song, The Clown Sees Us and Laughs (translated).

IU’s remake album will be released on May 16.

Photo Credit: Loen Entertainment

IU Releases MV Teaser for Upcoming Remake Album “Flower Bookmark” Feat. Kim Wan Sun

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With the release of her remake album ”Flower Bookmark” one day away, IU has revealed another music video teaser.

Set in an old styled disco room, she gives the DJ a song request, saying that her dancing skills aren’t too bad. The DJ who accepts her request is no other than “Korea’s Madonna,” Kim Wan Sun.

Yesterday her track list for the album was revealed, showing remaks of Cho Duk Bae’s “My Old Story,” Kim Gwang Suk‘s “Flower,” Kim Wan Sun‘s “A Clown Laughing at Us,” Lee Mun Se‘s “When My Love,” Sanulrim‘s “Your Meaning,” Kim Hyun Sik‘s “Summer Night Dream,” and Clon’s “Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah

IU to Remake Seven Legendary Songs for “Flower Bookmark”

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Solo artist IU has revealed the highly anticipated complete tracklist for her first-ever remake album “Flower Bookmark.”

After releasing a teaser featuring veteran singer Cho Duk Bae and duo Clon on May 12, and a second one with Kim Chang Wan the day after, the music industry has been waiting for a confirmation on the full tracklist. The list was revealed through Naver Music on May 14 at noon.

IU will be remaking Cho Duk Bae’s “My Old Story,” Kim Gwang Suk‘s “Flower,” Kim Wan Sun‘s “A Clown Laughing at Us,” Lee Mun Se‘s “When My Love,” Sanulrim‘s “Your Meaning,” Kim Hyun Sik‘s “Summer Night Dream,” and Clon’s “Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah

IU unveils remake album tracklist + additional teaser images for 'A Flower Bookmark'

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IU continued to get fans under spring fever with her tracklist and additional teaser images for her upcoming remake album "A Flower Bookmark"!

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The tracklist and teaser images were unveiled exclusively through Loen Tree"s twitter and Naver Music and show IU channeling the feel-good tunes of the past with her vintage concept. Although it was guessed at previously that the songs being covered were sung by the veterans that IU was spotted working with in her teaser videos, it turns out they are actually the composers behind the songs.

As mentioned before, the remake album "A Flower Bookmark" (or "Pressed Flower" - referring to flattened dried flowers made between the pages of a book) will be released on the 16th so stay tuned!

Album Tracklist: