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'Music Bank' Highlights: B1A4 Wins # 1 On The July 25, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

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Another week is here and KBS" "Music Bank" featured some of your favorite K-pop idols last night. Great stage settings and screams were all seen and heard.

Several stars made comebacks this week. SISTAR sang "Ok Go" and "Naughty Hands" while 4Minute"s HyunA made her solo comeback with "Red." Block B performed their new single "H.E.R," and Homme sang "It Girl." Gorgeous female group BESTie are back with "Hot Baby," and young rising star HEYNE returned with "Red Lie." Boys Republic sang "Dress Up" and Cross Gene performed "Shooting Star."

Play the Siren also made their official debut on the program with "Dream Drive."

The nominees for the night were Girl"s Day and B1A4 as they battled for the first place trophy

g.o.d.′s Yoon Kye Sang to Leave Hospital Today

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Yoon Kye Sang will be going home healthy today.

A source from Saram Entertainment told Newsen on July 10, "Yoon Kye Sang will be leaving the hospital today. The doctor said he could because he′s feeling much better now."

"Yoon Kye Sang will rest for a while, then continue preparations for the g.o.d. concert," the source added.

Yoon Kye Sang was admitted to the hospital on July 7 after being diagnosed with meningitis.

g.o.d. will start its nationwide tour in Seoul on July 12 and 13. It will then continue through Gwangju, Busan, Daegu and Daejeon in August.

Photo credit: Newsen

Kim Jong Kook revealed to have visited the hospital after contracting a virus in Indonesia

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Although the cast of "Running Man" posted pictures of their fun time in beautiful Indonesia with soccer player Park Ji Sung for their "Asian Dream Cup 2014," the fun did not last for member Kim Jong Kook. His rep exclusively disclosed to allkpop that the singer visited the emergency room after returning to South Korea on June 4 due to a virus he contracted in Indonesia. He received treatment and an IV shot before being discharged.

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He was originally scheduled to head out to Malaysia next week to meet his fans there, but that may now all depend on how quickly he recovers. Hopefully, he will be back on his feet in no time. Stay tuned at allkpop to get updates on his health condition

Doctor Stranger Ep 10 recap

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Drama Doctor Stranger Ep 10 recap by chrissy96 JH and Hoon are united in Hoon’s house and they hug and they’re both teary eyed with happiness then they do the touchy-touchy with each others faces and then they start doing the kissy-kissy dayum the drama is just like “please enjoy this before we rip apart your feels lol” Cha is in his car in front of Hoons house and then bodyguard shades come and ask him if he’s on guard and its time to start stage 2 of their plan and Cha says don’t worry, the southerners will be shaking in fear by morning PM goes to work and he’s getting attacked by all these reporters about relations with the north he goes to a meeting and he doesn’t know whats going onthey watch the NK news about the north doing a nuclear testing???? PM gets a call from the blue house-presidentand president tells PM to come to him NOWpresident is mad PM in the car and notes that the NK are rushing things bodyguard shades is afraid that things will go just like it did 20 years agoPM says theres nothing to worry about – the US didn’t do anything 20 years ago SeungH sees the news while driving to work WAIT BUT HOON IS AT HOME WITH SEUNGH/JH AND THEY EAT CURRY scene cuts to when JH “died” in Hungary Hoon wakes up at the gunshot he looks for JH “jaehee! jaehee!”he goes outside and sees SeungH coming in her carhe hugs her as soon as she gets outSH: whats wrong?H: nothing! Hoon picks her up bridal style and they’re so happy and 360 camera and everything H and SeungH holding hands at Dunkin Donuts(?) SH: when did you know?H: when i saw you for the first time

EXO’s D.O. and Suho Visit Injured Concert Attendees at Hospital

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Apologetic to the fans who got hurt at their concert, EXO’s D.O and Suho visited the hospital to see how the fans were doing.

According to SM Entertainment on June 3, during the EXO from EXOPPLANET #1 – The Lost Planet in Hong Kong on June 2, an error occurred with the set, accidentally injuring two fans in the audience. The fans were immediately transported to the hospital.

Upon hearing that fans were hurt, Suho and D.O went to the hospital to visit and talk with the fans as representatives of the group. The fans thanked the EXO members through their SNS accounts.

SM Entertainment stated that as the injury was caused due to a stage error, SM Entertainment,
Dream Maker, in charge of the concert production, and Media Asia, in charge of on-site issues, apologized for the accident and promised to take full responsibility of the treatment of the fans

EXO’s Kris Sighted at a Hospital in China

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A fan has revealed the current condition of Kris (real name: Wu Yi Fan), who fled to China after filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment on the grounds that the exclusive contract is invalid.

On May 28, an EXO fan in China uploaded the photo and text with it stating “I unexpectedly saw Kris at the Beijing Fu Wai Hospital. I saw him at the cardiovascular department. I hope he returns and takes care of his body well.”

In the photo, Kris is lowering his head to look at his phone. The hospital shown in the photo is famous for treating cardiovascular diseases. On May 15 when Kris filed the lawsuit, he asserted that he received a diagnosis for myocarditis, revealing the results of his blood examination.

The lawsuit between Kris and SM Entertainment is still proceeding. EXO held a solo concert from May 23 to May 25, stating that this was the start of the 11 member EXO, indirectly confirming Kris’s withdrawal

Chinese fan spots EXO's Kris at hospital

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Kris has been reported to be spotted at a hospital in Bejing, China. 

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SM Entertainment has yet to reach the EXO member ever since news of his intent to nullify his contact with the company went public, and fans have been curious about his whereabouts. Though he previously posted a message, many are worried about his health and reported heart issues. 

He"s now made headlines after a Chinese fan reportedly saw him visiting a hospital. Some fans allege that it was Fu Wai Hospital in Beijing, which is described as "the largest hospital specialized in treatment, prevention and research in cardiovascular diseases."

According to Chinese media site Sina on May 28, the netizen posted to Weibo (popular SNS in China), "I randomly came across Kris at a hospital in Beijing

Dal Shabet's Subin moved to Seoul hospital, awaiting detailed examination

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Dal Shabet"s Subin has moved to a hospital in Seoul for a more detailed examination after getting into a car accident.

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A rep from her agency told Osen on the 24th, "She was moved to a hospital this afternoon. She"s awaiting a more detailed examination. Her right ankle needs to be more thoroughly examined. The examination is scheduled for the 26th."

Happy Face Entertainment CEO Lee Joo Won previously stated, "Currently, Subin and the manager"s healths are of the foremost importance; therefore, Subin"s preplanned schedule are all canceled for now so she can focus on treatment."

Subin and staff got into an accident returning to Seoul after finishing filming MBC Every1"s "Nine to Six 2" on May 23, and the car was overturned

EXO's Kris reported to have visited hospital + former SME trainee comments

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Chinese media site Sina has reported that EXO"s Kris visited the hospital due to possible heart issues.

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The report alleged, "Kris was diagnosed with suspected myocarditis at the hospital." A medical certificate with Kris" Chinese name "Wu Yi Fan" was also provided as proof. Sina stated that a medical professional commented, "I can"t say that he has a heart problem, but his creatine kinase and isozyme levels are higher than average, so we can"t exclude the possibility of myocarditis. In cases like this, we suggest another examination, and if the levels are still high, we suggest treatment from a specialist as well as rest."

Kris is said to have received a diagnosis of suspected myocarditis on a visit to a hospital in Guangzhou, China when he returned from the "12th Korean Musical Festival" in Los Angeles, California on May 2

miss A's Suzy donates $5000 to hospital for Children's Day

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After donating to the Sewol ferry relief effort, miss A"s Suzy has stepped up to help out another worthy cause.

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On April 30, Chosun University Hospital in Gwangju, Jeonnam revealed that Suzy donated 5 million Won (~$4840 USD) for Children"s Day, which is coming up on May 5. A rep from the hospital stated that the miss A member gave through the Life Share Practice Organization, ensuring medical care for five patients.

Suzy is also known to donate 10 million Won (~$9676 USD) yearly to pediatric cancer and leukemia patients.

What a sweetheart!

Sangchu Returns to Duty After Being Released From Hospital

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Rapper Sangchu of Mighty Mouth returned to his military duty after completing his medical treatment.

A representative from the Armed Force Medical Command revealed that Sangchu was released from military hospital on April 8th and has since returned to his unit.

This representative added that Sangchu has finished all his treatments and is currently carrying out his duties normally.

Previously, Sangchu was hospitalized for six months for a surgery to treat his shoulder and ankle. When Sangchu’s hospitalization was revealed, he was heavily criticized, many accusing him of faking and using favoritism. Representative of Sangchu has stated that this was not favoritism, as Sangchu actually suffered from ankle and shoulder problems and had to go to the hospital to treat them

Sangchoo Discharged From Hospital and Resumes Army Duties

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Mighty Mouth’s Sangchoo, who was hospitalized in the national army hospital for the past six months, has been discharged and resumed his duties in the army.

According to armed forces medical command (AFMC), Sangchoo was discharged on April 8 and returned to his regiment.

He was originally assigned to reservist duty after receiving level four on his physical examination before enlisting but made a request to get re-examined for entry on active duty. He enlisted on October 30, 2012.

After the news went out that he has been hospitalized for an extended period, controversy arose on whether Sangchoo received special treatment from the army.

However, Ministry of National Defense revealed it was “a measure taken after a fair examination.”

It has been reported that Sangchoo received surgery on his ankle and shoulders last October and was unavoidably hospitalized for an extended time period

Sangchu revealed to have been released from the military hospital after 6 month stay

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It has been revealed that Mighty Mouth"s Sangchu (32) has been released from the hospital on the 8th after completing surgery and treatment for various sources of pain and has returned to carrying out his service.

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After the whole celebrity recruit controversy and the unit being abolished, it was reported earlier this month that Sangchu was found to be not carrying out duties, but staying at the military hospital for a 6 month period. As he didn"t seem to be in a dire condition by just looking at him, many found it strange that he would be allowed to be admitted to hospital stay for so long, once again raising questions about special treatment in the military for his celebrity status. The military had denied the claims and stated that Sangchu was being given same treatment as ordinary soldiers

Sly and Single Again Episode 8 Recap

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Sly and Single Again: Episode 8 recap by Dramabeans

Ae-ra and Jung-woo prepare for the CF shoot, neither overjoyed about working with the other. Jung-woo is worried about rumors starting about their relationship, but Ae-ra says it will be fine if they just shoot the CF quickly and get it over with.

She gives his costume the once-over and says he should act with confidence.He snorts that she’s one to talk, and the implied jab at her costume (and lack of cup size) causes her to cover up with outraged modesty.

When they actually begin shooting they do surprisingly well, prompting the director to comment that they look like they’ve acted together before.Secretary Gil wisely observes that a situation like this would increase their affection for each other even if it didn’t exist in the first place

Three Days: Episode 6 Recap

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Three Days: Episode 6 Recap by Dramabeans

March 7, 5:30 AM. 33 hours, 30 minutes after the sniping.

Cha-young is investigating the tennis court gates at the presidential villa. If the sniper was stationed inside the villa, the gate had to be open to allow a clear shot. But in her interrogation at the end of Episode 5, Cha-young was told that the gates were closed at the time of the shooting.

She times herself running from the gate to the office. Seven minutes. Even if Ham could have made it in 5 minutes, it still wouldn’t be fast enough. The blackout and the shooting were almost simultaneous. There’s only one possible answer: Ham had an accomplice at the tennis court gate — someone else from inside the Secret Service